Fun On The Water

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The day was hot, really hot. The kind of day where, if you weren’t on the water, you were wasting your time doing anything else.

Alex and Alicia were blasting along the lake, the 150-horse outboard behind them spinning at high revs. Alex, at the wheel, was enjoying the feel of the warm air blowing through his hair as he stood looking over the windshield. Alicia, in the open bow, was lying back on the cushions there, sunglasses in place, catching a few rays while trying to hold a big sun hat on her head.

As the sun beat down on his bare back, Alex wondered at the novelty of a huge lake in the middle of the desert. But, here in the southwest U.S., huge man-made impoundments were common and attracted water sports enthusiasts from across the country.

Sipping a cold beer as he guided the 18-footer down the lake, Alex occasionally pushed up his sunglasses as he looked for a suitable spot for an evening’s angling. Alicia hadn’t wanted to go fishing, but he had coaxed her by telling her they could spend all of the next day water skiing – one of Alicia’s favourite pastimes.

Man, that sun is hot, thought Alex to himself. Good thing I slapped on plenty of sunblock, otherwise, I’d be fried to a crisp out here. Alex looked down at Alicia in front of him in the bow, about to ask her if she needed more sunblock, when his thoughts went back to that morning in their tent at the campground.

The temperature had cooled quite a bit during the night and the two were snuggly ensconced in their sleeping bags when the sun came up. Outside their tent, a number of birds had woken up and were chirping loudly. A squirrel was letting the world know it was awake by barking at everything about its favourite tree.

Alex, who always woke slowly, even groggily, had been enjoying an erotic dream and had an accompanying erection. As he became aware of the new day, he also became aware of a very pleasurable feeling. Looking down the length of his sleeping bag, he noticed, as he had felt, Alicia’s hand stroking him through the sleeping bag.

“You know,” she said, as she smiled at him from her sleeping bag, “a pole is supposed to hold up the tent, not the sleeping bags.” Watching his face, Alicia continued running her hand over Alex’s erection, knowing she was turning him on – which was just as well, because she had woken up hot and horny and was looking forward to a little pre-breakfast entertainment.

For his part, Alex just lay back and let Alicia’s fingers wander over him, enjoying the sensation. “You, know, that feels pretty incredible,” he said. “Too bad the sleeping bag seems to dull the sensation a little. There must be some way we could improve things.”

Alicia was way ahead of him. Since she had woken up before Alex, hot and horny, she had been thinking of how to make love to him. “I know exactly how to improve things,” she whispered. “You and your pole stay right there and I’ll show you.”

With that, Alicia had crawled out of her sleeping bag, naked. On her knees, she enjoyed a slow, sultry stretch, lifting her arms above her head, which pulled her breasts taut. Moving over to Alex, she kneeled on the pillow above his head, which was all that was showing of him. Bending over, she kissed his forehead, then his eyes and finally his lips.

Alicia probed into his mouth with her tongue as Alex rolled his eyes up to look at her breasts, which were swinging free. God they’re beautiful, he thought to himself. Inside his sleeping bag, Alex unzipped it a little so he could get his arms out. He then reached up and cupped Alicia’s breasts in his hands, fondling them and rolling the nipples with his fingertips.

Alicia moaned into his mouth, then moved to kiss his chest. As she kissed her way down his chest, Alex began sucking on her nipples. Alicia then put her head inside his sleeping bag and began kissing her way further down his body to his belly button, which she stopped to lick, and finally to his penis. As she mecidiyeköy escort reached his penis, she spread her legs to straddle Alex’s head.

In the dark of the sleeping bag, Alicia pulled Alex’s foreskin back and began to slowly lick her way around the head of his penis. Alex was lying back, enjoying the view of Alicia’s pussy when, down below, she took him into her mouth. Alex moaned as her lips fastened around his shaft and she began sucking him. He reached into the sleeping bag to fondle Alicia’s breasts, which elicited a muffled moan from deep within the bag.

Alex couldn’t help but notice, as Alicia began bobbing up and down on his shaft, that her pussy was getting nice and wet. Spread wide, he could see moisture on the lips and her clitoris peeking at him. Reaching back, Alicia began lightly fingering herself, much to Alex’s enjoyment. She ran a slim finger up and down her lips, then gently inserted it into herself, probing.

After some moments of pleasuring herself and Alex both, Alicia pulled her finger out of her pussy and motioned for Alex to take over, by curling her finger and pointing at her pussy. Alex was happy to oblige. Lifting his head, he began kissing Alicia’s thighs, then gently started kissing her pussy. As he ran his tongue up and down her lips, she cupped his balls inside the sleeping bag and kept sucking.

