Emily’s Camping Encounter Ch. 01

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Summer was here, and I was ready for a weekend at the lake. We would always load the camper up and head for the lake at least two or three times every summer.

This trip camping would turn out to be quite different from all the other times though.

Everything was ready to go. My daughter was excited and couldn’t wait to jump in the lake. My husband was ready to get away for the weekend as well.

It never failed that I would forget something. So I was making last little checks and racking my brain to think of anything I might have missed.

The sun block, did he remember to grab it?

“Chris!” I yelled out towards the camper where my husband was.

“Yeah Emily?” He answered back.

“Did you remember to grab the sun block?” I asked him.

Chris poked his head out of the camper, “Yeah. I grabbed all four of the different bottles you had out. Think we’ll have enough?” He laughed at me.

I stuck my tongue out at him, “Very funny!”

“Why don’t you bring that tongue on over here?” He said with a gleam in his eye.

I only shook my head at him. “Maybe later tonight, if you’re good.” I said and then went back inside.

I did a last check around the house, making sure everything was shut off. Chris came in and said everything was ready; we could leave whenever I was ready. I hollered for our daughter, we all said goodbye to the cat, and we headed out the door.

The drive usually takes about forty-five minutes, and we were use to it by now. We were at the lake before we knew it. Once we found a spot and were all settled in, I told Chris I was going for a walk. Our daughter stayed at the camp with him, already busy playing in the sand.

I walked along the waters edge, taking in the view around our campsite. I took notice of the other campers around the area, seeing what type of people was near us. There were the few elderly couples camping in their huge RV’s, a couple of families near by, with their children having fun in the water, then there were the young couples pitching their tents and fawning all over each other. There were also the young groups of friends, drinking and being obnoxious.

As I walked on, I started to come up on a tent that was off by it’s self. As I came closer to it, I saw a man lounging in a chair near the water. He stood up then, and walked over to his tent. He opened a cooler up that was next to the tent, and took out what looked to be a can of beer.

As he stood back up, he noticed me.

He smiled at me and said, “Good day.”

I only nodded my head and smiled at him as I walked on.

After walking a bit, I turned back to look at the man. He had sat back down in his chair and was looking out on the water.

There was no one near me, and he did not notice me. I took my time to study him.

He was about medium height, taller than my husband. Great body, his biceps were big, he had muscular legs and a great ass. His hair was a dark brown color, similar to my husbands.

I started to walk a little closer to get a better look, taking a quick look around to make sure no one could see me. Making sure he was still looking out on the water, and not seeing me spying on him.

As I got a little closer, I noticed that he had a slight smile on his face. Such a sexy smile it was too. He looked to be in his early thirty’s. Close to my age, but a bit older. He had his chair reclined a bit and it seemed he was dozing. I stepped a little closer, but was still a good distance from him, where he wouldn’t notice me.

I felt a little ashamed that I was spying on him like this, but I couldn’t help myself. There was just something about him. Something that made secret desires swell up in me.

I happened to glance at my watch. Shit! Almost thirty minutes had flown by! I knew Chris would be wondering halkalı escort where I was.

I started to head back to my camp. I glanced over at the man as I walked by his camp.

He looked over in my direction as I walked by.

“Have a nice walk?” He asked me.

It startled me that he actually spoke to me. “Huh? Oh! Yes! Yes I did. Very nice walk.” Hmm, if he only knew how nice it was for me, I thought.

He got up out of his chair and walked towards me.

I was about to freak out. I was so nervous! Here, I was just spying on this man, and now he was coming to talk to me.

He approached me and held out his hand, “My name is Trent.” He said to me.

I took his hand, (god, I hoped my hands weren’t clammy!) “Hello! I’m Emily.” I sounded so stupid. What was wrong with me?

He smiled at me, “Please to meet you Emily. Where are you camped at?” He asked.

“Oh, we’re right down there.” I pointed out our camping area. “My husband, daughter and I.” I said.

“Oh, I see.” He replied.

I wasn’t sure if that was an, “Oh, I see where your camp site is.” Or an, “Oh, I see. You’re married and have a child here.”

Either way, I really needed to get back. “Well, I better mosey on back there before my husband starts to worry.” I said to him.

He nodded his head, “Sure thing. Nice to meet you Emily.”

I smiled at him, “It was very nice to meet you too, Trent.” I said.

