Hole in One Pt. 05

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The tall, beautiful blonde wondered why she agreed. It actually made no sense putting herself in a position to be forced to give herself to another man. The previous rounds were barely contests as George couldn’t keep up with her. It was strange as there was always a twinge of disappointment whenever she took the match. She shook her head, that’s not happening. ‘God, it felt huge.’ She thought. ‘Is that why I agreed to this? Get real, Dan always left her totally drained. A bigger cock wouldn’t be better, just different.’ She instantly felt a tempting spasm in her crotch, ‘Different. God, different does sound nice.’

Shannon groaned, holding the panties and evil black cylinder. The thought of driving in with this inside her vagina wasn’t overly appealing and suddenly started giggling. ‘I wonder if somehow the Tesla might inadvertently activate this…’

She decided on a black skirt as the white ones she usually wore definitely wouldn’t work with the black panties. She replayed the intense vibrations she experienced and was both scared and intrigued by the challenge of overcoming the distraction on the course. If she could ignore this, she might be able to ignore anything. She picked up the remote and pressed the button, instantly feeling her knees get weak. ‘Fuck! Why didn’t I test this out before I called him back yesterday?’ She thought. She hit the button a couple more times and knew she’d be incapable of any decent shot if George does that.

She looked at her overnight bag realizing she’d most likely need it.

George drove up and parked next to Shannon’s car. Grabbing his clubs, he saw her pull around with the cart. He threw his bag on the back and plopped down next to the fit blonde. “So, I assume you’re fully equipped?” He grinned at her.

“Yes, and no, you’re not going to verify.” She handed him the remote. “If you hit the button now to test it, count that against your nine allotted.” She said quickly seeing his thumb begin to squeeze.

As they approached the first tee, they saw two boys practicing their swings. Shannon looked at George, “Christ. We didn’t plan this well. There is no way this is going to work.”

George looked over at them, “We can do this. Look, what about we tell them there’s a battery in your shoe and you’re trying to improve your focus…you know, that way it looks like you’re working on your game and this is just a tool…”

Shannon groaned knowing no one would believe her pelvic responses would ever be mistaken for a jolt to a foot. “Not the shoe, perhaps my lower back. Christ, let’s just do it. I have a really bad feeling about this,” She paused, “though I think the feelings might get worse. Fucking Dan. I was going to toss these, but he wanted me to keep them.” She climbed out of the cart and walked over to the boys. “Hey guys, I’m Shannon and this is George.” They shook hands with Brett and Cliff, “What are you playing? We’ll be hitting from the tips.”

Brett looked at Cliff, “But, I mean, wouldn’t you play off the reds? I mean…”

Cliff slugged the other boy, “Brett, don’t be an ass. Don’t you know who this is? Look at her. You know, Shannon?”

“Oh shit, Shannon Davies. Holy crap! I’m sorry. Our coach showed us the tape of your final round in the NCAAs. You were 4 down at the turn and shot 28 on the back nine. Never lost your composure. He shows the tape to all his teams, analyzing every shot. He maintains it is the most perfect round he’d ever seen. Gusts up to 30 miles per hour and you were totally in control the whole way.” Brett mock bowed, “Please accept my apologies.”

Shannon laughed, “He should show you the third round. What not to do…But thanks, it’s nice someone remembers that.” She looked at the boys, “College? High school? What team are you on?”

“Jefferson High. We’re twins, fraternal, obviously. Next year, we’ll be playing for Texas, hopefully.”

George whistled, “Nice. Shannon, Jefferson won State last year and looking really good this year.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know that. You must feel great. That’s a huge accomplishment.” Shannon said, shaking their hands.

“Thanks, Brett is the High School player of the year. Not quite the same as College Player of the year, but without me making him look good, he never would have made it.” Cliff looked at George, “Is this your husband?”

George interrupted Shannon, “Yes, George Williams. Great to meet you boys.”

As Shannon and George headed back to grab their drivers, she whispered, “Why did you say you were my husband? This will never work. If we tell those boys that I’m using this as a training tool, they’ll want to know where they can get one…I’m not sure we’ll have a good answer. Please, let’s do this next week? Perhaps when it’s just the two of us.”

“Look, we have too much fun, or at least I do, with sexual banter and innuendos. If I say I’m your husband’s boss, what will they think? Also, let’s do this. You wanted a challenge. You wanted to work on your focus.” He pressed the button three times.

