Getting My Way

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My husband, Max, came home from his European book signing tour finally. I was hornier than ever, so when I took him into the bedroom to get him in the mood I was disappointed as he promptly began snoring from exhaustion. Jet lag, I get it. I sighed and went to prepare dinner as I would have done if he hadn’t come home at all. I slept on the couch because his snoring was ridiculously loud from lack of sleep over the last twenty-four hours of hopping from airport to airport, and that’s how my night ended.

Max slept much of the next day as I finished editing my latest novel. One of the neighborhood guys who was home from college for Christmas Break came around at four in the afternoon and asked if he could cut our lawn for some extra cash. He had been around over the years and usually cut our grass in the summers. I told him sure and went back to my work as he mowed and edged our property that wasn’t small. He finished well after dark and I paid him extra as a sort of Christmas bonus.

“Thanks, Mrs. Johnson.” He tipped his hat and grinned, his kind green eyes meeting mine before he couldn’t help dropping his attention to my small breasts through my green checkered silk shirt. I hadn’t expected an encounter so didn’t have time to put on a bra and it was cold so there was definitely something to see despite my breasts not being that big to begin with. It didn’t matter. I was too old to care as I wished him a good holiday and closed the door.

At about eleven that evening, Max was up and ready to go. I made him some decaf coffee as he kissed me over my shoulder. I could feel his want for me through his robe. We hurried to the bedroom and I felt him push between my legs. He wasn’t very big and barely rubbed me inside as he quivered and came on my vagina and asshole almost immediately. I was burning and desperate for more, but Max simply sighed and went to take a shower.

“Really?” I wiped his pathetic wad from my asshole and got dressed.

I went back to work on my novel as Max emerged from the bedroom to prepare his coffee. He opened the fridge. “Ah, shit, we don’t have any soy milk.” He shook his head. “Damn, this coffee is basically ruined.”

“The grocery store is just around the corner.” I said.

“It’s cold out.” He shivered. “I don’t want to go out…. Think you could go and fetch some for me?”

It wasn’t the request, it wasn’t the idea that I would go out at eleven thirty at night to the twenty-four hour grocery store, it was the way he asked me to ‘fetch’ something–anything–for him under those conditions. Am I a dog? I wanted to say these things, but he had just gotten back from a trip. I didn’t want to start off with an argument even though he’d been a total douche since he came back as far as I was concerned.

“Please?” He begged.

If I didn’t need other things from the store as well, I wouldn’t have gone. Instead, I got up from my chair and put on a pair of tight jeans that hugged my ass, zipping up the small zipper in front, and slipped on a pair of black shoes. I put on a black thermal jacket as I zipped it to my neck. I didn’t wear any make-up and my hair was done in a haphazard knot behind my head. I grabbed my purse and went out to my Audi SUV.

The drive to the store was relaxing at midnight. I pulled into a mostly empty parking lot and got out to walk to the grocery store. It was cool and night-time so most everyone hurried to their cars after offloading their groceries or briskly rushed into the store from the cold. I stepped inside and took a handbasket opposite to my purse. I loaded it up with Max’s soymilk from the vegan section and got some eggs and bacon for the morning. I’d needed baking powder and aluminum foil, so I got those as well.

Standing in the checkout line, I heard someone approach. “Hey, Mrs. J.!” It was the guy from earlier who mowed my lawn. He had a New York Giants baseball cap that was backwards on his head.

“Hey Stuart.” I pulled his name without really remembering how I knew it. I guess he looked like a Stuart. “Nice work on the lawn earlier.”

“Sorry I didn’t edge the back.” He said, his face turning red. “I meant to come back in the morning when it was light.”

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” I pulled my purse further onto my shoulder. “Nobody sees the back anyway.”

“Yeah, but I hate to leave something unfinished.” He said and went to the opposite checkout. He was buying a three-pack of underwear and tucked under that was the purple corner of a condoms box. I checked out and finished as he took his receipt from the checkout machine. “It’s late, I’ll walk you to your car.”

“Thanks.” I said and eyed the box in his bag. “Young love, huh?” I said, nodding at the bag in his hand. His face went red as we stepped into the cold and walked down the aisle of cars.

“Yeah, I–you know, want to be safe.” He shrugged.

“You have a girlfriend or anything yet?” I asked.

He gave a long pause before he spoke a somber, “Not yet. I was hoping–

“It’ll happen.” I said as we reached my car. “Don’t worry.” I hit the ataşehir escort button to open the trunk and put my stuff inside before closing it from the key fob.

