Enough! The Office

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Lisa reflected on her two straight days of some of the wildest sex she had ever experienced as she rode her bike in the cool of a Southern California morning. On Saturday her husband Hugh had crossed the final line. He had cancelled a second honeymoon they had planned to go to New York on business after cancelling way too many special dates and evenings before.

Things had started to go downhill after Hugh had taken a job with of the most prestigious law firms in the country, if not the world. Lisa had met Hugh in college where they were both on athletic scholarships. Lisa still kept herself in shape and got her competitive thrills in local bike races. It certainly did wonders for her legs and butt and a bit of surgery ensured she had to use a sexy C cup for her bra.

Hugh had gone from being a hunk of a triathlete into a — well no other way to describe it — a fat slob. All of his competitive instinct that made him so fun to be around when they met now went into making partner. He never exercised. He ate take out junk food almost every day so he could stay at his desk until 10 or 11 at night, arriving home long after Lisa had gone to sleep. They barely ever saw each other, much less ate meals together, watched movies or had sex. Hugh had married his job and even though they did not need the money he would not give it up. When Hugh had cancelled what was supposed to be a re-start for their marriage, Lisa had finally called it quits. The fact that he cancelled the day they were to leave while she was out getting a bike ride in made it even worse.

That very Saturday she had taken her first steps for revenge by seducing the college kid who lived next door and his buddy for her first threesome and first DP. She had ventured into truly new territory on Sunday with another threesome, this time with a hunky guy she had been checking out at church and his wife. Lisa didn’t think that having sex with women on a routine basis would be in the cards but a bit of gender fluidity every now and then sure would be fun. The sex had been fantastic.

Today would be a bit of a challenge. The commercial real estate business where she worked shared a floor with an IT consulting firm. Lisa did not quite understand what the IT people did but she did know that there were several young very hot looking guys who worked there.

Lisa had several outfits that she wore when she wanted to have a particularly strong influence on potential male clients. The office manager, Yolanda, and one of the analysts, Darrell — who was a flaming drag queen when he wasn’t at work — both joked it was how she got men to make decisions with their dicks. She selected her sexiest one — a shorter skirt, very tight that really showed off her legs and ass and a snug button down blouse that showed just a bit too much cleavage. Black thigh high stockings and her Prada pumps with the 4 inch heels completed the look. Her hair was up in a bun and she was wearing glasses — every inch the hot business woman — when she walked into the office.

Yolanda looked up from the front desk in surprise and Darrell, who had been chatting with her gasped.

“Girlfriend! You’re supposed to be in Hawaii!” Darrell squealed in shock.

“What the fuck happened? You were so looking forward to this!” Yolanda said almost simultaneously.

Lisa had made it a point to be on good terms with all her support staff. If nothing else, it ensured that her clients were well taken care of and got her a bigger bonus check. In this case, however, Darrell and Yolanda were good friends. Lisa loved to chat with them, Darrell’s sometimes outrageously funny sense of humor (very gay and very sexual) and Yolanda’s hot Latina personality. Drinks after work were just laugh sessions that helped Lisa with her mounting anger with Hugh. Lisa loved the joking way they supported her through her marital troubles.

Lisa briefly explained the cancelled trip and how it was the last straw. She was divorcing Hugh and was only in the office for Monday so she could arrange for a corporate apartment and arrange to get Hugh’s clothing and some of his stuff to the apartment. She would be in and out through the week.

“Well then girl, why are you dressed in your man catching clothes? It’s not like you’ll be trying to get some investor to make a decision with his dick!” Darrell asked.

“Revenge sex” Lisa replied with an evil grin. Lisa explained to her friends her plans for revenge sex included seducing the hunky nerd who worked for the consulting company down the hall. The instant Lisa described him both her friends knew exactly who she was talking about.

“Well if he turns out to be gay you send him my way.” Darrell implored.

“Why of course! You’re first on my list always. In fact, I’ll need to introduce you to someone I met Sunday.” Lisa laughed. She had a thought of “double dating” with her new gender fluid friends Karl and Colleen with Karl and Darrell heading to one place and Colleen and Lisa to Lisa’s house at the end of the evening. That would şişhane escort be for another time.

“And you’re in luck.” Yolanda explained. “Remember last week Jason in IT… you know that data guy… gave notice. So they brought that hunk over to cover while we find someone new. His name is Michael. He’s wearing a wedding ring, by the way. I checked.”

