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It is nice, usually, to receive feedback from readers about one’s stories. Not always, because some readers hate any particular story, whether it is lifelike or not. That’s okay, because the notes from readers who like my stories almost always outweighs those who make negative comments.

Most readers who send negative comments do so with the most unusual username of “Anonymous” because if they left their real username, someone might just tell them how warped their comments really are. Actually I don’t do that (at least, I never have so far) because I happen to think that all readers are entitled to their opinions, just as I’m entitled to write whatever my imagination leads me to write. However when someone takes the time to tell me that they enjoyed one of my stories and they give me a username or email address, I try to take the time to thank them for their input. Occasionally that has led to a lasting friendship.

Out of the blue, that is what happened when I opened one feedback message a few months back. It was from a woman who identified herself as Kerry_C. Actually her note was both a compliment for the storyline and a slight jab for changing the name of one of my characters in parts of the story – I hate when that happens!

I wrote Kerry back a note thanking her for both the compliment and the correction and stating that I hope she continues to enjoy my stories. As it turned out, that started a series of emails and then we moved to Instant Messaging. Kerry was an early thirties mother of two little children, married for eleven years. As you can imagine, she was a very busy mom but seemed to crave a little more adult talk than she was getting. I didn’t ask but wondered if her hubby, who was an up-and-coming accountant, maybe was spending too much time at work and not enough on family matters. She assured me that it wasn’t that so much as it was that his sex drive had begun to wane a bit and she was no longer being fully satisfied by his attentions.

She had a web cam and invited me to watch. On the times when we got together online, she often worked on one chore or another as we talked, giving me some insight into her industriousness as well as letting her finish some household items while we conversed. The thing I liked about it was that it let me see just how lovely a woman she was.

Right up front, I referred her to my online profile, which showed that I was much older than her. I could have been her father, or maybe even a second generation away by stretching things a bit, but she didn’t seem to mind. She read my bio, including my handicap, and didn’t turn away.

On the other hand, she was a beautiful woman. She told me that there was less of her than there had been but it didn’t really matter to me. She was a curvy woman, with nice breasts and a great ass. No, she didn’t show herself naked but she did show me her body encase in a T-shirt and jeans and it was easy to see that she had the body style that I really loved.

However even if she had been huge or tiny, I would have loved her because of the most fantastic smile I’d ever seen. When she smiled, it was like a light shining in the darkness. And she smiled often.

Mostly our conversations were quite innocuous. We talked about the mundane events of our lives. We talked about our families. We talked about things we liked to do as hobbies – her list was rather short for lack of time.

I found out that she lived in one of the eastern coast states, nearly 500 miles away from my home. That was a little discouraging but I did get over that way three or four times a year, usually chasing one of my hobbies. Being retired did have its benefits. Maybe that was one of them.

The longer we talked, the more intimate our conversations became. I tried to respect her situation but when she said that she was at her sexual peak and her hubby was past his, I couldn’t help but be drawn even closer to her. She said that they still had sex but it just was not as often or as satisfying as she would like. I knew I was older – much older – than her hubby, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I would be able to satisfy some of her hunger.

Eventually Kerry told me that she had a wild side. She’d had a number of lovers other than her husband. A number of them had been before they had gotten married and. after they were married, she had been monogamous for over seven years. However her frustrations had then taken over and driven her into the arms and bed of another man, seeking the physical satisfaction she was not getting at home.

I have to admit that the longer we talked, the more prurient my thoughts of Kerry became. Every time she would get up to get another basket of laundry to fold, I watched her beautiful round ass as she walked away, wanting to touch her, to hold her, to snuggle up behind her and squeeze her to myself. I found myself wanting to kiss her neck, to nuzzle her ear, to kiss the side of her face but most of all to kiss her sweet looking lips.

Oh, back from dreamland. I wondered if her husband knew about her lovers but she told me ortaköy escort that he did not. He wouldn’t approve of her going outside of the marriage, or at least he would be unhappy about it, even though he probably knew he was not satisfying her as he had earlier in their relationship. I supposed it was a male ego thing that no guy wanted to admit he was not as good as he once was, even if he is as good once as he was. Even though this is a recurring theme millions of times a day the world over, men are too stubborn as a group to change their techniques to please their ladies in other ways.

