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Philip Johnson

Chapter One

When he entered the room, it was the same assembly of faces, the same conference room, the same wishes of good morning as he sat in his usual place. The only thing different this morning, was somebody was out of place, somebody was forcing change. As a consequence, Nina had to sit next to him. “Morning, Phil” she said.

“Morning, Nina.” They opened their laptops and went about opening their appropriate files for the meeting. That long, boring meeting that required a lot of coffee and effort just to stay awake.

As the meeting droned on and on, Phil’s eyes were wandering over the top of his computer. There was Max the alcoholic with permanently bloodshot eyes, then on to Wilma, stocky and matronly and really nice. Phil’s eyes continued around the table from person to person until they settled on Nina sitting next to him. Bashful, cute in a way, dressed nicely and possibly a nice shape, but dressed so conservatively, that it was hard to tell. When his eyes slid past her laptop, he noticed she was reading a poem. At least she had something to occupy her mind to help her stay awake. Phil allowed his eyes to stay on her screen in an attempt to share her poem and he read,

One soft kiss
a gentle caress
slow dancing on the living room floor.
I close my eyes
and hold you close
yet still I ache for more.
Holding hands
down the hall
anticipating the…

and that was as far as he could read, quickly looking away when Nina’s eyes glanced his way. He sat there smiling to himself thinking, well now isn’t this a surprise. That more than gave him something to think about for the remainder of the meeting. Had she been reading this kind of material for a long time, or was this something new for her?

With the meeting finally over, everybody returned to their offices or cubicles, and the day continued. Over the next few days, Phil found his mind going back to the erotic poem on Nina’s computer. That whole idea was incongruous to him. She wasn’t a prude as far as he could tell, but her mannerisms and dress were so inconsistent with that poem, that he couldn’t help, but watch her more closely. Phil had never seen or heard of Nina being involved with anybody. He had to admit he was intrigued by the whole idea.

One day, without conscious thought, he realized he was making more of an effort to say hi to her, or have a brief conversation with her in the coffee shop on the first floor. Also, without conscious thought, he was working on an idea to entertain himself and hopefully her too. On one of his many trips past her office, he stuck his head in and said, “Give me your email address and I’ll send you a cute joke.” Once he had that, he smiled at her, waved, and headed back to his office to forward his message to her, receiving a quick message in return saying he was right, it was cute.

He set up a separate email account and waited a full week before sending her his first message from an admirer. It was innocent enough and just said, “I’ve had the good fortune of seeing you on a regular basis. You, your looks, and especially your eyes, have always impressed me. I’m not a nut or somebody that would ever hurt you physically or emotionally, I’m just…an admirer.” It was short, flattering, non threatening and hopefully, she would enjoy getting it. After waiting several days and not receiving a negative reply from her he sent another one saying, “I heard you talking to someone the other day, and to me your voice sounded so gentle and sensitive. Are you gentle and sensitive? Do you enjoy sharing soft music and wine? Your admirer.” It had been Phil’s intent just to be nice to Nina and have some innocent fun. What he didn’t expect was to discover, he didn’t have to invent these things to say. By paying more attention to her, he was noticing that she did indeed have nice eyes and a soft voice. He felt better about it knowing all he had to do was tell the truth.

He sent his next email the day of beşiktaş escort their next meeting in the conference room and he wrote, “I was glad to see you wear that blouse today. It’s tasteful, flattering, and yet…sexy. I’m a big believer in auras, and I have no doubt that were I allowed to stand close to you and experience yours, I would be an even bigger admirer of you.” At the meeting, Nina sat next to Phil again. “Are you ready for another of these meetings, Nina?”

“More or less, I’ll just sit here and read my laptop again.”

“I guess I should do that too. It might help me stay awake.”

“Just be sure to read something that’s important to you, or it will just make things worse.”

“If you see me nodding off, give me a poke would you?”

“I’ll do that.” The meeting was well under way before Phil could get a glimpse at her computer and saw another poem, but what caught his eye the most was his email. She had pasted it in with her poems and that spoke volumes to him. She had said, read something important, and there was his message to her. This was getting better all the time.

There had been no replies from Nina, negative or positive…that is until his last post. “Dear Admirer, I’m not quite sure what to think about your attention. You say you mean no harm, and I’ve seen no evidence that you might, yet I’m still a little concerned. I’m flattered, of course, but cautious and curious. What prompted this wave of attention toward me?”