“Just more of a challenge.” Lisa laughed.

It just so happened that one of the things on Jason’s plate was a massive set of reports Lisa needed for an investor in Chicago. It gave her the excuse to drop by Jason’s cube.

“Yo Lisa! Thought you were goin’ to Hawaii.” Jason exclaimed as she knocked on the cube wall. “This is Michael. He’ll be covering for me and I figured I would have him get you that shit you need for Chicago while you’re away — or at least supposed to be away. This is Lisa.”

Lisa noticed how Michael was checking her out. He could not stop staring.

“Hi. I’m Lisa.” She said, extending her hand. “Yolanda told me you’d be here.”

“So what’s the story?” Jason asked.

Lisa explained the cancelled vacation, how it was the last straw after a series of cancelled special events, always for work. She explained how he was no longer the fun guy she married and, making a point of staring at Michael with a look of desire when she said it, how their sex life was non-existent so she was getting divorced — newly single and free to do as she liked.

She made the last point several times making it a point to look Michael in the eye each time. The expected statements of sympathy and “of course she was right to dump the asshole” followed.

“Look, I gotta talk to Jeannette — that’s my boss, Michael – and I’m only here for today so why don’t you and I spend some time together going over these reports? Ok Michael?”

Lisa spoke to her boss about what was going on and got formal permission to rent one of their corporate flats. Hugh would pay, of course. She arranged for movers to come by Wednesday and got her lawyers moving on getting her a preliminary order to keep the house and keep Hugh out of it.

By 10:30 she was back with Jason and Michael, going over the reports and the data she needed.

“Listen let me take the departing guy and the new guy to lunch. I can expense it as a team building exercise.” Lisa suggested after 45 minutes.

They met in the lobby at 12:30 and headed for a very nice little bistro near the office. Lunch went long, as Lisa planned, allowing her to flirt outrageously with Michael, flash her thighs and cleavage at him. At one point, Lisa excused herself to head to the rest room. She smiled when she heard Jason stage whisper.

“Dude! That woman is hot for you.”

She had more cause to smile when she came up behind the two men when she returned.

“Besides, I’m married. Why doesn’t she go for you?”

“Because she is in a bike riding club with my girlfriend, so I am off limits. And if she could have crawled under the table and given you a blow job right now, I swear she would”

“Jason! Has Yolanda been telling stories about me?” Lisa laughed as she returned. “Besides, this is too public. I’m more the in the office behind a locked door kind of gal.”

Lisa looked at Michael with undisguised lust as Jason laughed. Lisa thought she her him mutter “Told you dude.”

In between dealing with a few minor emails and a call from her lawyers about some divorce details, Lisa made sure she was dropping by to visit Michael about her reports very often throughout the afternoon. Jason knew damn well that 99% of what Lisa was asking for she could just do herself. He smirked and chuckled as Lisa went full cock-teasing porn star on Michael. She always made sure Michael could get a great view of her legs. More than once she made it a point to bend over — strictly to make a business point, of course – so that Michael had a fantastic view of her strong, tight ass or her cleavage was right under his nose as she leaned into his computer. Naturally she had to touch him and lean on him when she did so.

Michael was not succeeding in hiding his erection.

Lisa paused more than once so she could hear the two men discuss her when she left.

“Jesus! Man! She only decided to get divorced a few days ago. What the fuck?” Michael complained.

Jason was 35 and was divorced himself, replied. “I’m in this single’s social group and some of the women have told me that they slept around when they first split to prove to themselves that they were attractive and desirable… especially women who were cheated on. Also, believe it or not, some women really love sex. I was a fuck buddy for a couple of women before I met Janet.”

“What? That guy cheated on a babe like that?”

“You heard what she said. Take her at her word and the dude married his job. I just get the impression Lisa wants to enjoy her new found freedom to the largest extent possible, shall we say?”

“But I’m not free!” Michael whined.

“I şişli anal yapan escort really don’t think she gives a fuck, my friend. This is just sex for her, I think. $5 will get you $20 that she’d fuck you on her desk if you went in there right now.”

“Now there’s an idea.” Lisa thought as she went back to her office. Once there it was easy to get Darrell, Yolanda and Jason to contrive a bunch of requests that various VIPs needed right that minute. Between them all they managed to keep Jason and Michael in the office until 6:30.