So it didn’t come as a surprise that Kerry had experienced other lovers when their marital relations began to produce less and less satisfaction. She indicated that most of those were short encounters. She was not looking to get out of her marriage but rather to get more enjoyment out of life.

Nor did it come as any big surprise when I found out that Kerry had been engaged in a long distance relationship with another guy for the last several months. She had never seen Brad, even though he was from a city less than two hundred miles away, because he was on duty in Iraq. However they had become quite intimate online, even exchanging erotic photos of themselves. I was certain that if things worked out in the future so they could get together, they would take their relationship to an even greater intimacy.

For the first time in a long time, I found myself dreaming about another man’s wife. Every night, I’d go to bed thinking about Kerry and her smile … and her luscious curvy body. Sometime in the night, I would wake up and realize I had been dreaming of being alone with her – not just any woman, but specifically Kerry – and doing all kinds of things with her, all of which were outstandingly satisfying. Invariably when I woke up, I would be wet from my own ejaculate caused by the dreams of being with – and in – Kerry.

I had fairly well accepted that our relationship would go no further than the online situation we had developed. But then Kerry threw me a curve.

With a Friday-through-Monday holiday on the horizon, she said that hubby was going to take the kids out of town to visit his family while she stayed in town for a long awaited dental appointment. They had discussed her trying to drive down later but decided that she deserved the long weekend by herself as a break from her usual routine of taking care of the little ones.

I thought about it for a bit but decided that there would never be a more opportune time. I asked if I showed up in town that weekend if she would take time to see me. She said she would be delighted. Her smile came through the web cam as bright as I’d ever seen it.

The Interstate passed a few miles away from her town and I found a very nice motel, at her recommendation, that would be a discreet distance so she would be unlikely to see anyone that knew her. I made reservations via the internet for the long weekend.

The days seem to pass at a snails pace after that. I was so looking forward to the trip but time just would not pass. I became impatient with all my daily chores because they just seemed to drag out my life rather than speed it along.

Nevertheless the days did pass and the time came to start the drive. With the car packed, I set out on the interstate. The plan was to combine the visit with my photography hobby so I included several stops along the way to make pictures of the beautiful Appalachian scenery, spending one night in a motel about two thirds of the way there.

I arrived on Thursday afternoon and checked into the motel. It was a very nice place and I had reserved a suite that contained two rooms and a huge whirlpool tub. I was back to being frustrated with the waiting, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to contact Kerry until Friday afternoon after her hubby had left with the children. TV did not offer anything to hold my interest so I set out to explore the surrounding countryside. With a couple of state parks nearby and the civil war memorials that dotted the countryside, I found ways to pass the time.

I stayed inside Friday morning after getting breakfast. I read a book that I’d brought, watched a little TV, went back to the book and then paced the floor. Finally my cell phone rang at 11:17 and I was so happy to hear Kerry’s voice. Hubby and the children had gotten away early in the morning, she made her appointment and now she was free for the rest of the long weekend. She was about ten minutes away from the hotel.

I spent the time straightening up the suite, putting away my book, moving my luggage out of sight, and setting up my CD player to play Alannah Myles’ Black Velvet song because Kerry had told me that it melts her into horny mush. I wanted every advantage I could get.

It might have been twelve minutes before I heard a car in front of the door and I opened it to greet her. What a sight! Kerry was just as beautiful as I had thought she would be and very sexy. She wore a deep red dress made of a very soft material, otele gelen escort one that clung to her curves so deliciously.

She came to me with that fantastic smile I had only seen from afar. There was no awkwardness of the first meeting; rather she came into my arms and we kissed like long time lovers. It was some minutes before we broke apart.

I showed Kerry around the suite, which she proclaimed to be nice. In the bedroom, she sat on the edge of the bed and urged me to sit beside her while we talked. For a while, we simply caught up on how things were going (mostly okay for both of us) and what was new (not much).

