Her Best Friend

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Note: Italics represent Jack’s thoughts.

Thanks to angel love for all her help and input editing my first story.


Jack had been going out with Sarah for about three months now. Everything was going quite well, he thought. Sarah was a really nice girl. Physically she had long red hair, piercing blue eyes, and a toned body. She was a gym addict.

Sarah was Jack’s first serious relationship, and he cared about her deeply. Tonight she was out at her parent’s place, and Jack was just hanging around at her place. Sarah lived with a roommate, Linda. They got along quite well. Linda had been Sarah’s best friend since they were kids, and it was important to her that Jack and Linda had gotten along well.

She didn’t have to worry, as Jack and Linda were becoming quite good friends.

Since Jack didn’t have to go to university today, he decided to take it easy, and lazed about Sarah’s house. Linda surfaced around midday, and ducked out for a bit of shopping saying she would be back later on, and was inviting some friends around later. Jack planned on leaving before Linda got back, as he didn’t want to impose on her friends.

Jack settled on the couch and flipped on the tv, enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty apartment.

Suddenly, he heard some noise and awoke with a start. I must have been asleep, he thought. He rubbed his eyes open and took in his surroundings. There was music playing, and about twenty people around, drinking and having a good time. He feel so embarrassed. He turned to his left and saw Linda looking at him, with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Had a good sleep?” she asked.

Linda looked absolutely gorgeous. She was a natural beauty, with shoulder length blonde hair, an olive tan, and big brown eyes. She had much bigger and firmer breasts than Sarah, and while she had never been to the gym, seemed to have an amazing natural body, with smooth, supple skin. She had a face that while not classically beautiful, radiated sex. Jack wondered why she didn’t have a boyfriend. It wasn’t from a lack of opportunity, as he knew many guys who had tried, and failed. When Linda had brought guys back to the apartment, she was quite loud, and enthusiastic in bed.

Jack gave a wry smile and decided at that moment to leave as quickly as possible. He was embarrassed enough. Linda grabbed his hand, and said, “You’re not going anywhere! Come have a drink with me!”

Jack could not say no to a beautiful girl at the best of times, and in his half conscious dream state he did not really feel like fighting it. Linda poured him a quite stiff Jim Beam and coke, and she seemed to pour almost the same amount in her glass. One drink turned into a couple, and Jack couldn’t remember having a better time in a long time. It had been a while since he had been drinking so much, and it was almost like he was back in his single days, getting drunk with his friends. Linda was good fun too, and they seemed to spend a lot of time just laughing at stupid things.

One by one Linda’s friends left, until it was just Jack and Linda at home. The downstairs of the apartment was a mess, so Linda suggested going upstairs into her place and watching some tv. In his rather drunk state, Jack just smiled, nodded, and tried to avoid looking at Linda’s stupendous breasts that were aching to come out of her low top. I hope she didn’t notice me looking at her. I’m sure she didn’t.

Linda flipped on the tv while Jack sprawled on her bed, lying on his side facing the tv. From this angle, he could see Linda’s short skirt hugging her ass, exposing her long tanned legs from her calves to the backs of her thighs. Her skin was so smooth, it was flawless. Barefoot, Linda stood on her tip toes to adjust the set, which was perched on her bookshelf.

Unfortunately the alcohol was affecting Jack a little too much and he had passed out on Linda’s bed. Linda turned back around and sighed, with a smile on her face. She descended back downstairs to do a little cleaning up. She decided to leave Jack pendik escort alone for a while, to sleep off the alcohol.

After about an hour Linda was tired of cleaning up. Linda could have slept in Sarah’s bed, or on the couch, but she decided to sleep in her own bed. She tried to wake Jack up, but hard as she tried to stir Jack’s frame, she could not make him stir. She changed into her nightclothes, which were much like a lacy white bra and panties, and climbed into bed and tried to fall asleep.

The extra body heat and weight shift in the bed caused Jack to slowly stir. His alcohol muddled mind was having strangely erotic dreams, and he felt a thick hard on pressing into his jeans which were becoming awfully tight. He squinted his eyes open, and looked around. He could make out blonde hair, and a tanned bare shoulder covered in a sheet. Where am I? he wondered.

Details of the night came back to him slowly. He remembered Linda, her laughs, her sexy legs, and her amazing breasts, all of which he was catching glimpses of during the night. And here she was, barely 6 inches away from him. Sure, he was on one side of the bed, and she was curled up far on the other, but being this close to an amazingly beautiful girl was enticing. Now that he was awake, he couldn’t go back to sleep.

I wonder why she slept here. Was she attracted to him? Did she want to sleep with him?

