Hot Tub Teasing

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Her face is red from the heat of the hot tub, warm water bubbling over her pale, freckled skin. She smiles at him from the opposite corner, a warm smile that speaks of a deep, passionate love.

He smiles back, their legs interlocking beneath the water, his arms resting on the side of the tub. A half-empty bottle of wine adorns the nearby shelf, along with their bath robes and some towels. Asides that, there’s nothing – and nobody – else.

She’s been winding him up for hours. From the moment they left the hotel, she’d catch him watching her as she walked, admiring the way her ass swayed on those hips, her long and wavy red hair just long enough to sit above it.

Knowing fine well he was looking, and when it was safe, she’d playfully flick up the back hem of her red summer dress, giving him a glimpse of what he’d have later: her perfect, smooth ass clad in beautifully fitted lace underwear, attached to silky black stockings in suspenders. The black material stops just short of her perky cheeks, and his hungry eyes devour the view every time – until she lets the skirt fall back down and gives him one of her usual, dazzling smiles. He can only smile and sigh in frustration as he adjusts himself.

It’s not just him that’s been getting wound up though: he knows how to play this game. Throughout the day, eager to get revenge as they wandered Prague’s art galleries and quietest bars, he’d occasionally walk a little closer to her. In the more deserted alleys, he’d slide a hand up the back of her thigh as they walked, squeezing the soft curve of her ass and running a finger down between her legs to the moist patch in her underwear. The tiny gasp she’d give was revenge enough.

Now, they sit opposite each other in their private hot tub, saying nothing out loud. He stands and begins to move forward through the water, and as he stands the bulge in his shorts catches her eyes.

“Ah,” she bites her lip as she raises a foot against his chest to stop him. “Sit down,” she whispers.

Nearing the end of his ability to refrain from bending her over the edge of the tub, he eventually complies and sits back in the water.

She keeps her eyes locked on his and her eyes fill with burning lust as she brings her small hands up to her polka dot bikini and grasps at her small, perky breasts.

Shuddering at her own touch, she feels the heat rising between her legs and grinds her thighs together in anticipation. Tugging on her bikini, she lets her erect nipples out, running her small fingers over them and closing her eyes in ecstasy as she does.

“That’s it,” his voice is low, growling with desire as he stands in the water and moves towards her again.

“Not yet,” she whispers, and raises a hand to stop him again. He stands before her, watching as she runs the palms of her hands over her nipples and then clenches them, arching her back as she does, “I want you as wound up as I can get you, birthday boy.”

“You know I prefer doing to watching,” he says, and her eyes are drawn again to the huge bulge in his shorts.

“Tough,” she finally brings her hands away from her perfect little breasts and kneels in the water, face to face with his bulging shorts, and looks up at him as she grins and says, “it’s my treat, so shut up.”

At that, she pulls his shorts down around his thighs and lets his throbbing erection spring free. She takes a moment to enjoy the view, fighting the burning urge to take him deep in her mouth.

Grasping her delicate fingers around his shaft gets a deep growl of pleasure from him, and she works her hand softly back bursa escort and forward over his shaft until he’s leaking precum from the tip.

Eagerly, she parts her lips and slides them around the pulsing red tip of his cock. He throws his head back and groans as she flicks her tongue over his helmet, sucking deeply on him as her lips move down the shaft further.

His hands come up behind her head and grab onto her hair, pulling her closer, and his cock fills her mouth. She keeps both of her hands on him, despite the aching in her crotch begging her to run her fingers down between her legs.

Her lips pucker as she sucks him off, and he lets out another moan and thrusts himself into her throat. She knows the signs all to well, before he even tells her:

“You’re going to make me cum.”

She reacts like a runner to a starting gun, and begins rapidly bobbing her head up and down on his cock, swirling her lips and her tongue around him as she does.

He can’t help but let out another moan as his breathing gets faster. Her hand starts pumping his shaft quicker, and she feels him trembling,

“I’m going to -“

He grunts and then his body goes tense. Her mouth and her throat are being coated in hot cum as it explodes from his cock, and she slows and sucks it out of him as he pumps load after load of cum down her throat. She swallows the last drop as she feels his body relax, and gently lifts her lips away.

