English for Sinners Ch. 09

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All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!


There is nothing worse than being awoken from a deep, peaceful, sleep by the ringing of a phone. An alarm is one thing, and often the alarm is even more obnoxious sounding – but that’s by choice so I can’t sleep through it. No, a phone ringing is worse, because when I wake up in the morning, especially abruptly, I don’t want the first thing I have to do to be talking on the phone. My hand slapped at my nightstand, finally finding the phone after a few items were knocked off the surface. Instinctively, I swiped at the screen to reject the call, but my sleep addled mind swiped left instead of right.

My head half buried in a pillow, my eye shot open when I heard a voice speaking to me. “Hello?” the slightly muffled from the distance, and small, voice called out. “Mr. Harper? Hello?” I managed to pick up the phone and lay it on the side of my face, the side not being cradled by the cool pillow, just when the man said, “Are you there?”

“Sorry, sorry,” I stammered out, clearing my throat for more important words to follow. “I’m here. Who is this?”

“This is Kevin Oslow, of the Superintendent’s office.” That woke me up better than all the cups of coffee I had ever drank in my life.

“The Superintendent’s office?” I asked, surprised, hoping the panic didn’t translate through the phone.

“That’s right. We understand you’ve had some issues with some students in your class this semester,” he explained, beginning the process of stopping my heart. “Superintendent Cross would like to speak to you about the matter, to resolve the issue quickly, Mr. Harper.”

I had never met Superintendent Cross, but the stories I heard were not pleasant. Cross managed many schools, so it was rare for any school to receive a visit. Yet the effects of the rulings handed down were often swift and brutal. Scorched earth. Needless to say, this was not someone I wanted to dismiss, even out of the fear that I could lose my job if I went, because I knew I would lose my job if I didn’t.

“Oh, ah, al-alright. When, um, when should I…” I mumbled through asking when the meeting was. Maybe part of me was hoping if I delayed long enough, or sounded pathetic enough, the whole matter would be dropped out of impatience or pity, respectively.

“Today, Mr. Harper. 10 AM. Sharp,” he confirmed, emphasizing the need for punctuality, either to appease his boss or to warn me of the dangers of being late.

“That’s, uh…” I trailed off, bringing my phone down to check the time. “..That’s in 30 minutes!” I exclaimed before even bringing the phone back to my ear.

“That’s right, Mr. Harper,” he said, muffled, again by the distance from my ear. “So I suggest you leave now so you aren’t late.” With that final warning against delaying my arrival, he hung up the phone. I simply dropped my onto the bed and launched myself out of the haphazardly laid sheets.

Once I got up, I realized I had been alone in my room this whole time. The candles were all gone. The bed was damp, though that could have been from the sweat of a nightmare and not the sweat of a fervent sexual encounter. Had it all been a dream? It was certainly fantastical enough to reasonably think so. The things she did, the power she displayed. It couldn’t have been real. I remembered, I had arrived home from the tutoring session (something I was certain did at least happen) and almost immediately went to sleep. So it must have been a dream, it all added up.

I’d be lying if I said I was completely relieved. In fact, I think I was only somewhat relieved, but only because it afforded me the chance to avoid a conversation that could delay my departure further. Of all the stupid and irresponsible choices I had made concerning those girls, last night, in my room, was the first one where I could honestly say it would all be worth it, even if I got caught. This, despite the warning Vivika gave me about the dangers of being caught. Then again, it had been a dream, so we never spoke about such things.

I wish I had been able to skip a shower, to just throw on some deodorant, clothes, and run out the door. However, I still smelled of the sweat from my bed and, far more damning, of sex from the tutoring session prior to my rest. The shower would have to be quick. I brushed my teeth while in the shower, not wanting to ruin my first impression with Cross by having offensively bad breath.

Cleaned and dried off, I threw on the first decent set of work clothes I had in my closet. Suit pants, suit jacket, button up shirt, and a tie to be dealt with in the car. My hair would just have to air dry for now. I hobbled into the kitchen while putting on my shoes, as best I could while moving, sarıyer escort and despite falling down only two times, I entered the room to find my keys with time to spare. That was until I saw a rather large obstacle that could cause me to not just be late, but to not arrive at the meeting at all.

