Going to the Movies

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I have always enjoyed going to the movies. There’s something very erotic in being in a dark space with a hundred strangers, so close and yet they can’t see you (or at least they’re pretending they can’t, which is nearly the same thing.) One night at the movies I will particularly remember for a long time, and it happened like this…

At 7pm sharp Michael pulled up in front of my door in his brand new range-rover. I smiled as I opened the passenger door and lifted the hem of my dress to get in. He was looking as gorgeous as ever in pants with a shirt and knitted pullover in case it got cold later. One of the benefits of dating older guys is that they know how to dress well, I thought to myself. I’d made an effort too, in heels and a cute little printed summer dress that was the result of a recent bout of retail therapy. Its light flowing material hinted at my figure underneath but didn’t give too much away… as I was told once, best let the male imagination fill in the blanks. Mike was in his early thirties whereas I had just turned 24, but somehow there was such a spark between us that we hardly ever noticed the gap. His charm and incredible talents in bed were more than I could possibly ask for. It was the memories of these ‘talents’ that curved my lips into a cheeky smile as I leaned over for a kiss.

“Hey baby, how are you?” he asked me after our lips had separated again. I told him about my day at work and how much I was looking forward to seeing this film, as Mike drove down the freeway towards the most picturesque park of our city. It was one of the last screenings of the season in the ‘sunset’ cinema, as we were already in the beginning of autumn.

After parking the car we walked to where the screen was set up a large expanse of lawn under some beautiful old trees, forming a naturally enclosed space. Mike was carrying the picnic blanket and I had brought some mini chocolate soufflés and a bottle of white wine for the occasion. We sat down and made ourselves comfortable, and had a first glass of wine while waiting for the film to begin. Finally the sun set and in the expanding dark the projector finally sprang to life. I leaned over on Mike’s shoulder and settled down to watch, but somehow I couldn’t illegal bahis concentrate on the serious drama unfolding before us. My attention kept getting drawn by the scent of his aftershave, the steady rise and fall of his chest, and my imagination’s action replays of the delicious sex from the night before at his place. My hand crept down to his crotch and started lightly stroking his cock, ever so slowly. I traced the lines of the seams, let my fingertips circle around his balls and back up again, over and over. Once he glanced over at me and I gave him my most seductive smirk, knowing exactly how much he was getting turned on.

The sun had finally set and the temperature had dropped, so I reached for the extra blanket to cover us up. This of course was only an excuse I needed to unzip his pants and lay my hand on his now very stiff cock. My fingertips ran very lightly over his head, enjoying the absolute smoothness. Finally I decided it was time to stop playing and wrapped my hand fully around his shaft and began jerking him off very, very slowly. I looked up at his face and his eyes were riveted to the screen but I could tell he wasn’t taking in the storyline anymore. I grinned wickedly as I thought to myself, now for my final tease. I increased the pace of my hand for a little while and then completely withdrew, doing up his pants again and laying the offending hand innocently in my lap. I felt his posture stiffen and wondered if maybe I’d gone too far with my playing.

Suddenly, he got up abruptly, taking my wrist in an iron grip and started walking off towards the trees. I was dragged behind him, stumbling in my high heels as they dug into the soft grass.

“Where are you going honey?” I asked a little perplexed.

“Somewhere where I can fuck you!” he growled back at me. My heart started pounding… I had pushed him too far. Now I was in for a payback, and when Mike payed you back, you would remember it for some time to come. By now we were quite far away from the screen, surrounded by tall dark trees pointing to the night’s sky. He pushed me up against one of the trunks and started kissing and biting my neck, while his hand hitched up the skirt of my dress. He was only momentarily surprised when his illegal bahis siteleri hand brushed against my bare pussy, missing the underwear I had accidentally on purpose ‘forgotten’ to wear. Then his two fingers pushed inside me and started rubbing my g-spot. I couldn’t help but groan loudly at the sudden erotic rush that made me sag against the tree behind me for support. I felt a rush of my juices cover his hand, and he withdrew and lifted his fingers to my face.

“Suck them,” he ordered. I responded instinctively. When he was like this his voice became like that of a master, and I was his slave, existing only to obey. My lips closed around his fingers and I obediently sucked my pussy juices off, letting him pump his finger in and out of my mouth. He pulled them away and replaced them with his own tongue, eagerly invading my mouth, sucking my lips for a last taste of my salty cum.

I moaned again in his mouth as his fingers returned to my hot hole. His fingers fucked me until I was so close to coming, my knees weak and my carefully straightened hair in a tangle of sweat and tree bark. He saw how close I was (he always could tell) and took his hand away, and turned me around. I heard him unzip his pants and then his hands gripped my hips, pulling me so I was bent over with my ass exposed for his pleasure. His cock plunged into my sopping pussy and I bit back a scream. His hands still gripping my hips he started a fast rhythm, pumping in and out of my pussy, slamming his full length into me over and over again. I started whimpering, and gripping the tree for support.

“You know what happens when you tease your daddy,” he growled at me. “Now I’m going to have to punish my little baby.” I moaned louder. Oh yes, I knew this game. “Please daddy, I want you so much…” I whimpered.

“What do you want? Tell me exactly,” he said, still ramming his cock into my hole.

“I want… oh god… please daddy… please make me come,” I gasped.

“How much do you want me to make you come?”

“…So much… baby, please… god please, make me come!” I could tell he loved to hear me beg. His strokes became less demanding and he slowed the pace a little.

“And how does my little baby want to canlı bahis siteleri come? Does she want her daddy to pump her cunt full of his cum? Or…” I felt a new pressure, this time on my asshole. “…does my baby want it up the ass tonight?” His fingertip was invading my tight ring, pushing deeper into me. He was going to push me over the edge! He had been my first experience of anal sex and I knew how much he enjoyed watching my ass spread around his cock…. almost as much as I enjoyed him slowly pushing his length into my tight hole. “Yes… oh yes, please Mike, fuck my ass, fuck your little baby’s ass…”

He pulled out of my pussy and started pushing his head into my ass. I held my breath as inch by inch he penetrated deeper into me, allowing his shaft to spread my muscles to let him in. Finally his cock was fully buried in my ass, and he began to slowly pump in and out. I couldn’t take it anymore. With a cry, I was over the edge, my muscles contracting as orgasm took me. I could hear Mike grunt as my muscles milked his cock, the rhythmic contractions rippling over his sensitive shaft. He pushed in a couple more times and moaned as he shot his cum into my waiting hole.

As he slipped out, I sank to my knees, breathing hard. My dress was a mess, covered in bark and leaf-litter. My knees shook and my arms refused to work. I had never been fucked so hard ever before. Mike must’ve been as exhausted as I was because he zipped up his pants and sat slowly down next to me. I leaned on his shoulder and his arm came around me protectively. “My little baby…” he murmured into my hair. We sat like this for a while, I couldn’t tell you how long. Finally I was starting to shiver form the cold, so Mike helped me up and brushed off my dress, and together we walked back to retrieve our picnic blanket and wine glasses. When we arrived back, the movie has finished and people were getting up and leaving. He gathered up our things while I just stood there in a slight daze, shivering occasionally when a breeze ruffled my dress. A gentleman as always, Mike took off his pullover and hung it over the shoulders. We walked back to the car, not saying much. My brain was still in a haze of hormones and happy-chemicals and a small smile permanently curved my lips. He bundled me into the big comfy seat of his rover and we set off home to his apartment, where I instantly fell asleep. That night I dreamt of trees, cuddled into his arms, and the faint trace of pine never left my nose.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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