Gina and Dale have Great Sex

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Dale had been working shift work for many years and he was looking for better employment where he did not have to work shift work. After a long search he found a better paying office job where he only needed to work standard daylight office hours. Dale reported to his boss, Bud, who was a very competent individual. Bud was an even tempered guy who had a reputation for treating the people that worked for him well, leniently but fairly and firmly. If an employee had a problem with his job he or she could easily talk to Bud and get the help to resolve their problem without recriminations.

Along with Dale there were a number of other employees in the office who reported to Bud. Among those employees was his administrative assistant, Gina. She not only assisted Bud but she was responsible for helping the other employees in Bud’s office with their administrative work, too. Gina had worked with Bud and the other employees in the office for several years before Dale joined the organization. She knew very well how the office worked and how to solve most administrative problems quickly and efficiently. She was well liked by all of the other employees of the company and got along with all the office staff very well.

Gina was very smart and loved to joke with the rest of the staff and had no problem holding her own in joking with the office staff including Bud. Many days Gina brought her lunch to work and ate it at her desk and, other days she would go out to lunch with some of the other ladies in the other departments of the company. Only occasionally would she go to lunch with some of the guys in Bud’s office. Rarely, did she go to lunch with just one of the guys in the office as she said that she did not think that was always proper. However, she generally did not have a problem with having naughty off color conversations with some of the guys in the office including Dale.

Gina’s husband was many years older than she was and he worked an odd hour daylight shift of 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. That meant he was never home at lunch time and until late in the afternoon / evening. That gave Gina the freedom to work late, to shop downtown or to get their groceries and run errands after work until her husband arrived home at around 7:00 PM. She said that she enjoyed their respective work schedules as they were not competing for the shower and the bathroom in the morning and she had a lot of pleasurable visiting time in the evening with her husband before her bed time.

She had no children and was very grateful that she was not encumbered with that responsibility. She even told Dale that she had never wanted to have children and took steps necessary to make sure that she did not occur. She did not give him any of the details of the steps that she had taken to prevent her having children.

She said she was a free and a free spirited woman of the world who could do what she chose to do and when she chose to do it. It appeared that she had ascribed to the free spirit ideals of the flower people some many years after that life style fad had faded away. She never let on to the other people she worked with just how much of those ideals she chose to embrace but one had to think that it went a whole lot further than she openly admitted to.

Gina needled most of the office staff but she really loved to needle Dale probably since he was the newest employee in the office which made him fair game. She also liked to needle him probably because she liked him. Her needling was not malicious, it was mostly good naturedly and hilarious when she could get a good laugh and one up on him. However, sometimes her needling tended to backfire on her and she took it good naturedly, as well.

Gina was a very fast and accurate typist and rarely made mistakes in her typing. One day she was talking with one of the office guys who said that the reason she was so fast and accurate when she was typing on her computer keyboard was that what she was typing from went straight from her eyes to her fingers tips and was not being slowed down by her brain because it bypassed her brain.

But, Gina immediately shot back that she understood such a remark coming from a guy like him who did not have a brain to bypass in the first place. With that she turned on her heel and high tailed it back to her office before he could get another word out of his mouth. She added emphasis to her comment by sashaying her ample hips as she left to the laughter and jeering of the other guys in the office.

After Dale had worked with Bud’s crew for about five years, Gina one day stopped by Dale’s office and said that she was going to go to lunch and to get a few things they needed and drop them off at her home. She asked Dale if he wanted to go to lunch with her and said that she would drive her car. Since he had not brought his lunch that day Dale agreed and left the office with her at lunch time.

They stopped and had a quick hamburger and fries then she went to the liquor store next door. She had bought a couple of bottles of Jack Black a couple ankara escort of bottles of Johnny Walker, some tequila, some vodka, some red and some white wine and some other goodies. Dale knew that she spent some big time money in that liquor store that day.

