Electric Daisy

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All characters are over 18.


Without your glasses, the lights blur and merge into each other, going from one, to two- to… perhaps a million points of little dots.

Out into your peripherals.

‘We’re here’, she said softly as the car slowed to a stop opposite Thai Hoa Cafe. Facing the Han river, its upper levels barely visible from the outside and cloaked in dark, ambient tones; it looked rather cozy.

You opened your mouth as she grabbed your hand, biting your lips as she guided-dragged you across the busy streets, weaving between oncoming traffic in that slapdash grace of jaywalking all Vietnames did, something you didn’t need any help with doing.

‘Watch your step.’

But her grip was firm, and very… hot. Warm. It was warm, and. And… yeah.

She sat mere inches from you, practically in your lap; or you in hers- she was a tall girl, and she had very… well.

‘Hmphm’, Elizabeth perused the menu, wagging a cute little waitress over, shifting you well and fully onto her. If the girl attending to your orders noticed this dynamic, she did well to pretend she didn’t.

Your mind was doing things.

The word that… most your friends would use was ‘thicc’- and this was to address her thighs- but for one reason or another (and elmadağ escort you sniffed a little as you thought of this again), you would never think of Elizabeth like so. You liked to imagine her ample, or generous, or well-endowed, in fact any adjectives to praise really fucking hot thighs- although her bosom was visited by none of the same blessings; a fact you know was her constant source of dysphoria, and somehow her displeasure also tended to bring you sadness.

That your train of thought went off the rails, that not without difficulty you were distracted, that you kept sneaking glances at her like a thief although you were completely allowed to stare. It wasn’t really your fault.

She smelled very nice.

‘I got two lattes’, she whispered to you; although she didn’t have to- the entire third floor had but a few occupants: a bartender at the far end minding his own business, a brooding young lad in the opposite keeping his eyes to himself, and a roving waitress staying within the shadows. ‘I hope you like strawberry.’

No one else would disturb you.

But the whispering, mhmm, you liked it.

‘S-strawberry?’ you asked, blinking.

‘Cake’, she murmured, running a hand down past your thigh, tickling the front of your pants, esenyurt escort breathing down besides your ear.

‘Oh’, you croaked, mouth dry as she went down further and up, cupping you, pushing against you, into you.

‘Cake’s really nice.’



Your gaze ran past the curvy slopes, up her behind, left hand reaching out to cup her breast, holding her down. Right hand hefting her thigh up, her own hand assisting, propping her apart as you throbbed for her.

Smooth thighs parting as you moved over her, tingles running from everywhere you touched, your heart pounding in your chest as blood rushed south and you grew larger, harder, her soft form beckoning..

‘I need you..’

Lips moving down, searching, detouring to the tantalizing expanse of her chest, licking, ghosting little kisses. And up, at her throat, her grip possessively pulling you forward. An invitation, sinful things, but her wetness called out to you and you needed to feel her around you so bad.

‘You must be aching..’, her drawl lengthened by your assault on her collarbones, thighs squeezing tight as you teased her with your tip. ‘…so, so bad..’

Forward, gentle digits painting a line of fire under you, fondling you, her grip eliciting etiler anal yapan escort a gasp from you as her walls wrapped around you and your balls lovingly toyed with. ‘Inside me…’, a little forward..

And down, both hands coming to her waist as your cock ached and leaked into her, pulling back. ‘Yes!!…’, your hips and pushing forward as you began to rut into her, her wetness refusing to let you go making you drag her body with you a little everytime your aching shaft pulled back to ram into her tight heat again. And again, as your love-making commenced, ‘more!..’

‘Rocking our little bed.’

Lips parting as you let out pants, her hand coming round your neck, pulling you down against her forehead, her chest heaving with every thrust as the pressure in your cock and balls grew, ‘Please…’, and grew and her ministrations on your heavy sacks pushed you step and closer to your climax, a little under the horizon, but a pressure- one both you and her felt, compelling you to shove your throbbing length into her again..

‘So full…’, she smiled happily as you groaned and hilted, ‘all this seed… for me-?’

‘I want it. Yes!’

Your shuddering breaths as your pace broke up, your hips stabbing wild, aching… aching so bad. Your cock leaking freely from the tip only to lube her up even more as you slipped out, out, out only to want to push right back in.


Her legs: spread, open and and moist like a wet cut peach, pussy lips yearning, eager, seeping with her own juices and your semi-clear pre, hot, so hot, needing you again.


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