Generous Repayment Plan

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There was this blonde with larger than average breasts who was rubbing them against my arm, my chest, my head and face. She kissed me, trailing more lip caresses down my neck, pecs, nipples, abs, and navel. Her hands found my penis and testicles and began tenderly fondling and caressing them.

“Do you want me to suck you with my mouth and throat, honey?” She asked.

I was about to answer her when I felt a growing awareness.

‘Wait, I was asleep and dreaming. Now I’m not.’ I thought. ‘Then why can I still feel the hand on my penis? But it’s not the same hand from the dream. It was exploring leisurely as I awoke more fully.’

‘But to whom does it belong? It’s slowly exploring, not in a hurry, seemingly curious about what it was feeling. Whatever it is smells really good too, and somewhat familiar. Wait, I know where that’s from!’

My eyes popped open as I struggled to process what was happening. I was flat on my back and only my left leg was covered by the sheet. The rest of me was open to the world. There was the hand caressing my genitals. Now the other hand joined it. I was definitely awake as my growing erection rewarded those hands with more to hold and play with. I was afraid to look at her face and when I did, all I could see was the top of her head, her bleach-blonde hair falling around her shoulders and my belly while she watched her hands working on me. I didn’t want to break the spell, but I had to. I knew who it was from the size and look of her hands and hair, and her unique perfume.

“Karen? What’s going on?” I asked, knowing by now that it had to be my best friend’s wife.

Turning her head up to face mine, she replied, “Hi, honey. I thought you must be waking up when I felt this getting bigger,” She gave my cock a firm stroke for emphasis.

My best friend, Ken had called me the morning before with a major computer problem that he need help with. The only way to fix it was to drive down there to their home which was quite a drive since they had moved further away several years ago. So I had hopped in my car and rushed down there to help them since I knew how much their computer meant to their home business. It had that acrid smell of burnt electronic parts. It took most of the rest of the day to identify the bad parts and find the nearest store to buy replacements. They had taken me out to the nearby casino for a wonderful dinner and a bit of gambling afterward.

“You know, it’s getting late and I’ve still got a long drive home. I should get going soon.” I stated.

“Hey, that’s crazy. You can’t drive home this late at night when you’re tired. So have another drink or two and stay over at our place. It wouldn’t be the first time. Come on. Whatta ya say?” Ken asked me.

I had stayed over before many years ago when they were dating, and even after they were married. They lived near a party town and I had even brought home a few young ladies to share and comfort one another. No sluts! My friends didn’t mind.

“OK. Besides, when we got the computer up and running, I could see that you need some software and setting changes. I can probably speed it up by 20-30%.”

“OK, then it’s settled. I’ll even make you a big breakfast tomorrow,” Karen said with a smile. “Now, have another drink and let’s celebrate you rescuing our PC again. We’re buying.”

We stayed another couple of hours and returned to their nice home. They put me up in their spare bedroom and I had fallen fast asleep very quickly. The next thing I knew I was having that sexy dream.

And now I said to the woman stroking my cock, “I mean, why are you doing that with your hands?”

“You have done so much for us. I have to repay you somehow. So I thought of this,” Karen said, giving me another good stroke.

“Oh my God! You can’t do that. Ken is my best friend, and he’s right across the hall. Isn’t he?”

“Don’t worry. Ken always likes to have one last sip of beer before going to bed. I slipped a sleeping pill into it tonight. He won’t wake up until very late in the morning at the earliest. He wouldn’t mind but it’s better if he doesn’t know or see it. We talked about rewarding or helping you out in some way for all your help today and all the times in the past and we know you won’t take any money for it. He doesn’t need to know all the details. Just relax and trust me.” She smiled in a comforting way.

