Becoming a Webstar Ch. 02

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Christine had no idea how much time had gone by since she got on her back. From her point of view time seemed to come to a still. All she knew at that moment was the feeling of ecstasy. Each time Sarah’s lips kissed her between her legs Christine felt a chill go up her spine. Her breathing became quiet and staggered as she became more aroused. Christine had, in that moment, fully blanked out. All she could focus on were the sexual urges caused by Sarah.

Sarah’s hand kept spreading Christine’s pussy for the loving audience to see. Her eyes looking at the camera as she grinned smugly. Sarah kissed Christine’s naked pussy; she loved hearing that subtle moan escape her roommate’s lips. Sarah then decided to make things more fun than they already were. She nudged Christine’s hands away and licked her clit. No obvious response, but who said she was done? Sarah spread Christine’s pussy and pushed her tongue in a bit, at least enough for the audience to see without her head being in the way.

Christine threw her head back as she gasped for air. Sarah teased by flicking her tongue at the entrance. Her tongue moved faster and faster as it stroked against Christine’s pussy. Each time made Christine breath in and out rapidly. Her legs began to tremble from all of the adrenaline as she accidentally struck Sarah’s face.

“Ouch, watch it.” Sarah exclaimed as she sat up and rubbed her nose. Thankfully it was just a hit so no damage.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t help it. I’ve never done this so…” Christine’s whole body was shaking. It wasn’t from fear or nerves, but rather all of the adrenaline flowing.

“Shh…” Sarah placed her finger over Christine’s lips to quiet her. She climbed on top of her roommate, pulling her arms above her head. Their bodies pressed against each other as Sarah kissed Christine tenderly. Their legs entangled one another as the adoring audience watched and cheered. Sarah grinded against Christine as the two’s tongues wrapped around the other. Sarah’s pussy rubbed against Christine’s thigh. Christine went along and grasped her roommate’s breast. Sarah began to moan softly. Sarah had sometimes thought about how Christine fucked and how much experience she actually had. She was shy, but definitely knew how to be sexy in bed. Sarah loved this side of her roommate, and Christine did too.

Christine had managed to get her other arms free from Sarah’s illegal bahis hold. She instantly squeezed Sarah’s ass. She wasn’t exactly sure why she did it, but it felt right. Sarah chuckled slightly and pulled back from their kiss. Her hand reached down and touched Christine’s clit. Christine’s face went red again as Sarah stopped her moan by kissing her again. They kissed as they groped and rubbed against each other as the camera watched. Christine squeezed Sarah’s ass and tit as Sarah started to finger Christine’s pussy slowly with her middle finger. Both of them moaning faintly as their breathing became harder. Christine felt something tingling inside her. The ability of satisfying Sarah was leaving her. Christine let go of Sarah’s ass and breasts and instead just wrapped her arms and legs around Sarah as she fingered Christine faster. Christine could no longer hold back. Her voice cracked as she moaned loudly, it was probably loud enough for the whole hall to hear it. Sarah smiled proudly, her hand going faster and harder as her thumb rubbed against the clit.

“Enjoying yourself, slut?”

“Yeah-” She stopped halfway to breath. “Yes!” She couldn’t be quiet at this point. Her eyes closed and threw her head back as she became more aroused.

“You like this don’t you? You like that I’m taking your virginity, or at least your lesbian one.” Sarah slowed down slightly, but only to insert her index and ring finger.

“I do… I love it!” Any time she answer Sarah fingered her faster.

“Mmmmm… Beg me to keep going. Ask me to finish and make you cum.” Sarah was getting a little sadistic at this point. Christine was in too much ecstasy to complain though, but she needed release.

“Please, Sarah, take my lesbian virginity” It felt so embarrassing to say such a thing. “Please make me cum.” The people watching went crazy upon hearing those words. Most watchers donated a couple bucks and commented on how hot this was, but of course neither girl was reading them. Sarah kissed Christine’s neck and slowed down for a few moments before ramping up again. Sarah had no constant tempo as her fingers continued to speed up and slow down, but this only kept Christine panting and moaning. Her back arched and screamed out. Her body relaxed as her breathing calmed. Sarah pulled out and licked her fingers.

