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I wrote this for a friend… who was somewhat embarrassed to tell me about this incident and answer my questions. Perhaps because it involves forbidden fruit event remains one of the most erotic memories of his life. He said the details, as I have written it, are amazingly accurate.

* * * * *

Kathie and I are pretty open about sex. We like to keep a sense of adventure about our sex life. I suppose our openness about the subject has made it easier for Kathie’s daughter Riane to talk to her about it.

Eighteen years old, and very attractive, Riane had gone through a steady stream of boyfriends. Both of us assumed she had been quite active sexually, since she admitted losing her virginity at 15. Kathie, of course, had made sure, early on, that Riane was taking all the necessary precautions. My stepdaughter had certainly given the impression, since her first roll in the hay, that she had been gaining further sexual experience.

Kathie was surprised to learn, during a frank discussion with Riane, that she had only had intercourse with two different boys. Somehow their conversation then turned to orgasms. Riane made it clear she knew all about getting guys off – giving them hand jobs and blow jobs – but she told Kathie that she didn’t think she’d ever had an orgasm, except by masturbation.

Not even by a guy giving her oral sex, Kathie had inquired. It was then Riane confessed that none of the boys she had got sexual with had “done that for her” yet. I guess Kathie rolled her eyes, or made a funny face when she heard that, because Riane’s next question was if Kathie let me do that to her.

Well, yes, Kathie had said, laughing, and proceeded to answer some more of Riane’s curious questions.

Kathie told me about this conversation later. I was a little embarrassed that she had been talking about our sex life in such detail with her daughter. How else is she going to learn, Kathie had said. Secretly, my male pride was feeling pretty good because she had spoken highly of my talents.

What I didn’t expect was the effect it would have on Riane… the following weekend… when Kathie was away on one of her short business trips.

– – – – – – –

For starters, it was unusual for Riane to be home on a Saturday night. She said she needed a break from what she called the social “mind games” of her friends. We ended up ordering pizza, sharing a bottle of wine and watching a movie on TV.

Riane and I would often bug each other, sparring verbally or wrestling playfully after an unexpected poke or punch, usually instigated by her. Perhaps it was the wine’s influence that night, which Riane had been consuming at a high rate, that caused us to get onto one of our little tussles during the movie. Only this time it became apparent our wrestling match was not going to end as quick as most did. Every time I suggested we take a breather and let my guard down, Riane would pounce on me again.

In these kind of playful scraps it is impossible to predict where your hands are going to go. I was wearing jeans and a shirt over a T-shirt. Riane was wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants… and apparently nothing else. I got a handful of soft breast through her sweat shirt a couple of times by mistake. Then, trying to pry her off me at one point, I accidentally pulled her sweat pants half way down her bare bum.

In spite of this, and my apologies, she was not giving up or backing off. She would only laugh and attack harder instead. I would get her under my control, make her say “uncle” a dozen or more times, thinking she would finally give in, but as soon as I let her go she would jump onto me again.

I was starting to sweat from the exertion. Both of us were breathing hard. I swear my hands touched every part of her as we laughed and struggled. Riane is quite well-endowed, like her mother, and her breasts were constantly bouncing around and pressing against me. Our legs would get tangled, her thigh thrust up into my crotch or her crotch thrust against my thigh.

At some point, trying to hold this young, nubile body at bay got the better of me. I could feel my groin getting noticeably warm, my cock starting to swell. All this grabbing and writhing… and heavy breathing… was triggering some innate male arousal in me.

As the bulge in my pants got larger I was sure Riane must be aware of it. Embarrassed, I tried again to stop the wrestling match. I squirmed on top of her on the couch and held her hands down. My shirt was pulled out of my pants and half unbuttoned. Both of us were panting from the energy we had expended.

“Okay… okay… Riane… I give,” I said, trying to prevent her from wriggling out of my grip. She managed to wrap her legs around my waist. “Enough already!”

“You can’t give… ” she squealed in protest, laughing.

“What do… you mean… I can’t?”

“Cuz… I have… to make you give!”

“It’s gonna be… a cold day in hell… before that’s ever going to happen…” I replied, shaking my head, trying ataşehir escort bayan to clear my thoughts and catch my breath. “So I’m… choosing to give!”

I felt her body relax. Slowly I released her wrists, waggling my finger and glaring at her as I sat back against the couch. Her bare tummy was bouncing up and down like a trampoline with her rapid breathing. Her eyes were locked on mine.