“We owe these boys a drink, don’t you think?” Yolanda said when they were done.

“Definitely yes!” Darrell agreed.

“We do, and I’ll expense it. That was good work.” Lisa agreed.

Michael and Yolanda had both called their significant others to say they were working late, arrange for picking up pets for Michael and kids for Yolanda. In other words, Lisa made sure there were no “I gotta pick up…” excuses for Michael.

Lisa looked at everyone picking up their bags.

“Look. Leave that shit here and we’ll come up and get it after drinks. And the company will pay for Lyft to get you home so drink up. Company policy.”

Happily it was company policy that you must get a ride home or take public transit if you had so much as one drink on the company’s dime.

“Have a hit off my vape pen before we head down.” Darrell suggested.

One hit turned to several and they were all feeling pretty mellow when they headed down to the bar next to the office.

As expected it was pretty quiet — typical Monday night at an after work bar – but this allowed them to get fast service and get on the pool tables.

They ordered their first round and Darrell proposed a toast.

“To Lisa’s new freedom!”

The bar was so empty that they were able to grab 2 pool tables. Darrell and Jason playing on one while Yolanda and Lisa played Michael on the other.

They chatted and drank as they played. Lisa made it a point of perching up on a bar stool and crossing her legs so that Michael always had a fantastic look at her thighs. She would stroke her pool cue suggestively and give him lustful looks.

There were several toasts to the new guy — two of which required Michael to do a shot – and several toasts to Lisa’s freedom and several sneak hits on the vape pens that Lisa, Darrell and Yolanda had all brought along.

The intoxication was taking over. Yolanda and Jason hit the dance floor for a wild salsa.

“Michael dance with me!” Lisa almost ordered.

Michael stared at Lisa. She could see the “But I’m married” thought forming in his brain so she beat him to it.

“And it’s just a dance. I’d ask Darrell but he’s not into people with boobs.” Lisa giggled. Actually she loved dancing with Darrell. He truly danced like no one was watching and it was always fun. But tonight she was a tigress on the prowl and Darrell knew exactly what she was doing — stalking her prey.

The music had switched to techno with a great beat. Lisa had always enjoyed cock teasing. She worked hard for her body, after all. Tonight she was using it to full advantage. Swaying her hips seductively she wrapped her arms around Michael and immediately felt his cock spring to attention against her thigh. She danced away and turned to show off her ass then swayed back to him seductively.

During their second dance Lisa could see Michael was beginning to forget he was married. He pressed his hardness against her thigh as they swayed together. Lisa could also feel it against her ass as she danced against him.

Returning to the table, Yolanda said she needed to get home. With a glance she told Lisa her husband would be in for a wild ride that night. They headed back to the office and Lisa made a show of contacting Uber for their rides home. She had neglected to hit the submit button for hers and Michael’s, however.

“How clumsy of me!” Lisa chuckled to herself as they went to her office to pick up their bags then moved to the conference room to wait. Lisa’s office was too small for the five of them.

Lisa turned on some music while they waited and poured them each a scotch from her private stash. They passed vape pens as they chatted and waited. Within fifteen minutes, Jason Yolanda and Darrell had all left, leaving Lisa alone with Michael.

Lisa pulled Michael from his chair when she heard the elevator doors shut behind Darrell, the last to leave.

“Dance with me!” she smiled seductively.

“You know I am married.” Michael replied as he came to his feet. His hips swayed to match Lisa’s almost unconsciously.

“And this is just a dance.” Lisa said as she pressed her thigh into him. As expected he was rock hard. They danced to several songs and passed the vape pen back and forth. Michael was getting more and more into it with each throb of the bass. He was pressing his cock into her ass when she turned, practically dry humping her.

Lisa turned.

“Close şişli bdsm escort your eyes and open your mouth” she ordered.

Taking a hit from the vape ben she brought her mouth to Michael’s and exhaled the vapor, pressing it into his lungs and letting her tongue dance with his.

“But I’m married.” He gasped in weak protest.

“So am I technically.” Lisa replied. She pressed her thigh into his rock hard cock. He pressed back.

“And this…” she kissed his neck.

“… is just sex.” she breathed in his ear.

She pressed her mouth to his and kissed him passionately.