Alex could feel himself nearing an orgasm and he moved to Alicia’s clit, licking and sucking on it. His sucking had the effect he had hoped for, as Alicia moaned again and sucked him harder as she ground against his mouth. With both nearing orgasm they picked up their pace, Alicia deep throating Alex as he quickly licked her clit. Finally, they both exploded, Alex shooting his cum into the back of Alicia’s throat and she gushing over Alex’s face.

As their orgasms racked their bodies, they slowed their oral fun until Alicia, with one last long suck, then a lick, began kissing her way bag up Alex’s body and out of the sleeping bag. “God, there’s not much air in there,” she gasped, laughing, “I thought I was going to pass out.”

The memory of the morning’s encounter had Alex in the midst of an erection once again and he smiled with a secret enjoyment.

“I said, what kind of a fishing spot are you looking for?” Alicia shouted over the engine noise. “We’ve been going this way for quite awhile, is one spot really better than any other?” Taking her hat off and setting in the bottom of the boat, she moved across the bow seats until she was in front of the low-cut windshield in front of him. Her long brunette hair swirled around her stunning face.

“You remember I said I didn’t really want to go fishing this morning?” she asked, now that she was closer to him.

“Yeah, I remember, but do you remember I said we could ski all day tomorrow?”

“Sure,” she said, as she pulled her thin T-shirt up over her head. “But I can see by looking at you that you’re thinking of doing something else now.” Her breasts were in all their glory before him, the sun shining down to highlight the vision. They bobbed gently as the boat bounced over a slight chop on the water. Then, as she stared at his crotch, she pressed her breasts against the hot glass of the windshield, flattening them against the glass, which made the nipples look like tiny targets in the middle of her aureolas.

Looking at this entirely new view of her, Alex ‘s erection quickly reached its full eight inches and pushed against the thin material of his swim suit. Looking at his now full-size erection, Alicia laughed and said, “I thought you wanted to use your fishing pole today?”

“I do, but the beauty of this pole is that it’s always handy and ready for use. There’s no rigging, or setting up, or anything.”

Alicia got up and moved through the opening between the open bow windows to where Alex was standing at the wheel. Taking one hand from the steering wheel, she inserted nişantaşı escort herself between it and him. With the wheel rubbing against her bum as he steered, she put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Running her fingers through his short, black hair, she probed his mouth with her tongue.

“With these sunglasses on, I wouldn’t know what you were thinking about,” she said, pulling away to look at him. “But,” she pushed against his erection, “your fishing pole here tells me exactly what you’re thinking about.”

Moving her arms around Alex’s waist, Alicia pressed against him so her breasts were flattened against his muscular chest and his penis was pressed solidly against her belly. As they continued kissing and tonguing each other, Alex’s hand moved to the throttle, where he eased it back a little. He was having a hard time concentrating on what was ahead on the water.

As the boat slowed somewhat, Alicia slipped a hand inside his swimsuit and wrapped her fingers around his penis. Alex pulled his mouth from hers as he noticed a floating tree in the water and had to steer around it. As he did so, Alicia slipped the waistband of his suit under his penis, freeing it from the confines of the material. Then, with both hands, she pushed the flimsy material down his waist a little and from there it fell to the floor.

With Alex’s firm six-foot body now fully naked under the hot sun but for his sunglasses, Alicia wrapped the fingers of one hand around his penis once again and cupped his balls with the other. Kissing again, Alex took a hand from the wheel to alternately fondle her breasts as she began slowly stroking him and fondling his balls.

Enjoying the sensation of hot sun, speed, the bouncing boat and sexual contact, neither noticed a ski boat approaching, throwing up a wake as a quite talented skier performed a few tricks. As the other boat drew closer, no doubt so the skier could show off, Alex and Alicia turned to look at a group of teenagers, who, as the boat sped by, were all watching the erotic action between the couple.

The boat roared away and Alex opened the throttle once again. Shooting across the lake again, he noticed a small inlet which led to a calm bay where he had always had good luck fishing. As they slowed to move through a narrows, Alicia slipped away from Alex and went to her beach bag, where she pulled out a bottle of sunblock. Moving behind him, she sat on the driver’s seat, squirted the warm liquid in to her hands, then began massaging it into the untanned skin of Alex’s buttocks. “Can’t have you burning to a crisp out here,” she said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to spank you.”

As Alicia massaged the fluid into his buttocks, Alex pulled the throttle all the way back, shut down the engine and leaned on the windshield. Now in the middle of the quiet bay, the boat rocked gently as Alicia continued her work. Running a slippery hand up the crack of his ass, Alicia announced she was all done and needed a little looking after herself. Moving back in front of the boat’s steering wheel, she handed Alex the bottle and leaned back over the wheel against the windshield.

