A Naughty Mom

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They were a recently married young couple and the young wife’s parents, a pair of 25 year olds and a pair of 50 year olds. The four of them had bonded without any real plan to do so meeting regularly for dinner and other outings. They golfed together on weekends and they had vacationed as a foursome. The young man was a jock and his father in law a ‘used to be’ jock. They clicked nicely and although they had other friends, their preference was to be together.

Tragedy struck when Tom the father in law died in a traffic accident. This depressing event occurred shortly before the young wife became aware that she was ‘with child’, and the pain was magnified when she lost the baby in her eighth month following a difficult pregnancy. She slipped into a deep depression, seldom leaving her bedroom let alone their home. She withdrew from her husband and did not want him around her. He began to sleep in the spare room.

The young husband and the mother were afraid to leave her on her own and during his workweek the mother stayed with her. She took over the household duties including preparation of the evening meal. The young woman responded to her mother’s presence, but retreated to the bedroom when her husband was around. She usually had her evening meal brought up to her, apparently to avoid being near her husband. She refused to visit a doctor, seeming almost content with her existence and showing no sign that she even wanted to return to normal. It was a home of despair.

The young husband and his mother in law grew closer as time ground on, tied together by concern for the young woman. Their established affection for each other increased and a physical attraction evolved almost without their knowledge. The daily contact and evening goodbyes soon became lingering kisses and full body embraces. Gradually, and in both their subconscious minds, she became his mate and he her lost husband. They came to realize that their binding concern for the young woman was morphing into lust for each other. They began to fuck, often and passionately over a period of three or four weeks.

That’s the whole story, but as usual the devil is in the detail.

Dan pulled into his parking space but remained in his car with no real desire to enter his home. It was so damn depressing with each day the same, beginning with an intense and competitive day at work, followed by a cloak of coldness settling over him as he returned home in the evening. And then a night alone in the spare room thinking only of his loved one upstairs, despising him for some reason. Liz had been in a state of deep depression since the loss of a baby and had basically eliminated him from her mind. The only bright spot in his life was his mother in law Sally. They had a common purpose and promised each other that Liz would never be left alone until some normalcy returned.

Sally arrived each morning as Dan left and remained with Liz until he returned that evening, doing the household work and preparing and eating dinner with them before returning to her own apartment. Liz retreated to her room when he arrived leaving a two-hour period each day when he and Sally were alone downstairs. Dan was spending more time with his mother in law than with his wife.

He finally stirred and entered the house. He could hear them talking in the living room as he removed his jacket in the vestibule. But as soon as he joined them the chatter stopped and Liz and retreated upstairs to her bedroom without meeting his eyes. Sally looked at him with sadness as his shoulders slumped in rejection. It hurt every time and he could not get used to it.

Sally rose and came over to him, placing her hand on his arm and said, “Go have your shower, supper will be ready in an hour, it’s her favorite meal, she may perk up later and join us.” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek her breast brushing against his chest.

Dan watched her as she retreated to the kitchen. She was very pretty, had looked after her body and was always smartly dressed. His eyes automatically lowered to her butt and legs. His groin flooded with warmth as he gazed at her cheeks jiggling under the soft cloth of her skirt, nothing but panties there.

He missed his spacious walk-in shower in the main bedroom upstairs. God, the things that took over his mind, for a normal kind of guy this situation was beyond his imagination, first checking out his mother in law’s ass and then thinking about his shower upstairs and the love of his life hunched up in a fetal position on their bed. He shook his head. Thoughts of Sally filled his mind and he became erect in the shower.

Sally worked away in the kitchen, cooking being one of the few chores that could take her mind off of the despair in her current life. She struggled to maintain her normal outgoing personality. Her daughter’s plight overshadowed losing her husband just as they had entered the less stressful next phase of their lives. It was over a year since Tom’s death and she had not even considered ataşehir escort bayan meeting another man. She had received calls from some of her eligible and ineligible acquaintances for dinner or an evening out, but had warded them all off.

