Her Hotel for the Wrestler Pt. 08

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The new year is underway as the January freezing rain falls outside. It’s Friday evening and the wrestling meet is underway inside the college gym. Sofia (21 yrs.) is a voluptuous red head (38-24-34) who watches the competition on the mat. She writes for the local college internet blog. She’s wearing jeans and a red sweater with buttons opened showing deep cleavage. Her tits jiggle because of no bra.

Sofia’s been watching a wrestling coach from the visiting team. His name is Jace (26 yrs.) who stands at 5’11” and weighs 174 lbs. He has shoulder-length brown hair which is tied into a ponytail. She sits on the ground floor and his sport bag sits on a chair in front of her. He took off his wedding ring in front of her and shoved it inside of his bag. He doesn’t notice her.

Jace coaches his team athletes and suddenly runs back to his sport bag. He checks his iPhone for messages. He’s wearing thick college sweats.

Sofia says, “Hey Jace. Your team is doing okay tonight.”

He looks at her and does a double-take. His eyes notice her large tits.

Jace replies, “Hi and no, my team is losing.”

She asks, “Can I interview you for my wrestling-blog?”

He answers, “Sure, but after the meet. Who are you?”

She chuckles, “I’m sorry. My name is Sofia.”

He smiles, “Nice to meet you.”

She lies to him, “I saw that you dropped your wedding ring on the floor. I put it back in your bag.”

He searches for his ring and whispers, “Thanks, pendik escort I’m separated. Excuse me. I’ll interview later.”

He runs back onto the mat floor.

The wrestling meet is over and the freezing rain has stopped. Sofia leans back against the wall outside the gym. Her heavy coat is open and the red sweater is also unbuttoned. The left side is pushed over exposing her left tit. He’s still wearing his college sweats. Jace’s left hand grips the mammary and pushes up her nipple. He kisses the large areola around that nipple.

She whispers, “Jace, you’re so gentle.”

He stops kissing, “I worship your tits.”

She replies, “I got a room at the university hotel.”

He says, “Okay. Goddamn. You’ve got enormous areolas.”

Inside hotel room 110. The long curtains are pulled open. The window is fogged up from the heater below which is turned on “high.” The only light comes from the big screen TV which plays ESPN professional wrestling. The volume is turned down.

Clothes, shoes, coats and socks are piled up on the arm-chair. Jace’s sport bag is next to the door.

He stands naked against the bed with his head thrown back and mouth dropped open. His loose hair hangs freely. She’s naked and kneels in front of him on the carpet floor.

Sofia has been devouring his 7-inch cock. Both of her hands clench his parted solid thighs. She’s been gripping his shaft with only her mouth and lips.

Those wet lips clamp down around maltepe escort his shaft and forcefully move up and down.

He moans, “Ahhhh… Uh-Ahhhhh… Oh-My-Gawd.. My-Gawd.!”

As she pulls back up his shaft. It jerks his hips forward.

He replies, “My-Gawd… Yank-it… Yank-It-Sofia.”

She let’s go of his cock and it throbs in the air. His shaft naturally turns downward. Her lips quickly cover his cock-tip and she begins moving up and down fast.

Jace looks down as his hair falls over his face. She’s jerking hard on his cock.

He says, “Yeah.. Yank-It.. Yank-It.. I’m close.”

Sofia slows down and then stops while clamping down around his member.

He explodes and screams loudly, “UUAAHH… AH-AH-AH…. AAAAAAHHH…… AAAAHHH…… AAAAAHHHH…… AAAHHHH..!!!”

His load gushes into her mouth.

She pulls off of his cock as it throbs into the air.

Her lips slide over his cock again. Jace flinches by jerking his hips from cock-head sensitivity.

He screams, “AAHHHH..!!!”

Both of her lips slowly move up and down his shaft.

He replies, “Uh-Ahhh.!!”

She slides up and down a few more times. Her lips then slide off of his cock. Jace steps back and then staggers over to sit down on the bed.

He breathes hard, “Ahhhh…. Gawd.”

30 minutes later. The curtains are still open. It’s so cold outside that there is more fog all over the window. The heater below still kartal escort purrs on “high.” The TV plays ESPN news.

The naked bodies of Jace and Sofia are on top of the bed. She’s laying on her back with both legs lifted into the air. Both of her hands grip the tits.

He kneels in between her legs. Both of his hands hold up and spread open her ankles. His hair is tied into a ponytail, but has loose hair hangs over his face. He looks down at his cock which is buried all the way inside of her red pussy.

He is Balls Deep.

Jace is thrusting hard and strong. His bent shaft pushes open the walls of her cunt.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

Sofia responds, “Unnnh.. Unnnhh.. Unh-Unnnhh.. J-Jace.. Jace..!!”

He concentrates on his shaft pushing inside as his balls hit above her butt-hole.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

She screams, “Jace-Jace.. Unnnhh.. Unnhh.. Open.. Me-Up.. Up.!”

Her fingers pinch her nipples hard. He grips her ankles in the air.

He is still Balls Deep.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

She says, “Feels-Good.. Unnnnh.. Unnhh. Unh-Unnnhh.!!”

Jace pushes inside a few more times and stops.

He explodes loudly again, “UH-AAAHHH.. AAAAAHHHHH.. AH-AAAAAHHHHH.!!!”

The next morning. The bed covers are pulled up to Jace’s chest. His head pushes against a large pillow and his hair falls over his face. Both of his eyes open and he brushes his hair away. He looks around and slowly wakes up. Sofia is gone.

He doesn’t see his sport bag by the door. His hands throw off the bed covers and leans over the edge. He’s still naked and finds that his clothes are gone.

Jace smiles, “Real funny Sofia.”

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