By Cracky I Think I’ve Got It

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As I have thought much about posting stories from my past this one keeps coming to mind. That’s because it was a time of firsts. The first anal sex I ever had, the first time I had sex with a Black Woman and the first time, I had sex with a Black woman in her home.

I grew up with Gloria and spent 6 years of school with her. She is a year younger than I and we became quite close. This was during the early days of integration so all friendly contacts had to be kept on the down low. But never the less, we would find ways to be where we could have fun together. We never engaged in any sexual escapades but we always had time for each other. Some would see us as quite playful but never ever in a sexual sort of way. That would have simply been too taboo back in the day.

This playfulness lasted the final two years of our High School days and I left for the Navy immediately after graduating. Since I have never been one to look for attaboys, joined quietly and left just as quietly. Six years flew by and I had been very busy working with and around the infamous groups known the world over these days.

Anyway, I got back home in February and after taking a couple days to settle in, I decided to drive in to the small town I grew up near. It was a quaint little Hamlet of only a thousand people so, I practically knew everyone there. As I drove around reacquainting myself with the surroundings and people, I caught a glimpse of this Nubian Goddess walking in to one of the stores. I thought I recognized her but it was hard to tell since I was driving and only caught a glimpse of her.

I did a U turn in the middle of the street and wheeled in to the parking lot of the store and hopped out. As I was getting out of the car, a friend from school saw me and called out. I walked over to him and after exchanging pleasantries and such I told him that I was out of the Navy and was looking for a place to put down permanent roots. He slapped me on the back saying that Navy life had been good to me. I was chiseled and hard and in excellent shape. So after a few minutes of idle chit chat getting me brought up to speed on all the area gossip we parted ways and I proceeded to go in to the store.

Once I got inside and my eyes adjusted to the light changes, I made my way around just browsing. I was browsing for something to drink and hopefully to catch a glimpse again of that beautiful creature I saw just a few minutes prior. I walked up and down the isles until I got to the isle where women’s clothing was. There she was standing with her back to me, a vision of beauty. She had a perfect hour glass shape and legs that reached all the way to the floor. I could not tell however, who she was because I was still behind her.

I casually walked down the isle and offered and “excuse me” as I walked past. Just as I got past her, I felt a hand suddenly grab my ass. Spinning around there stood Gloria. Her radiant smile and the glimmer in her eyes set me afire. She spoke first, chastising me for having left without saying goodbye and then for having come home without saying hi. I apologized and told her that I just didn’t want to do the mushy stuff when I left and I was just taking a few days to re-acclimate myself to the area before I started visiting old friends. She giggled and muttered something about not calling her old.

As we stood there staring at each other for a few moments, I opened my arms to invite her in to a hug which thankfully she gladly accepted. As we embraced, I told her how much I had truly missed her and that I was glad that she was the first person I had seen that I remembered. She asked about John with whom I was speaking to in the parking lot. I told her that while he was the first person I had spoken to, I had already seen her which is how I came to be in the parking lot to begin with.

Gloria asked me where I was staying and I told her that I was staying with Dad and Mom until I could find an apartment or house. She quickly invited me to come to her place for a good home cooked meal. I asked her when was a good time and without missing a beat she said, how about now.

I readily agreed and asked how to get to her house. She smiled and said for me to follow her, that she was headed right home now. As she walked by me headed for the checkout, she put a bit illegal bahis more of an exaggerated twist in her walk. Her ass was swishing and swaying just inviting me to grab a handful. So that’s exactly what I did. I slipped up behind her as she walked along and grabbed her by her ass and gave it a big squeeze. She tossed her head back and giggled saying that 6 years had not diminished my devilish charm.

We arrived at her place about 30 minutes later and as we walked inside she told me to make myself comfortable. She immediately went in to the kitchen and started working on a meal. I called out to her asking if she had gotten married and or if she had children yet. She laughed saying no to both. I asked her what her family would think if they knew she was entertaining a white looking guy alone in her home. She said that they would be upset until they found out it was me. Pleased and proud to know that I was regarded so highly, I asked her if my grabbing her ass earlier bothered her.

She spun around as if to bitch slap me for asking such a stupid question but as she turned she bumped in to a bowl of flour that she was just about add milk to make biscuits. The bowl flew off the counter and she reached out to grab it. But instead of getting her grip on it, she caught it on the edge of the rim and flipped it upside down. It sprayed flour all over her and what a contrast it was.

Gloria was very dark skinned, so much so kids in school called her tar baby. No not in a disparaging way but rather after the children’s story we all knew. She never took offense to that nor was any offense meant. I broke out laughing at the sight and she did as well. I walked over to her and reaching the hand towel she had on the counter, I gently began to wipe the flour from her eyes and face.