There she stood, wearing one of my dress shirts, which only reached down to half-way cover her pert bum. When I slid into the room, she turned around to greet me with a smile and a plate of French toast. “Well good morning, Mr. Harper,” she sweetly said. “I trust you slept well.”

“Vivika!” I blurted out, failing to cover up my shock and panic. “What are you doing here?”

“Answering stupid questions, it seems,” she jokingly mocked. “Come, I’ve made you some toast and orange juice,” she offered, holding the plate toward me and picking up the glass of orange juice. “I don’t know about you, but a cool glass of orange juice does a better job of waking me up than a hot cup of coffee.” She set the two items down on the table, now within my reach, and stepped closer to me. Her hands, one warm from the toast and the other cool from the juice, slid up my chest and behind my neck, softly locking my head in place while she advanced. “Besides, I think we both know you could use the vitamin replenishment, Mr. Harper. Not to mention that drinking plenty of juice…” she trailed off, putting her trivia on pause so she could lean even closer and whisper into my ear, “…makes your cum taste even better,” she finished off saying, her lips brushing against my ear.

For a moment, I forgot why I was even trying to rush out of my house and away from such a wonderful way to greet the morning. The danger of being late alerted me to why I was in such a rush. “Vivika, I-I can’t stay. I have to go,” I said, pushing her back. “Now!” I rummaged through the kitchen, looking for the keys I had set there last night in blind exhaustion.

“Now where could you be off to that’s more important than staying here to eat strawberries off my naked body,” she asked, posing more scenarios that threatened to make me do something stupid like ignore Superintendent Cross. In the brief moments she caught my eye during my hurried search, I could see her pouting, hand on a cocked hip with the other slowly undid buttons that kept my borrowed shirt concealing her naked torso beneath.

“I have a meeting with the superintendent,” I bluntly put, having no mental capacity or time to think up a lie – though I don’t know why I would need to lie to her. “And I cannot be late,” I added, stressing the idea of how detrimental it would be if I were.

Vivika stood upright, both hands on her hips and chest puffed out – the three buttons she had undone caused a V in the shirt so deep that it plunged below her breasts, though, for the most part, it remained close enough to keep her from being entirely nude – though nothing it could do to obstruct her bare pussy and neatly trimmed fireball of hair above it. “My, well that is important,” she said, giving me hope that she would let me leave, or, even better, help me find my keys. “I guess you should get going, then,” she said, stating the obvious, no doubt for her own amusement.

“Yes, I should,” I said while opening drawers and overturning plates, “but first I need to find my,” I stopped when I saw what she was holding, “keys.” She held them aloft, jingling them like a lure to come over to her. I had no choice, though I was sure there was a good chance she would find a way to ensnare me if I got within arm’s reach of her again. Hell, who was I kidding? I needed only glance at the way she looked and I was done for. I approached quickly, reaching out for the keys, but she was far more swift than I had anticipated. Again she looped her arms behind my neck and gazed in my eyes with her stunning amber hues.

“Relax,” she said calmly, keeping my gaze so I could think of nothing else than the words she was saying. “You’re going to be fine. Now that you’re mine, I won’t let anyone take you away,” she reassured, though it was a tad alarming that she said you’re mine. That was a conversation I don’t remember having. Then again, Vivika seemed to decide most things, even for other people, on her own.

I was actually feeling at peace. Maybe it was her calming gaze, her soothing voice, or the sweet fragrance that surrounded her, but I was no longer worried about the meeting, even though I was standing still and not actually rushing off to it like I should have been. I smiled for the first time that morning and nodded. “Thank you, Vivika,” I said with an exhale. “That helped, really.”

“Good!” she spritely said, and released her grip on me so she could back up and toss me the keys. I found myself still awestruck and frozen in her presence. It took her saying “Go!,” with fervor and affection, to break me free of the spell. Snapped back to reality, I gave a confirming nod, and even decided to take a quick swig of OJ and grab the silivri escort toast to eat in the car. After all, she had gone through all that trouble.