Her thoughts turned to Dan. She was quite nervous about recent intimate developments between the two of them even though she had usually been the instigator. She often thought about him physically and sexually. Was he naked right now in the shower? She would love to see him. Her mind went back to earlier times, he rising out of the water in Maui, striding up the beach, long muscled legs, square shoulders, long arms and big hands. Even in those days, she had always checked out his package along with taboo thoughts. She raised her hand up to fondle her breast, teasing the hard nipple through her light bra. My God, where is this all going?

Dan toweled off, pulled on a tee shirt and light pants and joined Sally in the kitchen. She was facing the counter but glanced around as he entered the kitchen. She caught him eyeing her butt and quickly turned away as her groin flooded with warmth. She had also noted signs of an erection showing through his pants.

He came up behind her and held her by the hips and said, “So how was your day? I hope there were some bright spots. Was she more relaxed?”

Sally steadied herself, trying to ignore the burning feel of his big hands gently caressing her hips and the proximity of his hard shaft, but her body was aflame.

She said, “Oh she was fine for stretches but the quietness soon returns. I don’t know what to do, I tried to talk her into visiting a doctor, even our old family doctor might do some good. But no way.”

They stood silently, she still working away at dinner, his hands still holding her by the hips. He began to massage her gently, sliding his hands up to her waist and ribs then back down to her hips. Sally held her breath, not knowing how she might react if his hands circled around to her tits, while hoping he would do just that. Her nipples cramped as his hands reached her ribs and his hard cock brushed her butt. They were on the edge of something, holding their breath waiting for the other to take the next step.

He suddenly stepped back from her, releasing his hold and whispered, “Oh damn Sally, I’m so sorry, you’re just so soft and warm and desirable, I couldn’t control myself. Please forgive me.”

Sally turned and leaned back against the countertop and said, “I know Dan, I’m having similar feelings, but we have to be careful. And what about you? All this time with no loving in your life, how are you holding up? I hope you don’t run off on us. Go and have a drink and watch the News, dinner will be on in half an hour.”

Dan shrugged and followed orders, poured himself a rum and coke and peered at the TV set, not comprehending or caring about what he was viewing. Thoughts of someone to cuddle up to at night filled his mind. That someone looked very much like Sally.

They tried to pretend that it had not happened, and over the next few days refrained from coming into contact. They did it with humor and not frustration, silently acknowledging with smiles and eyes that those erotic thoughts remained firmly in both minds.

But the attraction between Sally and Dan could not be smothered. A touch from one of them seared the skin of the other. Each evening as she left for home they would come together in the vestibule, bodies pressed hungrily to the others, the goodbye kisses lasting longer each time, she pressing her hips tight to his and losing herself in the feel of his rigid cock pressed to her hips or belly. His mind was filled with thoughts of burying his face between her bare soft tits while driving his shaft deep into her body.

Dan had always been the follower in matters sexual. Women were attracted to him but he could never make the first move or the last move in fact. The woman had to take matters into her own hands if full sex was to evolve. When he first met Liz, he was very close to being a male virgin. Liz was the opposite, experienced and hungry for sex. She was attracted and very interested in Dan, and after seducing him decided that she had met a diamond in the rough, sexually speaking. They married after a very short period of intense sex.

It was a stormy night highlighted by thunder and lightning. Sally normally walked back and forth to her apartment but on this night it was either going to be a taxi or Dan driving her. Liz had returned to her room after dinner and fallen asleep almost immediately, so Dan drove Sally home.

He pulled up to the elevator in Sally’s underground parking garage. She suddenly leaned over towards him and pulled his head to her for a slow kiss. He reached under her to pull her more closely. His hand met a big tit, dangling under her outstretched body. He fondled it. Sally moaned and attacked his mouth with lips and probing tongue. He moved his hand down escort kadıöy and under her skirt and up the inside of her thigh.

Sally rolled to her back to allow Dan’s fingers to rub her mound through her panties. She spread her legs as he pushed her panties to one side. He felt her bare pussy lips as she struggled to maintain contact with his mouth. She could feel his throbbing hardness pressed against her side. He licked his fingers and teased her clit gently. She moved to push her panties down but stopped suddenly.

