Girlfriend’s Mom

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I tossed my bags down on the bed. When Shauna’s mom said we would have our own room, I didn’t think she meant a room with a king-sized bed. Shauna dragged her bags into the room behind me and stopped when she noticed the bed.

“Damn is that ours?” she asked.

“Right? It’s going to be nice,” I said.

“We won’t even notice someone else is in bed with us,” joked Shauna.

“It’ll also give us more then enough room to roll,” I said.

“Hey, you promised, nothing sexual while we are staying with my parents,” said Shauna.

“Mom,” I corrected.

Tori and Dave were Shauna’s parents and they had invited us down to the cabin. At the last minute, some work-related issue kept Dave from joining. He said he would come when he could, but I doubted he would. Recently, Dave and Tori had been having issues. They tried to hide it, but it was hard not to notice that they refused to spend more then an hour in the same room as the other.

“Still counts,” said Shauna.

Shauna dropped her bags and headed to the living room. I took a deep breath. It was going to be hard to last an entire week without release. Shauna liked to flaunt her amazing body. Low cut shirts to show her cleavage and tight pants to show off her ass. Tori would make it even harder.

Tori was only fifteen years older than us, since she had Shauna in her teens. After turning thirty-five, Tori dove into a health and fitness crave. Her body was toned to hell and she loved to show off the work she put into it, showing as much skin as possible. I followed after Shauna towards the living room.

“What do you mean it’s the only bathroom?” asked Shauna.

“What?” I said.

“I was just mentioning how a pipe burst and we should only be using the master bathroom for now,” said Tori.

“Oh,” I said.

“You should take the master bedroom,” said Shauna, “you are the one paying for everything after all.”

“No, the king bed would go to waste with only me,” said Tori.

“Don’t you take early morning showers though?” asked Shauna.

“I figured I would just sneak through in the mornings and it’ll be fine,” said Tori.

Shauna looked at me and I only shrugged. I was fine with a little less privacy in the mornings if it meant we got the large bed. Shauna had made it clear nothing would be happening in the mornings anyway. Shauna agreed to the arrangement and the conversation shifted to planning for the week.

I zoned out and let the two figure it out. I didn’t care what we did, I just wanted the week to be over. Tori was nice, but she was wearing a thin white tank top with no bra and booty shorts. It was hard to focus on the conversation when Tori’s nipples were very apparent through her top.

Shauna didn’t even notice things like that anymore because it was normal for Tori to be barely dressed. The sooner I could leave, the less likely Shauna or Tori would call me out for ogling Tori. We talked for a couple hours before having an early night.

I couldn’t wait to see how nice the bed was. I threw on pajamas and jumped on top of the covers. The bed wasn’t just big, it was also nice as hell. I wasn’t super tired, but it already had me dozing off to sleep.

“What are you doing?” asked Shauna.

Shauna was standing at the foot of the bed topless. I couldn’t help but stare at her perky tits. I felt my cock stir in my pants. Shauna liked being a tease.

“Testing the bed,” I said.

“No, with these,” Shauna tugged at my pajama pants.

“Well your mom is going to be in the room in the mornings,” I said.

“Yeah and you will be under the covers,” said Shauna.

She gently pulled my pants and underwear down. When my cock popped out, she leaned down so her tits would brush against my cock. Almost immediately, I had a full boner.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just sleep naked like normal,” said Shauna, “You will just keep me up otherwise tossing and turning.”

“Fine,” I said.

“Good,” she said.

I was holding on some hope that she would give me a blowjob or even a handjob, but my hopes died as she hopped into bed without another word. I got under the covers and any annoyances I had melted away into the bed.

I woke with a start as the doorknob to our room rattled. I panicked for a moment, because I already knew that I had woken up with raging ankara escort morning wood. My boner was lying flat against my stomach though, so it wouldn’t be noticeable under the covers.

I started to relax and shut my eyes. The door opened and Tori lightly gasped. I wondered what she was gasping about before I felt a slight breeze on my skin. I opened my eyes and looked at Tori. She was staring right back at me. Her eyes wide and mouth ajar.

I looked down and confirmed my fear. I wasn’t under any covers. Shauna had pulled the blankets towards her while we were sleeping, leaving my boner in full view of her mom. I tensed and my cock reacted by jerking up. Tori gasped again.

“Oh shit,” I said and frantically tried to hide myself.

I was only able to pull the sheet over myself. My movement broke Tori from her trance and she looked up at me, her cheeks were completely flushed.

“I’m sorry,” I said.

“Oh… no… I’m the one barging into your room,” said Tori, “Don’t worry about it.”

She glanced down towards my crotch one more time before rushing towards the bathroom. She was wearing a oversized shirt and was holding a towel in front of herself. As she moved towards the bathroom, I could see she was only wearing skimpy underwear which gave me a glimpse of her ass jiggle before she disappeared into the bathroom.

