Grinding the Coffee

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I sat down at a local coffee shop drinking a double mocha latte, while watching a magnificent sunset. It was apart of my usual routine.

“What a spectacular view,” I thought to myself while sitting at the table drinking my coffee.

I liked to sit out on the patio of the local coffee shop, especially in the winter time. Every evening I would make tracks through the packed snow to sit down at my favorite table. Tonight I could feel the blustery cold wind rip through my jacket, but after a big gust I would drink a sip of my hot coffee and I would warm right back up.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” boy did I love that feeling of warming back up.

It was a simple pleasure of life, but sitting there each night gave me a chance each day after work to reflect and gather my thoughts. I sat there with a book and read while I sipped on some coffee and watched the occasional passerby.

I prided myself in being an armchair psychologist. I liked to size people up as they walked by, and it was a favorite pastime of mine while I was at the coffee shop. It really helped with my job. I am a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper, and the ability to read people came in handy.

I am in my late 20s and hadn’t had a serious relationship in years. Honestly, I was too busy with school and earning money.

“What girl is going to want to date me when I am broke?” I remember thinking to myself.

Now I was starting to make serious money, because of the raises I got for my investigative reporting. I wanted to start dating again now that I could afford the time and the money for a relationship.

Right as the sun was cresting over the snow-capped Rocky Mountains, a gorgeous woman walked right in front of my view of the sunset.

This gorgeous lady was barely managing to keep all her packages from spilling all over the place, too late.

Splat! All her packages fell to the ground.

She was wearing a long tan trench coat with a red scarf. As she bent down to pick gather her belongings, I saw that she was wearing a black skirt under her coat with long black boots that went up to her knee that perfectly accentuated her legs.

She glanced up to me, and I caught her eyes, those mysterious brown eyes.

“What a knockout!” – I thought. She brushed her pretty strawberry blonde hair to the side as she went back gather her packages.

“Pretty girls like that shouldn’t have such messes,” I thought to myself as I got escort bostancı up to help her.

“Can I help you gather your belongings miss?” I asked.

“Gosh, I would love the help right now,” she said.

“My name is Robert,” I said. “Well Robert, my name is Stephanie, and thank you for your kindness.”

I started to help her pick up her bags, and walk her to her car. As we walked back to her car I couldn’t take my eyes off her long legs in those boots. My eyes would travel up and down her legs from the bottom of her ass all the way down to the souls of her feet.

Suddenly she grabs my arm, and I have to balance to stay on my feet.

“Sorry, I had to catch myself. I slipped on that patch of ice.” We finally got to her car. We must have walked at least a mile through the cold and the snow.

“My, you are strong…and handsome,” she said smiling and looking at my arm. I started to blush, “well thank you.”

I worked out in my free time, but until now it was just for self-gratification.

We finished up what seemed like a marathon walk back to her car. All-in-all we must have walked a mile.

We loaded up the packages into her car, and while she was putting away the packages into her truck she caught me staring at her ass, and that black skirt that barely covered it.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” Stephanie said with a grin on her face.

“Ummm….no, I am terribly sorry. I didn’t mean to…” I said completely embarrassed.

Stephanie just smiled.

“I want to thank you for your help. Would you like to come back to my place and I can cook you dinner?” said Stephanie in a sultry voice.

I took one look at her again from the strawberry blonde hair all the way down to those long black boots, and I couldn’t say no.

I hopped in her car and we drove off to her place.

We made it to her house, and we took in the packages. After the packages were put away, Stephanie lit a fire in the fireplace.

She took off her jacket to reveal a tight fitting cream colored sweater, with that magnificent black skirt that went about mid-thigh high, and those luscious black boots that went up to her knees.

As she prepared dinner I would glance over in her direction when she would use the step stool to reach something. She would stand on the tip of her toes and I would look at her sculpted legs, as she would get spices from the top shelves. ümraniye escort

While things were cooking in the kitchen, Stephanie came over to me with a glass of wine.

“Let’s sit by the fire,” said Stephanie.

