Hot Co-Worker Ch. 01

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I work a very high stress, fast paced job (as many people do). However, I work in a department that is very relaxed and is made up of some pretty fun people. There are ten of us, one other guy besides myself and eight woman. We are all about the same age with the exception of one of the woman who is at least ten years younger than me. The younger woman, we will call her Karen, is beautiful. She has a body that is impossible not too look at but I always did my best to avoid checking her out too much.

We all work long hours and handle multiple projects. I was assigned to work with the Karen on a project that our boss gave us late (which she often did because she was highly disorganized) and it was of course due very soon. The project was to be presented to upper management and then to the entire company so it had to be right.

On our third night of being there until almost eight o’clock we both sat back at the large work table in our office and just sat still for a few minutes. We had both been working long hours and we just needed a break. Over the past couple of days we had gotten closer. We joked around a lot more and instead of staying on the other side of the table she was working next to me. That day she was wearing dress pants and a sweater that was way too tight. I could not help myself but to look at her tits. I had taken several peaks as we worked and didn’t think she had noticed. While we were taking the break we were talking and I snuck another look. She immediately started to laugh.

I asked what she was laughing at and her response was that was the third time I caught you looking at my tits tonight. I was mortified. I started to say something and she just laughed again. She then said, don’t worry about it, I’m not mad and do you think you are the only one who looks at my tits. I told her I was sorry and that it was hard not to notice them, especially in that sweater. She again laughed and said it is a little tight isn’t it. Then I laughed and said no, it’s perfect.

We got back to work but things were much more casual between pendik escort us after that. She even asked me why I never flirted with her. She said she always thought I didn’t really like her. I laughed and told her I didn’t want her to think she had to worry about the perverted older guy in her office so I just left her alone. We both laughed at that. Very shortly after that she said that she had enough for the day and we should continue tomorrow. I agreed and we locked up the office and left.

The next morning I got to work and she was not there yet. She was always early and I typically arrived exactly when I needed to be there. A few minutes into reading my e-mails I was surprised with a very sweat sounding good morning and Karen handing me a cup of coffee. She was well known for daily need of everyone’s favorite gourmet coffee. She had never brought me one before. She stood in my cubicle drinking her coffee and I couldn’t help but notice her outfit. She was wearing a skirt that hit about two or three inches above her knee and a button down dress shirt. She looked incredible and I told her so. She thanked me and said she better get to work.

The rest of the day went on just like usual until about five thirty. By then everyone, including our boss, had cleared out for the day and we started working together again at the big table. I could not help myself and I looked to my right and I could see down her shirt a little. Just enough to see the top of her big tits and her lace topped bra. I know she saw me because she laughed a little but just kept working. At about six thirty she said she had to go to the restroom and would be right back. I sat back for a few minutes and relaxed.

When she returned I heard her shut the office door. This was unusual because we always left it open as long someone was in the office. She went to her desk for a minute and then returned to the work table. When she walked up I noticed she had pulled her hair back. As we got back to work I then really noticed a difference. She was working right next to me and I glanced escort pendik over and noticed that a couple more buttons were open on her shirt. She kept on doing what she was doing and the next thing I know is that I am looking down at her bare tits. She had to have taken off her bra when she was in the restroom. She looked up at me and asked if I liked this view better.

I didn’t know what to say other than yes. She again laughed and said that she had noticed me looking down her shirt so she thought she would give me a better look at them. I sat and turned to face her and told her they looked incredible. She said she was glad that I like the view and asked if I would like a better one. I jokingly said that I think the only way I was going to get a better view was if she unbuttoned her shirt the rest of the way. Much to my amazement, she sat down, turned her chair toward me and did exactly that. She then pulled the shirt open a little and there were two big beautiful full C or small D cup tits right in front of me. I started to lift my hand but stopped myself and she said you can touch them, that’s why I took off my bra.

I reached up and took them into both of my hands. She leaned forward a little and smiled as I played with her tits and now fully erect nipples. I was rolling her nipples between my finger and thumb when she said that it looked like more than her nipples were hard. She reached over and put her hand on my knee and started sliding it up my leg right to my crotch. She was then rubbing my cock through my pants as I played with her tits.

The next thing surprised me even more. She dropped down on her knees in front of me and started undoing my pants. Within a few seconds she had my cock out was stroking it. I couldn’t do anything but watch. After a few minutes she smiled at me and dropped her head down taking my cock in her mouth. She was giving me an incredible blow job.

After only a few minutes I knew I was getting close to cumming. I told her that I was getting close and asked her where she wanted me to cum. She looked up pendik escort bayan at me and told me not to worry and to cum in her mouth. I watched her go back down and suck my cock even better than before. Again a few minutes later I told her I was about to cum and she kept working my cock. Only a few seconds later I felt my balls tighten and then I was shooting load after load of cum in her mouth. She continued to suck my cock until it started to soften.

She sat back on the floor and I looked down at her. She was smiling and I noticed I must had really filled her mouth because she was not able to swallow it all. There was some on her chin and a few drops on her right tit. I looked and told her I was sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen and she laughed and told me not to apologize that she loved it. It was then that she took a finger and scooped the cum off her chin and put it in her mouth and then off her tit and right into her mouth.

She got up and sat in her chair directly across from me. My cock was still out just as her tits were. I told her that if I knew working with her was this fun I would have asked to be assigned projects with her before. She looked at me and said that if it wasn’t so late, she would show me how fun it really was to work with her. As she said that, she leaned back, pulled up her right leg and pulled her skirt up to reveal and very sexy lace thong. She pulled it aside and rubbed her clit for a moment and then covered herself. She looked at me and I smiled and said how about tomorrow. She said that’s what she was hoping for.

She then stood up and immediately leaned over in front of me. She said it looks as though you have a little more for me and I looked down quick enough to notice a small pool of cum on my stomach where the head of my cock was laying. She leaned in and lifted my cock, licked up the cum, took my cock in her mouth one more time and then released it. I stood up as she moved back and put my cock away and tucked my shirt back in and closed up my pants. I followed her back to her desk where I watched her take her bra out of her desk drawer and put it in her purse.

She kissed me and said we will have more fun tomorrow and asked if I was ready to go. I grabbed my stuff and we both left with a big smile on our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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