Lights flashed behind them, another car was entering the garage. Sally sprung upright and began to straighten her clothes. She laughed and said, “Whew, where did that come from?” She paused as she opened the car door, “We both know where that came from. Don’t look so stricken. That was the most fun I’ve had in months.”

She was accepting this dangerous situation much more easily than was Dan who also recognized that he’d do it again and more if the opportunity arose.

Sally meanwhile was playing it like a moth to a flame, recognizing that she could tease her son in law and enjoy the excitement without consequences, while knowing that if she approached too close to his flame, it could consume her. But it was more than just a tease as she always left him having the last move. It was up to him, he could have her.

Sally had been almost a party girl before meeting and marrying Tom. She had enjoyed several lovers. She had generally been the aggressor in each affair. She settled down in marriage, had her first and only child Liz, and lived a perfect life with Tom.

They became part of a compatible group while in their mid thirties and partied regularly on weekends, mostly in one of the groups homes or apartments, with drinking and laughing and dancing on the menu on each occasion.

Sally’s previous outlook on sex floated to the surface and she became a flirt as before. She made her best moves in that regard on the dance floor, late in the evening, everyone mellow and the lights turned low. She would dance with someone else’s husband and rub on him and whisper suggestive phrases until he was hard. She would hold on to him after each dance number once he responded, wanting a second or third time at him to prime the poor bastard right to the edge. She rationalized that she was doing it for the guy’s wife who would reap the benefits later that night.

She was not alone in her teasing, it was an approach for most of the gals and guys and no friction ever came out of it. In fact, it was likely the reason that they all attended every party. That last half hour or so of slow dancing in a darkened room swaying to soft ballad music while clutching and feeling someone different was enticing as hell.

Tom was as much involved in these erotic party endings and well aware of his wife’s activities. It was a turn-on rather than a reason to be angry. They enjoyed many great nights of sex fueled by their activities on the dance floor.

During the days following the encounter in his car Dan and Sally would flirt, touch and kiss in the kitchen. Dan felt her breasts, fondled her butt and rubbed his hard shaft on her at each opportunity. She would rub his cock through his pants with thoughts of holding it bare in her hand and rubbing the knob in her pussy lips as she prepared to be penetrated. They were both enjoying the foreplay, Sally more than Dan who remained troubled after each encounter, but ready to play at the next opportunity.

She was standing against the kitchen counter one night as he emerged from his shower. She looked gorgeous, all soft and desirable and available. Her eyes were already heavy with lust as she arched her hips and breasts forward in obvious invitation. She looked like a cougar ready for prey.

He came within a few feet of her to drink in the sight, eyes roaming from her face to her breasts to her visible mound pushing out through the light clinging skirt. He said, “Wow, you are something to look at,” his eyes focusing on her thrust forward breasts.

She said coyly, “You like my breasts don’t you. You always turned me on in the past when you stared at them, and more so these days. What goes through a man’s mind when he looks at a woman’s breasts, like you are now?”

Dan replied, “Well let me see, I guess the first thing is that I think of them being bare.”

“And what comes second?” Sally said quietly.

Dan replied, “Touching them, you know, holding them in my hands and playing with the nipples to make them hard, looking into the woman’s eyes to see how she responds.”

Sally had started this out in a teasing manner with humor attached, but now her mind was swimming in fantasies about being naked with her son in law. She was caressing one breast as she whispered, “Then what would you do? If it was your hands holding my bare breasts and making my nipples hard, what next Danny?”

Dan groaned, reached forward and cupped both breasts and whispered, “If they maltepe escort were yours I would lick and suck the nipples, rub my face between them and rub hard against your pussy.”

She was just about to ask ‘what next’ when a stove timer clanged behind them, Sally pushed his hands away and smiled at him, “I thought you might do that, but now supper’s starting to burn.” She kissed him lightly and moved away from him and said, “I love playing like that. Do you?”