The sales lady at the liquor store had put it into a large box, it was very heavy and she asked Dale to carry it out to the car for her. She said that she and her husband were going to have a party that weekend and wanted so have plenty of booze on hand for it. She said that Dale was invited, too, but, Dale had to decline since he already had plans for that weekend and maybe he could make it another time.

She drove them to her home to take the liquor purchases into the house. She asked him to carry the liquor box in for her so that she could put things away. She then said that they had a little time so she showed him around her home. Their tour ended up in her bedroom and when they got there she looked at him with her bedroom eyes and said that she wanted some of him.

Gina wasn’t a really beautiful woman but, she was decent looking, had a nicely filled out body with cute tits, slim waist and a cute round ass that she liked to display when she thought it would be a good idea to do so. She looked very good for a woman her age especially to some of the guys in the office since she could be a little bit risqué at times.

Dale was a little surprised at what she had just told him but he should not have been given her personality. However, he did not have to be asked more than once and he grabbed her neck, pulled her to him and kissed her firmly on her lips as he grabbed her tits with his free hand. She eagerly responded to him by kissing him back and wrapping her arms around him. She then pressed her firm tits against his chest and pulled him over to and onto her bed.

He immediately began to pull her skirt up to grab her panties and pull them down her hips and off of her legs and feet. Meanwhile, she was taking his trousers off of him to be followed by his under ware. He then laid her down on her bed on her back, spread her legs and started to push his dick into her dripping wet pussy. He stopped and she asked why he had stopped. He asked her if they needed contraceptive protection. She replied, no, that was not necessary as she had her tubes tied years ago and could not get pregnant.

Her revelation made Dale’s dick get that much harder as he always hated to wear a condom during sex. With that he lifted her legs high into the air with her hips lifted off of the bed and plunged his rock hard dick balls deep inside her very wet pussy as she jumped and yelped with delight.

Within minutes she was moaning, squealing and squirming wildly underneath him. She bucked her hips to meet every one of his inward thrusts and told him that she wanted him to pound her faster and harder, also known as slam fucking. He was watching her face and listening to her breathing. Her face was distorted with her passion, her face was flushed and her breathing became ragged and very heavy.

Dale knew that she was just about to reach her climax as was he. A few more minutes of him pounding her pussy really hard and she screamed that she was cumming. Immediately after that she screamed louder and was trembling as a huge orgasm rolled over her body in waves with his orgasm occurring almost simultaneously with hers.

Dale and Gina both collapsed on her bed and laid next to one another as their orgasms ebbed and subsided. She rolled up on her side and laid her head on his chest and said that he sure knew how to use that white snow snake between his legs and where had he been all of her life. He told her that she sure knew how to satisfy him the way she bucked her snatch against him when he was thrusting his dick into her pussy.

He then told her that he would sure like to have another chance to make them both cum the way that they had just done. She just giggled and said that they would have to work that out, or in, as the case may be, a little later. They laid there for a little while resting from their exertion and their beautiful huge orgasms.

A few minutes later Dale told her that they needed to get cleaned up and get back to the office. She said that they did not need to hurry as she had told Bud before they left the office that she had something to do and she needed Dale’s help her to carry some heavy boxes for her. She thought that they would be back to the office by 1:30 or 2:00 PM. So she said that they had plenty of time. Bud had given her his OK and told her to make sure that they were back by that time. With that she said that they both needed to go to her bathroom and get cleaned up.

Gina led him to the bathroom and they both got cleaned up. She washed him with a warm wet washcloth and she tended to herself in the same way. They got dressed and went to her kitchen where she offered him a drink. Dale responded that he would love to have a shot of the Jack Black on the rocks and she retrieved a nearly empty bottle of the Jack Black from escort ankara the shelf and poured his drink while she poured herself a glass of the wine she had on the shelf. She asked if he minded her pouring his drink from a nearly empty bottle. Dale said he had no problem with that. Jack Black is Jack Black from a nearly empty bottle or from a fresh bottle.