“Ohhhh-kay!” she said with sarcastic emphasis, pulling out the leg stuck behind my back and draping it over my lap next to the other one. “I’ll let you give… you chicken… if you… give me something…”

“Hah! Give you something!” I said, wiping my forehead with my hand, relieved our scrap was coming to an end. “Give you what?”

“Give me… an orgasm!” she blurted… and with one quick motion she swept her sweat pants past her hips, down her legs, off her feet and tossed them onto the floor.

Her movement was so sudden that I didn’t realize what she was doing until her slender legs were draped back over mine. She was naked from the waist down, except for a pair of white socks.

I was stunned… shocked… unable to speak… and unable to look away! I should have immediately grabbed her pants and covered her up. I should have said no. I should have got up and walked away. But I didn’t.

I was enthralled by the sight of her smooth, unblemished, youthful skin. My eyes roamed over her calves, up her thighs… between her thighs… and stopped. The sight of her pussy… well, not exactly her pussy, but her pussy hair… held me spellbound. She was in full bloom! There was evidence of some trimming at the crux of her thighs, but the rest of her mound was covered by a light-colored forest of long, curly hairs, not quite thick enough to hide her delicate lips and seam. I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen full-grown pubic hair on a female. At that moment her wispy hairs struck me as incredibly sensual, an indication of innocence, of discovery, of newness. I had the strange impulse to reach over and ruffle them, to see how high the curls would spring, a mountain of twirls and swirls against the background of the smooth, pale skin of her trim belly and thighs. And then I realized my heartbeat had doubled its pace.

“Holy shit…” I started.

Riane immediately interrupted. “I want you to…,” she said, taking my hand in hers and guiding it towards her wispy mound.

“…touch me…” she thrust my fingertips through her soft forest of curls, opening her thighs slightly.

“…right here…” Oh God! She shoved my fingers between her warm pussy lips, until they dipped into her wet heat.

“Oh shiiiittt…” my utterance at that moment was something between a moan and an exclamation. My God she was soaking wet! Obviously our wrestling match had warmed her up as well. Again I was entranced. I should have pulled my fingers away, but no, they remained still. I was paralyzed by the conflict raging inside me. I knew I shouldn’t be enjoying this, but the protests of my conscience were no match for the physical desire blowing through me. You have to understand that the feel of a woman’s soft wetness… that intense warmth… that readiness… that oozing slickness… close enough to smell the scent… oh sweet Jesus… it’s like lighting a fuse that can’t be put out.

“I want you… to… ummm… lick me there!” The last three words rushed out of her mouth, like she wanted to say them before she chickened out. “Mum said… ohhhhhhh!”

Her words transformed into a loud moan. I knew what she and Kathie had talked about, so I cut short her sentence by stroking my fingers, spreading her moisture up her lips, parting them gently. Her whole body arched in shock from this intimate caress, like she was a spring wound tight, waiting to be sprung.

Riane’s tummy quivered and a little “uh” came out of her mouth as the tip of my finger glided over her hard little clit. Then back down. Up and down… her legs opening a bit more… her eyes closing… her mouth stuck forming another “uh”… her hand frozen in mid air, hovering above my fingers. The only sound was the little slurpy noises of my fingertips caressing her wet folds.

At this point my cock was pounding, totally and uncontrollably hard, aching from the strain of being confined. Each heartbeat was sending a throbbing message from my bulge into the back of Riane’s naked leg, laying over my lap, although I’m not sure she was even aware of it.

While my fingers explored, I slid my other hand softly up the inside of her thigh. I was shocked again at the intensity of her reaction. Her upper body arched like a bow, head thrown back, a low, wailing moan springing from her throat at this simple caress.

“This isn’t hurting you is it?” I said, knowing her thighs weren’t shuddering with from pain, but wanting to hear her reply. Every nerve in her body seemed ready to explode. She sucked in a big gush of air, threw her hands back above her head and ground her escort kadıköy pussy into my touch.

“Ooohhhh no-no-no-no-no-NO! Don’t stop!” A whooshing breath came out of her twisted lips. “DON’T stop!”

Jesus! What the hell had I got myself into!

– – – – – – –

Oral sex, I told myself. I’ll give her the oral sex she so desperately wants and that’s it. As long as I keep my cock in my pants everything will be okay. After all, I could teach her a couple of tongue tricks. Eating her out isn’t really having sex. God, she’s so wired to cum it won’t take much.