I looked down and noticed that the sheet was not hiding my cock well at all. It clung to my erection, making it still very noticeable. I pulled more blankets over myself. I looked over to Shauna and checked that she was still sleeping. She was.

The shower started. I had time. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it. My thoughts kept wandering back to Tori staring at my cock. The way her cheeks flushed and stared at my cock. I shut my eyes and tried to imagine she was still watching as I started to masturbate. I started to get close to cumming when Shauna woke up.

“Stop it,” Shauna mumbled, “You promised not to be weird.”

“Oh come on, I can’t masturbate either?”

“My mom is right there,” said Shauna.

“In the shower though.”

“Fine, if you really have to go to a different room,” said Shauna.

“Fine,” I said.

I got out of the bed. I left the room and realized, there wasn’t anywhere else to really jerk off. The master bedroom was the only room on the second floor. At the bottom of the stairs was the kitchen.

There was a spare room attached to the kitchen. I opened the door and peered inside. There was a couch against the wall across from the tv, but it was empty aside from that. I shut the door and sat on the couch. It was a little ridiculous that I had to jerk off in the room, but I needed the release.

Moving to the room, my dick started to get flaccid again. I grabbed my cock and started to stroke it again when I heard the shower stop. I would have to hurry. I pictured Tori’s face from earlier, and her nipples through her shirt the night before and soon my boner was back.

I leaned back as the pleasure started to build. The door to the room opened and I nearly jumped out of my skin. There was nothing to cover myself this time. I really should have brought pants, but I thought I would have more time. Tori entered the room and her eyes locked onto my cock in my hand.

“Fuck, I’m sorry,” I said.

“I didn’t know the room was already being used,” said Tori.

“I was just….”

“Taking care of the problem I saw earlier?” asked Tori.


“I was just going to do some yoga,” said Tori.

She walked into the room, shutting the door behind her. She lay down the yoga mat she was carrying under her arms. Tori was wearing a matching sports bra and yoga pants.

“I’ll give you the room then,” I said.

“No it’s fine, you already look comfortable. You can finish up before you go,” said Tori.

Tori started her yoga by standing in front of me and bending over to touch her toes, giving me a perfect view of her tight ass. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I couldn’t pass by the opportunity. I started stroking my cock again, staring at Tori’s ass.

As Tori stood back up and turned around to look at me, I had to fight the feeling that I was doing something wrong. She looked at my throbbing cock and bit her lip. I started stroking even faster. Tori got on all fours and escort ankara wiggled her ass in my face.

It wasn’t even a yoga pose, she was just shaking her ass for me. I started stroking faster and fast. I let out a small moan. Tori turned around to look at me. On all fours, Tori crawled closer to me. I spread my legs as she got closer.

She crawled in between my legs and only stopped when her face was inches from my cock. My balls bouncing right by her face. She didn’t look away from my cock for even a moment as I stroked it in her face. I could see her nipples hardening through her bra.

I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to keep jacking off and see how far Tori would go. I wanted to, but Tori pursed her lips and blew. Feeling her breath on my cock pushed me over the edge and I started launching ropes of cum.

Once I started cumming, I pointed my dick at Tori. She was taken by surprise as the first jet of cum splashed against her forehead. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. I pointed my cock at her open mouth.

Rope after rope of cum shot into her mouth. When my dick finished shooting cum and just started twitching. Tori swallowed my load. I didn’t know how to react, but Tori just backed up. She started doing her yoga again, with my cum still on her face.

I went upstairs, back to my room, to find Shauna was sleeping again. I got in the shower and tried to process what happened. In hindsight, Tori must have known I was in the room. When she got out of the shower, she would have known I wasn’t in bed anymore. There weren’t many places I could be. She must have been looking for me.

When I finished showering, I got dressed and headed downstairs. Tori had finished her yoga and was back in her room. When she came out, she greeted me as if it were the first time, we saw each other, and thus the day went on like nothing happened.

After Shauna got up, we all went to the mall. Tori and Shauna went off on their own and I spent most of my time just bumping from shop to shop. Afterwards, we got pizza and took it back to the cabin. Shauna and Tori mainly acted like I wasn’t there and that was fine by me.

After dinner we sat on the couch to watch a movie. They set the movie up as I made the popcorn. When the popcorn was done I dumped it into a bowl and went to the living room. Shauna and Tori were already sitting on the couch under a blanket.

Shauna was at her favorite spot, the side of the couch and Tori was next to her. Shauna took the popcorn from me.

“Wanna make some room for me?” I asked.

“No, there is room over there,” said Shauna.

“You can sit here,” said Tori, patting the couch on the other side of her.

I sat down. Tori was sitting on her side with her back towards me and faced towards Shauna. I lifted up the blanket to get under it. I paused as Tori’s yoga pants were pulled down a bit, showing a neon pink thong.

“You good?” asked Tori.

“yeah, just getting under the blanket,” I said.

