$20 Million Ch. 03

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It was about three hours later when I awoke with a mouth on my cock. It was wide awake and as hard as ever. Letting out a small moan, I asked, “how was the shopping Carrie?” I was shocked as the answer came.

“Shopping was great, but my name is Nadine.”

Quickly, I sat up on the bed and confirmed that it was indeed my step-daughter that had been giving me head.

“It’s so much easier sucking a smaller cock. I can actually deep-throat yours. Besides, I figured if Ethan can fuck Mom, then I should be able to suck you off.”

While she resumed the blow-job, I just laid back and decided that I was in no position to argue. She was indeed deep-throating my member and I was loving it. It wasn’t long before I felt a finger probing my still stretched asshole. “So, did you enjoy getting fucked by Ethan? I know Mom sure did; it was all she could talk about when we were out.”

News sure traveled fast in this house.

I just answered with a grunt as my balls tightened and I began shooting my load into her waiting mouth.

After catching my breath, I said, “he’s unbelievable. How is it that a guy of his height has such a jumbo-sized dick like that?”

“I don’t know,” she said, licking my cum off her lips, “when I first saw it I almost cried. It took me a week to recover from the first time with him.”

“By the way, where is your Mom? And Ethan said something about company, who’s coming?”

“His brother, Chuck. He’s here now. Mom and them said something about getting some drinks and then sitting in the hot tub.”

I got up and grabbed some shorts. While slipping them on, Nadine said, “Ethan told me it was a private party.”

“What? This is still my house! If I want to go sit in the hot tub with my wife I will.”

“Whatever, just don’t say I didn’t warn you…”

I had let Ethan fuck my wife. I had even let him fuck me. But there way no way that he would be telling me where or when I could be in my own house.

Slowing down slightly on route to the hot tub, I started to recall what I knew of Chuck. He was known as quite a bad-ass. He had allegedly run guns and drugs for bikers. I’d met him once before and, while he was a little intimidating, I wasn’t afraid of him. He stood about 6’1″, about 175 lbs., black hair and blue eyes. He was stunningly handsome and had a very nice body. I remember Carrie making a comment about how hot he was. Some tattoos were noticeable on his muscular arms but that doesn’t make someone tough.

Walking into the hot tub/exercise room, I caught the eye of Ethan. “I told Nadine to tell you that this was a private party,” he said with a challenge to his tone.

“She told me. I decided that I wanted to sit in MY hot tub.”

Chuck, who was sitting on the edge of the tub, with his incredibly-toned, tattooed back to me, izmir escort bayan said, “you should do what you’re told.”

“This is MY house. You are a guest, so I suggest, if you want to be welcome here, you don’t try and tell me anything.”

Not saying another word he just stood up, moved quickly towards me, and shoved me back into a chair. For the first time I noticed he was naked. He was more wiry than I had expected, and stronger than me. Lightning quick, he had me by the throat and said, “Ethan, grab the tie strings off of those bath robes over there.”

Ethan, who was also free of clothing, quickly got the strings and the two of them moved me underneath a chin-up bar where they first tied my wrists, and then my arms up over my head. Then Chuck grabbed my legs and Ethan tied them to a heavy barbell. Easily overpowered by the two, my resisting was useless.

When they were done, they just stood back, smiled, and began stroking their cocks. “What are we going to do with him?” Chuck asked Ethan. “Let’s leave him there for now. He can just watch.”

They walked over towards Carrie, who had, up until now, just stayed quietly in the tub.

“Let’s give your old man a show,” Chuck said. His organ was now fully erect. Comparing it too his brother’s, his was slightly shorter, but just as thick. What was it with these guys?

Carrie walked over to them and Chuck just pushed her down to her knees. Ethan slid underneath her, into a sort of 69 position, his huge, hard dick just flopping on to his six-pack stomach. Chuck offered his long english to her and she started to lick it immediately, while squeezing his massive sack gently. Once she had his giant mushroom head in her mouth, she reached her free hand down and started stroking Ethan. He re-paid her by going to town on her dripping wet cunt.

The sounds of her sucking Chuck, and Ethan eating her out, were hypnotizing me. I couldn’t take my eyes off the whole scene. Before I knew it, even in the helpless situation I was in, my own cock was rock hard causing quite a tent in my loose-fitting shorts.

After about five minutes in that position, Chuck pulled his cock out of Carrie’s mouth and told her to suck on Ethan’s. She happily complied as Chuck walked around behind her. Kneeling down, with his back to me, his legs on either side of his brother’s head, he entered Carrie’s hot, wet snatch. His ass looked like it had been sculpted by a master artist. Her muffled screams were tell-tale of the fact that she was loving every minute of it. Ethan’s mouth and tongue began alternating from my wife’s swollen clit to his brother’s big balls and anus. Seeing his brother’s tongue licking and fucking Chuck’s tight, puckered hole turned me on even more. I was guessing that Ethan had done this for his older brother before.