My rationale went something like that, as far as I can remember, although I wasn’t very rational at that moment. In truth, Riane was an oral sex virgin, laid out in front of me, and the thought of taking her oral sex virginity was so arousing I couldn’t resist.

I lifted her legs slowly and began to reposition myself. Riane glanced to see if I was leaving… or staying. When she realized I was staying she moaned softly and closed her eyes. As I shifted, I quickly slid one hand into my pants and pulled my stiff cock up against my belly. Ahhh, what relief! Then I opened her thighs and settled between her legs. Oh, sweet heaven, what a wonderful view! My heart was racing even faster than before.

“One of the most important things to do… when you please a woman,” I managed to mumble, “Is to take your time. You mustn’t dive right in. Teasing a little at first is good.”

I placed a little kiss half way up each smooth thigh. Again I was amazed at how she jumped expectantly at this… and she was certainly not shy about moaning.

“Little kisses tell a woman how pretty and desirable she is,” I said, parading my light smooches slowly up one side, then the other, the scent of her sex getting stronger as my nostrils neared the source.

“And then you must remind her of how wonderful a tongue feels on skin… ” I planted my lips just below the upper swell of her thigh and let my tongue probe her flesh, licking softly.

“Ohhh… myy… Gaaaawwd…” Riane groaned out loud… real loud… her hands clutching at the couch on either side of her hips. I half expected her to squirm away from me, but she arched her pelvis down instead, legs spread wide, as if to entice my tongue to her anxious pussy. Here it is, come and get it! She gasped and quivered as my lips and tongue played along the final smooth stretch to the crux of her thighs.

“One thing often forgotten… ” I murmured softly, “is how sensitive the crease is where your thighs join your body. Right here…”

I placed my hands firmly on on the insides of her shapely thighs, holding them apart for this… and then licked the crease of her leg from bottom to top, beside her pussy, her long pussy hairs tickling my cheek. Riane cried out desperately, groin hunching upwards in delight, legs pushing closed, but my hands held her in place, held her open as I licked one side, then the other. No doubt she had never felt a tongue there, nor was she used to a man’s face tickling her private curls. Her desperation was inspiring. If her pussy was throbbing and aching as much as my cock I could only wonder what she would do when my tongue plunged inside her. I let my nose and lips ruffle through her wispy hairs, savoring her wet scent. and then paused.

“Am I doing okay…?” I asked innocently.

“Ohhh yeeaaaaahhh… ohfuckyeah…” she gasped. “Dooon’t stop…!”

“It’s important for a man to tell a woman how attractive every part of her body is. You have a beautiful pussy Riane.” As I spoke I slid my hands up her thighs.

“Ohhhh fuckkk…” was all she could say.

“And your wet juices smell so sweet and delicious, I can’t wait to taste you!” I knew she might be concerned about her feminine odors. I wanted her to know I love the scent of a woman’s sex.

“One more thing…” I murmured, gently massaging the stiffened muscles at the crux of her thighs. “To really enjoy this you must let yourself relax, open yourself up, let it happen.”

“Ohhhh shittt…” she moaned, expelling the air held hostage in her lungs in one big whoosh, then sucking in fresh oxygen. Her legs relaxed, then tensed, then relaxed, then tensed under my kneading fingers.

“Ohhh God… I’m… I’m trying…” she groaned and then whimpered, body quaking, as my fingers slid through her pubic hair and peeled her wet lips apart, revealing the soft, rippled, pink flesh inside her quivering hole.

“That’s it,” I purred. “Let it happen. Enjoy the feel of my breath cooling you.” I blew gently into her tender wet well. Her vaginal muscles, along with the rest of her torso, clenched with each gust. A little “oh” squeezed out of her mouth each time my breath caressed her. She shoved her hands down onto her taut stomach, clutching the bottom hem of her sweatshirt, pulling it down, pressing her knuckles into the upper swell of her mound.

“Relax…” I said, breaking the rhythm of my little breezes, letting her catch another much-needed maltepe escort deep breath.

“That’s better. Relaxed now?” I asked. I could feel her struggling to let herself go, to make herself vulnerable.

“I’m trying… oh fuck!” she squeaked, her groin hunching toward my face involuntarily.

“Take another deep breath.” I said. She did, a long emptying one, letting go of her sweatshirt, putting her hands beside her. Her body went limp as she exhaled.