She was sitting beside my hip on her knees with her hips on her feet, back straight up, lovely blond hair flowing freely around her shoulders. She wore a see-through lavender baby doll that didn’t quite cover her luscious rounded hips, and with no bra underneath, her large round breasts strained against the material, only partially covered by her hair. The panties were a matching lavender pair of low-rise bikinis that seemed to be undersize from the way those round hips pressed out as she sat on her feet beside him. They were also sheer, not the kind she was wearing earlier to the casino I’m sure. Those nice big breasts pressed firmly into the material, taksim rus escort as if they were trying to escape. I wanted to touch the two large, brown areola and firm nipples molding their way toward me as they moved in and out with her breath. Down below, her short baby doll only covered her little bikini panties because she was sitting. The cute “V” disappeared into the narrowing space between her tightly clenched legs. I wondered what her round hips must look like from behind. One cheek pressed into my hip, the other peeked out from under the side of the nightie. Her knees faced me, alongside me. She looked pretty good for a 40ish year old. They had never had kids and she kept herself in good shape. My mind said, ‘NO’ but my cock said, ‘YES’!

“But, you’re stroking my cock.”

“Mmm. Yes, I am. Remember back when you used to bring all those girls here for sleepovers, back when Ken and I were still dating? Well, I heard the sounds you and they made. I didn’t often make those noises with Ken, who I love very much, by the way. I always wondered what they were so excited about. I also know you haven’t had a girlfriend for a while since your divorce. So I thought, ‘What guy wouldn’t want a handjob’, so here I am.”

“I might have thought I could just come in and do it without you waking. Maybe I’m not thinking clearly after the drinking. If you don’t want me to do this, I’ll stop.”

However, she never stopped. It was too late now. A hard cock pushes guilt aside pretty quickly. I touched her thigh with my hand and my cock twitched. She felt it and her light red lips smiled while stroking slightly faster. My head stretched back into the pillow as I tightened my hips to force the cock up into her warm hand involuntarily.

She sensed my resignation to let her follow through with what she had started. It was too late to stop her, even if I wanted to, which I didn’t. She joined the stroking hand with her other hand, squeezing and weighing my balls in her delicate hands. Leaning over slightly, she spit a big wad onto my cock head and rubbed it in with both hands. They glided smoothly over my growing cock now.

“Where did you learn that trick?”

“Ken’s porno, and the internet,” She smiled.

“No, don’t stop. I guess it’s alright then.” I stated resolutely.

I watched her hands working my firm cock and tightening balls with some amount of skill. Then my eyes wandered back to her breasts straining against the thin, almost transparent material, her dark nipples grew hard with each stroke of my cock and showed that she was really enjoying this too. Her thighs clenched together, and I imagined it was to feel pressure on her own genitals which she could not touch right now because her hands were very busy on me.

My right hand touched her knee. She looked over at it and sighed, still stroking me. I moved it up the top of her smooth, soft thigh, until my fingers touched the edge of her top, and found their way under it to touch the crease where her left leg meets her front hip bone. My hand went back down the leg to the knee, and repeated the upward stroke on her right leg. This time, my little finger was touching the top of her mound just above her clit through the sheer panties at the triangle where her legs and body met. Her tight thighs pressed it out firmly into the tiny gap that remained, just enough for my little finger to rub very slightly. I squeezed her thigh, letting my little finger brush through her strip of pubic hair. Now looking at me looking at her, she instinctively spread her knees wider and wider until the puffy slit of her camel toe pussy came into view for me, still covered by the thin material.

There was a longing in her eyes that I had never seen before. And why should I? I had never even thought of her in this way before, much less seeing her breasts and pussy. I moved my hand around to the inside of her thigh, gently caressing it, my fingertips touching the outer edge of her pussy lips under the sheer panties. She instinctively rotated her hips toward me with a clench of her ass muscles. My fingers stretched the material aside enough to reach her pussy lips and clit, where I rubbed them both. She spread her legs further to allow the fingers to do their will. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath at the first touch of her clit, and breathed it out through open lips as her mouth made a circle.

“Up on your knees!” I commanded with my hands meeting the upper band of her brief bikini bottoms. She quickly understood and rose up on her knees beside me, her right hand still stroking my cock, awaiting my next move. I pulled the garment down over her stomach and hips, down to her knees and back where she quickly pulled it down her calves and kicked it away. There was only a small patch of hair there, in a strip above her vagina where she had had a recent bikini wax or shave. I could tell the rest would be clean and smooth. In this position, her barely covered breasts were right in front and above my eyes. They were bigger taksim türbanlı escort and firmer than I had expected. Hell, I had never HAD any expectations about them before now but there they were, big and firm, straining at the material, her chest heaving slowly up and down, watching me watch them.