“Well….” Stuart looked toward his red Honda Civic an aisle over from mine.

I don’t know why I did what I did, but I grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and pulled his lips to mine. He was taller so he had to crane to meet me. My tongue went down his throat and I squeezed his jeans as I pushed him up against the driver’s door of my SUV. I unzipped my jacket and his hand reflexively went for my breasts. I shivered as he rolled my rock hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. I was so horny. An idea hit me as I looked into the back of my SUV. I pulled away from Stuart who looked flushed from the sudden excitement. Max and I didn’t have kids, so the seats were already rolled down. I looked around the parking lot. There wasn’t anyone anywhere.

“Come on.” I opened the passenger back door as Stuart climbed in. I climbed in after him and pulled the door closed behind me. I pulled off my jacket and heard Stuart unzip his jeans. I helped him pull them down as he leaned up against the back door to expose his rock hard cock. I immediately went down on him like he was an ice-cream cone and would melt if I wasn’t fast enough. He didn’t have the best diet–being in college–so he was salty and a little smelly, but he was a decent size and I needed it more than ever so Stuart would have to do.

“Oh geez!” He flexed his fingers as I moved up and down. Inexperienced guys never know what to do with their hands. His left palm met my nipple through the thin fabric of my checkered shirt. He awkwardly stroked my breast as I sucked his thick cock. I heard him take a deep breath and I slipped him from between my lips. “No, don’t stop!” He whispered.

I looked over at him seriously as I stroked him. “Stuart, I have twenty-five minutes before I need to be home for my husband. Can you hold on for ten minutes, just ten minutes?” I leveled with him.

Stuart blinked. “What do you mean?” He asked.

“Sexually.” I opened my eyes wide. He still didn’t understand. I sighed and grabbed the condom box, peeling the plastic off the package. They’re always so damn hard to open. Stuart stroked himself as I peeled the box tabs open and withdrew one of the square purple packets that matched the box cover. I opened the wrapper and withdrew the slick condom. “Are you a virgin?” I asked.

“Uhm…. Kind of.” He answered.

“Dammit.” I rolled my eyes and got on my knees to peel the condom over his penis. “Just try not to finish quickly, okay?” I asked.

“Sure, I guess.” He said. “Are you always so–

“Uptight?” I answered. “I haven’t been fucked properly in three weeks and you just happened to be the first dick I could get my hands on in a reasonable period of time.”

“No complaints here.” He held up his hands as I took off my jeans and soaking wet white cotton panties. I climbed on top of him. “I always had a crush on you, thought you were adorable my whole life.”

“Don’t tell anybody about this.” I said irritatedly as he unbuttoned my checkered shirt. I had to crane my neck against the ceiling of the cab of the car as I guided Stuart’s erect and covered penis into my wet vagina. “You are eighteen, right?” I glanced at him.

“Twenty-two.” He answered.

“Really?” I wrinkled my forehead. “Seriously, you’re a virgin?”

“Yeah, sorry.” He said.

“No, just–don’t cum.” I shrugged and slid down his tight young man’s cock. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as that itch was scratched. “Oh god yes….” I closed my eyes as I went down his shaft all to way to his pelvis.

“Does the condom bother you?” He asked.

“Sometimes, but now it doesn’t matter. Just kiss me.” I kissed him as he went to town like a kid in a candy store. He sucked my breasts like he’d never seen them before, squeezed my ass, and let me ride him at my leisure. I had him move down a bit so I could get a better grip on him. The floor of the SUV wasn’t very comfortable on my knees, but I didn’t care. He squeezed and pressed and pinched my nipples, twisting to see if I would react. I moved forward and kissed his lips.

“Mrs. J.,” Stuart rubbed the side of his face as I zoned out, I rubbed and scratched that itch. I rode faster and harder. “Mrs. J.–

“Shut up, just let me think.” I closed my eyes, feeling him, thinking about him as I bent my knees and stood on my socks in an awkward crouch to tighten around his cock as I pulled and yanked at his thickness. I felt like a total cougar with my shirt open and a young man between my legs. He felt so good. I rode up and down, up and down, up and down as I bit my lower lip. “Yeah….” I sighed.

“Mrs. J. I’m–

“Not yet: almost, not yet.” I panted as I did the work, riding his thick cock as he closed his eyes and whispered something. “That’s it, that’s it sweetheart!” I felt him throbbing and saw his eyes open. My heart dropped as his eyes darted back and forth avcılar escort and glazed over. I rode him for another fifteen seconds as Stuart had his first ejaculation in a female woman. His stomach tightened under his white undershirt and he opened his mouth wide.