Half way out the door, she called out to me. “Mr. Harper!” I turned, hand still on the knob and one foot out the door. “Don’t forget – you are mine, and mine alone.” This time the statement was less affectionate and more statement of fact, almost with a hint of warning. With that haunting reminder, I left one of my students, half naked and alone, in my home, got into my car, and raced off to a meeting that was undoubtedly about how I was fucking her, and two other, students under my care. Still, it was really good toast.


I arrived in the Board of Education parking lot with only a minute to spare, and that would have to be used to navigate my way to the superintendent’s office, wherever that was. I knew of the building, but I had only needed to visit once to get my teaching license. Yet, five seconds were stolen from me when the sight of Principal Daley’s car caught my eye. Shit, was he the reason this meeting was happening? He seemed oblivious to what was going on, but maybe he finally sniffed out all the sex that was happening under the school’s roof between me and my students. Then again, maybe he was just here as part of the mandate that school principals had to be present at meetings between the superintendent and their employee. The two were not mutually exclusive, so I hoped it was the latter because I don’t know if I would be able to lie and weasel around the accusations if they were being thrown at me from two sides. I was never very good at lying, and I never had a reason to ‘weasel out’ of something. Even so, as I raced up the stairs to the superintendent’s office, I was constructing lies upon lies, and more lies to support those lies if they get called out, to keep my ass out of jail.

I arrived at the waiting room, and there sitting before two large, beautifully carved, double doors was the secretary I had spoke to on the phone. He was young, blonde, well built and looked incredibly tired and more nervous than me. Still, when I arrived, he was right on point with his duties of welcoming me and leading me to the doors.

The doors opened like I was about to enter a throne room, and when I saw inside, I may well have. The interior was huge, far larger than it had any right to be for a school administrator, regardless of the schools they oversaw. The walls were covered in beautiful renaissance era artwork of battles between heaven and hell. Though, on second consideration, as well done as they were, they were rather intimidating for the office of a school employee. The room was lit solely by the twin, tall, windows against the back wall, on the right and left of the desk that sat in the center. Behind the desk was a large stone mural, once again depicting some kind of battle between good and evil. If I hadn’t already known Superintendent Cross’s reputation, my first impression of this office gave me a good idea of what it would be.

Seated behind the wide wooden desk, a type of wood I’m sure I’ve never heard of because it would cost me an arm and a leg just to read about it, was Superintendent Cross. Perhaps it says something about how I view the world, or just my experience with school administrators, but I had assumed Cross would be a man. Men were often the administrators, and women were often the teachers. Yet here I stood, a male teacher, looking at a female administrator. While I’m not too humble to admit that, as far as male teachers go, I was on the higher side of average attractiveness, Superintendent Cross was well and beyond the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Vanessa, Vivika, and Valentina all exhibited individual traits that appealed to any and all common fetishes concerning the female body. Nessa with her large, heaving, breasts, big doe eyes, and platinum blonde hair. Val with her perfectly sculpted and athletic body, including a defined midsection, an ass you could bounce a quarter off of, and thighs that you wanted nothing more than to wrap around your waist. Vivika, exuding a classical yet seductive beauty, enchanting eyes and the most kissable lips I’ve ever seen and had the pleasure to experience, and a perfectly proportioned and curvy frame. Yet Ms. Cross seemed to combine all those traits into one womanly form.

Her hair was a deep black, and long enough to curtain across her shoulders and down her back, and with enough volume to look like it was pushing back against gravity; a heavy half curtain draped over one side of her face, nearly covering her right eye. Her skin was paler than Nessa’s, but darker than Vivika’s, and I think I even spotted a few freckles dusted across her cheek bones. Her eyes were purple. Honest to god, purple. Electrifyingly purple. Her lips were dark crimson, closer to black than they were to red, and so inviting, even when pulled into her almost-villainous smirk. şirinevler escort Following her swan-like neck down, even when dressed professionally she couldn’t hide the size of her breasts and the swell of her cleavage, lifted up against her purple blouse with each inhale. Sadly, my initial examination and admiration of her body stopped there, as, sitting behind a desk, I couldn’t very well see any more (though I very much hoped I would). I had momentarily forgotten that this woman had a ruthless and vicious reputation, given how enticingly beautiful she was and how inviting her curvaceous features were.

