Halloween Party

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It was October 13th, and I was getting excited about the Halloween party Gary and I was invited to. Every year our friends, Dan and Pam, put on a private costume party for a selected group of friends. It was curious, but this was the first year we were invited to the party. When I asked Pam why we weren’t asked before, she replied; “The other members of our group are hesitant about bringing in new people to our party. This year, they were interested in bringing in some new blood into the group. I suggested you and Gary, and they approved! So here you are!” I felt her explanation was good enough, and I was thrilled to be included. I knew there were doctors, lawyers, and CEOs that attended this gala event. Pam added that we needed to wear costumes that depicted something very creative!

Gary and I thought about our costumes over the weekend, and Monday we went out to get them. We thought we came up with the most original costumes and accessories to wear for the party. We first stopped at Garden Ridge and then Home Depot. When we got home I found our invitation in the mail. For the first time in years, I was looking forward to the festive evening.

We arrived at Dan and Pam’s house at 7:45 PM. That gave us enough time to put on our costumes before we knocked on the door at 8. I noticed that there were a lot of expensive cars in the driveway and along the street. I said something to Gary, and he was surprised. “Wow, there’s a Lotus, several large BMWs, a Ferrari, and several Corvettes! I don’t think we’ll challenge them in status,” he remarked.

We walked up to the door and rang the bell. When the door opened, a large man dressed in a tuxedo asked to see our invitation. Since my costume didn’t have any pockets, Gary handed the black card to him. “Everyone here has to wear a mask,” He stated. We were stunned that we didn’t know about that requirement. “Follow me and you can pick one out.” As we walked through the door, we turned right and walked into the study. There on the desk were about 14 masks for us to choose from. Gary picked one that only covered his eyes, and I picked a feathered one that covered my entire face. The doorman shook his head in approval and led us into the ballroom.

At the double doors, the doorman announced our arrival. Looking toward me he announced: “Please welcome The Brick…” and looking toward Gary he said; “…and the Bricklayer.” I was wearing a huge brown styrofoam rectangle with ACME written down the middle. Gary was wearing white overalls, a painter’s hat, and had a trowel and bucket with him. Everyone laughed and clapped in appreciation. I felt that we had made a good costume choice.

When we went into the room, I noticed that the lighting in the room was dim and lit with red lamps and candles. There were cobwebs hanging around the room, and the furniture was covered with old sheets giving it a ghostly appearance. There was a layer of fog floating along the floor, and eerie organ music was playing in the background. Looking around the room I saw a couple dressed as a Medieval King and Queen, a male and female police officer, a couple dressed as clowns, and even a couple dressed as an angel and a devil. There must have been about 30 couples there including us.

“Hello there, I’m glad you could make it!” one of the ladies said to us. It sounded like Pam, but I wasn’t sure. “We’re glad to be here,” Gary replied not wanting anyone to suspect we were the new couple. “Make yourself at home, mingle, and have some drinks and snacks. But don’t exchange names. The games will commence at 10,” she said. “And by the way, your costumes are fabulous!” she added.

We mingled, and everyone was friendly. But it was very hard not asking anyone what he or she does for a living, or introducing yourselves. It was difficult talking to strangers about nothing in general. We had a few drinks from what appeared to be a bubbling red cauldron, and began feeling comfortable with everyone there.

Sharply at 10 PM, the lights flickered, and on the upper balcony the doorman announced; “Let the games begin.” And for the next hour and forty-five minutes, we played four rather fun adult games. Gary was teamed up with three of the women, and I was teamed up with their husbands. At first I was angry with him getting their attention, but when I received attention from the men, I forgot about Gary. In the back of my mind I wondered what the rest of the night had in store…

Just before midnight, the sky began to explode in light and the roar of thunder shook the windows. I could hear the rain and hail pounding on the roof. It was such a spooky feeling. In fact, it was a night I expected Halloween to be like. I looked around and everyone seemed to be moving here and there with a preplanned purpose. I thought it was funny I never ran into Pam or Dan once.

