High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 38

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When I opened my eyes, the smell of fresh brewed coffee coming from the kitchen told me Kay was already up and was making our breakfast. I slipped on a pair of clean boxers and joined her.

“Morning sleepy head,” Kay said as I entered the kitchen.

I glanced at the clock and realized I had less than an hour before I’d be late for work. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, then said, “Morning darlin’.”

Kay handed me a mug of coffee, kissed me on the cheek and asked, “Would you like something to eat.”

“May not have time, I need to shower and get to the office before nine.” I replied.

She giggled and answered, “Take your coffee with you to the bathroom and when you’re dressed I’ll have a bagel ready for you.”

“You’re a doll Kay,” I replied as I headed to the bathroom to shower.

As I showered, I thought about the revelations I’d made last night. Kay has met Stephanie and learned about Staci, I was certain she would have lots of questions concerning both, but this morning wasn’t the right time or place for that.

I dressed and walked back to the kitchen, “Here’s a bagel, I wrapped it so you can eat while you drive.” She said.

I took it from her and thanked her, then realized she was still wearing my bathrobe. “Can you lock up when you leave?” I asked.

“Absolutely, I’m gonna shower when I get home so I’ll be right behind you.” She answered.

I gave her a quick kiss and headed out the door saying, “Call ya later today.”

I trusted Kay enough to leave her alone in my apartment, but wondered if her inquisitive nature might lead her to do a little snooping before she left. Thanks to Kay, I made it to the office on time.

After starting up my computer I grabbed my coffee mug and headed to the lunchroom. Several other co-workers must have had the same idea because the pot was nearly empty when I got there so I started a new pot. As I waited for the coffee to brew, I sat down at one of the tables. Fran walked in and greeted me, “Morning Allen,”

“How are you today,” I answered.

“I’m good, are you making coffee?” She asked.

“Yep, I hate the bottom of the pot,” I replied.

She looked more conservative today she had on a pair of dark blue, tailored slacks and a pretty pale blue, long sleeved blouse, her shoulder length, brunette hair normally rather wavy hung straight over her shoulders. As usual Fran had taken the time to apply her make-up to enhance her crystal blue eyes. She sat down across the table from me and kind of half smiled. I noticed that her blouse was buttoned to the very top, something I couldn’t remember ever seeing before. I got the impression that something was amiss in her life.

“You seem a little out of sorts this morning Fran do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

Her smile widened a little as she said, “You can read me like a book.”

I knew that Fran’s upbeat personality wasn’t showing today and figured something had happened between her lunch with Kevin when she looked so assertive and the end of the day so I asked, “So what’s got you so down beat this morning?”

Her smile disappeared as she answered, “I’m having second thoughts about my promotion. You remember I told you I had some ideas about improving some procedures around here?”

“I recall you were going to talk with him about that at lunch yesterday,” I replied.

“I did and at the time he seemed to be receptive about my ideas.” Fran explained.

“Okay, so what happened after lunch?” I asked.

She fidgeted with her coffee mug for a second, then said, “He called me into his office at the end of the day. I thought, oh boy he’s gonna want to throw a quick fuck into me again, but instead he told me to take a seat.”

I knew there was more so I just said, “And?”

“Basically, Kevin told me that my job was to take orders from him and not come up with some lame ass ideas about improving operations in the office. On top of that, he told me that the conference tomorrow will definitely extend into Saturday and that I should be ready to entertain him both days.” Fran explained.

“He’s such an asshole,” I said.

The way he talked to me made me feel like I’m his personal whore,” Fran admitted.

I needed to calm her fears some so I suggested, “Since you’ve already taken the position, if you tell him you want out it would mean immediate termination. I’d suggest you go into this conference trip acting exactly like you are his whore.”

“How the hell is that gonna help?” Fran asked.

I gave her a plan. “Tomorrow, when you come to work dress and look like a whore, wear heavy make-up which he’s already told you he likes, choose your shortest, tightest skirt and a blouse that shows off your beautiful breasts. Flaunt yourself around the office until you leave with him, make him think that not only are you willing to entertain him the entire time you’re away, but anytime he wants going forward.”