We sat down on the love seat that is adjacent to the fire. Stephanie unzipped her boots, and curled up.

I could see her skirt slowly riding up her thigh during this process, and I was content with seeing how far it would go.

“So is a handsome man like you single?” she asked inquisitively.

I chuckled at the question.

“Unfortunately I am. I haven’t found a woman that does it for me,” I replied. “Well that may change sooner than you may think,” Stephanie said with a little wink.

“I think that dinner is ready,” she said while getting up to check on her concoction.

Stephanie made some pasta with a zesty little pesto sauce. She also refilled our wine goblets.

“So tell me a little bit about yourself Stephanie. I am here eating in your house and I barely know you.”

She looked straight into my eyes.

“Well what would you like to know Robert?” she said as she put her hand on my thigh.

I could feel my dick getting hard, just thinking about the kinds of questions that I wanted to ask her. “What would be a good first question?” I asked myself.

I was trying to think of what question I wanted to ask the most, as I felt her hand slide up my leg. Ever so slowly her hand crept up my leg, and I got nervous. The further her hand up went up my leg the harder I became.

I loosened the two buttons on my shirt. The temperature was rising!

“Robert there is nothing sexier than a big strong man who can helps a woman in need,” said Stephanie as she got out of her chair. “I am finished with dinner, now I want desert.”

I couldn’t resist those large brown bedroom eyes. She looked at me longingly, like she hadn’t enjoyed an intimate experience with a man in a while.

Stephanie started to strip right in front of me. She took off her sweater, and I saw two wonderfully round cream colored breasts that matched the color of her sweater.

“Do you like what you see Robert?”

“Oh you are so hot! Please don’t stop now… keep going.”

Stephanie then inserted her thumbs into in her skirt, and bent over while slowly lowering it to the floor. She had no panties on, and she was shaved! My jaw about hit the floor with excitement, this was kartal escort bayan going to be a great night! Her clit was standing straight out, and after a few seconds I realized that I was starring.

She stood there staring at me in the eyes and said:

“As far as I am concerned you are my knight in shining armor, but for now let’s take off some of that armor.”

We started to kiss passionately. I was running my hand through her long silky hair, while she was taking off my clothes.

“These are hot, but they need to come off,” she said regarding my red suspenders.

We moved toward her bedroom. She was unbuttoning my button-down shirt and taking it off, while I was busy reaching under her skirt and groping her round ass.

“There is something that I have wanted to take a look at all day.”

Stephanie started to unbutton my trousers. And she bit down on the zipper and slowly removed my pants with her teeth. I was fully erect at this point; I could barely contain myself.

“I want you, I need you now,” Stephanie moaned as stroked my cock in her hand. “Take me how you want, just take me now. I can’t stand it any longer.

I reached around her, grabbed right under each of her succulent ass cheeks, and picked her up. I carried her over to an armchair in the corner of the room. I put her down on the floor, and I stood there a second as I towered over her. She looked up at me with longing eyes.

I sat down on the chair, and I instructed her to climb on top of me. Then I told her to straddle me and sit down on my dick.

I saw her legs part as her pussy slowly engulfed my dick. I grabbed her hips, and slowly rocked her back and forth, using her ass as a fulcrum on my legs.

I pushed and pulled her onto my dick, varying the speed from time to time.

“Quicker Robert, pound my pussy faster!” Stephanie shouted.

“Mmmmm, that feels so good,” I said as I felt her pussy clamp down onto my dick.

I pushed my dick into her pussy as deep as it would go. Each thrust I pushed it in as far as it would go, and her pussy just ate it up.

I grabbed her ass and I suck my fingers in, rocking her back and forth. As I pushed her and pulled her onto my cock, her tits would gently sway back and forth to the rhythmic motions of her body I would lick and nibble on her tits.

I could feel my balls tightening. I was about to come when Stephanie shouted:

“God, Robert I am cumming! You are so fucking good,” she said with a heaving breath.

That sent me over the edge. I came deep into her awaiting pussy. She collapsed into my arms. We fell asleep in each other arms that night on that armchair. My evening coffee would never be the same!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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