At midnight a large bell chimed in the hour. Again at the top of the balcony, the doorman stated; “This year the costumes kartal escort were better than ever. It was close, but the winner of the contest is The Brick and The Bricklayer. Would you please come up to the balcony to accept your prize.” Everyone applauded as we made our way up the staircase. When we got to the top, we were given a large gift-wrapped box. “This is not to be opened until you get home, do you understand?” the doorman said in a commanding tone. “We understand, ” I replied and we walked down the stairs.

After everyone congratulated us, we were escorted out the door. I thought it was strange that we were the first and only ones leaving, but this was probably due to the fact that we were the newest of the group. Anyway, we were happy, laughing, and had a lot to talk about on the way home…even though we were drenched running to the car.

Once home, we ran into the house and carried the box to the den. We opened it and found three smaller packages. On one package was a tag, which read; “Gary,” a smaller one read; “Celeste,” and the long one read; “Gary “They’re just my size!” When I opened my gift I pulled out one of the most beautiful sheer lace nightgowns I’ve ever seen. “Wow, that’s really sexy!” Gary exclaimed. I open the next box, which contained a bottle, of what we thought was expensive wine. “It’s dated 1845,” I read. “But it doesn’t have a legible label. Let’s save it for a nightcap,” I said.

With that we headed up the stairs and took a hot shower. Gary was the first one out and put on his pajamas. After I dried off and powered my body, I put on the sheer white nightgown. I slide the sheer silky panties over my legs and snapped the elastic band on my hips. I looked at myself and was amazed how well it fit. I walked out into the bedroom and Gary’s eyes widened. “Man, you look good enough to eat!” He said excitedly. I looked down and noticed my nipples showing through the sheer fabric. I knew what he had on his mind…and I was willing to comply.

Gary had already brought up the bottle of wine and glasses. When he opened the bottle, it made a soft hissing sound. Again we wondered about the wine. He poured us a glass and we toasted. “Here’s to The Brick and The Bricklayer!” he said. We touched our glasses together and drank the substance down. In a matter of seconds we got very hot and the room seemed to spin around. “That is some really strong wine!” I said to Gary. He didn’t respond. When I looked over at him his eyes were glassy and he seemed incoherent. Within seconds he fell over on the bed and rolled onto the floor. I couldn’t believe what was happening! I stood up and tried to run to the bathroom, but it felt like my legs were gone. I dropped the glass and fell to the floor. That’s the last thing I remember…

When I awoke I was very disoriented. I couldn’t move anything but my head. I looked around and figured out I must be back at Pam’s house. The room looked almost the same as it did when we were there earlier that night. The room was practically empty and no one but me was in the room. When I looked up at the ceiling I noticed something different…there was a large mirror directly above me. As I stared at it I could see my current situation. I was lying on a granite altar like table in the shape of a X. My arms and ankles were strapped to chrome rings on each end of the X. There was a granite urn close to my head. I was still wearing the nightgown. I remembered Gary said he could see my nipples through the sheer fabric, and looking into the mirror I saw he was right.

I heard the door open and saw people filing into the room. They were not wearing costumes, but instead long red velvet robes. Reverently, they lined the walls looking in my direction. Music began. An eerie nocturnal tune that sent a chill down my spine. I think I still had some remnant of the drug, because I felt confused. I struggled against my bonds but to no avail. I was helpless.

Suddenly, I felt someone else’s presence. I turned my head to the left and looked up into the face of Dracula. At least I thought it looked like him. His face looked so…evil. Dark hollow eyes, pale skeleton-like cheeks, and black painted lips. He had a pentagram painted in red on his forehead. I also noticed he was wearing a red velvet robe like everyone else, but he also wore a long black cape that touched the floor. He placed his cold hands on my left arm.

I couldn’t speak, nor could I look away from him. My eyes were locked on to his stare. “My children…tonight we have accepted two new members. And tonight, they will reward us as we have rewarded them.” I had no idea what he expected of me. What could I do for them? “As you see on the screen, Gary is impregnated our women to provide new life into our group.” I saw them looking toward one wall, and I strained my head to look. The image was dark, but I could just make out a figure on a table with a nude woman bouncing on top of him. maltepe escort bayan I could see three or four waiting in line behind her. “Could that really be Gary?” I thought. “If he was drugged as I was he wouldn’t be able to perform sexually this soon, would he?” Then the image faded and went dark.