These thoughts circled through his head. He decided to test things out, by feigning sleep and shifting his body closer to her. It was torturous, each inch seemed like a mile, but slowly and surely he got closer. He could have sworn she was moving backwards closer to him, pushing that sexy, irresistible ass closer to him, but he was not sure. Maybe she was just sleeping.

He inched closer until he was basically spooning her. His breath was on her neck, he could feel strands of her beautiful blonde hair on his face. Between breaths, his natural body movements made the tip of his irrepressibly hard cock brush her ass. He could feel her ass just encased in tight panties and it turned him on unbelievably.

I shouldn’t be doing this.

He tried to turn away and forget about it but he couldn’t. He stretched his arm over and across Linda’s sleeping body.

I hope she doesn’t wake up. I don’t think she woke up.

He couldn’t resist himself. His arm slowly trailed down her near naked body, feeling her immaculate smooth soft skin. He loved the feel of it.

Nothing wrong with that. His hands brushed her bra, and he got chills. His heart was racing wildly. He couldn’t remember being this excited.

Surely she must want me to be here. She must have woken up by now.

He decided to be more forthright. His fingers focused more on her nipples now. He lightly brushed them with his fingers, using his thumb and forefinger to trace circles around. Linda still didn’t stir, and to any observer looked fast asleep. His cock was straining against his pants more now, and he had gotten so close to her body that his cock was almost wedged against her ass. He was moving his hips in ever so slow circles, so slowly it was almost imperceptible, against her ass. Still she didn’t stir.

I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s Sarah’s best friend.

He thought this as his hands kept tracing her soft skin. He lightly ran his hand down her form, trying as best he could to only give her the lightest of touches. It was sensual, his heart seemed like it was going to leave his chest at any moment; he was so excited. He traced the outlines of her bra, one cup, then the other cup, then along the bottom. Light, soft, bare touches. He traced a lone index finger, softly, gently down her stomach. Her skin was so soft and creamy. His heart skipped a beat as he was approaching her pussy.

Will she let me touch her there?

His mind was debating what he wanted to do. He was craving to touch her. With the lightest and softest of touches, he traced the outline of the band of her panties. His fingers focused on the skin between maltepe escort her cute pierced belly button, and the top of her panties. For five minutes he kept touching, exploring. Finally his fingers explored further. His fingers lifted the band of her panties slightly, and he slid his fingers from side to side. She still hadn’t stirred, but her breathing was louder now.

Should I?

He couldn’t help himself. He pushed his hand as far as he could down her panties, and tried to slide his finger in. His finger for an instant touched her pussy. It was wet and hot.

From out of nowhere, Linda grabbed his hand and wheezed, “You shouldn’t.”

Jack was in a state of panic. He was caught. He mumbled, “Sorry.”

Jack turned back around. He was in a turmoil. Frustrated, excited, embarrassed and confused. Linda did not kick him out, but she seemed determined.

I’m sure she wanted to do it. Maybe it’s good she stopped me, I would have regretted it.

Feeling her body was amazing though. His adrenalin was pumping and his dick felt like it would never go down. He was sure his underwear was soaked with pre-cum from about an hour of unbearable sexual tension. He tried to go back to sleep but he couldn’t. He turned back around and slowly crept back alongside Linda. This time wasn’t as slow as the first time.

I’m sure she moved her ass back towards me this time.

He put his arm around her. His fingers slowly trailed down her body, until his fingers were resting on the tops of her breasts. His dick was trying to escape through his pants. He was frustrated. He stopped touching Linda and could almost feel her body respond in surprise. He reached down, and unbuttoned his jeans. He was now just in his underwear. He moved his hand back to the top of her breasts. Her bra was still on, but he slipped his hand under her cups, feeling for her nipples. He rolled her nipple between his fingers. Her nipples were becoming erect and hard. Linda did not stop him. His hand was now completely under her bra, and massaging her breast completely. Her breathing was becoming ragged. He was pushing his underwear clad cock hard against her ass now, insistently. His hips were moving and thrusting in fast circles now, and he could barely contain himself.

This kept going with some pauses for Jack to regain his energy. Each time, Linda would not stir or make a comment, both when Jack stopped, and when Jack started again. The tension was building and despite Jack’s conscious efforts to control himself, he could feel his willpower slipping away.

Finally Jack had his hand inside her bra, pinching hard on her erect nipples. He reached down, and pulled his cock out of his underwear. He was rubbing his cock against her ass, and could feel her body writhing against him, matching his motion. She was pushing back against his cock hard.

She’s getting horny. Damn she is so sexy.

