Fuck, Don’t Tease

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This story is dedicated to my hot, cute n sxy babygurl who turns me on so much with her hot sexy body. Kisses for you Becks.


I was just passing the door on my way to the bathroom to get the aftershave when there was a knock at the door so I pulled it open and there was Becky. God! I could never get over how gorgeous she looked.

She was wearing a tight small pink top that barely covered her full 34C breasts and by the two dots of her nipples pushing thru the material I could see she was not wearing any bra, the top had such small thin straps that they were all but invisible. The parallel skirt she had on failed to reach the knees by meters and had a slit up the side that reached to her thigh, baring her milky white leg as she stood there with one shapely leg slightly bent. I was almost sure she would not be wearing any panties under that hot slutty outfit. Her cute little face was framed by her dark hair falling down her bare back and she looked so gorgeous I wanted to….

“Hi honey!” She chirped

“Hi doll!” She walked into my arms and my right hand was on her ass pushing her into my crotch even before the door had completely closed, with the left hand feeling and caressing the soft silky flesh on her bare back. She put her soft luscious lips on my hungry lips and I drank her in pushing my tongue into her mouth, massaging her sweet tongue and exploring her mouth deep inside as I ravaged her sweet lips. I slipped my right hand through the slit of her skirt and held her soft firm ass cheek, squeezing it a little and then running my finger in her ass crack. Yes, no panties, not even a thong, I could touch her hot little ass hole and make circles on it with my fingertip enough to elicit hot passionate moans from her lips. With the left hand I pushed on her bare back grinding her tits on my chest feeling her nipples dig into my chest.

“Baby, if we don’t leave right now” I managed to speak in voice filled with horniness, “I am gonna push you down on all fours and fuck you like a bitch till you are out of your mind with passion and pleasure!”

“Mmmmmm! You have already made my pussy wet with your hands, your lips and your words, but we have got to get those books from the canlı bahis library today, you know it as well as I do!”

We’d had been seeing each other for a few weeks now and getting along like a house on fire. She liked sex as much as I did and we had wild days and wild nights of hot steamy sex. sometimes we went whole weekends without going out of the house. We could hardly ever keep our hands off each other like now. But we had to get some books from the library for the upcoming exams and we really didn’t have time to fuck today.

Before borrowing the books was the huge task of finding the right books. Se Becky and I took a couple of seats on a corner of the table where a few other students were also reading and sat down to sample the goods.

While reading a book, I slipped my right hand under the table and on her thigh as she was sitting right around the corner from me. she didn’t do anything, so I slipped my hand inside her skirt slit and started caressing her inner thigh as I turned the pages with my left hand. She was seemingly busy reading but I could see her bite her lower lip while my fingers touched and caressed the soft flesh on her thighs. But after a minute, she put her hand under the table, grabbed my hand and put my hand right next to her pussy. As I ran my finger on her slit, I could feel it was wet. That made me even harder. I just kept running my finger in her wet pussy slit and then right in the middle of turning a page I jammed my middle finger into her wet tight cunt hole. She jumped visibly and dropped the book, a couple of guys looked up from the other side of the table clearly annoyed, and would have said something if she didn’t happen to be so mouth-watering sexy. Becky bit her lip and looked at me with eyes that said, “hey, what’s up with that?”

I was afraid she might cum right there and then so I concentrated on the actual research instead of between her legs.

A while later she stood up and went to the bookshelves and I continued reading. After I finished the paragraph I was on, I headed where she had gone. She was looking at some books, I innocently passed behind her to go see the next shelf but as I passed, without looking anywhere but at the shelf of books in front of her, she reached bahis siteleri behind her with her left hand and grabbed my hard cock in my pants. I was surprised as her soft hand closed on my hard hungry cock and massaged it gently but I could play this game still. Standing to her left I pretended to see some book I liked, tried to take it out, dropped it on the floor and bent down to pick it up. As I picked up the book and straightened up, I ran the back of my fingers up her leg, even under her skirt and as I came to her ass, I circled her firm ass cheek and ran my finger in her ass crack, she jumped with a “ah!” gasp when my fingertip brushed her hot little ass hole.

“Oh baby, I almost came just now, please don’t tease me any more!” She pleaded.

“What I’d really like to do instead,” focusing on the books on the shelf in front of me, I spoke in soft tantalizing tones, “is to bend you over this shelf, have you put your hands on it, grab your ass from behind and ram your wet cunt so hard that it rocks your body and knocks all these books out of the shelf!”

“Oh god!” She wailed, “You are making my wet cunt tingle with that kind of talk. Please, I beg you, honey! Not now!”

“Ok, but on one condition!”

“What?” I could see she was nervous.

“Face away from me, drop a book, bend over and show me your ass!”

“Oh god! Ok.” She had no choice now, any word I said could trigger her eruption and she’d have a cum-soaked pussy here in a public library.

She turned her back to me, dropped the book in her hand, and bent over to pick it up, slowly. Her short skirt opened at the slit and I could see her tight ass hole plainly. More than her body what was making me hot was power over her. I put my fingertip on her small ass hole intending to push it into her little ass hole and make her jump but we heard footsteps so I turned to face the books and she picked up and book and went back to her table.

We didn’t stay in the library too long after that. We picked up some books and came back fast.

Soon as we got home I slammed the door shut behind me, grabbed Becky by the arms and threw her to the bed. She landed on her face and I was right behind her. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide bahis şirketleri till she screamed when her pussy was stretched too wide open. I undid her skirt, and pulled it off of her quickly baring her hot pussy really dripping on the bed. Next to go was the top which didn’t cover too much anyway but now she was on the bed under me, totally naked and held captive by my strong hands. I took care of my clothes as quickly as I could and soon my hard pre-cum wet cock was rubbing in her ass crack and down in her pussy slit. She shook all over as my wet cockhead pressed on her tight cunt hole and erupted in a hot flood of cum. Even as she was cumming I rammed my hard cock into her wet cunt and started pumping her hard and deep. After a minute her convulsions stopped.

I pulled out my cock and pressed it on her tight ass hole. She gasped, “Oh god!” I had fucked her up the ass before and it always made her really horny. Grabbing her ass cheeks I started pushing my long hard rod deeper into her tight little ass, her moans rising in volume as I penetrated her small tunnel deeper and deeper, I pulled it out a little and then rammed it deep into her ass hole in one hard stroke, she lifted her head in the air as she screamed in pain and pleasure. My thick cock filled her ass so tightly she could feel it throb all over her body. Putting my hands behind her shoulders I pressed her body to the bed, crushing her tits hard, ravaging her nipples on the sheet. I pulled out my cock a little and then rammed it in hard and fast. With a tight grip on her smooth nice shoulders I started pounding her ass, my hot thick dick stretching her tight ass hole as it slid into her hard and fast. Her screams were getting louder and longer as I drove my hard cock deeper and deeper into her hot ass rocking her body with every hard thrust into her. And then she was screaming, “Oh my god! I am gonna cum, oh God!” Her body shook so violently as she exploded, screaming, “I am cumming, I am cumming, aaaaah!” I fucked her harder, and suddenly exploded myself in her ass, my hot cum filling her tight ass as I rammed my hard cock into her again and again. I erupted in a flood of hot lava in spasms and jerks and I kept fucking her ass in wild shorts strokes with every jerk.

That was a great fuck but not enough to satisfy two horny people like us. By evening I had fucked her 4 more times, in different places, in different positions and then she was looking forward to the night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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