Again, I wondered what was in store for me. I guess I didn’t have to wait long to find out. “Celeste will provide us with the blood of life. The blood to keep our group alive for another year. And, she will provide me with a son to carry on after I have departed this world.” I began to pull against my restraints. “Please, nooooooo!” I begged. But it was useless.

As he moved closer to me, my breathing became faster and heavier. My mind was racing with a million thoughts. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t. I thought this was a dream. His eyes left mine and he began to look down at my body. I felt so cold, but was unable to move. His hands reached out to touch my breasts through the nightgown…the coldness of his touch made my nipples harden. He began kneading them, which obviously excited him. I couldn’t help but feel a bit of passion building within me.

As he stepped back, he again locked his eyes to mine. He was in total control. I could feel what he wanted, and I was powerless to resist. He raised a long, shiny dagger over his head. He brought it down to my neck and placed the blade under my gown and began cutting the nightie from my body. After cutting the sheer fabric he pulled the material open, revealing my naked body for his lusting eyes. He put the blade under the waistband of my panties and quickly cut them. In a few seconds, I was totally naked for everyone to see.

Everyone that was watching from against the wall stepped forward until they were about ten feet away from the altar. He opened a leather box and pulled out a strange looking device. It looked like stainless steel fangs with two flexible clear tubes attached. The fangs contained what looked like two small hypodermic needles, which could be extracted on demand. Attached to the tubes was a golf ball-sized suction bulb. I began to panic and struggle again.

He approached me again, keeping his eyes locked to mine. I quit struggling and understood what he wanted. I closed my eyes and turned my head away from him. I felt the warmth of his breath near my neck, and then the coldness of his lips. He placed a cold hands on my shoulder and he turned my head farther to the right…I felt relaxed…almost intoxicated.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain…I felt the fangs being pushed into my neck. In about fifteen seconds the pain stopped, and I took a deep breath to relax. Then I heard a chick like a ballpoint pen being retracted. At the same time I felt something terrible! The needles had jabbed deeper into my neck. My whole neck was on fire. My mouth was wide open, but I couldn’t scream! My body involuntarily tightened up and I clenched my fists with all my might. I felt tears rolling down my face from the pain. I could feel him rubbing my neck above and below where the pain was. There was nothing I could do and nowhere I could go…

Soon he let go of my neck, allowing me to look up into the mirror. I saw him slowly begin pumping the bulb attached to the fangs. I could faintly feel something strange in my neck, but it was undistinguishable. I saw a few drops of blood drip from the tubes into the urn below my head, slowly at first, then faster. I could hear my blood dripping like a faucet into the urn, and this scared the hell out of me!

The men in the robes came closer to the altar. Each one walked in a circle from my right to my left. I thought there must have been about fifteen of them. As each man approached my head on the left side, they held a small goblet under the tubes filling it up with my blood. After one filled the goblet, he moved on for the next man to take his place. This continued until every man had a cup of my blood.

I was beginning to get very dizzy. I had no way of knowing how much blood was being taken out of me. After every man was standing in a circle around the altar, he filled a goblet also. He stared into my eyes again, and I felt easy and relaxed. I felt him remove the fangs from my neck and watched him put them back into the box. He then bent over and sucked on my neck where the fangs had been until the blood quit flowing from my neck. Then he took a step back and said to the group: “Behold! This is the blood that gives us life. Grateful are those who partake of this feast!” With that, each man began drinking the warm blood until every drop was emptied from his goblet.

I was very dizzy from the amount of blood I gave them. He bent over me and looked at my body closely. My breathing became heavy again. My breasts were heaving up and down, and my nipples were hard and erect. I felt him kneading them and flicking my nipples. He lowered his blood-covered lips to mine. escort pendik I tried to resist, but I was more in his power than ever. I opened my mouth, allowing his tongue to probe deep inside. I began to feel tremendously hot from his seductive, passionate kiss. There was something incredibly frightening about the thought of him making love to me…but I was in no position to resist.