I squeezed as much as I could out of him, running up and down until he started to soften. “Three minutes!” I shook my head. “All you could give me was three minutes?”

“Sorry Mrs. J., you’re just hot as hell and… you know, I’d never done it before.”

“Forget about it.” I said, buttoning the button between my breasts. His softened penis came out of the condom as I pulled off of him. It flopped into his fluff of brown pubic hair pathetically. I pulled the sticky condom from my vagina as it dripped his cum all over the floor of my SUV. I looked at the windows and pursed my lips. Steam only covered the bottom half of the windows. Three minutes wasn’t long enough for me to get much of anything. I’d been so close too.

I put on my pants and got out of the car as Stuart got out with me. “Thanks Mrs. J..” He squeezed my ass and put his arm around my shoulder. I put my hand on his chest and pushed him away while buttoning down the rest of my shirt.

“Have a good night, Stuart.” I opened the driver’s door and got inside. He got into his car and turned on the ignition as I pulled out of the parking lot and made my way home. Max was playing video games when I got back and put the groceries on the kitchen counter.

“You okay?” He asked from the living room.

“Yeah, I’m reactivating my Tinder account.” I said from the kitchen.

“Really?” Max scoffed.

“Yep.” I said as I pulled his soy milk out and put the other groceries away.

“I’m tired.” He whined.

“You don’t have to do anything except get locked up.” I said and took off my jacket. I walked into the living room with my arms crossed as he paused his video game. “I’m going to get the lock, and then I’m inviting someone over, now.”

“Jesus, are you serious?” Max whined as I walked into the closet and began rummaging through the toys I kept in an old shoe box. I pushed aside handcuffs, kinky bras, and half a dozen dildos and vibrators that needed new batteries. I grabbed the chastity lock with the key already in it and popped it open.

“How many girls did you fuck in Europe?” I came back into the living room.

“You said you didn’t care.” Max said.

“I don’t, but you know… it’s my turn.” I shrugged and pulled down his sweat pants as he unpaused the game to keep playing. It was cold so his small cock was already shrunken and soft. I slipped the hard plastic pieces around his dick and clamped it closed, locking the lock and removing the key after.

“Satisfied?” He asked.

“Very.” I pocketed the key.

“Really, you’re going to invite some stranger here to fuck you? Isn’t that a little ill-advised?” He asked.

“That’s kind of the fun of it.” I reinstalled the Tinder app on my phone and sat next to Max. He acted like he didn’t care as I set my profile photo. I look like a lonely Asian woman who’s desperate for attention: guys always get the ball rolling first. A dozen messages popped up and dick pics began filling my inbox. Thank you so much, 21st century; thank you, internet. You’ve truly made the world a better place. “What do you think?” I leaned over to show Max a guy who was hung like a horse.

“Too big. You don’t want to get torn in half.” He said without breaking stride in the video game.

“Mmm, you’re right. This one looks good.” I swiped over to show him a pic of a guy in a business suit with his cock out of his slacks. He was about seven inches long, really into Asian women, and was totally clean.

“You could just use a dildo and save yourself the trouble of socializing with a bunch of lonely freaks.”

I ignored him and got to chatting with the guy from the photo and found out that his name was Ryan. Within an hour he was in his car on his way to our house in Queens. He knew the situation and didn’t mind if my cuck husband was in the next room. It’s usually a turn-on for any man to know he can dominate a man’s supposedly forbidden wife as her husband is helpless in the vicinity.

Ryan arrived half an hour later and rang the doorbell. I didn’t bother changing. I opened the door and led Ryan inside by his arm. “Thanks for the invite.” He said as I took his coat.

“Hey there.” My husband said without getting up from the video game. Ryan ignored him and followed me into the bedroom. I closed and locked the door and I helped Ryan take off his blazer. He wore a nice blue shirt that was tucked into his blue slacks.

“Nice place you got here.” Ryan looked around.

“Hey Ryan.” I said in a low tone, looking at him from the tops of my eyes as I unbuttoned my shirt. “I don’t care what you think, who you think you are, who you were before you came here…. I just want you to take out your cock, and spend the next four hours making me scream like you’ve been on a boat for avrupa yakası escort the last three years and I’m the first and only woman you’ll see for another three.”