I got under the blanket and tried to watch the movie. It was hard though. Shauna and Tori were the kind of people that liked to talk through movies. The other reason was because I couldn’t stop thinking about what happened on the couch earlier in the morning.

There was some whispering and they both giggled. I looked over at them, they were both absorbed in the movie. I moved my hand under the blanket and rested it against my leg. I reached out and touched Tori’s ass.

“Oh,” said Tori.

“What?” asked Shauna.

“I just… didn’t see that coming,” said Tori.

“It was obvious, but ok,” said Shauna.

The lack of reaction, combined with the events of the morning, gave me courage. I opened my hand and grabbed a handful of Tori’s ass. She jumped a little, but pushed her ass out after, making it easier for me to grope her.

Her ass was as amazing as I thought it was when I looked at it. I squeezed her ass over and over again. She shifted slightly, moving my hand closer to her crotch. I could feel her warmth. I massaged her pussy through her pants, and I could tell she was getting hornier as she started to grind her ass back into my hand.

“Do you need to go to the bathroom?” asked Shauna.

“What?” asked Tori.

“You keep squirming,” said Shauna.

“No I’m fine, just getting comfortable.”

I ankara escort bayan pulled my hand away. I didn’t want Shauna to get too suspicious. I waited for a couple minutes before excusing myself. I went back up to my room. I stripped down and got into the bed naked. I sat on my phone for a couple minutes before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up when I felt someone grab my cock. It was dark in the room, so it wasn’t morning yet. Shauna grinned at me as I opened my eyes. She was topless again and her tits were in my face.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I was just making sure you weren’t trying to wear pj’s again,” said Shauna.

“Did you really just wake me up to tease me?” I asked.

“Should I stop?”

I was going to say yes. But she leaned down and put my dick into her mouth before I could. She swirled her tongue around my cock and sucked hard. As she started to bob her head up and down on my cock, I had a perfect view of her tits jiggle and bounce in rhythm to her blowjob.

Shauna gave the best blowjobs I had ever had. I already could feel an orgasm getting closer. With a slurp, Shauna popped my dick out of her mouth and winked at me. She jumped over me and climbed into bed.

“Whyyyy?” I groaned.

“Because I want to see how much you cum after I tease you for a week,” said Shauna.

It took several minutes for my boner to die down. Shauna seemed to fall asleep almost instantly, already lightly snoring. It took me a bit longer to be able to fall asleep again, but eventually I did drift off to sleep again.

I was pulled from sleep and I immediately thought Shauna was teasing me again. She woke up before me and decided to wake me up by sucking on my morning wood. Normally, she would just finish me off, but I knew if I ‘woke up’ it would end.

I enjoyed the feeling of her tongue swirling around my dick. It was strange, her blowjob felt even better then normal. It was slower and more sensual. Her lips massaging my pulsating cock as she tried to fit my entire cock into her mouth.

She gagged and pulled her head back. I smiled; she never was able to deepthroat. She grasped the shaft of my cock in her hand and started stroking it as she blew me. She stroked the shaft quickly as she focused her mouth’s attention on the head of my cock.

She grabbed my balls and started to massage them. I let out a moan. I couldn’t pretend to be asleep anymore. It was the best blowjob Shauna had ever given. I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was Shauna sleeping next to me.

I looked down to see Tori slurping and jacking my cock. She attempted deepthroating my cock again. To my surprise, her lips almost made it to the base of my dick. She gagged and pulled her head from my dick, strands of saliva mixed with precum dripping from her mouth.

She kept stroking my cock absentmindedly as she looked up at me and smiled. Tori was only wearing a pair of blue thongs. I had never seen Tori topless before. Her tits were a bit smaller than Shauna’s but that’s probably why they were still perky.

“Holy shit,” I said.

“Sorry, I just noticed you were having the same problem as yesterday and thought I might be able to help you out,” said Tori, “Is that ok?”

“Oh fuck yes.”

Tori grinned before gagging on my cock far more aggressively then before. It was a loud and sloppy blowjob. Hearing her slurping on cock was sexy as hell. I started thrusting my dick as I got closer and closer to cumming.

I looked over to Shauna. She was sitting up, putting her tits right in my face. It was too much for me to process the fact that meant Shauna was awake. Between Tori sucking my soul out through my dick and Shauna’s tits right in my face I couldn’t last any longer, let alone think rationally.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” shouted Shauna.

Tori pulled my dick out of her mouth in surprise. She opened her mouth trying to come up with something to say. It didn’t help her think as my cock started to shoot cum. Strand after strand of cum arced out of my cock and landed on Tori’s face.

Shauna watched helplessly as I covered her mom’s face with cum. By the time I finished cumming, Tori had cum on her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her mouth and dripping off her chin. Shauna looked between her mom, me, and my cock in disbelief.

It wasn’t until I finished cumming that I really processed what was happening. Tori let go of my cock and wiped the cum away from her eyes. I looked at Shauna. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking. Shauna shook her head slightly.

“…Okay then,” said Shauna.

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