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I lick my lips as you look down at me, kneeling between your thighs having just swallowed burst after burst of your cum. After over an hour of teasing while you were theoretically “working” from your home office, I finally let you climax and the orgasm hit you hard. Just how I like it. Your breathing is slowing and you stroke my hair with one hand. Giving the head of your cock a kiss and enjoying how your whole body twitches at the action, I put my hands on the arms of your office chair and slide up your body.

You lightly caress my hips, stroking down to my ass and grabbing it, pulling me firmly into your lap. Legs straddling you, how wet I am becomes readily apparent as I settle in against you. Kissing up your chest, across your collarbone, and to your neck, I bite right where it meets your shoulder. Slowly increasing the pressure of the bite, I rock my hips, grinding my clit against you. As the bite gets harder you squeeze my ass harder and I let out a cry. Abruptly I stop, licking over the spot I just bit as it turns red and kissing it gently before continuing up your neck. When I reach your ear, I suck your earlobe into my mouth briefly then let my lips brush against your ear as I whisper, “Don’t you have work you’re supposed to be doing?”

Leaning back I take your hands from my ass and place them back on your keyboard. “Can’t let all those followers be deprived of their content,” I say before illegal bahis giving you a playful kiss on the lips. Pulling back, you look at me with something between lust and a glare, and I can’t help but smirk. “I, however, don’t have any work to do and need to cum pretty desperately. So I’m just going to take care of that right now. Don’t let me distract you from your work though.” You’re definitely glaring now, but you also lick your lips absentmindedly and I know you are in for this game.

Bringing my hands off the armrests of the chair I let them run up my sides and to my breasts. Squeezing them together, your eyes flick down and your breathing picks up. “Nu uh,” I say, moving one hand to your chin and directing your head back to your computer screen. Holding your head there with one hand, I pinch my nipple hard with the fingers still on my breast and cry out. “You still have work to do.”

Keeping your chin firmly in place, I let go of my nipple and drop my hand between my legs. I’m usually all for build-up and teasing, but getting you off was already enough of that. My fingers circle my clit, pressing firmly as I grind my hips down against my hand and your pelvis. “Oh yeah,” I whisper, eyes closing as I can feel an orgasm building already. My hand drops from your chin to your shoulder, holding on as I ride my hand and pull my body against yours.

I didn’t notice the lack of typing illegal bahis siteleri sounds, but I know you’re no longer working when I feel one arm around me and the other on my breast. Opening my eyes I’m about to say something snarky to you when you lower your head and bite my nipple hard. “OH FUCK,” I cry out, mashing my fingers against my clit harder. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to…” Orgasm breaks over me as you suck on my nipple. I keep riding against you, letting myself come down slowly. When you are sure I’m done your hand knots in my hair and you pull my face to yours, kissing me hard. I wrap my arms around you, pressing my body fully and tightly against yours.

Suddenly you pull my head back and up. Your other hand on my hip pushes me back and off you, towards your desk. I’m now half standing half sitting, my ass on the edge of your desk and my legs spread wide. I lean back, hands on your desk, and you push your chair away, kneeling between my thighs. As you start to kiss up my leg from the knee, I roll my eyes and reach forward. “Foreplay is great,” I say as I shove your face into my pussy, “but I want you to make me cum again, and I want you to do it now.”

Not one to disappoint, you suck my clit into your mouth and I lean back on both hands again with a shudder. “Fuck yeah,” I whimper, “Just like that.” Flicking your tongue against my clit and making my thighs canlı bahis siteleri shake, you back off and slowly drag your tongue along my whole slit, making me gasp. I look down at you as you work, and our eyes lock as you circle my clit with the tip of your tongue. Moaning, I slam my hand down on your desk again and my eyes squeeze shut. Lashing my clit with your tongue is doing the job, “Oh fuck, yes…Gods I’m so close,” I say. “Please,” I moan, “Please make me cum again.”

Your fingers slam into my soaking wet pussy and you finger fuck me hard while never letting my clit out of your mouth. I’m now screaming out and cumming again, harder and deeper than before. I can feel your keyboard under my back and your monitor pushing into my shoulders and I just don’t care. My hand running through your hair, you keep going until my whole body is shaking against you and I have to pull you away. Sliding your fingers out and sitting back on your heels, you grin up at me, fully proud of yourself. I come down to the floor with you, sucking my juices off your fingers then wrapping myself around you and kissing you deeply. We’re locked in that embrace, kissing and touching with none of the urgency of an hour earlier but still fully enjoying the other’s body, when your text alert goes off.

Reaching for your mobile, you check the message and your brow furrows. After a few moments of poking at your phone, you burst out laughing and show me the screen. Your professional twitter account is open, and I see a tweet of jumbled text from 6m ago. “Guess your ass had its first tweet, and reached 100,000 followers,” you say as I blush furiously before laughing along too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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