A Nice Encounter

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It all started quite innocently I had just turned eighteen. My sister’s friend Sarah had bought hair remover and had left it on the kitchen work top along with other shopping.

Seeing the Purple coloured case as Purple is my favourite colour, I took it and was reading it. Veet it said on the box. Quite intrigued by its contents I was so engrossed in reading the leaflet that did not notice that Sarah had come in to the kitchen.

Shan, that is not for guys it is for us girls. You don’t have to remove the hair it is us girls who do it. Seeing my serious expression, I think the penny dropped…As for me I was sick of trying to shave my pubes around my balls as it was very awkward at times. How this would work for me and to get about applying it and how long it would take etc., were the questions that was going through my mind.

“Don’t tell me you are thinking of using it. I just said what do you mean?” and walk out. I wanted to try it and keep it a secret. Sarah is a year and a half older to me the same age illegal bahis of my older sis, and we get along very well.

We come from a religious and conservative family but we had our party fun etc. I had not had sex yet and not been with a girl and gone the full distance. I had seen Sarah naked once seen her enjoying herself. She too has walked in to my room when I have been masturbating…and have accepted it she seemed to know having brothers of her own.

When she went back upstairs I took the package to the living room and going through the instructions once again and wanted to buy one for myself. Sarah, comes in to the living room and I continued to read,. She had a strange look on her face and then went in to the kitchen. Mum was at work and we all had to prepare lunch being Saturday.

I put it all back in to the packaging and took it back to the kitchen. Shan she said- it does the job and there and is less of a fuss and I used it there too she said. She then did something so bold. She just lowered her jeans a few inches to reveal illegal bahis siteleri a pubes free area. I look at her and she was serious. Don’t just stare at it, come here, feel it she said. I did as told and touched her upper vagina area and it was so soft and nice and her hand was on my hand guiding me. She then said, feel the whole area if you want. With that she pulled her jeans further down and lowered her knickers too.

I was leaning over and got on to my knees to touch and experience the whole new area that I had never ever thought would happen. I had never touched a vagina but seeing porn I knew about the clitoris and that is what I wanted to see. Sarah read my mind I think and just raised her pussy and opened the labia to reveal the most glorious thing that I had seen. The small peanut. Lol.

Touch it gently she said and put some spit first. I didn’t do that. I wanted to lick it with her standing and me on my knees. I she never thought that I would be doing that. My tongue only touched it and flicked it a few times. A bit of musky canlı bahis siteleri smell and odour did come out but I did not mind as I was going to enjoy this moment. I pulled her knickers right down and she eased herself out of the jeans.

Sarah still had her top on when I was licking her clitoris. She was getting wet. The salty taste of the juice was only making me more horny. I noticed that she was pulling her top over to reveal bra which came out soon after.

With that she said, lets move to the living room. I was still in my casual trousers and t-shirt. I was going to sit on the sofa when she said “you lie down on the carpet and I will be over you”. I did as she said, and she placed her body over my face. To see her pussy all wet and now swollen was a sight to witness. She was dripping juice as I opened up her pussy and started to lick she would not let me stop until she started to shake, groan and moan. I did not want it to stop but it had been going on for over forty minutes now I was so wet in my pants and would have ejaculated if I had taken my cock out.

Sarah did not ask for my cock… and said this should not have happened. But I held her …close to me, but she said that is enough…

Thinking of brings back fond memories …and even made me hard writing this story…

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