Alex squirted the sunblock into his hands, then began massaging it into Alicia’s chest. She had well-defined bikini lines and Alex slowly worked the sunblock into the lighter skin on her chest, her breasts and her nipples. Looking into Alex’s mirror sunglasses, she watched as his hands moved across her, turning her on. Cupping her hands between them, Alicia said, “give me some of that stuff.”

Alex squirted a large amount of the sunblock into her hands and went back to her breasts, now to stroke and fondle them and gently manipulate her nipples. Alicia, her hands now dripping with sunblock, reached down and began working the liquid into his penis and balls.

Pushing back the foreskin, she worked the sunblock around the head of his penis, then spread it over the smooth otele gelen escort skin, gently squeezing and stroking as she did so. As she worked it around his balls, Alex moaned and Alicia giggled. “We can’t have you getting a sunburn on your tent, fishing and fun pole. It would ruin our whole holiday.”

“That’s true,” said Alex, “but I think I’ve had enough of that.” He took the waistband of Alicia’s skimpy shorts and pulled them down, baring her long legs and beautiful body to the sun. Running his hands up her legs to her thighs, he ran his fingers over her mound and, as Alicia moaned with pleasure, he ran a finger through her dark hair, over the lips and lightly touched her clitoris.

“Oh, God,” she gasped. “I need you to ball me, right now.”

“Glady,” he said. “Come here.” Alex led her to the seats in the back of the boat where she kneeled on them and bent over their backs. He moved behind her. As Alicia put her hands on the gunwale near the engine, Alex slowly pushed his penis into her pussy. As he began slowly fucking her, they noticed the other ski boat making its way into the bay.

“Shit, it’s those kids again,” said Alex. “What should we do?”

“Do? Don’t do anything. Just keep balling me. It feels way too good to stop. Who cares if we give them a show.”

As Alex went as deep as he could into Alicia, he noticed the boatful of teens had slowed and stopped some distance away. He also noticed though, that all six of them, girls and boys, seemed to have a pair of binoculars. “Looks like we’ve got quite an audience now,” he said.

“I don’t give a damn,” moaned Alicia as she looked over at the other boat and gave them the finger. “Just give me that wonderful cock of yours.”

Alex kept his balance as the boat rocked and continued plunging into Alicia, who met his thrusts with her own. After a few minutes, they could both feel they were nearing orgasm. Sweat was beading on Alex’s forehead and running down his chest, while Alicia put her fingers in the sweat between her breasts and massaged into her breasts. Her back, Alex noticed, now had a nice wet sheen to it.

He knew Alicia was almost ready to cum, because she had placed her hands on the seat back and was thrusting back against him, hard. Leaning to the side to watch Alicia’s breasts swinging as they fucked, he asked her if she was ready.

Taking her quiet moan and nod as an answer, Alex took a firmer grip on her hips and began pounding into her pussy, from tip to balls, picking up speed again. Alicia could only whisper yes, yes, yes. Finally, as they usually managed to do, they both came together, with Alex shooting his cum deep inside Alicia. As he slowed his probing, they both moaned and panted from their exertions.

With the blood now not pounding through their bodies, they could hear the lapping of water against the hull, the moist sounds of Alex’s penis easing itself in and out of Alicia’s pussy – and laughter and whoops from the boatload of teens.

As Alex pulled out of her, Alicia said, “take a bow, baby, you were incredible.”

“You too,” said Alex, as Alicia straightened from her position over the boat seat. “Show those punks what a goddess looks like.” Together, they turned to face the other boat and took a deep bow.

Alex then moved behind Alicia, fondled her breasts and reached a hand to her pussy to give the kids a show. Pushing his hands away from her, Alicia held Alex and moved him back in front of her. Turning them both so they were side-on to the other boat, Alicia then dropped to her knees and quickly stroked Alex to erection again. With him hard once more, she pulled him into her mouth and deep throated him several times.

“I think that’s enough of a show,” said Alex. As Alicia popped off of his penis, he turned, took a couple of steps back to the wheel and punched the engine starter. As it roared into life, the other boat fired up and sped away, with the teens all waving at them.

“I bet they’ll have an interesting evening,” said Alex, watching them as they moved away. “I’m sure those boys have never seen a body like yours.”

“I bet they all have interesting wet dreams for years,” said Alicia, laughing. “And I’m certain those girls have never had the chance to enjoy a fishing pole like yours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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