One evening as Dan came out of the shower naked and still toweling down, Sally stood in the doorway leaning against the doorframe, smiling at him as he turned towards her. She was wearing a flimsy skirt, and the light behind her highlighted slightly spread legs through the cloth. Dan was already erect from his shower but his cock stiffened as his eyes focused at the location where her two leg shadows conjoined. He heard her take in her breath as his shaft jerked vertically up along his belly. He had wanted her to see him naked and casually continued toweling, causing his erection to whip back and forth.

Sally said, “It’s beautiful Dan. You’re beautiful. What are we going to do? We better talk soon.” She turned and retreated to the kitchen, shutting the door behind her.

That evening after Liz had returned to her bedroom, Dan and Sally sat on the sofa sipping red wine, while pretending to watch TV. Sally was curled up in one corner, her legs tucked under her and facing Dan.

She said, in an attempt to lighten a heavy situation, “Well Danny boy, what are we going to do? I get the feeling that we are going to slip one of these days and head for bed. We really should not do that, and you know that as well as I.”

Dan shrugged and said, “Oh I know it and I try to keep from touching you, but damn, it’s hard.”

Sally giggled and said, “Oh I know it’s hard. I’ve seen it and felt it quite often.”

Dan couldn’t understand how she could remain so flippant. To him it was a serious issue, lust versus loyalty but he said, “I can barely keep my eyes off of you right now.”

And no wonder, Sally had slowly spread her legs and a good section of white inner thigh was there for the viewing. Sally had moved on to the next step, a little dismayed that Dan had not yet tried to mount her. She now wanted it to happen.

Sally said coyly, “We can just give in and do it, after all we might as well, what we’ve done so far might class as having sex. Or we can continue to play around as we have been doing. I am really enjoying it; either way is fine with me, I have a little helper in the drawer in my bedroom for relief. I could demonstrate for you if you wish. I feel more alive and desired than I have for years. I can separate my love for my daughter from our erotic exchanges quite easily. We just have to be careful and not get caught no matter what we do.”

Dan replied, “I wish that I could be more comfortable. It is pure pleasure and I am short on that these days. I’ve had more lovers’ nuts in the last few weeks than since I was a teenager. But lets face it, the more we play the more likely we’ll end up in bed.”

Sally’s legs were wide open, and he could almost see her panties. She could see where his eyes and mind were focused and said; “I thought it only fair to let you have a peek at me after what you showed me after your shower.” Her face was caught up somewhere between humor and lust, her opaque eyes bored into his.

He said, “That sounds fair, but I can’t even see your panties.” He was as aroused as was she by this time.

Sally squirmed a bit and replied, “What panties?” With that she tugged her skirt up and opened her legs slightly.

And of course there were no panties, just a strip of graying dark bush pointing down at the tip of her pink pussy lips, all framed between silky white thighs and belly.

Dan remained in his place, but the desire to dive in between her legs and suck on that pussy was immense. He stroked his hard cock through his pants and replied, “I guess we are going to be playing some are we?”

Sally’s eyes were slits of lust as she watched him rub his cock while gazing at her bared pussy. She slipped a finger down between her legs and caressed her clit. Ever the aggressor she whispered, “Just so you know, I’ve been back on the pill for several weeks. Just in case you decide that you have to have some pussy.”

She continued, “I was a bad girl before I married Tom. My first boss seduced me when I was 19. We did it every time we could, in a motel, or in his car, I used to fuck him in his office chair after everyone else went home. That ended, he was married after all, and I started dating a lot, had a lot of different boyfriends and most of them got lucky. All they had to do was be nice to me.”

Her talk increased Dan’s lust as she well knew it would. He began to pump his shaft more quickly. He choked out, “Why are you telling me this?”

Sally was in her glory as she practiced the art of seduction that had once been a focus in her life. She smiled as she slipped one finger into her pussy, “Letting you know that I have been a bad girl before you knew me and liked to get laid, to make you horny, to make me horny remembering it and to make you desire me and want to fuck me all night long.”

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