Once they had downed their drinks she took him back to her bedroom. She took off her clothes again along with his and told him to lie down on his back. She told him that she wanted his dick in her pussy again so she took his dick in her mouth and began to suck his dick back to a hard on. When she got him hard again she straddled him and put his hard dick back in her pussy and began to move her pussy up and down vigorously on his shaft. She continued to pump his dick in her pussy for a while until Dale rolled them over with her on her back.

He began to pump her just as fast and forcefully as he had done in their previous session. She was screaming loudly, breathing very heavy and was trembling nearly uncontrollably almost convulsively. Within a few minutes he brought her to her second orgasm of the afternoon followed within seconds with his own second orgasm.

Again, he laid down next to her and put his arm around her until both their orgasms had ebbed and subsided. Gina snuggled up to him as she told him how good he had made her feel with the two sessions that they just had that afternoon. He asked her when they could do it again She giggled and with a broad smile on her face and she responded, “Soon.”

They cleaned themselves up again, got dressed and left for the office. Once they returned to the office Bud saw them and asked if they got everything done that they had intended to do and Gina replied yes they did. Then Bud asked Dale if he got all of the boxes moved for her to which he responded yes he did. He said that some were small and light and, most of them were larger and very light but some of them were pretty large and heavy. Bud then told them both that they needed to return to their desks and finish their work for the day.

After that day Gina and Dale acted their normal selves around the rest of the crew in the office but giving each other sly looks when others were not around. About a month later Gina caught Dale alone and told him that her husband was going to be out of town the following week and that she was going to take a week’s vacation at that time too. She said that she would like for him to stop by her home for another visit for some “refreshments”. Dale called her and stopped at her home that next week. When he got there she gave him a double Jack Black on the rocks. While he sipped his drink she had a glass of her wine and they chatted for a while.

When they finished their drinks Gina invited him to ‘tour” her home again starting with her bedroom. They retired to her bedroom and this time they took their time undressing each other where they got a good full view of each other’s bodies. She had a really nice pair of milky white 36C tits that had not really sagged all that much for a woman of her age.

Dale had a great time fondling her luscious tits and sucking on her rock hard pink nipples. She told him to get on the bed and she got between his legs. She took the head of his dick into her mouth and began to suck hard on it. Within a few minutes she sucked all of the cum out of him and was able to swallow every bit without spilling a bit. He thought that she had really gotten a lot of practice at sucking dicks.

She began to suck on his dick again to renew his hard on. He then pulled her up on top of him and slid his hard dick into her hot wet pussy. While he was stroking her in that position he reached behind her found her sphincter. She giggled quietly and he stuck his finger in her vagina beside his dick. Then he got her vaginal fluid on his middle finger and began to gently stab it into her anus. He continued to push it in until he had it in up to his second knuckle. She squirmed a little and whispered in his ear that she thought that it felt good to have both her pussy and her asshole filled with his dick and finger at the same time.

Dale flipped her over on her back lifted her legs high in the air, raising her hips off of the bed and, began to lick her slit along its entire length bottom to top. Then he plunged his tongue into her vagina and began to tongue fuck her for a few minutes as she moaned loudly. He proceeded up to her clitoris and started to massage it with his tongue and then strongly sucked on it until she was moaning loudly and writhing beneath his mouth.

Shortly she became red in the face gasping for air and had her first orgasm of the day. He slid up her pretty body and kissed her and asked her if she was ready for him to mount her. She emphatically said, yes, and that she did not want him to waste a second in getting his hard dick into her hot wet pussy.

Without any delay Dale put his arms beneath her legs up to his elbows at her knees and raised her legs high in the air. He told ankara escort bayan her to put the head of his dick in her slit at the opening of her pussy and she obeyed without question. He then rammed his dick balls deep into her pussy to full penetration and began to rapidly and forcefully thrust into her hot wet pussy.

