20 Years In The Making

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Cynthia first met Mark her sophomore year in High School. He was a few years older than her and was already graduated. He was a great guy, everyone liked him. Cyn was bubbly and friendly with just about everyone they worked with especially the boys she had crushes on. Mark sometimes hated that, because you see he was secretly in love with her. Well it wasn’t really a secret, everyone at their after school job knew, even Cyn.

She tried to avoid the subject and anything that came close to it. She loved him, but she did not reciprocate his love at least not in the way mark wanted her to. He was one of her best friends. They were so close and they spent a lot of time together laughing, but usually in a group. They went on like this for a few years.

Cyn always had boyfriends, and when they would break her heart Mark was usually there to cheer her up. He even left her a rose and a note on her car when her heart had been broken the most. Though she was very flattered by his feelings he was still just a great friend in her mind.

After Cyn graduated something happened… the actual chain of events are still a bit blurry in her mind, but they had a falling out. She moved away and that seemed to be the end of their friendship. The years went on for both of them and they both lead full lives. But no matter where they were or what they were doing, they both always remembered their old friend and the laughs that they had shared.

When they found each other on one of those online networking sites the friendship picked up right where it had left off. They were older and wiser, and the friendship was seemed strong as ever. Mark still flirted, and Cyn still was flattered by his obvious infatuation. She wanted to meet with him, but Mark was married, and Cyn was recently divorced. So at first they just talked online for a while. Cyn told him stories of her new found sexuality, that was tucked away during her marriage and she insisted that he once again give her dating advice.

By chance Mark was meeting the guys for a drink in the city that Cyn lived in. He mentioned it to her in passing, to his surprise she showed up to see him. All those old feelings came back the second he laid eyes on her. She looked great, and smelled just as divine as the last time he had stolen a scent of her during a random hug. He flirted, and she flirted back in her own way. At one point he even thought of kissing her for a moment, but he held back. She couldn’t believe that the good and moral friend of hers could have such a dark side.

He reminded her of how much he used to “pine” for her affection, telling her that she was always the one… His first love. She still didn’t think that he would stray as much as he wanted to. She also worried that there was just too much history therefore, it could never be a just a casual thing. The night ended but the friendship didn’t.

After that night the online chats took a new interesting turn. Cyn continued to tell Mark her dating stories and also of her sexual encounters… She mentioned that she felt that her performance giving oral sex was poor. He thought she was crazy. He told her to ditch any guy who told her so.

He then mentioned that he had been unfaithful a few times, and at her request he told her the details. He had never told anyone and it felt good to finally tell someone. Cyn became intrigued at that and tried to push the thought away that at least she would not be the first “other” woman…

Then he asked if she wanted to hear what he would do with her, if she would ever did agree to do it. So she sat back and read as he described in detail how he would touch her, lick her, taste her, and most of all how he would make her quiver as every woman should. She became extremely aroused and thus, aroused her curiosity.

The next day she posted a new picture of herself on her site in a shirt that showed off her cleavage in all its glory. She knew that Mark would be the first to respond and he did not disappoint. He could not stop looking at it. He told her that if she was not going to let her have his way with her, that she better not wear it next time they met because he was sure he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He told her to pull up the picture on her screen, and described the placement of a freckle on her breast. He described in detail how he would like to french kiss that freckle, as well as the 2 others on her neck.

Their conversation again turned into a very erotic story of what would happen if he went to her house. Cyn followed his lead, canlı bahis and told her side of their erotic encounter. On a number of occasions, Mark or Cyn would type something that the other was in the process of typing. They couldn’t believe how alike their minds were working. In the middle of it all, Cyn said “ok”. That was the key word for Mark to know that her curiosity was strong enough to take it to the next level.

Though she still had her doubts about being the “other woman” and the possibility of it being like kissing her brother due to the history, she agreed and invited him over. He jumped at the chance but had to figure out how he would sneak away.

The next day Mark and Cyn both woke with butterflies in their stomachs. Both were still wondering if this was really going to happen and for that matter they wondered how good or bad it would be. When he arrived, he was quite literally shaking as he knocked on the door. He was nervous but he thought that she might be as well. When he came in and after some nervous conversation he quickly took her into his arms and held her. He knew that if he didn’t kiss her immediately one or both were likely to chicken out. She took a deep breath and melted into him immediately feeling warm and safe.

Nervously he kissed her and the flood gates opened. Their tongues intertwined as they tasted each other for the first time. They were inseparable. He pressed her up against the wall and kissed her deeply and passionately. He moved down to her breasts. She smelled so good, just as he imagined. He touched the freckle he had told her about and they both giggled. Then he kissed and sucked her skin all over her cleavage. He had his hands everywhere if they weren’t on her hips under the top of her pants; they were on her breasts, or her crotch he wanted to touch every part of her body. Cyn was moaning with pleasure, as he kissed her chest and neck. All she could do was throw her head back against the wall. Her pussy was throbbing.

