Good Morning!

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He came in the door, and put his bag down in its usual place. Kicking off his shoes, he walked down the hallway and paused, hearing strange sounds coming from the bedroom. The door was ajar, so he peeked in. She was on the bed, naked and pleasuring herself. He stood enthralled, watching her hands as they moved over her body. He stepped into the room quietly, and removed his clothes. She opened her eyes and smiled, her arms reaching for him. He shook his head, and placed himself between her legs, wrapping his arms around her thighs to hold them open. He replaced her hands with his tongue, making slow circles around her pussy. He did a long, slow lick upward, and wrapped his lips around her clit, humming softly on it. A zing went through her body, and she came in his mouth. He drank every drop, watching her face for the smile he knew was coming. Breathing heavily, she smiled, completely satisfied, but he wasn’t finished, not by a long shot.

He let her rest for 30 seconds, and then began again, this time sliding his fingers inside her. He could feel a pulse beginning at bostancı escort her clit, but he ignored it. He kept up the sliding, alternately blowing gently on her clit and lapping at it, until she was about to explode again. Instead of letting her explode, he plunged himself inside her, rocking her back and forth on the bed. She screamed, and he came down and kissed her.

When she smelled herself on him, she became a wild woman, kissing him passionately and licking his mouth. Her hands went around his back, holding him closer to her. He held on to her and rolled over, so that she was on top of him. When she realized where she was, she looked at him with a ferocity known only to lions and tigers. She smiled evilly at him, and held his arms up over his head. She then began to use her tongue down the middle of his chest, where she knew the most sensitive spot on him was. She licked and lapped at him, making him hard as rock, and willing to do anything, which is exactly where she wanted him. She’d pay him back for making her cum!

She told him to ümraniye escort bayan keep his hands above his head, and not to move them at all. Her hands ran down his sides, as her tongue moved over his chest. She sucked his nipples until they were hard. When she got to his navel, she dipped her tongue in, making his back arch off the bed. He begged her to stop, so she kept at it for one second more, then she moved down lower. She took him in her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the head of his penis. He gritted his teeth in order not to cum just yet. She watched him carefully, looking for the moment when he was about to explode. When he was just about there, she reared up and plunged down on him, feeling that moment when he came inside her. He was still hanging onto the headboard rails, pumping his hips up and down. She rode him until he had no more inside him. Finally, she collapsed on top of him, and he held her close.

After a few minutes of rest, he looked at her and said, “Are you ready for payback?”

She smiled and challenged him, kartal escort “Convince me to let you make me cum.” He smiled and didn’t say a word; he just kissed her slowly and languorously. When her hands were about to move up over his back, he grabbed them and held them up over her head. He tied her hands to the headboard rails with a scarf, told her to hang on, then paid homage to her breasts and nipples. He drove her crazy with his hands and tongue, making her shiver in ecstasy. Next, his hands wandered down her body, stopping at her navel. His tongue dipped in and out furiously, as if he was tonguing her pussy. While running his tongue around her navel, he slid two fingers into her pussy. He licked her faster and faster, and she bucked and moaned on the bed, trying to get away from his tongue and stay there at the same time.

It felt so good; she wailed, “Don’t stop, don’t stop!” He debated stopping for half a second, just to show her who was boss, but she sounded so horny and desperate for release, and it turned him on so much, he didn’t have the heart to deny her. He buried himself in her again, taking his time to bring her to release. He slowed down, listening to her breathe as she came. She fell asleep in his arms, contented. As he lay back on the bed with her head on his chest, he thought to himself, this is a very good morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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