He waited for several days just to keep the suspense going and then responded, “I guess it goes to that saying, none are so blind, as those that would not see. I guess I was choosing not to see the obvious. I find you intriguing, complex, and yes, alluring.” It was only a couple of days later that Phil received an email from Nina.

“Are you sure you mean alluring? The definition of alluring is rather strong and telling, you know.” Try as he might, Phil couldn’t wait for several days this time.

“Dear Nina, I do indeed know what alluring means. It means tempting strongly, or provocative, and that’s just what I find in you. At the risk of offending you, I’ll go farther and admit that I saw you holding your finger near your neck, and you were absent mindedly drawing a line from your neck, down the front into the vee of your blouse. It was a purely innocent gesture I’m sure, and yet in my mind it was erotic, and I could imagine your finger continuing its travels. I so wished I could be that finger.” Phil sent that one fully expecting to get a flaming response and the fun would be over, but it was time to advance the game just a little.

Chapter Two

There was no response forthcoming from Nina that time. Had he scared her away, or offended her? It finally dawned on Phil, that even if it didn’t scare her, it was scaring him a little. Instead of smiling to himself and simply enjoying the little game, he discovered he was totally immersed in it now. He wanted to seduce her with his words. He wanted to verbally turn her on. Every day, he would check his email and sometimes twice a day, but no response was forthcoming until the seventh day. “Dear Admirer. Your last message certainly caused me to think a lot. Was that your intention? I was not aware that I was doing what you described, but thinking back, I guess I do that on occasion. I wonder why?” Was she trying to tease Phil just a little? Maybe she was getting into the game a little more.

Phil thought that maybe it was time to try something a little different this time. So he waited a couple of days, then drafted his email, deleted it and tried again. “My Dear Nina, would you forgive me if I made a small request? I remember once, you wore a beautiful camel colored skirt. It fit you perfectly, and you looked stunning in it, and I’ve not seen you wear it since. Could I perhaps beg you to wear that for me? I know I’m being selfish, and forgive me for that, please.” It was a short message, but it beylikdüzü escort was loaded with significance. Would she? If she did, would she do more? There was no return message and no skirt for several days, but finally on the sixth day the reply was waiting for him.

“Dear Admirer, I shouldn’t be doing this I’m sure, but I’ll wear it for you today. You do remember don’t you, that it’s very short, and I have to be so careful how I sit? You didn’t say what blouse you wanted so I had to just guess.

Phil had all he could do just to not go running down there to see her. He had to wait a long time and make certain that he was casual when he saw her. He also had to find a way to watch her without her knowing it. He lasted until eleven when he went in search of her. Finding her in the coffee shop downstairs, he stood back for several minutes admiring her legs and her willingness to please him. Her top was a red simple loose fitting cotton thing with three top buttons undone. It showed enough of her chest to make him look, but not enough to look cheap. It wasn’t uncommon for him to stop and talk to her down there, so he got his cup of black coffee and headed toward her table. When she invited him to sit down, he said, “I can’t stay, Nina. I just wanted to stop and tell you how fantastic you look today.”

“Thank you, Phil. You sure you don’t have time?”

“Well, maybe just a few minutes.” He could no longer see her legs, but he had a nice view of her breasts…just too bad they were so covered. After just a few minutes, he made his apologies and headed back to his office hoping his half grown manhood wasn’t too visible.

As soon as he was seated at his desk he wrote, “Pretty Nina, I see you wore the skirt for me. Just as I remembered, you look wonderful in it. I also saw you had an admirer at your table. I can only imagine he was wishing his hand could go everywhere his eyes were going. I liked the loose blouse, as I found that very sexy too. Did you wear a bra under it? I guess I’ll just have to fantasize that you didn’t. I know I shouldn’t be saying or even thinking those things, but I can’t help what you do to me. What were you thinking today?”

A few days later Phil got a response to his email. “Dear Admirer, you’re right, you shouldn’t be saying those things, but you’re forgiven. I did seem to have an admirer didn’t I? Were you jealous that I have two admirers? I like knowing that you find me attractive, or as you put it alluring. I don’t know what I was thinking that day I guess, except that I was feeling warm and daring all day. I hope nobody looked up my skirt. Oh, and by the way, I was wearing a bra that day, but it was a small lacy one, a demi bra. You know you are a tease not letting me know just who you are.” Phil reread her reply again and just sat there a minute. She seemed to be really getting into the game now.