As I got down to her chin, I stopped to linger my stare directly in to her eyes. That moment seemed to have melted us both because, all of a sudden, we were engaged in one deep embrace complete with tongues probing and heavy heavy breathing.

After several seconds of that, we pulled apart and both said at the same time, “WOW!” Then in a flurry of hands and mouths we were all over each other’ bodies. I was rubbing her boobs which were not the stereotypical mammoth ones but, rather about a 34d. A good handful and mouthful for sure. As our hands roamed over each other mine found the snap on her jeans and with trembling fingers, I gently unsnapped the top button. She, by now was rubbing my cock to beat the band through my jeans and the instant her button was loosed, she had mine unbuttoned and the zipper singing out as she thrust it down.

Another 6 seconds and we were standing there in her kitchen stark naked and hornier than ten hells. I grabbed her pulling her in closely and we started to kiss like two horny teenagers. Our lips smacked and slurped while our tongues fought over territory. I pushed her back against the sink and she immediately spun me around placing me where she just was. Without further foreplay, she dropped to her knees and swallowed my cock and began giving me an exquisite blow job. It took only about 3 minutes for me to build up a load of cum and sensing that I was about blow my load, she sucked harder and greedily. I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every single drop.

She stood up and began kissing me again. My hands found her womanhood was just exactly as I like it, all furry and in her case totally unshaven or trimmed. While it was not as thick as most, her hair was beautiful and fluffy. I ran my fingers through luxurious curls and found her slit. She was so slick that in an instant I was three fingers deep and finger fucking her.

She grabbed my still rock hard cock and started to guide it to her pussy. I reached around her and taking hold of her ass I hoisted her up to straddle my waist. As she positioned herself just right, my cock slid inside her with great ease. We started fucking so hard that it was all I could do to maintain my balance.

Finally we made our way to the sofa where I plopped her down and was on top of her in a flash with my cock buried in her dark dark pussy. I hammered her for all I was worth. With every thrust, she would grunt and groan until my second cum load rushed out of my cock and splashed on the inside of the hottest illegal bahis siteleri pussy on the planet.

She arched her back up when she felt the first wave of cum painting her insides and let go of a rush of her own climax juice. After our orgasms had subsided, we lay in each other’ arms for a couple hours. Remembering that she was cooking a meal, she shot up and rushed in to the kitchen.

I told her to forget about the biscuits and we both laughed hysterically for a short time. She said she wanted to make the biscuits anyway and she knew how Southern boys love their biscuits.

Well Gloria made a fine meal and I ate like a King. We talked about our lives since High School and we talked about what we had just done and how great it felt. As we talked we both grew hornier and hornier. At one point she got up and walked around to where I was sitting and planted a deep french kiss on me and said that whenever I was ready she wanted to do the fucking. So, I scooped her up again and went to her bedroom.

Playfully, I tossed her on to the bed and dove on top of her. We wrestled for a few minutes and then she wound up on top. We were so hot and horny that I am surprised the sheets didn’t spontaneously combust. Gloria slid her flaming pussy down over my cock and began rocking back and forth grinding down hard with each gyration of her hips. She erupted in what can only be described as a flood of cunt juice. She didn’t utter a word however but her pussy muscles were squeezing my cock like it was in a vise. With each convulsion, those muscles would grip and milk up on my cock as if trying to pull the cum from my balls.

When that orgasm settled down a bit, she leaned down real close to my ear and whispered that she wanted me to fuck her ass. That was the first time I have ever even considered that so I was at a loss. She asked if I had done that before and I told her no. She smiled and eased her love canal off my dick and went to the bathroom medicine cabinet. In just a moment she was back with a product that was both slick and had a numbing agent. She rubbed a considerable amount on my straining cock and then handed me the bottle.

She told me how to apply it to her and of course I complied. It seemed so natural as I massaged the slickem in to her ass hole and as she instructed, I pushed a finger inside that truly dark Hershey highway. After finger fucking her ass for a couple minutes, I slid a second then a third up her poop chute. She moaned loudly for the first time as that third finger stretched her tight opening. After a couple minutes of that ass play, my fingers were flying in and out of her so she repositioned herself lying on her side, she presented one fine ass for me to plug my cock in to.

I slid around in to the spooning position and nervously pressed my cock head against her back door and gently began pressing forward. To my total amazement it slid right in and within a couple seconds was already passed her sphincter muscle. As I pressed on deeper inside, Gloria began to buck her hips back in to me setting the rhythm. It only took me a couple of thrusts to get in sync with her and in no time we were hammering back and forth on to and in to each other.