“Oh fuck! You have me so out of control!” Michael said when their lips parted.

“And that is a good thing.” Lisa replied.

She kissed him deeply again and pressed him backwards so his butt rested on the conference table. She stroked his cock through his pants and he moaned passionately.

“I want you to lick my pussy. Will you do that?” Lisa asked.

“Oh God Yes!”

“Make me cum?”

“Oh yes! Anything!”

“Would you want to fuck me first or have me suck your cock?”

“Then I’ll suck you and tease you and when you finally fuck me you’ll completely unleash that wild man! Loose control.”

Lisa’s blouse and skirt were soon on the floor along with Michael’s shirt and socks (It just is not possible for a man to be sexy when he takes off socks Lisa had thought)

Lisa lay across the conference table. Michael kissed her — pressing his tongue into her mouth. He kissed and licked down her neck and shoulders while his hands gently massaged her pussy through her panties.

Lisa gasped with pleasure as Michael pushed her bra cup away and licked her right nipple. Soon he was switching between her breasts, licking, kissing and biting. She pressed her pussy into his hand, needing more.

“I can tease too” Michael smiled.

Michael teased Lisa for what seemed like forever. First gently touching her through her panties, then moving the panties aside he licked the outer lips of her pussy with just the tip of his tongue and blew his hot breath onto the tip of her clit, standing at attention with excitement. Lisa tried to get more. She thrust up her hips, stretch her thigh high clad legs over his back and tried to pull him in, grabbed the top of his head and pressed it into her pussy. All the time she begged hi fr more between gasps and cries of pleasure.

Michael was remarkably strong and was able to keep with the gentle teasing despite Lisa’s efforts and begging for more. Finally, after what seemed to Lisa like an age, he pulled off her panties and let his tongue tease the tip of her clit with fast little flicks. Gradually he pressed his tongue against her harder. The entire time Lisa moaned and begged for more, harder and deeper.

Next he pressed just the tip of a finger against the opening of her pussy.

“Oh please yes!” Lisa begged. “Finger fuck me! Lick me harder! Please! I’m so close to cumming!”

“Oh, you can’t cum yet.”

Michael backed off on teasing her clit and slowly slid his finger inside, as deep as possible. Lisa thrust her hips to his face and hands. Michael felt the smoothness of her nylons on his back as she wrapped her legs around him.

“You want a wild man, right?”

“Oh fuck yes! Anything! Just please lick me harder! Please another finger, and fast! Please anything just let me cum!”

Michael unleashed all the passion he had been holding back. His face dove into her clit, sucking it and licking it. A second finger slid into Lisa and he curved it up to hit her G spot perfectly.

“Oh fuck yes! Just like that! Oh Yes! OMIGOD!” Lisa was crying out. Then, as if it were one long word, “OHYES! OMIGOD! OHYES! I’M CUMMING”

Lisa bucked her hips into Michaels face and clamped her legs around him so he could barely move.

“Oh don’t stop!” she screamed and came again, then a third time until she pushed Michael’s face away.

“Enough! Oh fuck it’s too much!”

Michael stood now over Lisa who lay panting on her back on the conference room table.

“Fuck that blow job!” Michael said. “I am going to fuck you!”

Lisa had gotten into the habit of carrying condoms in her purse after her one true act of infidelity in a hotel in Colorado Springs. Michael put on the protection and soon his cock was teasing the entrance of Lisa’s pussy. Lisa’s legs were thrown over his shoulders so Michael could feel the smooth nylons on his chest. He caressed her thighs and kissed her calves as his cock teased her opening.

“God! I love the way these feel!” Michael said. “And keeping on your heels! So sexy!”

Michael slowly slid the head of his cock into her, then removed it. He entered her, each time giving her just a little bit more and driving Lisa insane with desire.

“Oh please give it to me! Fuck me! Give me all your cock!”

Michael slid into her slowly and as deeply as he could then he swayed his hips left to right to move inside her. Lisa was moaning in satisfaction.

“Oh God that feels good! Oh yes!” Give me more please!”

Michael picked up the pace and soon he was pounding into her. He slid a finger into her ass lubricated only by Lisa’s juices.

“Oh! That’s gonna make me cum! That’s gonna… make … me… oh fuck! YES! YES! YES! AHHHHHHHH!”

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