As he brings his hands to his dizzy head and tries to stop himself from passing out, she reaches behind her for the half bottle of wine and takes a long drink. She puts it back down, her perfect little tits still pushing out from her half-off bikini, and steps forward.

Though he towers above her, she wraps her small arms around his neck and tiptoes in the water. He laces an arm around her back and pulls her close, kissing her deeply and smiling into each other’s lips at the taste of the wine.

She shivers at the feeling of his warm chest against her still-erect nipples, and feels the same aching heat in her groin, begging for him still. His erection doesn’t seem to have gone down, and he runs his large hands down her back and grasps the ass she’s been teasing him with all day.

“Good present?” she whispers into his ear as they part their lips.

“Who said I was done?” he asks her as his lips work their way around her ear and down her neck. She lets out a soft moan of desire as he nibbles and sucks on her neck, working his way down her body.

His lips come to the sensitive peaks of her breasts and his cups them in his hands as he kisses down her chest, and then she is throwing her own head back as his mouth wraps around her nipples and sucks on them, one then the other.

She wants to please him, and have him in every single way that she can. After a day of teasing, a mouthful of cum isn’t enough, she wants it inside her and all over her, she wants him every where…

Then she is being pushed back, held in his strong arms, and he snakes a hand behind her neck and pulls her head close as he kisses her powerfully. He’s so wound up that he’s still rock hard when her small hand finds his cock. His hand dips between her thighs and she gasps as she finally feels the heat of his touch on her soaked pussy.

His hand plunges into her bikini bottoms as she is sat on the edge of the hot tub, and her powerful legs wrap around his midriff and she clings onto him whilst his skilled finger works between her pussy lips and runs upwards to her throbbing clit.

Gasping, she bites onto his shoulder and bursa escort bayan moans longingly as his index finger flicks over the sweet spot he knows so well.

Desperate to have him, her hand starts pumping his cock as he fingers her. She feels her entire body shivering with pleasure, like chills running over her – then he slides two fingers inside her and she tenses and lets out a silent gasp. Her nails dig into his back and she lets out a muffled scream into his shoulder.

Breathless, she’s powerless to stop him as he steps back and lifts her hips up. With her ass off the tub, he quickly slides her bikini bottoms off and leaves them floating in the water. Her legs wrap round him and pull him in close: she wants his cock inside her.

With one hand on his cock and the other pulling her into another deep, passionate kiss, he slides his pulsing manhood between her pussy lips, running the helmet up and over her clit. She moans into his mouth, silenced by his tongue exploring hers.

He teases her, one last bit of revenge, by rubbing his cock at the entrance to her pussy, but never quite pushing it in. She bucks her hips, trying to fuck him with every fibre of her being. He leaves his cock sitting, teasing her, at the dripping wet opening of her pussy.

He links his hands around the small of her back, grabs her ass cheeks, and then slides his cock into her. Gasping, clawing at his back, letting out a long moan of pleasure, she arches her back as his cock enters her, and keeps going – she’d forgotten how big he was.

She feels the satisfying right-ness of his cock stretching her out, pushing deep into her, hitting that spot that sends tingling shivers all over her body. Then his abs are pressed against her wet body, and she realises that she’s taken him all the way in.

The two exchange a look of passionate hunger and then they’re lost in the moment. Desperately kissing, their tongues and their fluids mixing as they try to breathe without losing contact, they let the moment carry them away.

She’s pulling his hips into her, and he’s pounding her hard. With every powerful thrust he pulls her in close by the hips, and it’s all she can to hang on to him as he fucks her senseless. She doesn’t even realise she’s moaning loudly in pleasure,

“Fuck me hard,” she groans, and he goes as hard as he can. She clenches her pelvic muscles, wanting to feel every hard thrust as his cock slams into her, rocking her body back and forth.

The feeling of his ribbed, solid cock running in and out of her pussy, whilst the V-shaped muscles in his abdomen pound against her swollen clit, drive her insane. She goes completely silent, mouth open in awe, as she starts to orgasm.