They were both so horny that within ten minutes he could tell that she was about to have another orgasm. He held himself back until she came and within moments he began pumping his huge load of thick, hot, milky white cum into her hot pussy. She moaned to him that she could feel his hot cum flooding the inside of her pussy and how she really loved it.

They laid there for a few minutes and Dale told her to get up on her hands and knees. He got behind her and placed the head of his dick at her little brown eye and began to push his dick slowly in. it took a little while until the head of his dick popped past her sphincter and the rest of his dick slowly followed balls deep into her ass.

Dale could tell that she had been ass fucked several times before as she did not appear to have any problems with him penetrating her sphincter. Once he had fully penetrated her he began to stroke her fast and forcefully. About ten minutes later he shot his load of hot white cum inside her ass just as she was moaning and saying that she was about to cum again. Just after he shot his wad into her ass her next orgasm overtook her.

They both were so exhausted from their love making that they lay in each other’s arms hugging and kissing each other for some time until they had recovered. They laid there for about an hour dozing in and out of sleep when they got out of the bed, they went to her bathroom and got cleaned up and got dressed.

Gina and Dale returned to the living room after she brought them some more drinks. They talked about a number of things and then Dale said that he had to be going. He got up and kissed Gina while fondling her tits with one hand and her pussy with the other hand. Before he left her home he told her that he would like to return later in the week. She agreed that she wanted him back in her bed as soon as possible and Dale left her home.

A couple of days later Dale called Gina and asked if it would be a convenient time for him to return to her home for another one of their sessions. She enthusiastically said, yes, and to come on over as she would be waiting. About an hour later he arrived at her home and she had already poured his double Jack Black on the rocks along with her glass of wine. They chatted while they enjoyed their drinks and when they finished they retired to her bedroom.

Dale slowly began to remove her clothes down to her bra and panties while she removed his down to his under ware. They then began to hug and kiss one another passionately, feeling each other’s warm bodies and he began to fondle her firm tits while she stroked his dick through his under ware. Dale reached around behind her back and unclasped her bra and let her magnificent milky white tits pop into view. He immediately began to kiss each one of her tits and then began to suck on each of her rock hard, pink nipples while she moaned with her delight.

Gina reached down to his waist and lowered his under ware to remove them. Then he led her over to her bed and laid her on her back. He crawled up on the bed and straddled her and began to kiss her lips then he lowered his head to her tits and kissed them and her nipples and sucked on each of her nipples briefly. From there he moved down her tummy to her navel and kissed her there while briefly sticking his tongue into her navel.

He moved his hands down to her panties and with her help lowered them from her hips and removed them revealing her neatly trimmed bush. He kissed her bush and on either side of her bush down her leg crease. Dale moved over to the slit of her pussy and kissed up and down its entire length.

Opening up her pussy he began to lick it up to her clitoris where he started to suck on her clitoris as her pussy secreted a copious amount of vaginal fluid. As he sucked on her clitoris Gina started moaning loudly while shaking and trembling and breathing heavily gasping for her breath. Dale continued to suck on her clitoris until she began to shake and tremble almost uncontrollably and then she yelled out she was coming.

He slid back up her body and laid on top of her to kiss her passionately as her orgasm began to subside and she told him that she had to have him inside her pussy immediately. She reached down between them, strongly grabbed his dick and placed it in her slit at the opening of her pussy and told him to slide it into her pussy. He forcefully rammed his dick into her pussy as she loudly yelled out with the shock of his dick quickly slamming inside of her pussy.

After he entered her pussy he thrust fast and forcefully with the intention of quickly bringing her to her climax. He slam fucked her for about ten minutes with her loudly crying that it felt so good. Dale realized that she was quickly nearing her orgasm as her face became flushed, her breathing became ragged and her eyes rolled back in her head. Within moments she yelled out that she was coming then she trembled and shuddered and collapsed on the bed beneath him.

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