His Luck

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Even with all the stress of moving into a new home he could not believe his luck at finding out he lived next door to a beautiful big woman. She had long shiny blondish brown hair, blue eyes, and a sweet smile. She had just given him a small pasta casserole. As they chatted his cock was getting hard. When she lean over to pick up something she had drop her huge tit’s pop out of her top, his hands wanted to grab them but as she stood up they went back in her top.

He watched as she walked away. That was when he saw her big butt, that made him hurried to get inside the house. He put the casserole in the oven and pulled his pants down and jerked off quickly. Shooting a load of cum over his hand. He cleaned up and left for work.

Pulling into the driveway after midnight he walked into his dark home, not feeling like turning on any lights as he made his way to his bedroom. As he tossed his pants un to the floor he noticed a soft light on next door. As he walked over to the window he saw her walking into her room from a shower.

“You are the most beautiful lady my dear, I would love to be there right now drying your lovely body for you.” he said softly.

He watched as she pulled on a black lace nighty, and sit down at her computer. As she went thru her mail he thought he saw a web site he knew. He booted up his computer and went to that site. He looked and looked then he found her profile. He also noticed that she was online and sent her an e mail.

“Hello, I am 30 years old, Yes I know I am younger than you, hope you do not have a problem with that. bursa escort But I wanted to tell you a little bit about me. I LOVE BBW, and you are so hot and sexy looking.” he typed, and sent it off.

She got beep, just as she was going to click off, pulling it up she read a sweet note from someone who move into her area. She wrote him back.

He opened it and read it.

“Hi, your age does not matter to me. Thank you for your kind words. I see that you are new to this area. I hope you enjoy it. Would you have a pic of your self. Mine are at this link just click on it, but I should tell you there are some nude shots there also.” he read it again while he wait for the page to load.

He looked at every picture and wrote back to her giving her all his messenger ID’s and told her he had to chat with her.

She laughed as she read his note, then she added him to her messenger, then she saw a picture coming up. It did not show his face but what it did show was more than enough for her to gasp. His cock was long, and very thick. She saved the pic to her computer and jump when a bell sounded cause someone sent her a mess.

“I just took that picture for you. You make me that hard, just from seeing you and talking with you. I have to tell you that I think we lived next door to each other. You are wearing a black grown right.” he typed.

“Wow, is all I can say about your pic, your right I am wearing black, but it’s a short nighty with lace front. And I think you are right you are waving to me from your bedroom right?” she typed.

“Yes, I am. Can we bursa escort bayan meet?” he typed.

“Yes outside in my back yard in five minutes ok.” she said.

She left the outside lights off and sat in a chair near the pool. He stops in front of her, holding out his hand. She took his hand and he turned it up and place a soft kiss there.

“Hi, Did you really just take that picture?” she asked him.

“Yes, would you like to see up close, and personal.” he said.

When she nodded, he stood up and pulled down his sweats, and his cock pops out. She looked up at him, and he tells her to go ahead and touch him. Using her finger she traces the hard length of his cock. He steps forward, brushing his cock head against her mouth.

“OH DEAR GOD!!!!, MMMMMMMMM,.” he groans.

She heard his groan, and wanted to take it further.

“Do you like having it sucked?” she asked him.

“Oh, yes please I would love that, but first lets go inside.” he said.

He sat her on the couch and she took his cock slowly in her mouth. She licked, tasted, and squeezed his balls gentle in her hand before taking them into her mouth. He was in heaven, she could have his cock anytime she wanted it. She did things to his cock no one ever had before. She took his body places he never went to. Suddenly he cried out he was cumming. He watched as she swallowed every drop.

His legs gave out and he sat down hard. Breathing fast still as he look at her. She sat back watching him. When he was able to move he did on the floor in front of her.

“No one escort bursa has ever did what you did to me, no one. Thank you.” he said softly.

He leans in and gave her a lite kiss, before helping her out of her nighty. His hand cup, massaging her tit’s, as he lean down and lick each taut nipple. His hands caress her body every where. His touch made her hot, which burn higher and hotter with each touch. When he made it down between her legs, he press his face against her, and took a deep slow breath.

She looked down at him, unable to believe that this young hot looking man wanted her, an old fat lady. But he made her feel anything but old and fat. She was on fire for him. He pushed open her thighs and slowly slid a finger up and down her clit.

“I want to make love to you till you scream out my name as you exploded around my hard cock.” he whispered, pushing his finger up inside her pussy.

She grabs his shoulders as the first of wave of her orgasm hit her.

“Easy baby, let’s lay you back. Mmmm, oh baby, we have to go slow, your so tight, and I am so big. OH GOD YESSSSSSSS!!!!” he hisses in her ear, as he slowly enters her pussy.

She reaches down grabbing his ass and pulling him closer to her. He moves slowly at first, as he picks up the pace. He lifts her legs on to her shoulders. Going slow so he doesn’t hurt her.

“Oh god! Do not stop please, please fuck me, fuck me harder, faster, OH GOD FASTER!!!” she yelled.

He lost it when her pussy muscles squeezed his cock, he started slamming his cock into her. Grabbing her ass, he pounded his cock till she scream.


With one last thrust, he buried his cock deep, and exploded inside her, while she screamed again, this time in his mouth as he kissed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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