She noticed the music playing softly in the background and said, “You remembered!”

I smiled and nodded.

“You know what that does to me, don’t you?”

I nodded again and leaned toward her. She kissed me again, a searching tongue finding my own. I returned her attention eagerly and soon we were exploring other areas. That morphed into unfastening clothes, gently at first and then frantically. When I got Kerry’s clothes off, I pushed her down on the bed and began to kiss and lick her all over.

She was both sweet tasting and sweet smelling. Her fragrance seemed to go right to the top of my brain and simply destroyed my self-control. I couldn’t get enough of her and she appeared to be enjoying my attentions. Until I got down to where I spread her legs and started licking on her thighs.

With a lurch, she pushed me away and said, “No! It’s not fair. I want some too.”

We agreed on me laying on my back, she laying atop me and I resumed my licking between her legs while she began to finger and lick and kiss my genitals. Her tongue around the shaft of my raging hard-on was like adding fuel to a burning bonfire.

While I concentrated on licking her pussy and sucking around her clit, she was working magic on my cock – up and down, around and around, licking the shaft, all around the engorged head, even sticking her tongue into my little opening. She massaged my balls and kissed them from time to time, sending me into a world of purest ecstasy. When my balls began to contract, she bobbed her head down until my cock was completely inside her mouth and throat and held still while I pumped my load down her throat. Just moments later, she shuddered, tightened her legs around my head and climaxed, flooding my mouth with deliciously sweet juices.

After a bit, she shifted and started to move away but I held her tightly, not letting her escape. I wasn’t ready for her to leave yet. She laid her head down sideways as I spread her buttocks and slid my tongue over her perineum into her anal valley. I have always had a strong attraction to my lover’s little puckered opening and Kerry was no exception. I washed the entire area using ever-decreasing ovals with my wet tongue.

Finally I came to the center of the little puckers and dabbed my tongue at its focal point. Kerry grunted but there was no other reaction. I rubbed my tongue back and forth, up and down over the little covering and she began to murmur softly. After several minutes, I poked my stiffened tongue at her center and felt it move back, making room for my entry. It didn’t go far – maybe a half-inch or a bit more – but it was enough to stimulate the thousands of nerve endings around her sphincter.

I started moving my tongue in and out and I felt her whole body relax by degrees until she was nearly limp. Every so often, she would emit a sound, a sort of soft grunt or a moan, something that seemed to indicate that she liked what was happening. Then unexpectedly, she tensed, pushing her ass back to my face as her thighs tightened around my head. I felt, rather than saw, her head jerk from side to side. Through gritted teeth, she uttered something like, “Uuuuuuggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” as her body shook for several seconds.

When her orgasm passed, Kerry collapsed on top of me again and lay there panting for several moments. As she was able, she turned around and hugged me tightly, saying, “That was wonderful, sugar.” I didn’t tell her but I think it was as good for me as it was for her.

We lay together for a while, mostly just hugging and kissing, sometimes talking but not much. After a while, proximity to this sweet young woman overcame my recent excitement and I began to get hard again.

I gently turned us over so Kerry was on her back, Settling into her saddle, I eased my hard cock into her precious pussy. With our pelvises pressed together and my cock flexing inside her hot, wet channel, we hugged and kissed, exploring each other’s mouths in a hot sensual horizontal dance.

Gradually I began to move, just rocking at first, then slowly moving a little at a time, rocking occasionally against her clit, loving all the feelings that being in her and with her were giving to my sex-starved brain. Each time I thought about it, I couldn’t believe that an old man like me had been honored to share the wondrous delights of such a beautiful young woman. Yet that thought made otele gelen escort me harder. It made me want to make the feelings last forever.

One of the advantages of age it that, after the first orgasm, it takes longer for the second and then the third. That means that I get to enjoy my lady even more than I had as a younger man. This time was no exception. In and out, rock, in and out. Slow and easy, Kiss and hug, tongues exploring. So sensuous, so wonderful. Three times Kerry stiffened up, bit her lip, and came, only to relax and let me start again. Each time I restarted I notched up my speed just a bit.