“Glad to see you cum around.” Sarah said, winking at Christine. illegal bahis siteleri Her roommate was too busy catching her breath to argue at the bad pun. Sarah laid down next to Christine and rested her head on her shoulder. They were both out of breath. Sarah placed her hand on Christine’s face and smiled.

If it wasn’t for the pinging the two probably would have fallen asleep. Sarah became annoyed and sat up to read the comments. People loved what the two had done so far. Hundreds of guys begging to fuck both of them and how hard they are. None of it was really surprising though, most boys are simple to please and they are willing to pay anything for sex. Christine stayed lying down, unsure of what to do now. She had done her end of the deal and yet wasn’t leaving.

She could stay and make more money, of course, but did she only want this for cash? Whether she stayed or went she would be in possession of a couple thousand dollars. If she went then it was highly unlikely that Sarah or force her to stick around. Sure, that she and the audience would want Christine to stay, but in the end it was her own choice. On one hand there would be no more embarrassment in front of hundreds of strangers and on the other would be money and sexual satisfaction.

“I guess it comes down to sex and money against pride,” Christine thought to herself. What was she to do? She grabbed the bottle of water and covered herself with a blanket, Sarah and the audience was too busy chatting anyway to notice. Christine drank the water and tried to be alone with her thoughts. Were she and Sarah an item now? Does she want just the sex or the money? What if her family found out? What if a classmate saw her and spread images of her throughout the school? What if an employer discovered this? She couldn’t do this all her life. So many thoughts rushed through her head as she tried to make sense of this situation. Christine took a deep breath and tried to calm down. She didn’t want to do this all of the time, but the money is really nice.

“I’d have the same amount of pride doing this for a living as a fast food worker,” Christine thought. “Maybe I could do this until I find a job that isn’t fast food or retail. The pay is better at least. As long as I don’t try to become famous doing this I should be fine.” Christine seemed to have come to a conclusion. She would become a sexcam canlı bahis siteleri girl.

Of course she didn’t really know what to do besides getting naked and what she just did with Sarah. Should she make her own account or just share one with Sarah and just be an occasional guest? She decided to talk to Sarah about this when the camera was turned off. For now she should get back up and take part in the chat going on. Christine removed the blanket and sat up beside Sarah.

“Oh, look whose back?!” Sarah exclaimed proudly. “Gonna stick around or go back to your room?” Christine looked at her proudly and, quietly, said that she’ll stay until the session is over. The two put their bras and panties back on because it was starting to get cold. They spent the rest of the night reading comments and talking to audience members. When it got too quiet they turned on some music and sang along. They took requests for money and most requests were some kind of sex song. Christine was a little embarrassed to sing about how much she loves cock, but money is money.

Once it hit midnight the girls said goodbye to their adoring followers and went offline. They put on their pajamas and ate some of the food Christine brought to the apartment earlier. Most this was done in silence and Christine was unsure on how to approach Sarah with her questions. Sarah knew what was going through her roommate’s head without even having to be told.

“So, are you really going to keep joining me and make tons of cash?” Sarah asked, bluntly.

“I… I don’t know. I like the money, but I’m not really sure about what to do? Like do I just masturbate for a couple hours then go to bed? I doubt I could do that every night.”

“You can do whatever you like. Just sit there in silence, talk to some people, touch yourself, or fuck a stranger. No matter what you do guys will pay you, but to be fair the dirty stuff is usually what makes the most.” Sarah said before taking a bite of her meal. Christine pondered on the “wise words” given to her.

“I think I’ll stick around for a bit and then later make my own account. SOLELY for the money and not anything else.” Christine declared. This made Sarah laugh, seeing Christine try to be high and mighty was always amusing to her.

“Well we can work on your act for next time. You got to be more assertive and stop blushing and curling up all the time.” Christine agreed and the two went back to eating.

“Oh, and by the way. Your pussy tastes delicious, my slutty apprentice,” Sarah smirked. Sarah began to chuckle. Normally Christine would be too annoyed, but this time the laughter was infectious.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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