Shannon bursa escort gasped and clutched the side of the cart feeling electrical shocks shoot though her vagina. “What the fuck did you do that for? Christ! I almost fell on the ground.”

“That’s three. I have six left.” He patted the panting girl on the back, “Grab your driver. Let’s kick some ass.”

After three holes, Shannon was up one stroke over the two boys and George was one back of them. Since Shannon had honors, she was addressing her ball when George pulled out the remote. Cliff looked at Brett nodding at what was in George’s hand. As Shannon started her downswing, George pressed the button for one second.

Shannon felt the jolt shoot through her and plowed her driver through the turf a foot behind the ball and missed seeing where it went as she dropped the club and grabbed her knees.

“Dude, what did you do? What is that?” Cliff pointed to the remote.

George watched the ball roll 20 feet in front of the tee box. “This? Shannon’s been trying to work on external distractions. You know, talking, coughing, cell phones. We came up with a method to force her to maintain focus…ok, it’s a work in progress.” He laughed. When Brett reached for it, George pulled back, “Sorry. She has an electrode at the base of her spine. I can press this just 6 times during the round.” He looked over at the flushed girl, “That’s one, honey. That wasn’t too bad.”

“Fuck you…” Shannon muttered. She picked up her club and walked back to the cart glaring at George.

Walking onto the green, Brett looked at the four balls surrounding the hole, “Cliff, you’re away. Nice recovery, Shannon.”

Shannon was relieved to par the hole in spite of the terrible tee shot. George bogeyed it and was not thrilled he wasted a zap.

“Christ, you recover well. I thought I had you after seeing our tee shots. I think I’ll have to be a bit more judicious with my remaining chances.” George said as the headed to the next tee box.

Brett stood next to Shannon as George teed off and after he shot, asked, “Where did you get that shocking device? Does it hurt? I mean, how many volts is it?”

George walked up, “I sort on made it in my shop. I don’t know if it is available.”

Cliff walked to the tee box, “Hey, I’ve got pretty much anything we’d need to make that. Do you have the schematics I could look at?”

Shannon glared at George as if to say, I told you so. “Um guys. We kind of lied to you. This is really embarrassing, but it’s not exactly what you think.” She blushed looked at the boys, “Um, they’re vibrating panties. I mean, it works the same way, but I’m pretty sure they don’t make them for guys.”

George showed them the remote with the make and model on it. As one of the boys reached for it, he pulled it back, “Maybe later. I’ve just got 5 more I can use. I’ll tell you what, if I have any left over, I’ll let you see if you can make her jump.” He glanced over feeling the daggers Shannon was shooting at him.

“Holy shit, look at this, Cliff.” Brett said holding out his phone. They both looked at the blonde realizing what she had on.

Shannon looked at them staring at her crotch and felt mortified. She strode back to the cart and plopped into the seat.

A couple of holes later, the beer girl Elise pulled up, “Hey guys.” She climbed of the cart and came over and hugged Shannon, “Sweetie you look distressed. What evil thing does George have you doing this time?”

“I’ll tell you about it later,” she scowled at George.

“Ok, too early for a beer? Ice tea? Ok, George, what are you having?”

The boys watched the beautiful beer girl hug Shannon for what seemed like a much-longer-that-Hi type of hug and looked at each other. After she grabbed the two drinks, she looked over at the boys, greeting them warmly causing a stirring in their shorts.

“Brett, Cliff, my two favorite high school boys, Snickers and Mountain Dew?” She turned and grabbed the candy and drinks. She looked back and went over to Shannon, “Let them have honors. Every Friday I look forward to the amount of sexual tension between you to. Spill it.

Shannon explained the boys think George is his wife and this is a way to increase focus…

Elise laughed and walked over to George who was getting ready to tee off and held out her hand, “Come on, let me see that.”

The boys looked at each other, eyes wide, seeing the beer girl headed over to Shannon on pulled her into a tight embrace. They saw Shannon jerk her pelvis and softly cry out while being held tightly by the girl.

“Holy shit!” Elise said breaking the embrace. “That must be intense for you, shit! I’ll be feeling that for the next hour.” She gently rubbed her crotch as she kissed Shannon before turning and handing the remote to George. “You’re an evil man, you know that. Wow! I might be calling you,” she looked over at Shannon, “you know, for focus training. With teaching methods like that I might have done a hell of a lot better in school.” bursa escort bayan She hopped on the beer cart and cheerfully wave as she sped off.

