First Time at Hedonism – Day 05

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Decades ago my wife Sherry and I went to a resort called “Hedonism II” We hadn’t known much about the place and this was pre-internet. We just knew it was someplace warm, all-inclusive and the liquor was free.

The stories of the “anything goes” nature and open sexual activity of the place weren’t yet known outside of the swinger community. They were going there in droves. We were okay with what we had found going on when we got there, but the day before we had met a couple that were timid and even scared of what they saw. We’d spent the day and evening trying to make them feel comfortable and ease them into the hedonistic playground they had signed up for.

That was day 4 or our trip. (You can find the stories on all the days separately on Literotica.)

Day 5, we woke early and without a hangover for a change. Leisurely morning sex to celebrate the day. The rising sun hitting the mirrors on the ceiling and walls around our bed made it just a bit more fun. There were curtains on the windows, but we had stopped closing them for the most part. Sherry got into the whole porn movie vibe of the mirrors and the possibility of people watching- she was that kind of girl.

As was often the case when we were being leisurely, she climbed on top and was having a great time looking at herself as she ground herself onto my dick. While she was enjoying the ride, she was also giving me a bit of shit about how I had hooked us up with a couple of wet blankets and we were in danger of fucking up our trip. We had only two nights left before we had to jump a plane back to the states and she wanted to party.

“She is not – I repeat – NOT – going to fuck you!”

I guess just to admit it, I hadn’t hooked us up with this conservative young couple because I was an especially nice guy. I’d arranged to be close to them because I had a bit of a crush on the wife of the pair, and I sincerely hoped we’d find a way to get the couple into our bed with us. Sherry had agreed at the time – she’d had way more sex than me at the resort – but she thought I’d chosen the wrong target.

Sherry was right. Based on the evening we’d had, it didn’t look like that was going to happen. They were pleasant – even fun – but just so conservative. It was a bit depressing and also a bit of a social challenge. Late the night before, I had arranged to play golf this AM with Janet. (The wife in the couple. Husband Michael didn’t play due to an old sports injury.) It was going to be hard to ditch them today when we were due to meet them for breakfast in about an hour.

I found it hard to argue that I wasn’t a complete idiot. There was really no defense for it, but I had dreamed all night of getting into Janet’s panties and woken up in the morning hungry for a taste of what I’d find inside. I still wanted it, but was it worth the cost?

We had two days and nights left before we had to get back on an airplane to civilization. Shouldn’t we be out on the nude beach being drunk and horny? Of course, we should. But what I really wanted was for Michael and Janet to be on that nude beach with us. I also wanted them in our bed later. But it didn’t look like that was going to happen.

I was tired of listening to Sherry go on about this, it was just too early in the day to hand her a victory like this. So I flipped over so that she was on the bottom and went to work, hoping a good fucking would make her lose her train of thought. It worked. She thankfully shut up for a few minutes while I increased my intensity. I don’t know if she was getting into it, but she recognized my needs and reached down to wrap a few fingers around my cock while I thrust in and out of her. She knew I loved that.

I gave it my all and I think Sherry did get into it and when the time came I came hard. I shot partially in her, partially on her fingers, and mostly on the sheets below us. She slid her hand up from under us and licked cum off her fingers thoughtfully before giving me a big wet good morning kiss. A common move with my little troublemaker wife. She smiled that mischievous smile that I loved so much.

When I got my breath back, I thought about how fucked up it must be to change sheets at Hedo. They changed each rooms’ sheets bedding daily. Somewhere in this resort gallons of DNA were flushed into the ocean each day when they washed them. I have no idea why my mind works like that.

Before long, Sherry, was back on the subject of wanting to get drunk and fuck and how hanging out with Michael and Janet might sideline us from the parties and action. She told me I needed to fix it, or she might just decide to ditch me and the couple and go find her own fun. I don’t believe she was bluffing.

I wanted to play golf – I had brought my clubs all the way from California, so I asked her to please let me go. I’d see if I couldn’t make progress on attracting Janet to come play with us, and if that didn’t work, I would think about how to solve this problem. She agreed to allow it, but she struck pendik escort a deal with me. We’d spend the day and early evening with the couple and work on the where we could, but if Michael and Janet weren’t getting with the program by the end of dinner, we would make our excuses and go find a party.

