Fun in the Shower

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She walked naked from the shower to the bedroom, drying her hair with the towel as she went. Singing under her breath to the song coming from the stereo, she didn’t pay any attention to anything. She screamed as she felt arms grab her around the waist and lift her off the ground. Her fists hit out at anything she could reach.

“Stop that before I drop you!”

“You jerk! When did you get home?” she asked, twisting around to look at him.

“While you were in the shower! I could hear you singing, and pictured your body. Your hands running over you chest, bubbles from the soap dripping off your nipples. All I could think about was doing this.”

He sat her on her feet and turned her to face him. He lowered his head to her breast and used his tongue, as if licking water drops from it. She grabbed the back of his head and held him to her, moaning as he moved from one to the other. She moved her hands to his shirt, unbuttoned it, and pushed it off his shoulder. She kissed his neck then brought his mouth to hers. Her tongue ran around his lips before easing between them to meet his. küçükçekmece escort His hands replaced his lips, trailing over her chest with just the fingertips. He pulled his head away, looking at her.

“Keep that up, and you’re going to need another shower!”

“Well, then, let’s do it!” she said, grabbing his hand and pulling him toward the bathroom.

As she adjusted the water pressure, he undressed and stood behind her, running his hands over her back, across her ass, around her hips, until hair tickled his fingertips. Easing his fingers inside her, he gently rubbed up and down, feeling the heat and wetness. Laughing, she pulled away from him and stepped in the shower. With her finger, she beckoned him to join her. Smiling, he did. The hot water beat down on them as they joined their lips again. He trailed his lips down her neck, across her breasts, lightly pushing her backwards, until her back was against the cool wall of the shower. Kneeling in front of her, he lifted her right leg and laid it over his shoulder. Leaving little kisses kurtköy escort from her ankle to her thigh, he spread her open with his thumbs, and with a quick lick from top to bottom, he stuck his tongue inside her. At the same time he used his index fingers to put pressure on her clit. She grabbed his shoulders, trying to stay standing, her muscles quivering as he increased both the speed of his tongue and the pressure of his fingers.

“Oh baby, fuck me with your tongue!” She yelled as she came, the sound bouncing around the shower.

Keeping a hold on his shoulders, her leg fell off him, and she slid down the wall until she was sitting in front of him. She pushed against his chest until he too was sitting. Using both of her hands, she gripped his cock, and squeezed so the head was sticking out above her thumbs. Licking her lips, she wrapped them around the head. With it inside her mouth, she circled it with her tongue and felt it growing hard in her hands. Relaxing her grip, she lowered and raised her head, until once again he filled the space in her maltepe escort hands. Letting go with her hands, using her lips as a guide, she took all of him in her mouth, slowly, her tongue tracing patterns over his skin.

He wrapped his hand in her long brown hair, holding her still while he thrust with his hips. Using her finger, she drew circles around his balls, gently tickling his ass. It was too much for him. With a loud moan, he shoved her head as far down as she would go, his hot cum shooting down her throat. She swallowed and licked, until he was dry. Grabbing her arms, he pulled her up, and while he was still hard, shoved inside her. She gasped at big and hard his cock was, and how good he felt deep inside her. Placing her feet on either side of his hips, she lifted and lowered herself, taking all of him each time. With a groan, he laid her on the floor of the shower, and plunged back into her, pounding into her.

She locked her ankles around his back, and lifted her hips to meet each thrust. Leaning back, he slid his hand between them, and using his thumb, pressed on her clit. When he felt her clenching him, heard her moaning his name, he shoved as far into her as he could go, increasing the pressure on her clit, and let go, shooting his cum in her, mixing with the juices flowing from her pussy.

Laying his forehead against hers, he smiled.

“Now that, was a nice homecoming!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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