Jack would sometimes in a flurry of activity, grind his thick cock against her ass hard, mimicking the rhythm of sex, leaving them both breathless. His guilt would take over and he would stop.

Think about Sarah. You have to stop.

Then he would think about the tight bodied teenage beauty two inches away from him, and he would within seconds be thrusting against her panties again. Linda’s underwear was becoming moist with the constant excitement. Jack was becoming more insistent each time, but was afraid that if he crossed the barrier and touched her pussy, it would stop.

I have to cum. I can’t bear this, I need some relief. Damn.

Jack couldn’t stop, and kept stroking his cock up and down the crack of her ass cheeks. The head of his cock would stroke her front side as well, at times only the thickness of her panties separating his cock from being inside her. He would shudder with excitement, as he could sense her wetness.

I have to stop, I must stop.

He forced himself, with whatever willpower he had left, to try and turn away from Linda for a minute. His heart was pounding, kartal escort he needed to settle down.

Linda reached back behind her, and grabbed his cock. Jack groaned in surprise and delight. Linda hissed with excitement. She stroked his cock in her hand, feeling it throb in her hand. Jack could not contain himself, and pulled down her panties. She was dripping wet, as he stuck his finger in.

She moaned.

Jack rolled over and inserted his rock hard cock into her pussy. He looked down and saw her flushed face. He could not believe how turned on he was. He thrust his cock in and out hard, getting out all his pent up frustration out. He was fucking her hard, and she was loving it. He remembered the times he had heard her getting screwed, while he was sleeping with Sarah. He wanted to fuck her well. She was clearly enjoying it.

She was screaming, “Fuck me hard, Jack! I want you to fucking make me cum, you sexy bastard! Fuck me!”

Her body was writhing under his, as the sweat dripped down their bodies. Her nipples were erect and her hands were grasping his ass pulling him deeper and deeper into her.

Jack couldn’t believe how sexy she felt. He couldn’t hold out much longer. His body ached for release. He tried to hold off, but looking in her smouldering eyes and hearing her made it near impossible.

“Cum in me, Jack! Oh you fuck me so hard, I bet you never fuck Sarah like this! Fuck me, you bad stud!”

Jack’s balls tightened, and his face flushed. He grunted and thrust deep into her. It was a huge eruption, as an amazing wave of ecstasy flooded him. He came deep inside her.

I can’t believe I just did that.

His mind was swimming. His heart was racing. He rolled off her, as his cock deflated, luxuriating in the glow of his orgasm. Linda faced him, and her soft lips brushed across his chin. She kissed his chest, then his lips. Soft kisses, her wet tongue dancing in his mouth. Usually Jack would have sex with Sarah and drift off to sleep holding her in his arms.

With Linda and her sexiness, he couldn’t. He surprised himself, as his cock rapidly became hard again. Linda was also surprised. No guy she had ever been with had made her felt like this. No guy had ever recovered so quickly. Her hand trailed down his stomach and grabbed the shaft of his cock. She jerked it hard, and couldn’t believe how hard he was again.

She rubbed just the tip of his cock against the lips of her pussy, just barely. Jack almost convulsed with the sexual tension, of being so close to fucking her again. His cock was oozing pre-cum again. Linda kept rubbing Jack’s cock against her pussy, teasing him. Finally she couldn’t bear it anymore.

She rolled over, and was on the bed on all fours. Her amazing body, with her tight ass up and displayed. “Fuck me again, she demanded.”

Jack slipped his cock into her wet pussy and began fucking her doggy style. Jack was fucking her much deeper this time, in long strokes. His cock was hard, much harder than it had ever been, and her pussy felt so tight around his cock. Sweat was streaming down his face. He was fucking her in long, deep, slow strokes. She felt his powerful rhythm vibrating through her body. She couldn’t bear it.

After fucking her solidly for five minutes she began to moan. Five minutes more, she was convulsing violently on his cock. She turned back to look at Jack, her face contorted in pleasure. After resting for a minute, she could still feel his cock was hard. She stuck it inside her again, and could feel the throbbing inside her. She pushed Jack over, and rode him. At first, it was slow, torturously slow. He winced every time her pussy left him, and groaned as she took him deeper each time.

After a few minutes, her intensity built up. She rode him mercilessly. He looked up and was entranced at the beautiful sight of her breasts bouncing in front of his eyes. He couldn’t handle much more. He felt the grip of her pussy, and his cock lurched.

He screamed, “I am gonna cum!”

She looked deeply into his eyes, as he thrust up, and came violently inside her again. Sweat poured down both of their faces, as Linda dropped down to kiss Jack.

That was fucking unbelievable. I can’t believe I did that. There is gonna be some trouble after this.

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