She was definitely an older woman, perhaps older than me, but her physical appearance did nothing to convey that. In fact, she looked barely out of college, closer to 30 than to 20 but still behind that milestone. It was the level of authority and power she exuded, even just by sitting there and staring me down, that told me she had more years on this earth than I did. It was the kind of strength that only came from years of experience and the stepping on one opponent’s throat after the next.

Her voice broke my inappropriate staring, though it had its own allure that cast another spell over me. It was feminine, but had a smoky quality to it; a soft gravel at the pit of her throat that only came from years of drinking hard, expensive, liquor and enjoying the occasional smoke after sex. “Sit down, Mr. Harper,” she began with a command, which seemed very much in place for her character, at least that much I had assumed from just looking at her and her reputation. “I’m sure you don’t want to waste any more of your time and you certainly don’t want to waste any more of mine.”

Without a moment to consider or respond, I fell back into the very comfortable, yet dwarfed compared to hers, chair. After I settled, I heard some rustling, maybe movement, coming from her end of the desk, though she hadn’t seem to have moved at all. She sat still, like a gorgeous but intimidating statue. It was likely just a sound I made, myself, when sitting in the chair. My nerves and the acoustics in the office were playing tricks on me.

“So, Mr. Harper, why are you here today?” she asked. She knew why I was here. I thought I knew why I was here. She wanted me to say it though. She wanted me to confirm any suspicions she had of my guilt before another moment was passed. It was a power play, pure and simple. Sadly, I had not read up on any business tactics books to know how to counter such a maneuver. I didn’t know whether to tell the truth and accidentally incriminate myself of a crime she wasn’t even aware of, or lie and get caught in it, thereby cementing my guilt.

“B-Because of, um-” I shakily began, before she cut me off.

“Do not stammer, Mr. Harper. You are an educator, behave like you have an education,” she scolded. If she wasn’t actually older than me, she certainly acted like it.

“I’m here because of the three new students in my class,” I confidently said after collecting myself in the few precious seconds I had before she would likely snap at me again. I even ditched the ‘because’ at the start of my answer just in case she would lecture me on my grammar. “Vivika, Vanessa, and Valentina.”

“That is correct, Mr. Harper,” she said, finally relaxing a bit after her successful intimidation, and settled back into her chair a bit. A satisfied smile crawled across her face before vanishing as quickly as it appeared. “Valentina Pellegrino, Vanessa Smithfield, and Vivika Briarheart,” she added to their names, demonstrating just how much she already knew. “Principal Daley tells me you’ve complained of behavioral misconduct from those three within your class, and you have, thus far, been unable to corral this disruptive behavior. Is that correct?”

I had about a dozen lies I could feed her in that moment, all created when I was driving to this meeting, yet I found myself unable to lie to her in that moment. “Yes, that’s correct.”

“So what, Mr. Harper, would you like me to do about them?”

Even though I already showed she was not interested in any wasted moment in a conversation, I took a few just to ponder my next action. If I remained true to the story that the girls were trouble, that they had made my life hell and would send me to an early grave, it could get me out of any future entanglement. But, they could just as easily rat me out. More importantly though, I didn’t want them to leave my class. After last night, I had finally come around to what they wanted from, and for, me. Damn the consequences, I was going to ride this wonderful train, even if it killed me.

That confirmation of the path I wanted to take gave me just enough confidence to lie to this very intimidating authority figure. “Well, originally I wanted to have them removed from my class,” I started my lie off with some honesty, “but after working with them I don’t believe they will be any more of a problem in my class.” I ended with a half truth. I hoped they wouldn’t be any more trouble, now that they had me on their side, but knowing them that could very well only be the start of the real trouble in my future. Plus, the work I was implying was not the work I had actually done.”So I’d like to keep them in my class, for the remainder of the year.”

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