“Do you like them?” she queried.

“Yes, yes I do very much.”

“Do you want to touch them? You know; if it would help you or anything… I wouldn’t mind at all, I’m sure.”

I reached my hands up to lift both breasts up from beneath, then all around, playing with and feeling them through the thin material, avoiding her nipples as long as I could. Then when I could wait no longer, I rubbed both nipples with my thumbs before pinching them between my thumbs and forefingers. She took a deep breath and pressed them both into my eager hands, squeezing my dick in her excitement.

“Do you come a lot?” She asked unexpectedly, probably getting more uninhibited from the drinks. She doesn’t normally talk this way.

“I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know what other men do, but I suppose I do, yes.”

“Oh, good! And if I can make you come, can you get hard again?”

“Oh, I can come alright. You keep stroking like that and I’ll come all over. As far as getting hard again, that’s up to you”

“I’ll do my best. Then we’ll see about the rest.”

She took my right hand from her breast and placed it on her firm left buttock. With her still upright beside me on her knees, she spread her legs apart for me to do whatever I wanted to her lower regions. I felt both ass cheeks and felt her muscles tightening under my touch. Then my fingers found their way into the crack of her ass and spread it apart. My fingers touched her little puckered ass hole and she gasped but didn’t move away.

“Wait. I’ll be right back”

She returned in seconds with a bottle of edible lube and squeezed some onto my cock and her hand, and rubbed some onto her own pussy with the other hand, reaching way down and back where I knew she had covered her ass too, then put the bottle in reach and got back on her knees beside me with her hips on her knees where they were before I had removed her bottom, this time with her legs spread wide in invitation. Her brown labia glistened in the dim light with the oil sparkling and accenting her pussy. I stretched my upturned hand between her waiting legs, feeling her warm, moist pussy with my palm, massaging her inner thighs with my fingertips touching her outer lips as they moved to me, trying to get more.

“Oh, God that feels good.” She moaned, stroking my cock firmer and faster with the lube allowing her to go as fast as she wanted. She spread it around my balls and hefted them in her palm as if weighing them in her mind, and pressing them up against my cock, stroking them together.

It wouldn’t be long for me. I flicked my fingertips over her clit, making her moan and stroke me faster. I cupped her whole pussy in the palm of my hand, rubbing her clit with my whole hand now. She had big, puffy lips there and they filled my hand quite well. I rubbed up and down them, feeling them open up and showing me the inner lips, pulsing under my touch.

“Do you like that, Karen?”

“Oh course, I do, and you know it. I think I could come on your hand. But, please, this is your thank-you present, not mine. I’m here to make your penis hard, and to make you come, and thank you for all you’ve done for us. So don’t worry about what your hand is doing to me, or the other one squeezing my breasts, and don’t worry if I’ll come or not, because I will later, for sure, one way or the other, with or without your nice hands all over me. So come for me baby. That will be my repayment when you come all over like you said you would. Do I feel good to you? You can touch me all you want. It feels great, Dave.” She blurted in obvious excitement.

I rubbed my fingers down her slit, past her vagina opening, to the little patch of skin that separated her ass hole, and lightly pressed a finger at the opening, not pressing inside. She said I could touch her all I want, right? She moaned, and twisted her body so she could engage both hands on me, both on my cock, both on my balls, one on each, changing it up and giving me lots of pleasure. My finger came back to the wet opening and inserted itself fully into her pussy, that is, as far as my long fingers would go. She breathed deeper and pressed her pussy forward over my fucking finger, certainly welcoming it inside her. Her hands worked furiously trying to get me off. She was looking at my cock only now, wanting to see it grow and throb in her ministrations. I was searching for her “G” spot while rubbing her clit with my thumb. My left hand could still reach her left breast, where it enjoyed feeling her large brown areola and nipples firm up under my fingers.

Feeling my dick throb, she stroked it as hard as she could, from the tip to the base to my balls, banging into my balls and her other taksim ucuz escort hand that was playing with them. I felt it coming. I think she did too. I thought that she must have played with Ken’s cock a lot to learn this stuff. Books and the internet are not enough to teach her this. Her wet pussy and clit, her luscious breast, her hands driving me wild was bringing me to a climax. Then she felt the first explosion in her hand and stroked it long down to the bottom where I shot my cum far up into the air. She squealed with delight and stroked again, holding it firmly at the bottom, aiming it toward my belly while stroking my balls with her left hand.