This being my first time anal sexing, it only took me about two minutes before I erupted a load of cum in her bowels. She giggled at the sensation and as my spunk sprayed her dark passageway, we both just lay perfectly still. After I had emptied my reserves, we just lay there for a long time. Finally my cock having shrunk down to normal size, just slipped out and she giggled again. But as my cock slid free of her hot hole, She rolled over and kissed me passionately. She then suggested we go shower and see if I could get it up again. The one thing we had not done at that point was a sixty nine.

We took our time showering and naturally we just had to play around a bit. She would kneel down with the water rushing over our heads and down our bodies and start sucking my cock and playing with my nut sack. After a bit of that, she would stand up and wiggle her ass against my now hard and straining cock and tease me with her back door and pussy. I would then kneel down and would pull her pussy to my face.

After eating her pussy out for a bit, I got bold and adventurous so canlı bahis siteleri I let my tongue flick across her back opening. When my tongue hit her dark hole, she jumped but instantly pushed back against my face. Realizing that she was in to it, I licked her ass crack, flitting my tongue in and out of her hole. After just a minute of that, she reached back with her hands and pressed her ass back in to my face with a force of a power lifter.

I slipped a finger inside and continued rimming her. In about another minute she clamped down on my face, let out a scream of passion and all of a sudden she started shaking and trembling and then came the flood.

I thought she was peeing it came out of her pussy so hard and copiously. She seemed to have an never ending orgasm. When one wave would begin to subside, I would increase the tempo and she would immediately flow right in to another one. After many and I do mean many orgasms, she almost collapsed right there in the shower.

We quickly finished up bathing each other and literally ran to the bed. She jumped on to the bed and was instantly in a kneeling position. She started wiggling that sweet ass of hers just begging me to nail her again. I gladly obliged and in about a half second I was buried up to my balls in her ass. That woman was wild and insatiable. I fucked her ass for 15 minutes without stopping until I reached that golden point of no return. I gripped her ass cheeks and told her to hold on. With that I started spraying my cum so hard and deep in her back canal that she arched her back, let out a second scream of pleasure and again went to trembling and shaking. Her orgasm started flooding down her legs and was even spraying on to the bed beneath her. So long as my cock twitched or if I rubbed ring around her back door opening she would fly in to another cum bath.

After several minutes of many orgasms for her, she began to beg me to stop. She was about to faint she said. So, I eased out of her ass and when my cock head cleared her opening, she had yet another big O and this time she passed out cold. She lay there on her stomach with her legs splayed wide open and her glorious pussy soaked from top to bottom. I couldn’t resist so I knelt down and started licking her cunt. After a couple minutes of that she began to come around and the instant she felt my tongue hit her clit, she jumped, arched her back up and unloaded again. Man alive did that woman have the cum juices to share and it was sweet as honey.

I wound up spending the weekend with her, never leaving the house and rarely leaving the bedroom. We stayed on the bed for round after round of sex. When the sheets would be so saturated that we would be sticking to them we would find a new room or position and would go at it again. That was the first time that I realized that I could cum multiple times in a 24 hours period. At the end of the weekend, Gloria was literally fucked raw, my nuts and cock were aching like a toothache but we were both so thoroughly satisfied.

Early on Sunday Morning, I was sleeping deeply when I felt her lips around my cock one more time. As I came fully awake, she said that she wanted to have my tongue on her cunt and and if I wanted to, I could play with her back door. I gladly complied and in no time we were so enthralled with each others’ oral skills that we didn’t hear a neighbor come inside.

He walked in to the bedroom and saw me buried underneath his neighbor and she was bucking up and down on my face. He dropped his trousers and plunged right in to her pussy. She went wild.

It only took him about 4 thrusts before he exploded a load of cum up her cunt canal and as he pulled out, he calmly put his cock back in his pants, turned and walked out. She looked at me and said, “Oh well hell” he was good for a minute. With that she turned around and said, Now FUCK my ass like you won’t ever be back. I want to feel your spunk spraying inside me. I did just that and just like before, when I started to shoot my load, she started spraying and flooding the sheet beneath us one more time.

I got transferred about two weeks later and wound up three states over and was gone about 10 years. Then just last week, I get a card in the mail with a birthday wish from Gloria. She said that she was in town looking for a place to call home and remembered that I was living there. I told Suz and the others about it and to my amazement, all 4 of those women said, bring her on. They then asked if she had ever had a woman seduce her before…What does the future hold…?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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