For a moment, they are lost in a frenzy of passion. She’s clinging onto him as he fucks her mercilessly, faster and harder than she’s ever had it, until the sensation peaks and her body tenses up and pleasure runs through every nerve in her body.

Her pussy contracts around his cock, gripping it as she trembles in climax, and then the shaking subsides and she’s hanging off his shoulders. She jumps and trembles as he gently takes his cock out and then slowly, passionately, pushes it in deep again.

Over-sensitive, she rests her body on his and he lifts her off the side of the tub and back down into the water.

Her head is swimming.

“Still up on your cloud?” he asks her playfully, looking overly happy with himself. She smiles and waves, unable to talk yet. She wants nothing more than to drape herself in his arms, and that’s what she does. He takes her escort bursa in his big, strong arms and she curls against his chest.

Despite her mind-blowing orgasm, she’s still overcome with a strong desire to have him. She grinds her ass on his still-erect cock as he gently kisses her, bringing her down off the post-orgasmic cloud.

“Hmm,” she smiles into his kiss and he raises an eyebrow.


“Don’t move,” she mumbles sleepily, and lifts herself up to straddle him.

Without her bikini bottoms on, she effortlessly finds his hard cock and works it back into her trembling pussy. He lets out a curse and grabs onto her back, and she feels his cock tense against her sensitive walls.

He runs his hands over her ass, gripping her soft, curved cheeks and pulling her body down onto him until his cock fills her.

“Stop moving,” she reminds him. He gives her a passionate glare and brings his mouth down to her breasts, sucking on her erect nipples, biting them lightly. She moans softly as she grinds her pussy down on his cock, letting her lips tense around the tip before pushing her hips down slowly.

It’s one of her favourite things, fucking him slowly to watch the expression on his face change from frustration to ecstasy. He grabs her ass, desperate to have her again, and she playfully slows down again just to enjoy the pleasure she’s giving him.

He bites and sucks on her tits, before moving his mouth up to her neck, and whispering in her ear:

“New rule.”

Before she can ask what it is, he has grabbed her hands and pinned them behind her, on the small of her back. She falls forward on to his shoulder, and almost tries to tell him to stop.

Then she can’t speak at all, he’s fucking her hard and she’s powerless to stop him: not that she wants to. She cries out his name,

“Oh fuck, don’t stop.”

So much for not moving.

He grunts as he fucks her harder and faster, keeping her arms pinned behind her back. She moans out loud again, her second orgasm already building in her groin.

“Oh god – ” she gasps, “- oh fuck, fuck me hard -“

Then she’s screaming again, as her pussy tenses and contracts around his cock as it pounds her. She feels him deep inside her, tensing up as he grunts and fucks her as hard as he can,

“I’m going to cum,” he growls in her ear.

“Me too -” she gasps, “- oh my god – “

They climax together, their bodies tensing and grinding against each other as she lets out a long cry of ecstasy. He grunts and pumps her pussy full of cum, and she feels him throbbing inside her as he coats her insides with his juices.

They collapse into the water again, trembling and breathing heavily, saying nothing. Her chest is still heaving with her heavy breathing, and she sighs contentedly with the satisfied, full feeling of his cock still inside her.

Sitting up to look him in the eye, they stare at each other for a moment.

“I fucking love you,” she manages breathlessly.

“I love you too,” he says, and pulls her into a deep kiss.

“Worth waiting for?” she asks as she part.

“I’d ask you the same,” he grins.

“Oh it was ok,” she winks, and laughs.

“Only ok!? Do I have to give you another seeing to?”

“I think that’ll do for just now,” she grins.

They laugh and kiss again, him still inside her.

“It’s not even bed time yet,” she whispers.

“Something tells me we aren’t going straight to sleep,” he agrees.

“Or waking up in time.”

“It’s going to be a good holiday,” he kisses her again, and in the silence they both hear each other’s pounding hearts still beating from their love making.

Over the deep beat of their joined hearts, they hear the distant murmur of Prague’s night life, and they smile as they kiss.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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