Hotel Surprise

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‘What another boring night at another boring hotel,’ you think to yourself as you walk down the hall. Coming back from the front desk to get a toothbrush, you aren’t wearing much. A comfortable tee and some cotton boy shorts, the air is slightly frigid on your exposed skin. As you near your room, a door opens next to you and an arm grabs you, pulling you in. Panic sets in for a second as a man stands in front of you, putting his hand over your mouth.

“Don’t scream, I promise I won’t hurt you,” he says quietly before suddenly diving in and kissing on your neck, biting here and there. Your mind whirls in franticness, you know that voice, though you never thought you would hear it in person. Electric shocks shoot through your body as his lips explore your skin, followed by his hands. One pulls you against him at a slight angle, while the other slips up your shirt to find your otherwise naked breasts.

Your legs nearly give way for a moment but he holds you up…he is stronger than he looks, your little erotic penpal. It’s not long before he pulls your shirt over your head, leaving you topless in the dimly lit room. You can barely see his face, and your body shivers, but you aren’t sure if its cause of the cool air or the excitement of the moment. Your lips meet his in a hungry fashion, tongues tangling quickly. Tasting each other for a little while, he introduces a new feeling when he slips his hand into your shorts.

The pure erotic excitement of the moment already has you wet, but his fingers teasing your labia renews the sensation. Any more of this and you swear you might cum right then and there, but you manage to control yourself as one of his fingers splits your pussy lips and massages your clit in small circles. Once again, lightning shoots through you, and you let out an involuntary moan. Soon, he breaks his kisses, pushing you up against the wall before kneeling in front of you.

Hooking his fingers under the waist band of your shorts, he slides them down your legs to leave them in a crumpled pile on the floor. Gently, he moves your legs apart, and his mouth finds your hard clit, his tongue flicking and batting it about. A deep intake of pendik escort breath seizes you and your hand goes to his head. He sucks your clit playfully, his hand sliding up your leg until the tips of his fingers are inches from your pussy. Teasingly, he rubs two fingers against your vagina before carefully sliding them into you.

It only takes a few moments before his fingers piston in and out of your body, his mouth all but devouring your love button. Your whole body shakes as the one lucid part of your mind wonders how long its been since you’ve been touched like this. You can tell he is working hard to please you, and it doesn’t take long at all as you cum on his fingers and mouth. A low moan rips from your mouth as your pussy spasms repeatedly, threatening to push his fingers out of you.

When it subsides, he stands in front of you again, and your lips seek his greedily. Kissing him deeply, you can taste your pussy on his lips, the flavor of it only serving to fuel your lust. Your hand finds the button of his pants and tears it open, yanking the zipper down as you blindly seek out his manhood. Reaching into his boxers, you grasp it and release it from them, moving your hand up and down the length of it. Not too big, not too small, you know it’s just perfect for you now.

“Fuck me…right here, fuck me baby…please…”you say quietly between deep breaths, your left leg already up and wrapped around his thigh. Throwing your arms around his neck, he grabs your ass with both hands and lifts your tiny body. Wrapping your legs around his waist, the wall supporting both of you, he reaches down and positions himself against you, his swollen cock head kissing your wet vagina. With a slow but gentle thrust, he enters your body, still quivering from your first orgasm. Another sharp intake of breath from you as his manhood fills you little by little until he is buried within you.

And then he is thrusting, hard but at the same time gentle, pushing into you over and over again. His hands support your body as he fucks you, in and out, in and out. Your face nestled in the crook of his neck, you muffle the squeaks and moans that come from your mouth, biting his escort pendik neck now and then. Your tits bounce with each thrust, up and down, and taking in the whole experience, it begins to overwhelm you again. He can sense it as well, thrusting harder and faster until your body once again gives itself to another orgasm, your cries echoing in the small entryway.

Waiting until it passed, he let you down carefully so to make sure you could stand. More kisses follow, and then taking his hand, you lead him to the couch.

“Your turn, lover,” you say breathlessly, biding him to sit. He obeys without a word, his cock still standing proudly, pulsing with each beat of his heart. You crawl on top of him, straddling him, his cock millimeters away from your pussy, the pussy he has so wet. Grabbing it, you tease him by moving it back and forth against your vagina, a low groan issuing from his mouth now. Slowly, you lower yourself onto it, once again burying it within your most intimate place.

You grind your hips forward once, sliding back slowly. Again, then back slowly. You want him to enjoy this. Again. Again. Your temp increasing ever so slightly, your hips rock on him. Leaning forward, you present one breast to him, and he devours it gladly, sucking and biting the nipple. Then the other. Still grinding back and forth, a little faster now. Harder. His hands grab your ass again, you can tell how much he wants this, how much he needs this.

And then, you unleash yourself, grabbing the back of the couch. You give him the ride of your life, of his life as you grind back and forth quickly now. His breathing, his moans, you know he’s getting close. You can feel his cock spasm now and again. Harder and faster, the couch is almost rocking, his hands have a death grip on your ass now. He is thrusting, meeting your hips in perfect time.

“Oh god…I’m gonna cum,” he grunts, as if warning you. But still you rock and grind on him. You want him to cum, to cum inside of you, to experience it as the characters you both wrote about experienced it. Three more thrusts and he suddenly grabs your waist, pulling you into him, grunting and groaning loudly. There it is.

You pendik escort bayan feel the first shot, exploding like a bullet from his cock, hot and wet inside of you. Another and another. He’s cumming inside of you, the thought hits you hard and while you’ve dreamed of it, now its real.

“Cum in me baby! Yes! Yes! YES!” you scream as you share an orgasm with him, his hot seed filling every nook of your birth canal. Pulling each other close, your both trying to merge with one another. Your voices mingle in the air, trying to imitate your bodies as you both ride out your orgasms together. It seems like forever, but then that wasn’t long enough, and soon both of you finally begin to relax. You collapse on his chest, your ear funneling the sounds of his rapidly beating heart that is slowly beginning to return to a normal beat. Quickly you sit up and look at him.

“What are you doing here?”

“I thought I would come and see you,” he replies with a smile. You smile back at him.

“You could have told me you were coming,” you say playfully, putting your hands on your hips in mock anger. He laughed.

“I did, just a minute ago!” he exclaimed and now it was your turn to laugh.

“Not what I meant, you big dummy!” you reply with a giggle before looking into his eyes for a moment. You can still feel his hardness inside of you and clench your groin muscles playfully, which make him twitch abit. “So what do we do now?”

“I don’t know, I’m here all night,” he replies quietly, flexing his own muscles, causing his cock to throb inside of you.

“Maybe we better take advantage of that then,” you say quietly, kissing his lips softly. “Don’t you have to sleep?”

“I can sleep on the plane,” you answer, rocking your hips on him slowly. He looks into your eyes once more, the hunger filling them quickly.

“Where to next then?”

“It had better be the shower, otherwise there is gonna be one hell of a stain wherever we do it,” you say with a wink. “I’m afraid when you pull out, it’s all going to come pouring out.”

“Better hurry then,” he jokes and as you dismount from his cock, you realize he wasn’t joking. Half-running to the bathroom, he follows you, standing behind you as you fiddle with the shower knobs.

“Guess tonight wasn’t so boring after all,” you say to yourself as you step in the shower and he follows you in, hand on your ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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