Fran’s expression told me she was still confused and she said, “You think this will change his attitude about me?” pendik escort

“Let me finish and I think you’ll understand. When you’re riding to the conference talk to him like you’re his whore, maybe even give him a blowjob as he’s driving and he can’t control anything. Then when you get him alone tomorrow night, keep acting like you’ll be happy to play the role of his whore, but instead of letting him control things you take control. Tease him incessantly but don’t let him cum, tell him you’ll be his whore but you want to be pleased before he is.” I suggested.

“I’m beginning to get the picture you’d suggest I take on a role play with him the entire weekend.” Fran said.

“Exactly,” I answered.

She smiled and said, “I do enjoy sexual role play.”

“And you’re very good at it,” I added.

Before we could continue, one of my salesmen came through the door. To alert Fran that someone else was there I said, “So you’ll be able to get that report to me before the end of the day?”

By the time I finished, Hank Stetson approached and said, “Am I interrupting something?”

Fran looked at him and replied, “Of course not Hank, Allen and I were just talking about the quarterly sales report while we waited for a fresh pot of coffee to brew.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Hank said as he held out his empty cup.

As he poured his coffee, I smiled at Fran and gave her a wink. She stood up and after Hank was finished poured her own and said, “I’ll have that report on your desk by three o’clock.”

Hank leaned against the counter until Fran left, then remarked, “She’s usually one hot looking babe, but not today.”

I got up and as I filled my mug said, “She’s probably on her period.”

Hank laughed and revealed his sexist attitude saying, “A woman’s once a month excuse to be a real bitch.”

I just smiled at him and headed back to my desk.

I hoped that the suggestions I made to Fran would result in both her and the asshole in the corner office coming into work next Monday with a whole new attitude about each other. If not, I’d at least put the idea of the whore role play in her mind so I could live out that fantasy with her sometime in the future.

I decided to skip lunch and spent the hour researching the various models of GoPro online. From what I could tell, the best price on the unit that fit Kay and my needs was on Amazon. I’d make the purchase and since I have a Prime account would get two-day free shipping on the order.

At little before quitting time Fran stopped by my desk, she’d undone the top two buttons of her pale blue blouse and had a much wider smile on her lips as she said, “You will be here tomorrow, right?”

I grinned and replied, “I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

I watched as she walked toward the door, she had that sexy swagger in her walk again, a sign to me that she was looking forward to turning the tables on Kevin Richmond.

I decided to give Ginger a call to give her a heads-up about Kay’s plan for Mike Greth. She answered my call on the second ring, “Allen it’s nice to see your name come up on my caller ID.”

I instantly replied, “It’s nice to hear your sexy voice, Ginger.”

“What’s on your mind?” She asked.

Rather than tell her I wanted to invite her to my place soon to watch Kay seduce Mike Greth I asked, “Have you talked to Kay?”

“I did, she called me the morning after Mike Greth visited the shop,” Ginger said.

“I figured she had,” I answered.

Ginger continued, “I believe Mike is working on a couple of plans to present to Kay for the remodel job, other than that Kay didn’t say much.”

“Kay was quite impressed with him, in fact she told me that when he calls to set up a meeting to review those plans she would love to try and seduce him.” I said.

“Is that right?” Ginger responded.

“Yes, and I told Kay that I’d love to watch,” I admitted.

Ginger giggled and said, “You’re such a pervert Allen, but you’re my kind of pervert.”

I laughed and answered, “What can I say, once a voyeur, always a voyeur.”

“Well I can tell you from personal experience Mike Greth will be quite receptive to Kay’s seduction,” Ginger said.

I was a little surprised that Ginger knew first hand that Mike was a player, but she’s always springing this kind of information on me.

“I’d like you to join me to watch them,” I suggested.

She giggled again, then said, “If it means I’d get to spend an evening alone with you, I’m all in.”

“I was hoping you would,” I replied.

“When is this seduction supposed to happen?” She asked.

“I’m not sure, Kay is waiting until Mike calls her to set up a meeting to review his proposals.” I said.

“Okay, but if you can please give me a couple days’ notice, it’s been hectic around here lately and I’ll need to shift my schedule some,” Ginger admitted.

“Not a problem, Ginger,” I replied.

“By the way, let Kay know that his package isn’t all that impressive but he absolutely knows how to use it.” maltepe escort She said.

“I’ll be sure to pass that along to Kay,” I answered.