Agreement made, Sherry bounced into the bathroom for her morning shower, she didn’t take long. I slipped in while she got dressed. (We were staying on the “nude” side of the resort and you could spend all day naked if you wanted to, but in the dining room areas clothing was required, which I guess I understood. There were a lot of very beautiful people at this resort, but also some that I really didn’t want to see naked while eating.)

I exited the shower to find Sherry painting on a bit of eyeliner. She was bent over the bathroom sink in a pair of cutoff jeans that framed her ass like a masterpiece painting. She hadn’t put on a top and the lack of tan lines agreed with her. She had naturally olive skin, now much darker to the point that she looked almost looked South American. The effect of her hanging breasts and that bent over pose had me thinking that perhaps another trip back to bed might be a great idea, but I had a tee time.

We headed over to the dining room. It was still early by resort standards. A few guests that would be going out on excursions and the odd morning joggers, but most of what you saw at this hour was singles and couples doing a morning “walk of shame” back to their own rooms after spending the night having sex in someone else’s. It was amusing to see a 50ish woman wearing only some skimpy lingerie walking towards us at one point. If she cared, she didn’t show it. Sherry blew her a kiss. She smiled and blew it back.

A bit farther, there was a couple standing at the door kissing another couple goodbye. (All four locked lips.) This was also something you didn’t see at home. They all turned and waved a good morning, so we waved back.

We were not surprised to see Michael and Janet already seated and well into a breakfast when we got to the dining room. The idea that sleeping in was a vacation thing had seemed to elude them. Both were overdressed for Hedonism, Michael in his generic resort attire and Janet in a pale blue a golf outfit that looked like it was brand new and customer tailored. Perfect make-up on Janet. Not a hair out of place on either of them.

For our evenings’ dinner the night before, Sherry and I had dressed up a bit to make our conservative friends comfortable, but this morning they were seeing Sherry in her regular island attire. (When she had to wear clothing at all). I think it shocked Janet, but Michael had a different reaction.

Michael was enamored with Sherry – it was so obvious – and it was everything the poor man could do to not stare directly at her chest as her boobs were swaying around in the bikini top and half out of them most of the time. He tried to be sneaky, but he wasn’t good at it.

I could tell Sherry found it amusing and was fucking with him – she kept moving around in an animated way and when Sherry wanted to make the girls dance, she could put on a show. It was close to cruel the way she was teasing him.

Janet gave us both a warm and happy Good Morning. Her voice was like something out of a 50’s sitcom. (As a kid I had always had a crush on the tv mom types. Every one of them was a MILF in my book, and the more conservative and mom-like they were, the more I wet-dreamed about them. I was an aspiring young mother fucker I guess.)

We were invited to sit and there were four place settings out, so we poured ourselves some coffee and enjoyed the morning sun for a bit. Caffeine, sunshine and a nice tropical wind off the water. Heavenly.

We talked a bit about the day and how Janet and I would have to be leaving soon as the van would be coming transport us to the golf course. (Hedonism didn’t have a golf course – I think the whole place was maybe 20 acres or so back then – but there was one up in the hills that took Hedonism guests.)

“What will you be doing with your day Michael?” It was Sherry that asked. She would also be staying behind while we went to the course and I sensed she had plans for him.

“I have a bit of work to catch up on, and then a good book and the beach. I’m a bit of a bookworm sometimes.” (I could almost hear Sherry saying to herself “We’ll see about that.”)

“How about you Sherry? What will you do to keep yourself busy?” This from Janet.

“Oh, I’ll think of something. Lots of things to do here.” She didn’t elaborate but the small smirk on her face was a dead giveaway for me. I sensed that Sherry planned to work on Michael while I had Janet at the golf course.

Sherry took another drink of her coffee and looked around. “You know, we ARE on vacation here. I like the coffee, but I’d love a Bloody Mary. Anyone else?”

Janet and I begged off. We were both about to play sefaköy escort golf and we both took it seriously.