In the other room, Max was trying to focus on the plot of his video game as his dick met the painful constrictions of his lock. The wall between us thrummed as the headboard of the bed knocked repeatedly. I began to yell. It wasn’t just for pleasure–I was egging Ryan to pound my pussy harder. He’d taken off his clothes and mounted me on my and Max’s bed. His cock pumped into me as I focused on my need, my satisfaction. God it was perfect. I gazed at the wall as I pushed back against Ryan. He spanked and rammed me with all of his pelvic thrust, his ass tightening with each motion.

We kissed and I ran my hand over his hairy chest and I got on top of him and pressed the heels of my palms together. I pulled and rode his seven-inch cock with my shirt open and my small breasts bouncing. He clutched my hips and smirked like he was the luckiest man on earth to be used like this. I doubt he saw it that way. Ryan would probably brag to his friends the next day that he totally fucked the shit out of this hotwife while her husband listened from the next room. In actuality, I fucked Ryan while he sat there like a drooling dog with a hard cock.

My husband was right, I could have used a dildo if I just needed to get off. I called Ryan because I want something real, something passionate, and aggressive. I’d been so successful with my books lately that I had all this extra energy, this power that had nowhere to go. What had Max done for me? What had Stuart done for me? And then what had ‘I’ done for me? It wasn’t about dick or dildo, it was about control. It was about attention. It was about turning the tables and conquering my own frontier. It was about taking what is mine by right.

After I’d cum a dozen times and was too sore to go on, I finally climbed off Ryan as he released a sigh of relief. The sun had already risen and even my fuck for the night was exhausted. He’d cum twice in two different condoms before letting me ride him bareback until I was done. I had relished in feeling his smooth, well-rounded cock after hours without the condom. He’d wanted to cum like crazy, I could tell. I stroked his balls that were wet with our love-making.

Ryan was fucking me doggy style again at my request when Max knocked on the bedroom door. “Hey, I need to get my phone charger.”

Ryan withdrew from me and got up–fully erect–and unlocked the bedroom door. He walked back over and pushed his penis back inside as Max walked around the bed to pick up his phone charger. He tried to ignore us, but I could see him walking awkwardly. He was fighting the lock painfully. Ryan smirked as he held my hips and stood inside me.

“Hey Cuck,” Ryan called. Max turned around at the door. “Take a video of your wife so you can masturbate to it later.”

“My phone’s almost dead.”

“Mine’s in my pants pocket.” I motioned at my jeans that were in a pile at the foot of the bed. Ryan began sliding back and forth into me as my tongue crept from between my lips. Max got my phone, turned on the camera, and began filming us. “Oh god….” I rolled my neck as Max kept the camera steady while moving around the bed.

Ryan had a renewed burst of energy as Max zoomed in on his bare cock fucking me from behind. I came and it dripped down Ryan’s shaft and down his balls in a cloudy white mixture. I sighed and moaned as Ryan thrusted back and forth willfully before speeding up. His thighs slapped against my hips. He pulled out at last.

“Come get some of this.” Ryan stroked his cock as I turned around and went down on him. Ryan–one foot on the floor and one foot on the bed: me on my knees–put his hand on the back on my head and pulled my head back and forth on his shaft. He undid my hair from it’s knot and bunched it up so he could get a good grip.

Max’s pants went dark as he came while Ryan abused me to his leisure. I felt Ryan spurt and cum as he stood in my throat. He pressed my nose and chin to his pubic hair as he fired while still thrusting. I sucked and slurped the smelly fish flavor as Ryan pulled out. Thick strands of cum and saliva pulled from my lips and stuck to Ryan’s shaft as I gasped for air. I swallowed the bulk of his cum and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“You like that, babe?”

“Yes daddy.” I sighed.

“Good girl. I have work in Manhattan this morning so now that your holes are sufficiently fucked as we discussed, I’ll be on my way.” Ryan said. I watched Ryan get dressed and walked him to his car. He waved as he backed down the driveway in his silver Lexus and I never saw him again.

I went back inside and unlocked Max for his good behavior. His cock was red and pulsing from the stress of being helpless to my gratification. “Did you have fun at least?” Max asked.

“Definitely. Thanks for being understanding.” I kissed him and put my arm around him.

“You know I love you, right?” Max said.

“Sure honey. I’ll go make some breakfast.” I said.

“Thanks hun.” Max went back to playing his video games, and I went into the kitchen. I was still wet and sticky from Ryan. The thought of him made me slippery between my legs as I prepared our morning breakfast. I was so hungry. Sex really does burn a lot of calories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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