We stood there for a minute, smiling at each other, and then I started to back away and walk on.

“Bye.” I heard him say.

I turned my head towards him as I walked, “Bye.” I replied.

When I got back to the camp, our daughter was still playing and Chris was lounging in a chair.

He didn’t say much, so I guess he didn’t pay attention to how long I was gone.

I went inside the camper to calm myself down some. This man that I had never met before, was causing my heart to race. I felt a tingling feeling between my legs, and I was actually becoming wet down there!

I turned the kitchen sink on and splashed water on my face. As I stood up, I could see Trent’s tent out the window. I could see him there by the waters edge. Mostly a blur, but I could see him.

This was ridiculous! What was wrong with me?

I tried to put it out of my mind, and started to prepare dinner. I needed to get my mind on something else, and fixing dinner seemed to work.

After dinner, Chris and I lounged in a chair made for two. He put his arm around me and I snuggled up closer to him. We sat there looking out at the lake, watching the sailboats, while our daughter played around our campsite.

Soon it became too dark to see the boats. I stood up and took our daughter into the camper to get her ready for bed. After she was tucked in, I wet back outside and looked for Chris.

“Hon? Where are you?” I started to walk around the camper when I heard him answer.

“I’m out here. In the water.” He said. “You should come in. It feels great!”

“I don’t have my swimsuit on.” I said as I walked towards the water.

“That’s ok. Just come in naked!” He said jokingly.

I looked around. It seemed almost everyone in the area had retired to his or her tents and campers.

“Ok. Let me get these clothes off.” I said to him.

Chris laughed at me. “Hon, I was just joking! You’re not really going to get naked are you? Hon?”

“Too late!” I said, as I walked out to meet him.

There was a full moon out, and I knew he could clearly see my nakedness.

“Oh my.” Was all that he was able to mutter.

“Hmm…surprised?” I asked him.

He took me in his arms, “Very much so.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved my mouth towards his. His mouth accepted mine, and soon are tongues were searching harbiye escort for each other. I reached down and began to slide his swim trunks off.

“Emily! What are you doing?” He exclaimed.

“Hey, it’s only fair.” I replied with a smile and then took them off all the way. I ran up close to the shore and threw them on the beach, then made my way back out to him.

“Come here, you!” Chris said as he hugged me close to him again.

I pulled away for a moment, “Mmm, now this is what I call being one with nature.”

He pulled me back to him, searching for my mouth again. He led me farther out into the water. The water was now almost up to my breasts. I could feel his hard member against my stomach. I reached a hand down and started to stroke it.

Chris moaned, and then kissed me with more passion. He reached a hand down, and took one of my breasts in it. Lowering his head, he flicked his tongue over my nipple and then put his mouth over it.

“Mmm…I want you now. Right here!” I said to him.

I could see his eyes widen. “Really? Right here? Out in the open? What if someone sees us?” He questioned.

I gave a little laugh and said, “So let them see us. I don’t care!”

“You are so naughty!” He said as he leaned in to kiss me more.

His hands traveled down my back to my ass. He caressed my ass for a moment, and then he grabbed me there and lifted me up onto his cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist for support and he held me there.

“My, my! You’re awfully hot and wet!” He said with a smile on his face.

I gave a little laugh, “Must be the exhibitionist in me.”

He kept his hands underneath my ass, helping to raise me up and down on his hard cock. I grabbed onto his neck tighter, my moans were becoming louder and louder, and if anyone was around they could surely hear me.

My clit was rubbing up against his pelvis just perfectly, and I could feel myself getting closer to an orgasm. I rode him harder and faster. He began to pant and a few moans were escaping from him. I could tell that he was letting go of his inhibitions and really opening up to fucking me out in the open.

I was really riding him now. He felt so good, his cock buried deep in me. “Oh hon! Oh, I’m so close!” I moaned out.

He grabbed me tighter, “Oh Emily! You feel so good! Ahh, fuck my cock!”

We were fucking fast and furiously, the water splashing all around us. We were both moaning loudly now, not caring if anyone heard us. Grabbing each other like we couldn’t get enough of one another.

I couldn’t contain myself any longer. “I’m gonna cum! Oh god, I’m cumming!” I shouted out.

Chris cried out as he tilted his head back, thrusting deep into me. I felt his cock spasm, as he pumped his juices into me. He let a few moans out and his body shook as the last of his cum was released in me.