Ginger paused a moment, then said, “I’ll have something special to make it a memorable evening for us both.”

I knew that Ginger would never reveal what that something special was so I just replied, “Time alone with you is always special.”

“You always say the nicest things Allen,” She answered.

“So, I’ll give you a call once Kay’s meeting with Mike is set up.” I said.

“I’ll be looking forward to your call hun,” Ginger said.

We said our good byes and ended the call. This plan couldn’t have worked out better, I’ll be able to watch Kay seduce yet another man while enjoying hot, steamy sex with Ginger.

I logged into my Amazon account and placed the order for the GoPro that I felt best suited our plan. The confirmation of the order gave an anticipated delivery day of Saturday, I’d have Saturday evening, or Sunday to get everything installed and set up.

I gave Kay a call to let her know everything was in place. She answered my call saying, “Hey sexy.”

“Hiya Kay, I’m sorry about running out on you this morning,” I began.

She laughed and replied, “It’s partly my fault, instead of slipping out of bed to make coffee, I should have given you a good morning blowjob.”

“I’d have surely been late getting to the office if you had,” I answered.

“Perhaps, but I would have been able to add a cup of coffee to your sweet tasting cream.” She replied, again letting me hear her sexy giggle.

“I ordered a GoPro a little while ago and spoke with Ginger about joining me for the show with Mike Greth.” I said.

Of course, Kay knew that Ginger had prior dealings with Mike and asked, “What did she say when you told her I am planning on seducing him?”

“She told me that Mike would be receptive to your seduction.” I answered, without mentioning what Ginger told me about the size of his package.

“How does she know that,” she asked, then almost immediately continued, “never mind, she knows that because she’s fucked him already.”

I waited a moment to give her time to think about that, then said, “Yes, I believe she has, and she also told me you’d be very happy with him.”

“I think I’ll give him a call tomorrow to see if he has the plans for my shop ready and suggest that we meet here at my place to review them.” Kay said.

“I think that’s a good idea,” I answered.

Maybe I’ll give Ginger a call too, since she has first-hand knowledge of what turns him on and how he likes to be pleased,” she suggested.

I knew that Ginger would fill Kay in on the size of his cock, but figured I’d let them talk about that without my involvement. After all, I’m more interested in watching Kay as she seduces him, than how deep his cock reaches while he’s fucking her.

Kay continued, “This is going to be so much fun Allen, I can hardly wait to have you and Ginger watch me seduce Mike and then fuck him.”

“I’m looking forward to it too.” I answered.

“I’m gonna go Allen, I want to call Ginger before it gets too late.” Kay said.

“Okay, I’ll call you when the GoPro arrives. Good night Kay,” I said before hanging up the call.

“Night hun,” Kay said.

I spent some time watching videos online about concealing a GoPro so the audio could still be heard and reviewed the steps necessary to get everything connected. I turned in about ten-thirty, anxious to see Fran Friday morning.

As luck would have it, I pulled into the lot right behind Fran. I smiled thinking I’d be able to preview her choice to show Kevin that she’d be willing to act as his whore. Like every woman I know, Fran took some time to check her make-up in the rearview mirror which gave me time to walk over to her car. As I approached, her door opened and I got an opportunity to preview her slutty look. She had on a very short, tight, white skirt which had ridden up her thighs while she was driving even though the skirt revealed more than half her sexy shapely thighs they were still covered by dark nylons. “Morning Fran,” I said as I looked down her black, silk blouse which she’d left unbuttoned so that nearly all of her big, soft breasts were exposed.

“Happy Friday Allen,” Fran replied as she turned in the seat and placed her four-inch stilettos on the macadam.

I stepped back thinking she’s about to stand up, but instead she spread her legs showing me that her dark pantyhose featured an open crotch.

“Wow that looks inviting,” I exclaimed while I enjoyed the view of her pretty, hairless, pink cunt.

Fran stood up and shook her shoulders showing me that she wasn’t wearing a bra under her black, silk blouse. Her nipples, teased by the silk fabric, were erect and showed perfectly through the blouse. She asked, “Is this the slutty look you were thinking of yesterday?”