Finally I began thrusting hard and fast, working toward the great reward. Even when I felt my balls contract, I tried to draw them up and prolong the sensation. And it worked – for maybe 5 nanoseconds. Suddenly I was spurting my seed deep into Kerry’s precious love box. I held myself tightly inside of her and let the whole load spew into her. Then just as the last drops were oozing from my flagging member, Kerry wrapped me up tightly within her arms and legs and climaxed one more time.

As we lay facing each other struggling to gain control of our breath, I glanced at the clock and was surprised at how much of the afternoon had passed. I asked Kerry if she was hungry and she said that she was.

We climbed into the shower and it turned out that it was not a quick one. Once more we got involved with each other and my cock soon found its way back into her pussy as I pushed her up against the tiled wall with the warm water cascading down over us. With her legs wrapped around my waist and our mouths locked together, I fucked her hard and fast until she shivered and climaxed.

Exhausted, we washed, dried and dressed. We went in search of a restaurant and after a short drive found one that suited our tastes. There were few other patrons in the place at that hour so we had a leisurely meal and returned to the hotel after a little more than two hours.

For a few minutes, we sat around talking, about family, about school, about life in general. Then Kerry wandered over and sat in my lap and we started hugging and kissing again. It always amazes me that, while a guy can have little or no odor ranging to something pretty vile if he does not take care of himself, a woman almost always gives off a faint sweet scent even if she has not applied perfume. Kerry was like that now, not having put on perfume after our shower but still sending just the hint of the smell of fresh flowers to my brain. Along with the sensual feeling of her soft skin along her shoulders and at the top of her breasts, I became quickly aroused.

Kerry smiled knowingly as I unbuttoned her dress and slowly opened it to give my fingertips access to more of her lush body. It felt particularly magnificent when she nuzzled her face into the crook of my neck and shoulder and let my fingers do the exploring. She had a dreamy expression on her face.

I unfastened her bra and let my fingers gently explore her generous fleshy mounds. Thrusting out her chest, she offered them to me for sucking … and I did. They were tasty morsels, her nipples hard as rubber erasers. I could have spent the rest of the day playing with them.

Instead she pulled away from me, leaving me a bit frustrated. Not for long though as she began to tug at my pants. I lifted my hips and she slid them off, followed quickly by my underwear. Kerry pushed me to the bed and dropped between my legs, capturing my turgid cock in her fingers. I felt her hot tongue lick up the length of my shaft and became lost in the glorious feelings she radiated throughout my body.

I lay there luxuriating in the feelings for some minutes before the urge to reciprocate became too strong. I asked her to allow me to taste her. At first she seemed intent on maintain status quo but then she stood on the bed, pushing her panties down her legs and stepped over me. As she lowered herself to again suck on my cock, I guided her so that her pussy settled onto my face. Once again I savored the sweet taste of this precious woman.

Although I was loving the attention Kerry was showing to my cock and balls, I knew that I would not cum for a long time. However I was please when, after several minutes of attention to her luscious soft pussy, she shuddered and climaxed around my tongue again. For a few minutes, Kerry lay still with my cock against the side of her face.

When she lifted her head again, she looked over her shoulder and said, “You can do that other thing anytime you want to, hon.”

“You mean, lick your anus?”

“Uh, huh. I liked that too.”

So, spreading her buttocks slightly, I delved my tongue into her anal valley. When I finally speared my tongue into the opening, it seemed a little less tight than it had been earlier. I began to fuck her ass with my tongue and she was soon humming a soft tune around my shaft while she sucked on me.

While my tongue worked in and out, my hands found her hanging breasts and gently massaged the soft globes, occasionally pulling on her erect nipples. I noticed Kerry would stop bobbing on my cock for periods of time or she would grip my balls a little tighter than usual. Then her head jerked uncontrollably to one side and as time progressed the jerking became more frequent until she clamped her thighs around my head and climaxed.

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