As his lips continued to cover mine, I felt his hand continue to circle my breast, first one then the other. He would only stop to pinch and pull at my nipples. The pain was great, but I couldn’t scream. Soon his lips are on my neck again. My body shook with an uncontrollable chill. Was he going to drink my warm blood again?

His tongue followed down to my chest. He began to lick the outer contours of my breasts, gently lapping at my nipples, making them rock hard in his mouth. With one hand circling my breast, the other made its way to my waist. I felt the juices of my pussy begin to flow anticipating what would eventually happen. He continued rubbing my belly, moving his hand to my pussy. I could feel him running his fingers through my hair. My body involuntarily began bucking from the stimulation. He knew I was ready…

He moved away from me and picked up the urn that was below my head. He raised it above his head and chanted: “This blood and this body will be the new beginning!” And he poured my blood over my chest and stomach. After setting down the urn, he took his fingers and rubbed the blood over my body like paint. I couldn’t believe how hot and sexual I felt!

He walked around the altar until he was between my legs. He again looked into my eyes as I looked down at him. He willed me to open my legs farther. He was so confident, so self-assured, that I reluctantly complied, conscious that any minute he would penetrate me.

I could hardly stand it! The anticipation was killing me! He stood back and opened his robe. I want to look at his body, but I couldn’t. I could only tell that he was naked underneath the robe. I could see him move closer to me, and I felt him rub his hard cock against my wet pussy. I could feel him teasing me. He would ease the head just inside and then pull away. It is as though he is testing my body…debating as to whether my pussy is ready to enter.

Suddenly, I feel him slide his cock ease inside my pussy. My muscles immediately tighten around it. I begin to moan in ecstasy now that his hot shaft had finally quit teasing me. He enters me so slowly, sliding in ever so slightly. I open myself to him as his penetration continues. He waits to feel me contract around him before he gives me more. His cold hands grip my hips tightly. He fills me up then slowly withdraws his cock to the point of almost pulling out. As he enters me again, my pussy locks onto him, wishing that he would remain there forever. He is taking my body…and soon my soul.

Suddenly, he pulls away completely. “Nooooo! Please don’t!!”, I scream with the last of my willpower I can muster. A wave of an orgasm is descending upon me. His cock begins slamming into me. He has prepared me well, I am willing to let him have his way. He holds my hips and begins to fuck me frantically…his balls pound my pussy with vengeance. He is so hard…his fucking is wild, like an animal! My body shakes from the power of him. My breasts are bouncing with his thrusts. I am crazy for him, I want him to have me completely.

He continues slamming his cock into my burning pussy. I can feel his cock begin to throb. I know he will fill me with his semen soon. “Yessssss, do it!!! Fill me now!!!!!” I moan raising my body to meet his thrusts. I scream as he releases spurt after spurt of his seed deep inside me. I feel his cum spewing inside me as I have a tremendous orgasm.

Soon he backs away from me, hopefully exhausted. He turns and leaves the room. Because of my loss of blood and the tremendous orgasm, I’m almost unconscious. My eyes are closed. My mind again begins to wander…”I know I’m not using any type of birth control, so I’ll probably get pregnant. How long will they keep me here? What about Gary? Where is he? Where is Pam? How could she let this happen?”

Suddenly, I felt another cock thrust into my pussy. I look up into the mirror and see the men are circled around the altar. One of the men is fucking me hard and mercilessly. “Ohhh, God…Noooooo!” I begged, but it was no use. His thrusting was jolting me forward on the altar. After a few more thrusts, I heard him emit a low groan, and knew he was spewing his seed in me. Looking up at the mirror, I saw him back away and the next man take his place. And again I felt another cock enter me.

This went on until every man had me…I lost count of how many. I could feel a large amount of semen oozing out of my pussy and onto the cold granite altar. When they had all finished, I was untied and taken upstairs to a bathroom, where my body was washed and my hair shampooed. After I was oiled down, I was dressed in another nightgown almost identical to the one I had on earlier. I was so exhausted I could hardly move. I was taken to a bed and gently placed under the covers. When I rolled over I noticed Gary asleep beside me.

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