I forced myself to look up from her nearly naked chest to her face. Unlike the day before, she had applied a dark eye kartal escort shadow and extended her eyelashes with a copious amount of mascara. Today, her wavy brunette hair didn’t come close to reaching her shoulders. She wore sparkling diamond stud earrings which contrasted perfectly with the ruby red, lip gloss she had applied, and apparently touched up before I got to her car.

“This look is exactly what I had in mind yesterday, but I think you should consider closing one or two buttons on your blouse.” I suggested.

She giggled, then said, “But Allen, every whore wants to show off her soft tits.”

I knew she was going to spend at least half the day in the office so I replied, “With your blouse open this much, every guy, including me, is going to want to slide his cock between those big, beautiful tits.”

“I only want Richmond to fantasize about tit fucking me,” Fran replied as she closed two buttons.

That had little effect on her appearance, her fabulous tits still looked incredible and with the blouse closed a little more she still provided an awesome view of her soft cleavage and her nipples showed even more with the silk fabric drawn tightly over her tits.

“Let’s do this,” Fran said as she closed her car door.

I walked beside her to the front door, then held it open so she could enter before me. I surveyed her ass while she walked toward the elevator. The tight, short mini skirt fit snuggly over her ass and with just her sexy pantyhose beneath, the view wasn’t interrupted by any panty lines. Kevin was in for a real treat today, as well as every other man in the office and maybe even a few women.

As usual, when we entered the office Janice was seated at her receptionist desk but instead of her usual greeting her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she saw how Fran was dressed.

“Morning Janice,” I said.

She didn’t reply but watched Fran as she walked past her desk.

Hank Stetson was the first of many guys in the office to fantasize about Fran. As she walked toward her desk, he rounded the corner and instantly stopped, enjoying her sexy swagger. I heard Fran say, “Morning Hank,” as she passed where his feet were frozen to the floor. He turned to appreciate the incredible display of her ass until Fran rounded the corner.

As he approached me, he said, “What a difference a day makes.”

I just smiled knowing that his day would be spent trying to get a second view of Fran’s slutty look and fantasizing about fucking her hot, sexy body.

Apparently, word spread around the office quickly about how Fran was dressed on a casual Friday and about an hour later she approached my desk.

“Kevin just called me into his office,” she said as she undid one button on her blouse.

I smiled and encouraged her saying, “Go for it hun,”

I watched as she strolled toward Richmond’s office and every guy along her path leaned back from their desk to enjoy the same view of Fran’s incredible ass and that tight, short, mini skirt.

It was a rather short meeting and when she reached my desk she leaned down and whispered, “Lunchroom.”

I grabbed my coffee mug and headed there. Fran came in and I instantly noticed that the button she’d undone before she went into his office and the one above had been closed.

“How’d that go?” I asked.

She smiled and said, “He pretty much read me the riot act for this.” Her hands moved from her sides up along her body as she spoke.

“What did you say?” I asked.

She smiled and replied, “After he’d finished with his tirade, I walked to his desk, leaned over giving him an unobstructed view of my naked breasts and said, ‘you told me you wanted me to be your whore so I figured you wanted me to dress accordingly’.”

“Good for you Fran,” I replied.

“He asked me to tone it down a little while I’m in the office, so I closed a couple of buttons on my blouse,” Fran admitted.

“Did he tell you what time you’re leaving today?” I asked.

Fran smiled and replied, “About eleven, and I told him that while we’re driving to the conference I’m planning on giving him an on the fly blowjob.”

“I bet that made him smile,” I said.

Fran just giggled, then said, “I can’t wait to fill you in on all the juicy details of this weekend.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I replied.

We left the lunchroom and returned to our desks, but I found it hard to concentrate on my work wondering what other sexual treats Fran had planned for the weekend with Kevin.

About ten of eleven Kevin came out of his office and stopped at my desk, then asked, “You have anything to do with how she looks today?”

I answered lying, “Absolutely not.”

He half smiled and replied, “I could have sworn you prompted her to dress like this today.”

I stood up and looked him directly in the eyes replying, “Perhaps you brought this on yourself Kevin.”

“Whatever,” he said just before he headed toward Fran’s workstation.

I couple minutes later they came walking back, Fran wearing a huge smile on her lips and Kevin looking desperate to get her out of the office. After they disappeared out the door, I returned to my work knowing that within the hour Fran would have those sexy, ruby red lips wrapped around his rock-hard cock.

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