I leaned forward and kissed him, my tongue darting into his mouth. We pulled away then, and tried to catch our breath. He looked exhausted.

“Oh my! That was…very good, and interesting, I might add.” He said as he helped me off of him.

I tried to wash myself off as best I could in the water, then we started to walk hand in hand back to the shore.

That’s when we heard the clapping and a voice say, “That was quite a show. Any chance for an encore?”

I was startled, and I about pissed right there in the water. Chris yelled out, “Who’s there?”

“It’s Trent.” The voice replied.

I whispered to Chris, “I met him earlier during my walk. He’s camped in a tent a little ways from us.”

Then I said out loud, “What are you doing down here?”

“I wanted to introduce you to my wife, and I wanted to meet your husband.” Trent said to us. Then he went on, “I brought some beer and wine coolers. ikitelli escort I thought we might sit and chat for a bit.”

I looked at Chris, “Well, we can’t pass up free beer. He seemed very nice hon. I think you’ll like him.”

Chris looked at me for a moment then said, “What am I going to do with you?” He shook his head and smiled at me. “All right, let’s go meet them.”

I smiled at Chris and then said to Trent, “Ok, we’ll be up in a second. Just go on up to the table by the camper.”

“Will do!” Trent answered.

Chris and I walked out of the water after we were sure that Trent and his wife had left us alone. Chris handed me a towel that was near by and put his trunks back on while I hurriedly dried off and put my shirt and shorts back on.

We walked up to the camper where Trent and his wife were waiting for us. Trent got up from the table and walked towards Chris, his hand extended.

As Chris accepted Trents hand, Trent said, “Hi, I’m Trent. Pleasure to meet you.”

“Hello. I’m Chris. Guess you already met my wife earlier, eh?” Chris replied.

Trent smiled. “Yes. Yes I did. Guess she was out for a stroll, and she happened to walk by my tent.”

Trent continued, “This is my wife, Kathy. She finally got here a couple of hours ago. She had to put in some overtime at work.”

I reached for Kathy’s hand, “Hello. Pleasure.” I said to her. She smiled and then Chris shook her hand.

Trent spoke up suddenly, “Well, got all the pleasantry’s out of the way. Let’s crack open this beer now.”

“Sounds great to me!” Chris answered.

We sat down at the table and Trent handed out the drinks.

We talked for a long time that night. About our jobs, kids, our lives in general. We had quite a bit of things in common with Trent and Kathy. Not only did we have things in common, but we would soon be sharing things also.

After a while, Trent said something that we weren’t expecting to hear. “So, just wondering, have you two ever thought about swinging?”

Both him and Katy looked at us intently.

Chris and I looked at each other, and then I turned back to Trent. “Umm, actually, we’ve discussed it on numerous occasions. I’ve been interested in trying it for quite a while.” I answered him.

A smile crossed my face. “Why do you ask?”

He smiled back at me, and then said, “We have tried it before, and we’re looking for another couple that might be interested in having some fun.”

“Well, isn’t that interesting?” I said as I looked at Chris and then back to Trent.

“Very much so.” Trent answered and then asked, “Would you two be interested?”

I was a little shocked and very intrigued all at once.

Chris spoke up then, “Well, I think Em and I would need to discuss something like that in private first before giving such a direct answer.”

“Of course.” Trent replied. “Perfectly understandable.”

Trent stood then and said, “We better head back now. I hope that we can get together again, just to hang out. Not for, well, you know…” A sly smile crossed Trents face as he said that. Then he went on, “You’re more than welcome to come down to our camp tomorrow. If you’d like.”

“Perhaps we will.” I said to him.

They started off towards their camp, and Chris and I headed inside our camper.

We laid in bed for quite a while discussing the possibilities. I was extremely interested with the whole idea. Chris was interested, but he needed some persuading from me for him to really agree that it sounded like fun.

By the time we were ready to drift off to sleep, we had decided that we really liked Trent and Kathy, and that we were excited by the thought of being able to experience sexual pleasures with others.

What would the following day hold for us? That was yet to be seen, but the doors had definitely been flung open with possibilities, and I could not get the image of Trent out of my head. That night the dreams ran wild through my mind, and so many images invaded my sleep of what could be if I were given the chance to spend a night with Trent.

To Be Continued…

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