“Holy Christ. You guys know the beer girl? Every guy on the team has asked her out…hell, we’ve never even scored her number.” Cliff said.

Brett elbowed his brother, “And now I think we know why.”

Shannon felt her heart rate returning to normal, her respiration slow down and looked up at the boys, her hands on her knees, “What? Why?”

George laughed, “Sweetie, she likes you. And I’m guessing she’s had a lot of lovers but is still technically a virgin.”

“What, how? Oh shit.” She groaned, “I thought perhaps she was being friendly. You know, to get better tips.”

The boys laughed, “Tips? I’m sure she’d like more than that.” Brett said. “OK, we’ve got a great gap between the foursome in front of us, so Shannon, collect yourself. Your shot.”

The next few holes, both boys suggested George use it for this shot or that. Sometimes when she was lining up a putt, other times when she needed to blast out of a trap. Shannon started mis-hitting more shots, hearing the boys, aware that George was holding the remote and at the turn, she was actually behind even though he’d hit to button just once. “Would you just use the damn thing, already?” She hissed at him.

George grinned knowing he’d found her kryptonite. She was anticipating getting zapped so he made a point of faking pressing the button, shot after shot.

As they walked off the 18th, Shannon felt faint. She’d been walking a really fine line between teasing and cheating. Obviously, this would not exactly be cheating, but sleeping with someone other than her husband made her feel suddenly nauseous. She had the image of George’s cock inside her, his hands gripping her breasts, her ass and it didn’t seem real. She and Dan had used George’s desires as foreplay…had acted out the fantasy of George taking her pussy, her ass, cumming in her mouth for so long, it seemed inevitable. But with the reality sinking in, she realized how unreal it all was, how utterly avoidable it was…she felt set up, but couldn’t see how. She kept looking at the score card, the huge numbers after the turn. How could she get out of this? She thought how George fulfilled every wager he’d lost, the Tesla, the thousands to the charity. ‘Shit!’ she thought, ‘I need to be his for 24 hours. I need to make him happy.’ She resolved.

She put out her hand. “You did it. You beat me, finally beat me, and it was actually fair and square as you just had to press the damn button once. You psyched me out. You knew how I’d react, didn’t you? I can’t believe you knew that about me. Excuse me, but I’m heading to the ladies’ room and disposing of these.”

“No. No, you’re not. You’re mine for the next 24 hours and I’m planning on working off a ton of frustration.” He looked over at the two boys, “I know you’re not old enough to drink, but want to join us in the clubhouse?”

George slid the remote over to Cliff. “Want to try this? It’s a lot of fun.”

Shannon’s eyes widened looking and George, “Hell no. This is not happening.” She reached for the remote, but Cliff snatched up.

He looked over at the angry looking girl then at George, “Dude. I think you’re going to be sleeping on the couch tonight looking at her. He held it out to Shannon. “Sorry, I can’t do that to you.”

George laughed, “Are you kidding? I think she wants you to. This just her playing the game.” He looked at Shannon, “Honey, if you want him to have fun, you don’t mind, do you? I mean, tell them where I’ll be sleeping tonight.”

Shannon sighed, “No, go ahead. George is right. It is kind of fun.” She patted the older man’s leg, digging in her nails, “Yes, sweetie, you’ll be in our bed.” She looked at Cliff and smiled, “When you’re married you’ll find games like these make our sex life a lot better.” She looked brightly at George, “He doesn’t complain when we’re alone.”

Cliff took the proffered remote and held down the button, eyes wide watching the girl gasp and shift in her seat. “Holy shit, this is cool. Brett, I’m getting one of these for Jennifer. Here try it.”

Shannon felt blood rush to her face and to her pussy. She knew she was panting and when Brett hit the button, she dropped her head onto her folded arms feeling herself grinding her crotch against the seat as the intense waves hit her.

“Fuck me. This is amazing,” He looked at Shannon, “It doesn’t hurt or anything, does it?” He handed her the remote, “Here. You look like you’ve had enough.

“Thanks,” Shannon grabbed the remote, “No, it doesn’t hurt, but it sure is intense.” She blushed looking at George and the boys, “It sort of has a strong vibration right against my…my, you know.”