He lasted all of two days before his next email to her that Wednesday morning. “Sweet Nina, to answer your question first, no, I wasn’t jealous exactly, more like envious that I couldn’t be there. I’ll bet he didn’t want to leave when he did. I haven’t seen you yet today, and I don’t know if this is possible, but I’m going to ask you to do something else for me. I’d like you to take your panties and bra off, and slip them into a large envelope. Put the envelope on the corner of your desk with the name Mr. Marks on it, and then go downstairs for coffee. Would you be willing to do that for me? I know it’s a lot to ask, so if you don’t want to I’ll understand. I want to be able to see you, and know you’re not wearing any underwear, and that you’re doing it for me. It will drive me crazy, but I’m sure you know that.” This game had been going on for a few weeks now, and Phil had no idea where it would end up, but he sure as hell couldn’t stop now. What would he do if she did remove her bra and panties for him?

He waited an hour and then walked past her desk. There was an envelope beyoğlu escort on the corner of the desk, and she was gone. He looked around as best he could without being obvious, and retrieved the envelope. Trying to act casual, he walked back to his office. It was pretty difficult trying to hide his erection, especially trying to hide it with the envelope with her panties and bra in it. As soon as he was in his office, he ripped the envelope open and there they were, white and lacy and just a hint of her sweet scent on them. All he had wanted to do was tease her for a while, and now he was a basket case as he sat there fondling her undergarments wanting to see her now. He quickly put the envelope in his drawer and made a dash for the coffee shop. As he entered he forced himself to slow down, grab some coffee and scan the room. There she sat sipping coffee in a short skirt and loose blouse and no underwear. He was torn, if he stayed there he was going to go nuts, but if he went over he’d likely go nuts too. He had to go over for just a minute.

“Hi Nina, mind if I join you?”

“No…uh, no, of course not.” She gave him her best smile as she flashed pink cheeks and shifted in her chair.

“You look very nice this morning, you seem to be glowing.”

“Thank you, Phil.” She seemed a little restless in her chair, and her hand kept going to her chest, almost touching her left breast. Phil was breaking out in a sweat, and Nina said, “You okay Phil, you look warm or something.”

Looking at her he said, “I feel a little warm.” All he wanted to do, was reach out and touch her unencumbered tits and feel their warmth through her blouse. “If you’ll excuse me, Nina, I think I better head upstairs.”

“Nice to see you Phil.” Getting up without her seeing his erection was nearly impossible, and he didn’t know if he succeeded. As soon as he was in his office, he locked his door and jacked off in her panties like a teenager, and like a teenager it only took him a couple of minutes. He had to do something soon to bring this to a head. He wanted her more than anything in his life now. He didn’t want her just for a night of sex, but something much more long lasting.

He put her soiled panties in the envelope, and sent her an email quickly. “My Dear Sweet Nina, how can I thank you for what you did today? I have spent a good part of this day nearly breathless knowing you are naked under your skirt and blouse. I have to be very careful now, because my arousal is so obvious to anybody that might happen to look.” Phil sent it quickly before he could say more. His lark, his game had become his obsession, and Nina had become his passion.

In less than an hour after Phil had sent his email there was a knock on his office door. “Come in.”

“Got a few minutes, Phil?”

“Uh, hi Nina, sure come on in.” She entered, closed his door and locked it behind her.

“Phil, for my whole life I’ve been conservative, and proper, and I don’t want to be that way any longer. I can’t do this anymore, Phil. This game has gone farther than I ever anticipated it would.”

“You knew it was me?”

“Of course, I knew it was you, Phil honey.” She continued to stand there and turn them both on by lightly playing with herself.

“But how?”

“Phil, it all started with erotic poem didn’t it?”

“You knew I’d read part of it?”

“I made sure you had every opportunity, yes. I was setting you up to tease you, to play an innocent game. I arranged to sit next to you in the meetings you know, but what I intended as a harmless game, became my obsession. When I started getting emails from you, I didn’t know if you were being honest or not, but I wanted to think so.”

“I mean everything I have written to you, Nina. All along, I thought I was the one that started the game, and then became obsessed with wanting you.”

Her eyes were moist as she said, “I’ve thought about you for so very long.” Without saying another word, she slowly removed her blouse to reveal her two modest but beautiful breasts. Her heart was racing, and Phil’s cock was stone hard as she followed that by letting her skirt fall to the floor. She stood before him naked now and saying, “I want you, Phil. Right here, right now, just you and me, and no more games.”

The End.

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