Michael thought about it and decided on a Mimosa. Sherry waved a server over and the drinks arrived as Janet and I prepared to go up the concierge to get our golf clubs from storage.

I gave Sherry a quick kiss and said “be good” which made her giggle. Michael wished us both a good game. And we were off.

This trip happened decades ago, so I won’t do a detailed travelogue on what we saw on our excursion outside the resort. I’ve been told things have improved as tourism has grown to drive the economy, but at the time, while the island was almost achingly beautiful, the locals were not kind to it. They seemed to work overtime to destroy the scenery – it was just terrible.

As an example, I remember crossing a bridge over a beautiful river with colorful foliage everywhere. Just below us on the shore a man had pulled his ugly ass work truck into the shallows of the river and was washing it with sudsy water and an old push broom. It was totally fucking up the water downstream. The whole island was like that. Ramshackle shacks and piles of trash. Careless pollution. It was heartbreaking really.

As for golf, wow did we not think that gone through. Our mid-day tee-time in this tropical climate guaranteed that we would be active during the most punishingly hot part of the day. It was in a densely forested hilly area – almost jungle like – and the air was still and thick with humidity.

Early on, we were having fun and enjoying each other’s company. She was much more open when she wasn’t with her husband. More talkative, a bit flirty and in general more fun when she was without him.

But the heat was just punishing, and by the end of the third hole we were both sweating so much it looked like we’d taken showers with our clothes on. Even holding the clubs was hard because the grips and metal shafts had heated up fast in the sun.

There were no golf carts available, and no caddies. We were schlepping our own clubs. She was good golfer though, and a good golf partner. At another course, we would have been enjoying ourselves much more than we did that day.

We tried to be troopers. We joked about the heat and hit up the hospitality carts for beer every time we saw one, which was often. She hadn’t been a drinker at dinner the night before, but here on the course she drank like a fish. Maybe it was the heat, but I like to think she was enjoying being alone with me. She was getting tipsy fast. With each drink she got a bit more fun.

Hole 5 was the breakthrough hole for us as far as our friendship, even if how it happened was awkward. Janet and I had already consumed at least a six pack each from the hospitality carts and the urge to pee was so great we took turns peeing behind a bush. (Bathrooms outside the course were non-existent.)

She went first and had forgotten to bring a tissue. She called out to ask me for one and I decided to play with her a bit while I looked through my bag. No such luck. She emerged from behind the bush and quickly tucked something into her bag, then motioned for me to take my turn which I did. Peeing with someone of the opposite sex is, I learned, just a good ice breaker.

We finished the hole and strolled to the next. When she lined up to take her shot, I noticed that the small visible panty line I had been enjoying while checking out her ass was gone. It appeared that dear Janet had used her undies to dry herself and under that golf skirt she was now commando.

How hot was that? Even Sherry didn’t do that on the rare occasion when I dragged her out on to the links. It made it a lot more interesting when she bent to pick up a club or retrieve a ball.

(I never saw anything – but I had a near hard-on just thinking about it. It took a few strokes off my game as I was continually distracted. )

By end of the 6th hole, it was obvious to me that good girl Janet was turning into a happy, if a bit sloppy, drunk. When she stepped up to start the 7th, I made a joke about her being a “drunk driver” and she giggled until I thought she’d need to pee again. It was just fucking adorable. She finished the hole with a birdie which made her really happy. When I did the same, she gave me a brief hug before she bent down to retrieve her putter. I might have caught a small glimpse then, but I don’t think so.

#8 was a motherfucker of a hole. Long, hilly and filled with places to lose your ball and perhaps find an exotic tropical snake or poisonous spider. It wore us out and we decided that it would be a 9-hole kind of day. We lost a combined 7 balls before we reached the green on that one. (Little boys were combing the bushes finding balls and happily sold us replacements for the equivalent of about a dime each – which was kind of cute really.)

When Janet sunk her bogie to finish the front nine, we practically ran for the cover of the silivri escort club. After a drink (this one a Pina Colada- cold and strong) we arranged transportation back to the resort.