George looked at the boys, “We use it to spice things up and Shannon thought it would be a great tool to help her focus on the course. God, when we’re alone, though…” He looked at the girl, “I think it’s going to take a few more rounds escort bursa to get you to really block distractions out, don’t you think dear?”

“You have no idea. Let’s come up with some other way since a root canal would be less distracting.”

George looked at the boys, “Do me a favor. You can mention you got to play a round with Shannon Davies, Williams, but perhaps it would be better to keep this little bit of information to yourselves. Frankly, she hasn’t shot 85 is perhaps 10 years, so you really didn’t get to see her at her best.”

“No prob, we could easily tell she fell apart with you waving that thing around.” They got up, “Well, we have to head home, you know, homework.” Cliff said as he and Brett got up.

Shannon and George rose, “Honey, I think we should head home also to work on so chores.” He winked at the boys.

Shannon nodded and seeing the boys standing there, hugged each one feeling their bodies press against hers.

When they got to the parking lot, George looked at the two cars. “I knew I should have picked you up. I had a good feeling about today. Why don’t you follow me? I’m guessing you need to call Dan.”

Shannon pressed the button on the steering wheel, “Call Dan Williams.”

“Shannon? You’re calling me to tell me you won’t be home tonight.” She heard Dan say as soon as he picked up.

She immediately teared up, “God. I’m so sorry sweetie, I played horribly the back nine. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t hit a God damn shot.” She wiped her eyes so she could see the road, “Look, I never thought this would happen. I thought this was just a really fun game, but…I’m sorry.” She sniffled while trying to find a Kleenex in the center console. “How did you know?”

“I’m guessing you had a feeling. You really spent a lot of time shaving your pussy, you seemed to take a lot longer this morning packing the overnight bag, plus you never called after your rounds with George before. I’m guessing the underwear was too much to overcome?” She heard Dan say dejectedly.

“It was a terrible distraction. After the first zap, he’d hold out the remote periodically and I’d totally mess up the shot. He just pressed it the one time.” She didn’t mention the times before the round and in the bar. “You know I love you. I won’t enjoy it. I’ll let him have his fun, but I’m not going to enjoy it.” She said.

Dan laughed, “Look babe. I know you. You get off with me just suggesting George is going to fuck you. I think you’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it, what’s done is done. We knew this was a possibility. Look at it this way, when you get home, I need you to tell me all about it and I’m pretty sure we’ll both benefit.”

“You ok? Are you going to be ok knowing your wife is…will be, you know, with another man?” She asked as she turned left onto a tree-lined street.

“Actually, I have a lot of shows I recorded and I’m going to spend the evening catching up.” She heard him pause, “Sweetie, I want you enjoy it. Make the most out of it. I mean it.”

“God, I love you honey. I’ll make it up to you. I mean that. I plan on exhausting you when I get home.” She followed George into the long driveway, “Sweetie, we’re here. I followed George home. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.”

“I love you too.” She heard the connection drop and the music start playing. She got out of the car and handed George her bag. When they got inside, Shannon was impressed with how large the house was, how well decorated.


Dan put down the phone feeling a cramp in his stomach juxtaposed with a pulsing, rising cock. ‘Why did I tell George her weakness? No way I wanted this…did I? Shit, she sounded really sad. I hope she’s ok and George is gentle with her.’ Dan headed into the kitchen to grab a beer and see what he might be able to make for dinner.


George pointed up the stairs, handing her her bag, “I’m sure you want to clean up. I put an extra towel in the master bath and there’s a bag with your outfit on the bed.” He pointed up the winding staircase, “Second door on the left.”

Shannon took her bag wondering if George had all this ready every week, or if he just had a ‘good feeling’ about today. She went up the stairs dreading what the outfit might be. She found the second door and walked into a bedroom half the size of their house. She looked around thinking what was going to be happening here in the next few hours. The bag was sitting on the large bed so she headed over there. Setting down her bag, she reached in and pulled out a thin, black frilly…apron? She looked in the bag for something else, but that was it. She held it in front of her and blushed seeing it basically hid nothing. ‘Christ, I hope he doesn’t have maids, cooks or any help.’ She dropped it back in the bag and unzipped hers, grabbing her toiletries.

She climbed into the huge shower, feeling vulnerable, being naked in another man’s house and as she washed off the round of golf, she spent extra time cleaning her groin. Her clit was still incredibly sensitive, and she gently soaped up and rinsed off. Realizing she was putting off the inevitable, she turned off the water.

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