She felt as though she couldn’t stand anymore and they moved to the couch. Once on the couch the kissing became much more intense. Mark made his way down to her nipple “bite harder” she whispered as he sucked in her whole nipple and bit down. The sensual pleasure of the pain was a good and satisfying and she vocalized it to him. Very quickly both of their shirts were off.

He came back up to kiss her, the flesh on flesh felt good to both of them and she whispered “Definitely not like kissing my brother”

Just then the Cyn’s cell phone rang, it was in her pocket, and she had to take it. Trying to maintain a conversation, Mark grinned and continued to nibble her nipples knowing full well that the conversation would be difficult. As soon as she hung up she tossed her phone across the room, and immediately sighed at the enjoyment that Mark was giving her.

He slid off her pants and panties and started licking her, she was gushing. Cyn was on the verge of orgasm, but wanted to move to the bedroom.

Cyn Led Mark by the hand to the bedroom as they kissed. Then she lifted herself onto the bed and kissed him franticly. She rubbed his hard cock through his pants and he let out a sigh. They fell back together and continued kissing. His hard cock felt so good against her that she didn’t even notice that he still had his jeans on. She was still on the verge of orgasm.

Mark kissed her so well, he tasted so good. He made his way down to her beautiful pussy. He licked every inch, bringing her just to the brink, then would come back up to kiss her, because he just couldn’t get enough of her lips and tongue. After teasing her with the kissing break, Mark went full force and let her release as his mouth massaged her velvety vaginal lips.

Mark looked up in awe as he watched her cum; as he had been convinced that he would be a disappointment due to his wife’s lack of interest. Now he is watching Cyn grab a fistful of blanket and yell into a pillow. It was a far cry from a look of disappointment.

He lay down next to her, and slid her on top of him. Cyn slowly kissed down his chest as she teased his nipples “God…how did she know I love that.” Mark thought to himself. It was proving to be a marvel of how “in tune” they were about what they liked. She unbuttoned his jeans and started to slide off his pants and under wear. They laughed as it got caught on his feet.

After a bit of teasing with light touches and licking, Cyn took his hard cock into her mouth. She had never been a fan of blow jobs, because she never felt bahis siteleri that she was good enough. But somehow she knew that he would appreciate her efforts, and indeed he did. As she sucked and massaged his cock she looked up at him and knew that he was enjoying himself. He also enjoyed the sounds of her little moans as she gave him pleasure it was like music to him. She knew that he wouldn’t cum yet, as he wanted to savor every minute of this.

Mark decided that he needed to be inside her. He pulled Cyn up and flipped her on her back.. They kissed and Mark could smell his muskiness on her lips. He kissed her harder and began rubbing his cock on the outside of her lower lips on a whim he dipped down and licked her clit and lips to get them nice and wet.

When his cock slid into her the heat was amazing as Cyn inhaled sharply as he sunk in. “Deeper! Oh God faster and harder!” she keened.. And that is what he tried to do… Realizing if he did it too much he would cum very soon but then Cyn came… Hard… Her breath stopped and she looked up… “Breathe” Mark whispered in her ear as Cyn smiled and shook her head no and then a yelp of joy was let loose from her lips… She didn’t want him to stop so she wrapped her legs and arms completely around him and pulled him closer and deeper into her. He loved that feeling, she felt so good against him. She could hardly breathe after that and they rested a moment and kissed ever so gently and sensually.

Prior to today, Cyn had told Mark of her new found insatiable appetite and ability to have multiple orgasms. He wanted to see how true that was. It pleased him and he wanted to make her have as many as possible. He rolled their bodies over keeping his cock deep inside her. He pulled her on top of him, and said “Now you can go as deep as you want”. She smiled and started riding him hard and deep.

He felt so good so deep inside her. His concerns, he had expressed earlier, about his size were unfounded. He fit inside her perfectly. She impaled herself on his cock as deep as she could. He would thrust back going even deeper. She rode him that way until she couldn’t take anymore held her breath for a second and exploded around him. “Holy Crap Cyn” Mark exclaimed. He was starting to believe her. “You’re a firecracker, I don’t ever want to hear you say you aren’t any good” She grinned and took a moment to rest.

She lifted herself off his still hard cock. She was so grateful that it was still hard that she wanted it in her mouth again. Pressing her breasts on his chest she slid herself down again. Kissing all the way don to that marvelous organ that had already given her so much pleasure. She placed it in her mouth… it fit so well there too, and started sucking him off again. He began to moan.

She looked up at him a few times as she was veraciously sucking his cock to make sure that he was enjoying himself. A few times he caught her gaze and enjoyed watching her give him pleasure. As close as he was before and as incredible as it felt He couldn’t stand it anymore, it was her vagina that he craved. He tried to pull her up, and she refused.