“Oh, come baby. Come more for me. Look at it shooting so far into the air.”

I just moaned loudly, squeezing her pussy with one hand and her breast with the other, pressing my hips up into her hands. I came again, this time, even further.

And over and over, the cum shot into the air, splashing onto my stomach and chest, and at least one good spurt onto her face. She stroked me slower and slower until I was obviously spent and laid my shrinking cock onto my belly.

“Let me clean that up for you, babe. That was so hot. You came all over the place.”

She twisted so her head could reach my chest, where she licked up all the puddles of cum, and turning her head up so I could see, swallowed it all for me, smiled, and went back to cleaning my belly, down and around my cock and balls, licking it all off and swallowing again. My right hand was still in her pussy when she arose and it was pushed out with a “Phloop”.

“Be right back. Don’t move. Want a drink?” She said, arising to fetch a warm wet washcloth for me and another glass of wine for both of us. She looked really sexy walking away wearing only the baby doll top and nothing else, her big boobies swaying with each step, round ass cheeks bouncing below her nice strong back.

She returned shortly with a couple of glasses of my favorite wine, Cabernet. The view from the front was even better than the rear view was when she was walking away. I accepted mine and drank a good bit to quench my dry mouth. She used a warm washcloth to carefully wash my chest and penis and testicles of any leftover sweat and cum. Also, she rubbed her own pussy and ass, silently sighing from the comfort of the warm dampness of the soothing cloth, and laid down on top of me, her crotch just above mine, breasts pressed into my own, still barely covered by the sheer material of her flimsy top, and kissed me on my shoulder and neck, her freshly dyed longish blonde hair falling around my shoulders and head. I took this as a sign and started to kiss her lips. She pulled up abruptly.

“No! I can’t do that. I’m sorry. I want to, but it would feel too much like cheating to do that. You can kiss me anywhere else though.” She smiled, making me wonder why she would feel the need to add that. “Just lie there and rest.”

“OK, I can understand that. It was only a reflex response. I don’t remember ever making love to a woman without kissing her.”

“And you haven’t made love to me either, and you won’t! Must I remind you that this was just a ‘thank you’ present for all you’ve done for us? By the way, how did you like your present?” She quizzed, looking me in the eyes and waiting for my answer.

“Oh, I liked it very well. That was the most unexpected thing I could never imagine! Thank you very much.”

She had been talking to me with her head and chest raised up with her arms supporting her, leaving her breasts to hang down and rub my chest, her large brown areola and nipples teasing and ‘kissing’ my own nipples. She lay back down with her head by mine, breasts now flattened against me. She smelled good too, a sweet, tart familiar fragrance I had noticed from a distance before. Now, it wafted up my nostrils, down into my chest, and lower into my groin. She was lying with her legs together between mine. I placed my hands on her waist and lower back, still over the sheer nylon material. We lay together, resting as she had suggested, not talking or moving, at least not for a while. But that was not to say she had no effect on me.

Karen was a little shorter than average, but not too short. I had always thought she was stocky but I could see now that she wasn’t. Although her hips were very round and full, as I have mentioned, and those big breasts were the type commonly found on much larger women, she would be petite if she was skinny. But she wasn’t. Her fully rounded curved lines all over made her more voluptuous than I had ever imagined she was. Thinking this, my hands and fingers stretched down her spine to the top of those round hips. She rotated her pelvis up to meet them. I moved them further down, up and over the big globes where she welcomed them by tightening her hip muscles and pressing back. The material was in the way, so I pulled it up where I could feel the firm soft flesh for real. It was so soft with firm muscles underneath. Ah, this was better. She wasn’t heavy at all and she fit well on my larger body.

“You know, I didn’t even think at any time that I might get turned on by doing this for you. It never crossed my mind. I just thought I would sneak in, give you a hand job, and go back to bed, and that was the extent of my plan.” Karen confessed. “Your cock and hands are nicer than I expected.”

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