Occasionally, izmir escort Chuck would allow his thick pole to slip out of Carrie’s pussy and Ethan would lick and suck it like a pro, before sliding it back in to my wife’s stretched vagina. Then, as Chuck’s pace increased, and Carrie let out a loud scream, the two of them came together with so much force that I felt it across the room.

Carrie and Chuck just collapsed on to the floor together, facing me. Ethan got up, his cock bigger than life, and walked over to me. Noticing my erection, he whipped my shorts down and started laughing. “Hey, Chuck, apparently Rick enjoyed watching us. I think he really likes our big schlongs.” He untied my arms, while leaving my wrists bound, from the chin-up bar. He then kicked me in the ass, causing me to fall forward on to my knees. He quickly tied me to the universal gym and, from somewhere nearby, grabbed more of that lube he had used earlier.

Here I am, bound to the exercise equipment, totally helpless with my ass sticking up in the air, and Chuck and Ethan are laughing at my expense. Even Carrie had a big smile on her face.

Ethan knelt down behind me and started smacking his heavy pipe on my back and ass. He then slid it down to my still-sensitive asshole and, when it was lined up, cruelly impaled me on his meat. This time there was no patience or gentleness. As far as he was concerned I had disobeyed the order he had given to leave them alone, and now he was going to punish me for it. Thankfully, he had used the lube. Of course, without it he may have just been to big to penetrate me.

Relentlessly, he pounded my ass with all his might. His hands were on my hips pulling me back to meet his every thrust. His giant balls smashed mine like a jackhammer.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chuck get up and start towards us. His beautiful cock swaying back and forth, I noticed that some of his and Carrie’s cum was still clinging to it. Even soft, his cock was bigger than mine ever gets. He knelt in front of me and I knew exactly what he wanted. Without a word I opened my mouth and took in his dick.

Once again I was amazed at how good it felt to have a penis growing in my mouth. I could easily make out the cum from deep inside my wife’s cunt, added to the sweet semen of Chuck. It didn’t stay soft long and soon I was gagging on it. He grabbed my hair and forced more and more of it in until I could feel his soft, curly pubic hair on my nose. He then started pumping, although luckily, not as hard as Ethan was. Never before today had I sucked a cock, and here I was on my third. Suddenly, my ass was empty and I heard Ethan say, “switch.”

Chuck complied, pulling his twelve inches out of my throat. Before I knew what was happening, Chuck was filling up my ass again, and Ethan my mouth. This went on escort izmir for about ten minutes when both of them started coordinating their strokes. First I felt Ethan’s dick swell and then Chuck’s. Suddenly, I was having jism pumped into me from both ends. What seemed like gallons combined, delivered from over two feet of cock, filled my ass and mouth. Ethan removed his python and then started to smack my face and head with it. Chuck pulled his still humongous meat out of me and his hot cum started to run out of my loose ass, down my balls and still-stiff prick.

They then untied me and I just fell to the floor. “You’re not done, yet. Your wife’s cunt still needs to be cleaned.” Like a beaten dog, I crawled over and placed my face at my wife’s cum-soaked pussy. She took me by the back of the head and, pulling me in, I started lapping up Chuck’s juices. I think maybe he came even more than Ethan because it just kept pouring out. I worked hard until I had swallowed all of it.

“Are you finished? If you are then fuck off and don’t come back unless we call you.,” Ethan ordered.

Looking into my wife’s eyes as I struggled to stand, she just shrugged and said, “bye.”

For the second time today, I limped back to my bedroom. Nadine was still laying on the bed, but now she had one of her mother’s extra-large dongs in her pussy. She just looked me up and down and said “I told you so.”

She asked what had happened and after explaining she said she would take care of me. She got in the bath with me, helped me get cleaned up, and then we went back to the bed. She then asked, “did you cum?”


“Oh, okay, I’ll take care of that.”

With me flat on my back she climbed on top. She felt so firm and yet soft at the same time. Her perfect tits resting on my chest, she reached back between her legs and stroked my cock. It was already very hard so she rubbed it on her inviting lips, and then, in one quick movement, she slipped it into her clean-shaven pussy. It felt so good. Like silk. She then sat up and rode me like an expert. I guess after having to fuck Ethan’s anaconda, she would be as good as it gets. It took me only about five minutes to cum but it was amazing. Leaning forward again she kissed me soundly and then rolled off.

“Now for the payment,” she said.

I just looked at her inquisitively.

“Well, Ethan would probably be pissed if he found out that you fucked me. You’d better clean it up.”

I hadn’t eaten my own cum, yet, but I figured it was no different than anyone else’s, so I went back to work. My cum didn’t have the sweetness of Ethan’s, Trent’s, or Chuck’s, but it wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t want to make Ethan mad again. I would have to stay out of his way for a few days to let my ass recover. Once finished, Nadine got up to leave.

Looking back at me on her way out the door she said, “Just so you know, Chuck’s moving in, too. Mom told him it was alright. She also told us we didn’t need to work anymore so we all quit our jobs. See you later.”

To be continued…

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