At The Workshop

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At last I have the courage to write about my sexual experiences. All the stories are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


From what I remember the only sexual contact before leaving school was to watch some of my school buddies playing around, one would grab the other’s dick, but not much more.

When I was 18 and at college there was one incident when I saw two of my older buddies at it. It was dinner time and I was going past the college store room when I heard a muffled noise. I opened the door and saw them with there dick’s out.

One of them said “close it,” so stepping inside I did.

It was a very small room with a window over the door which allowed some light in. “you can watch us if you don’t tell anyone” said the fair haired one.

For some reason I felt privileged to witness the events unfolding before my eyes. I would not say I was turned on, but I did have a nice feeling in the bottom of my stomach. Have you ever done this the dark haired one said. No was my reply. Then you can watch us.

We all stood within two feet of each other due to the cramped space. The dark haired one’s dick was a little bigger and un-cut than the other which was cut. The fair haired one was holding the other by having his right arm around his waist while slowly working his own member.

With his right hand the dark haired one was working his dick fast. With a grunt he turned a little to his right and shot his cum over some towels that were on low shelves. That was nice, I thought.

To witness a male’s cum shooting out knowing it had come from inside his body made the nice feeling in the bottom of my stomach stronger.

The dark haired lad was spent and he left quickly. He left closing the door after him. I was alone with the other lad who had his hard dick and balls out through his trousers. He arched back leaning against the illegal bahis shelving.

He said to me “would you like to hold my balls,” I didn’t say anything.

He was now working his cock faster in his right hand, his left hand cupping his balls. Witnessing the other lads cum shooting I thought it best to stand at his side.

He said “I’m coming, look down now.”

I looked down as a little of the white cum dribbled out of his pipe. Then a big squirt came out and landed on the floor. “yes—yes” said he.

He slowed down the strokes. “Did you like watching that,”I did not answer. “I will have to go now.”

He pulled his pants up a left. I left the storeroom a minute later, thinking I must try this in my bed room sometime.

I started to become aware of my bi-sexuality when I started work at 15 years of age at the local railway workshops in the town I lived. At 18 years of age I got to know a lad the same age as me, lets call him ‘Mick’. Mick and I hung around together.

We did wank each other off at times. Most times this would be after we come out of the pub behind an allotment in the area we lived. Other times at his parents home (when they were out, of course). We also tried blow jobs on each other but it never seemed that exciting (I now know this was because I didn’t know how to do it properly). I do now.

When Mick and I were about 18 plus a few months we would have a walk to the different shop departments in the railway works on a Friday afternoon to see other ‘mates’ of the same age as us.

On one of these Friday afternoons we were passing one of the toilet blocks that are scattered around these places. Mick said he felt horny and would I fancy ‘a bit’. I was a little unsure with it being a works toilet block, after a little thought I said yes. We got into a cubical and closed the door. There’s never any bolts on toilet doors, I think they illegal bahis siteleri have been pinched over the years. So I jammed a sweat cloth into the jamb.

We quietly dropped our pants and under clothes to the floor and started feeling each others dick’s. His was about the same size as mine (about average) but a little thinner. He had the advantage of a full foreskin which I love. We never had, and to this day, full sexual intercourse. He faced me and put his hands on my shoulders, and I aimed his dick between my legs just under my balls. I closed my legs tight. He started to work his body back and forth, while I put my left arm over his bum.

I, at this stage got a hand full of toilet paper in my right hand ready to catch his cum between my legs. We did this for a few minuets. I could tell he was getting close, so I placed the toilet paper behind me and under my bum.

He put is face next to mine and said in a soft voice “I’m coming now.” He can be a little noisy when coming, but he was quieter because of where we were.

Mick was now working the last of his cum with his hand as I put the cum soaked paper into the toilet pan. Just as I was thinking its my turn to cum. I happened to look up. To my horror I saw a head dip down out of sight in the next cubical.

“We’ve been caught” I said to Mick in a whisper. You go out now and I will stay. Mick dressed and went, I put the cloth back into the door and waited. My head was full of thoughts about ‘being caught’. If this gets out we would be finished in the works.

I waited what seemed ‘forever’, but probably only two minuets. I noticed I still had my pants around my ankles. At that moment the door opened slowly, I was petrified. A man came in , closed the door and put the cloth back into it. I had visions of being beaten up at any moment.

He looked at me and said in a quite voice “its dangerous to do this canlı bahis siteleri here.” “its best in a safer place” he said.

I looked him over. He was about 6″-6′ tall, average build, blonde with bright blue eyes. I would say he was about 35 years old. I stood there in a form of shock. He went on to say

“I am in the electrical maintenance department” “if you need to do that, there is the ‘Electrical Power House’ at the back,” “I have the only key.”

He was now giving me a faint smile. He went on about safety. Then he said you might as well finish off what you were doing.

I thought he’s turned on about this. I started to work my dick with my right hand as he stood at my left side facing me. I was a bit embarrassed at first, but I soon got hard again. I could tell he was alternating from watching my dick then my face. My pressure was building up, I spread my legs out a little to steady my self.

Then his right hand landed on my bum with his middle finger over my anus. I thought to my self this is great… A man I never met before with his finger on my hole, I was very turned on. Without any more thought I put my left hand on his cock and held it tight through his trousers.

He was hard and bigger than me. At the same time he brought his left hand forward and cupped my balls. I came straight away, I squirted the first shot onto the cubical wall, the second into the toilet, and the third, a weak one onto the floor.

I was fully relieved. I work my dick slowly to remove all the spunk. My dick started to go ‘soft’. I stopped working it and looked at him. He smiled and slowly moved his fore finger of his left hand and slid in under my cock to its tip and lifted the last drop of cum onto his finger tip and put it in his mouth.

“Very nice” he said. He started to open the door so I let go of his member. His last words were “don’t forget, I have the only key,” and “by the way I’m Gerry.”

After some time I got dressed and left the toilet. Mick had gone. So I walked back to my department with a spring in my step thinking I am going to look forward to seeing Gerry again. But that is another story…

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