Good Hair Day

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Thanks honeywldcat for all your help with the story


It was my wife who first suggested I try Paula. My normal hair stylist quit and moved to a different city. Since I wasn’t too crazy about the rest of the staff, I said okay and made an appointment with Paula for the following week.

When I got there for my appointment Paula was finishing up an older ladies hair and told me to have a seat and she would be with me in a minute. The first thing I noticed about Paula was her huge smile and big brown eyes. Her body is very average, not too fat not too skinny. When you meet Paula for the first time you would remember the outgoing personality, the smile and the eyes.

As I sat reading some sports magazine I checked over the rest of the staff. There was a guy next to Paula, who must have been her brother, and two other women. Paula introduced herself and we exchanged some small talk once I got in her chair. Since she already knew a lot about me from my wife, I felt at a slight disadvantage. Paula washed my hair then got right into work cutting it. She hadn’t really asked me how I wanted my hair or anything but rather just dove in. She ended up giving me a much younger look than I normally went for. I was in my mid twenties and the cut was more for a late teen. No matter it looked fine so I got up to pay her. When I was getting ready to walk out she said, “Two weeks at one o’clock, right?”

“Ummm okay.” I never get my hair cut every two or even three weeks, but rather let it go till I think it’s time.

Two weeks later I got to her shop and sat down. She told me one minute and walked in the back. Paula came back out with her coat and asked if I had time for lunch. I said sure and we walked across the street to a nice Italian place. The whole time we ate lunch she made me feel as though I have known her for years. I did find out more about her however. She was twenty-four, I was twenty-seven, she was unmarried but living with a cop in a home they had just bought, no kids yet but planned to be married in a couple years when his job settled in a bit more. The every two week appointments and lunches, continued for about another 6 months before she again made another move.

She made the next appointment late on a Friday afternoon. When she was done cutting my hair she told me that her and the rest of the staff were going to a pub for a few drinks if I wanted to join them. Sure why not, I thought. I really felt comfortable with Paula and I was never one to turn down a chance for a few drinks. Paula and I were becoming really good friends.

Fast forward to about a year after we met and the lunches have progressed to dinner a few times per month. Nothing fancy just a call on my cell and a ‘hey, how bout dinner’ here or there. My wife worked four nights per week and Paula’s boyfriend also worked lots of nights. My marriage was not the best and I was sticking it out being ever optimistic things would get better. I had never cheated on my wife nor did I have any plans to! Paula and I were just good friends.

When Paula and I were out, the flirting got a little stronger but still nothing escort ataşehir I couldn’t chalk up to being good friends and comfortable with each other. I mean REALLY comfortable! It wasn’t a problem with either of us that we held hands or she would take my arm when we were walked into a place. I would have her in front of me and she would stop short to make me bump into her or walk past me facing me in a spot she knew she couldn’t get past. I should have noticed however that her friends, and even her family, would often ask where “we” were going or what “we” were doing. Looking back I knew deep down Paula was really attracted to me, as I was to her. We never let it go any further. She was my best bud!

One Sunday afternoon she calls and asks if I will go to a wedding with her the next Saturday. She explained her boyfriend was supposed to go but is working undercover, he just made detective a short while before.

I got to Paula’s around noon and started shooting the shit with her boyfriend who was leaving for work in a few minutes. She called out a few times that she was almost ready and we both gave her an “umm yeah sure”. He left for work then about 10 minutes later she came out of the bedroom dressed to kill! I had never seen Paula with a dress on and she is not one for much makeup either. This was like a totally different woman. She walked over to me with a big smile and did a twirl in front of me, bent down gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered, “Pickup your jaw, fella, and lets go.”

HOLY SHIT… did I say Paula was plain? What the hell was I looking at? How about FUCKING HOT!

I somehow got through the church and all the way to the reception without anyone seeing how totally hot I was for my friend. I wanted her really bad! She was on my arm the whole time since we left her house. Even when I was driving her car over to the wedding she was turned toward me in her seat, she has a two seat sports car. Man did I need a drink by the time the reception started. Paula knew most of the people at the reception so she pulled me around like a little puppy introducing me to all her friends. Anytime I got close to the bar I ordered three drinks, one for her and two for me.

After several drinks, Paula decided she wanted to dance, so off I went. The first few songs were fast and I was having fun. We sat down again for another drink when the first slow song came on. She looked me straight in the eye and said, “Let’s go pal, you’re mine for the day”.

When I tried to put my arms around her she literally melted into me. She put her head against my chest with a loud sigh. When the song ended she never looked up but just turned and walked back to the table. Over the next few minutes she hardly looked at me, but instead kicked off her shoe and started running her foot against my leg. Just a chummy flirty rub. More like her usual “haha sucker your married” flirt.

Paula got up and walked to the band when they came back from their second break. She came back to the table grabbed my arm and away we went. Even though I was extremely turned on, and attracted to Paula, the drinks were now allowing kadıköy escort bayan me to get things back in the correct perspective. In other words the drinks took some of the stick out of my stick!