“Much better. Relax and enjoy. Are you relaxed now?” I asked again.

“Yes…” she lied.

Before the word was completely out of her mouth I swept my tongue deep into her pussy, dipping into her wet, throbbing hole, washing upwards over her swollen clit in one long lick.

– – – – – – –

“Uuuuunnnhhhhh… ” Riane cried out in agony, as if my soft probe slicing over her most intimate flesh had delivered a mortal wound. Her hands tore at the cushions, her upper body snapping off the couch, knees rising.

Holding her in place, my second long, searching lick hit her just as the sensation of the first one was ebbing from her shuddering body. My tongue flicked over her tenderized nub, inspiring another deathly squeal of pleasure. Riane was frozen in joy, half raised up, her facial features compressed by the sensations unleashed in her. I gently pushed her back down with one hand, until she collapsed, at the last second.

“Oh… myyyy…. fuucccking… Gawwwwd!” she managed to croak, breath coming in quick gasps, body still shuddering.

“Enjoy.” I said, not wanting her to recover, parting her sweet petals with my tongue once again. The thought that she’d never been tongue-fucked egged me on. I swirled the tip of my probe around her sweet entrance, dancing along the soft and supple edges, teasing her with a quick little dips. Then I buried myself into her, burrowing my tongue up into her quivering well, wiggling it as deep as I could, lapping at her inner walls.

Her body bucked violently against my mouth, accompanied by another moaning wail of joy. She was definitely not going to last long. And then I realized she didn’t have to.

My squirming probe became a little cock, thrusting into her as if it was ready to cum, setting up a rapid rhythm… in, out, in, out. God knows (and I’m embarrassed to admit it) I wished my real cock was pumping in and out of Riane at that moment.

My tongue adjusted to licks… up into her hole, then popping up towards her clit… again… and again… wanting her to feel like I was enjoying the world’s best tasting ice cream treat. Riane was clearly getting into it. Her body began to hump in time with my tongue’s strokes… her squeezed, tight voice chanting “fuck… fuck… fuck…”

It was time to send her to heaven. I swirled my licker up over her little fleshy knob, swollen hard with horny desire. First circles, then flicks, then side to side lashes… my nose pushed hard against her pubic bone. Riane’s helpless body began to shake. Her chant became a strange “ohhhwaah… ohhhwaah… ohhhwaah…” sound. My tongue flicked and licked faster and faster… and then I sucked her nub into my mouth.

Suddenly everything inside her stopped… or seemed to stop. Her legs froze. Her breath froze. The shaking stopped. It seemed like her soul had left her. And then… WHAM… she broke apart… shredding… cumming in a violent, limb-whipping, head-whipping blast of exquisite joy… what voice she had left was expelled in an ungodly series of howls!

I eased my tongue’s attentions, holding her down and making my licks light and gentle again as the waves of her orgasm waned, washing the insides of her quivering lips with my tongue. I could feel her body slowly recover from its churning, her lungs gasping for air.

“Ohhhh myyyy… oh my my my my… my my myyyyy!” she wheezed, trying to get her bearings. “Ohhhhh… ahyyeeeeee!”

Her voice turned into a squeak again, body jerking, as I flicked my tongue over her clit… just once, to test it. Her hands jumped onto my head, pushing me away.

“Oh God… too sensitive… tootootoo sensitive! Holy shit…” and then, “HOLY SHIT!”

“You enjoyed that?” I queried, my breathing warm and wet.

“That…!” she exclaimed. “That!” A pause. “That was the fucking most wildest thing I have ever felt!” Air came swooshing out of her lungs.

“It was good?” Mr. Innocence again.

“Oh fuck! That…!” A pause. “That was better than good… much fucking better… holy shit!”

“And you know the beauty about being a woman?” I asked. Riane had made no attempt to move away.

“Oh my god, I’m shaking like a leaf…” she murmured. “What?”

“Is that a woman can have those one after another. As many as she wants.”

– – – – – – –

“Another one…?” Her voice was almost a whisper.

“That’s right, another orgasm. You’re still sensitive there, but just let your body and mind go with it. I’ll be gentle at first.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…” Riane moaned as my tongue pried between her soft lips again, leisurely exploring her slick surfaces. “Omigod… I don’t… think…”

“You haven’t felt anything yet…” I murmured, then sent my tongue on a juicy safari, up into her still-pulsing hole.

“Ohhhh fuucckkk…”

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