In the van, a very buzzed Janet leaned on my shoulder as we drove and asked me about what we might do after we got back to the resort. I gave her one of those looks – no words necessary – and she giggled and slapped my arm with one of those “oh, you” kind of gestures women give. But she didn’t stop leaning in.

I told her that Sherry and I planned to go to the beach for a while, and that we hoped she and Michael would come with us. No leering or raised eyebrows necessary. She immediately got the message.

“You mean the nude beach, don’t you?” She smiled like she had caught me being naughty.

I smiled a bad boy smile, but then said “Come on Janet. You’re here. Make the best of it. It’s fun.”

Her face turned serious for a minute as she asked me what it was like taking off our clothes in front of everyone outside like that. “How did Sherry feel?” She seemed particularly interested in that.

Part of me wanted to tell her that Sherry and I swam naked in lakes and rivers all the time at home, just about always with other couples, but instead I just answered the question as it was asked.

“There’s a saying here at Hedonism. I think Sherry and I would both say it’s true. Taking off your clothes the first time is the second hardest thing you’ll do here.”

I smiled and waited, building up the anticipated a bit as I knew she would be thinking about the question. She finally gave me a gesture that said “and?”

“…And The hardest thing is putting them back on again.”

Janet giggled at that, and again gave me one of those little arm squeezes, but I could tell it had been a good line. She giggled again, but then got quiet for a bit. I left her to her thoughts but didn’t stop looking at her.

Janet had great legs – they were already noticeably tanned after only a day in the sun. (She had some spray on sunscreen she used on the course that was doing a good job keeping the burn away.) That golf outfit fit her like she’d been sewn into it, and even after all the heat she looked amazing.

Janet smiled. I could tell she knew I had been looking at her. She blushed just a little bit, but maybe that was just the drinks. “God” she exclaimed, “Michael on a nude beach with Sherry… He is just going to LOVE that.”

So, she had noticed that Michael was into Sherry. I laughed along with her. “You see, Michael is getting into the Hedo attitude. That’s a good thing!”

“So, you noticed too then?” Janet seemed surprised. “and it doesn’t bother you?”

“You think Michael’s the first man here that’s looked my wife? I’ve been married to Sherry a long time. If I was a jealous type, I’d have gone mad long ago.”

Somehow, I think that my complimenting my own wife right then was exactly the right thing to do at that point. She seemed to appreciate it. I let the good will sink in, then delivered what I thought was another good line.

“It actually been fun here. Men are more open about it when they are checking out my wife at least. I appreciate the honesty of it, and I find it kind of exciting too. It makes me love her even more knowing that other men want what I have.”

Another pause as she considered my words. I was scoring points here. I finished with a smile.

“It also makes me feel less creepy when I’m sneaking looks at you.”

Janet blushed, and then smirked as she looked out the window. She was starting to get it. I could tell.

Back at the resort, we checked our clubs in with the concierge and decided we needed a good cold drink. We were enjoying each other’s company, and it had been a long hot trip down home. (Poor air conditioning in the van.)

We downed two good strong rum drinks in rapid succession. Being buzzed was a good way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the bar at Hedonism.

The bar pool area was filled with women in tight, little bitty bikinis and men wearing the banana hammocks so common on the beaches of France. (This was in the area of the resort where clothing wasn’t optional back then.) Lots of beautiful people – a few not so much – but good attitude makes people attractive and lots of it on display. Everyone was having a good time.

Displays of affection were common – both innocent and not so innocent. When we had first sat down, there was an older man digging into his wife’s bikini bottom that seemed a bit over the top, but then a few minutes later a woman was openly grinding on her boyfriend and his speedo looked like a pup tent. Just a few seconds later, two women started kissing while their husbands sat back and enjoyed the view.

I could tell it had an effect on Janet – whether it truly bothered her I don’t know – but she was being a trooper and trying to ignore it all as she sipped her drink.

“This bothers you doesn’t it?” I wanted her to talk about her feelings.

She looked around again. Rather than answer directly, she gestured over at a couple laying on a bed in the corner. They were being very passionate. “You think those two over there are married?”

I looked for a moment, considered my response and said “Yes, I think so.”

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