Paula again turned and melted into me. I put my arms around her and pulled her close. When the third slow song in a row started she looked up at me with a ‘Here goes nothing’ look on her face and shifted her position so her pelvis was pressed tightly against me. Her hands drifted to my lower back and she seemed to be rhythmically pulling me against her. By song number four, my hand was on her ass squeezing her in rhythm to the beat. I was looking for a panty line, I found not only that but a garter on her left side. Paula let out a loud sigh when she felt my hand on the garter. I had discovered her secret. By song number fiveher breathing was getting faster and louder as the song went on my leg was now pressed tightly against her crotch. I whispered in her ear, “You are so hot in my arms.”

About ten to fifteen seconds later she looked up and said, “Kiss me right now!” With a tremble in her voice.

When our lips met she let out a moan then went stiff and started to tremble in my arms. Her fingernails dug into my neck and shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked at her. She was doing little “ohhhh’s” all during our kiss. After what seemed like forever she opened her eyes then broke the kiss. I had never seen Paula flushed this way. She put her head back against my chest and said, “Ohh my fucking god.”

She took another five minutes or so to regain whatever composure she had left. She excused herself and went to the ladies room. When she came back she asked could we go now and I said sure. On the way out she was very cordial to all her friends.

Once outside she grabbed my arm and practically dragged me to her car. Paula was like a tiger when we got inside. She was on my lap in about four seconds pushing her lips against mine as she flipped the lever on the seat to put it in the full recline position. She released my belt and zipper freeing my cock. Immediately she pressed her crotch back against me but this time there was a twist. She had removed her panties in the ladies room. There was nothing between my cock and her pussy. I could feel the heat from her pussy all over my cock and balls. I reached around and pulled her ass harder against me. She started breathing heavy again as her hips started the same gyrations as when we were dancing.

Pump pump pump pump squeeze………. pump pump pump pump squeeze

With no one around us this time she whispered in my ear, “I have never cum like that before. You made me cum in the middle of a dance floor with everyone watching!” Her breathing was getting ragged and her hips kept moving up and down. “Go with me this time” She flipped her hips up higher and lowered herself down.

My cock met no resistance as it found the mark. Her wetness spilled over my balls making me as hot and wet as she was. She picked up her pace to an even higher level.

“I… I’m… may I cum?” I didn’t say anything. Her face got a funny look and she repeated, escort bostancı “May I cum now?” and she started to bite my neck. Ten or so seconds later, she picked her head up looked at me and said “May I please cum for you again?”

I told her, “I am so close. Go ahead baby, do it for me!”

She let out the same sound she made on the dance floor only this time my cock was flooded with her juice. Spurt after spurt of cum drained from my cock into her fluttering pussy. This time we both enjoyed the afterglow of the orgasm. For almost fifteen minutes we just held each other hardly moving. I stoked her hair as we held each other so tight. Finally we separated and she got back over to the passenger side. The car literally reeked of sex.

“I’m a mess and need to get home.” she said as I pulled out of the parking lot.

Paula didn’t say another word for about the next fifteen minutes despite me trying get something out of her. Finally I pulled over and said, “What the hell? Did I make you do something or did I take advantage of you?” Silence was all I got. I prodded more telling her, “This is a crappy way to end a friendship!”

Finally she looked over and started to speak then stopped. “What… for Christ sake Paula say something!”

“Your wife’s been having an affair with some guy she met at work for 2 years. You haven’t done anything wrong!”

“Ohh. Well, I guess I sort of knew something was up.” I said.

“I had the locks changed on my house when we went out and my ex has a letter in his locker at work. He won’t find it until tomorrow morning when he actually does go into work. He’s not on any stakeout and I’m not as dumb as he thinks!”

“How did you find all this out?”

“Your wife told me about her part when I was cutting her hair, yes she wants a divorce! My dumb ass ex is sleeping with the sister of a customer who told me about her sister’s new boyfriend… this really nice cop who just got detective. Good detective but a terrible liar!”

I sat in silence for a few minutes trying to figure out what to say next. “How long have you known all this about my wife?” I asked.

“Since well, before you started coming to me. That’s why I never felt funny about going to lunch or dinner with you. She was doing her thing and you were getting fucked over.” She said.

“You had this all planned today?” There may have been some anger in my voice.

“Sure, I do this at every wedding I go to. Now, take me home and call me tomorrow.”


This was all 6 years ago. I got a divorce and was married to Paula the following spring. We had a wonderful wedding.

There is one more small twist to the story.

Yes we are still married and yes Paula is as hot as ever but she had never repeated the dry hump excitement of that wedding. Till last night. We were on a cruise with her best friend and her husband and a slow song came on in the ballroom. Paula grabs me and again has her way on a crowded dance floor.

When we get back to the table Paula looks over to Peggy and says, “Cost fifty dollars this time!”

I said, “What?”

Peggy scooted over to me and whispered, “At the wedding Paula paid twenty dollars to get the band to keep playing slow songs until she left the floor. This time it cost her fifty dollars for the same thing.”

“Nothing planned, huh?”

Paula said, “Sue me sweetie!”

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