She wanted to taste his cum in her mouth. She was finally feeling that her efforts were being appreciated and she wanted her reward. So determined she continued to rub him and suck everything that she could get. She had forgotten that he had told he that he has rarely allowed himself to cum that way.

He yearned for warm, wet pussy for that. He tried to pull her up again, he was going crazy, he wanted to please her again and again. She refused again, so he leaned up caressing her and reached for her soaking wet pussy and began stroking. That worked, she allowed him to pull her up to his mouth and kissed him hard. Her warm lips touched his as her tongue slid into his mouth.

He turned her over and licked her pussy just before he entered her from behind. “Oh my god” she yelled and forcefully slammed herself into his cock. Mark felt his balls tighten. Every time she thrusted, he returned the favor. She reached down and started massaging her clit as he fucked her from behind. She was just on the brink when Mark warned “I’m gonna cum!!” Just then they both pulled away as if it was rehearsed. She knew that he wasn’t ready for this moment to be over. He would have been so disappointed.

He positioned himself with his mouth on her oh so warm throbbing pussy, hoping that she would accept a 69 position. She started sucking his cock again. He moved on top, and then she rolled their bodies over so that she bahis şirketleri was on top. She liked that better. He licked her clit and brushed his fingers against her wet lips, pushing against her folds and sinking them in her wet pussy. His fingers were fucking hard into her as he watched her clit begin to swell.

He began using both hands on her hole and used his lips to suction her clit into his mouth and bath it with his tongue. Cyn had to take his cock out of her mouth so she could cum.

That was it… he had to have her again. He rolled her onto her side kissing her, than onto her back. He entered her warm sheathe and slowly fucked her using long strokes almost exiting her completely then shoving back in with force making Cyn fuck back harder and harder.

Mark was realizing Cyn was one amazing fuck. She was cumming non-stop. Mark began fucking as hard as he could. He would piston his cock as far out and as far in as he could. Cyn would meet each of his thrusts and hammer her feet on the back of his legs or ass to get him to go deeper or harder.

He then thrust himself as deep as he could possibly go and let loose with a monumental cum. Time stood still…. Stars became visible for Mark. He poured his essence into Cyn’s clutching chute and his body continued to thrust in and out of its own volition. Cyn had her legs wrapped around him again holding him in. He could not stop as he felt ropes of his cum cover her cervix. When came down from the euphoria. He then withdrew his cock and laid his head down on her stomach as she stroked his hair.

After some gentle caressing he became playful again, and began to finger her like he had before. Gently at first and marveled as Cyn became more vocal with her approval. Thrusting onto his fingers she could not get enough. He began to rub hard on her clit. Mark teased her a bit, she begged him to make her cum, and he worked her entire crotch, still focusing on her clit. She held her breath taking in all of the sensations of letting go, and exhaled before she could even finish she began another, and another until her final shriek.

Mark said “why don’t you sit on my face” but Cyn wanted him hard again. She wanted to feel his cock in her mouth again, so she slid down and started sucking to make it hard again. After a few minutes he pulled her on top of him. They lay there kissing, caressing and thrusting. He was rubbing his cock against her as he was caressing her body. She was on top of him kissing, and lifted her chest and rubbed her breasts along his torso and began kissing him again. That felt so good she did it a few more times as she watched their skin melt together. All the sensual touching and all of the sounds of the two of them moaning made her explode again.

Mark was truly in awe, as he didn’t even think he was doing anything, to be rewarded with that one. Grinning she slid down again, to his semi hard cock again and started licking and sucking, he placed their bodies in the 69 position again for a bit then he asked “please, sit on my face”. She positioned herself so that she had the headboard to hold onto… she knew she would need the support. She came again a few more times like this.

Mark wanted more time, he wanted to get hard again for her, and although he knew that she was fully satisfied and was not disappointed in the day, he desperately wanted to keep on making her feel good. They spent a little time laughing, discussing a few moments, and just enjoying each other’s company as they always had.

They parted with a heated kiss that Mark did not expect. He was thinking that Cyn was done with him, since she was the one that said days earlier that this could only happen once. This kiss was almost as heated as their very first, Cyn moaned again, as though she was ready to start all over… She probably would have let him and he really wanted to that is, if he was able to stay.

Mark drove home in shock… “Did this really happen?” he thought to himself. Cyn too was in her own world of shock. She had never thought of her old friend that way and found herself wanting to see him and feel him again. That was a dangerous thought, but she didn’t care. If he was not married they could see each other freely, and see what happened. But the fact was that he is married and although it seemed to her unhappily, so she still didn’t care. They were able to discuss the turn of events over the next few days in great detail. Something she had never done before. They found themselves planning another rendezvous… Cynthia needed to see if it would be better the second time.

Days later Cyn smiles to herself as there is a quiet knock on her door. She opens the door in nothing but a t-shirt to see a grin on her old friends face….

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