How I Wanted You to Take Me…

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How I so hesitated to go near you in the sexual realm, even with the push that whole year from your girlfriend to do so. The main reason being, you were the first man in years to pique my interest in the esoterical sexual kind of way, and the first also in years to procure an orgasm from me just by your mere touch. Which is why I knew better, because over time I felt the difference in my body that came from your touch and how electric it was compared to others. Just your presence filled me with an erotic essence. We remained platonic, unfortunately, at least for me.

Then a little over a year later, we really started talking as friends, you invited me to what you called a “Love Party”, and I said sure. I wore my fishnet bodystocking with only panties and a see through bra underneath, just to purposely titillate you. Somewhere later in the night, the doorbell rang, and we walked hand in hand to answer it, and I thought wow, why can’t this guy be single. He embodies what I would want in a man, the sensual, the spiritual, the sexual and the erotic.

Which I felt when you massaged me as I lay on the floor, oh how my hips were grinding externally and internally as you lay your sweet hands on my body. Then later that night we played spin the bottle and I kept hoping it would point to you. Well, it finally did land on you, and man oh man, did your kiss send shivers down me from head to toe. I never told you this, I felt a connection with all that is through that completely cosmic kiss. Even with my usual frank openness, I too at times can be quite quiet about what I’m feeling.

Well time passed and we remained platonic friends. Hanging out and talking at times. Oh the sexual tension that would build up in me just from sitting next to you and me silently wishing still, why can’t he be available, he gets me so hot, as hot as black asphalt in the Texas sun in the summertime. A little later in time, you suggested to me that we try phone sex. I never tried phone sex before, but I wanted to try any kind of sex with you by now, even if it was a few miles away and through some impersonal wires. My roommate was home, so I went into the bathroom and shut and locked the door, with the phone cord coming up and underneath the door and leading to my ears; altyazılı porno my ears that would be engaging in an erotic encounter through ‘ma bell’ for the first time. Oh first we asked the typical, what we were wearing. Then with oral instructions from you I removed my clothing, slowly one by one, until I was fully nude and sitting on my bathroom floor with my right hand between my thighs, procuring pure orgasmic sighs that was giving my sex a natural high.

With you talking me through our sexual encounter and my return delivery, I procured from myself, with the aid of your voice, the most mind blowing, mind tripping masturbatory orgasm that I ever had. After this, I knew I wanted to go all the way beyond the orgasm’s void and into a total mindgasm with your head at the helm. Thanks to all that is, none of my housemates picked up the phone or needed to use the toilet, because I wasn’t moving from that spot for anything.

Well, we kept up the same platonic relationship, except I had more sexual tension than ever around you, but didn’t say anything, except by e-mail a couple of times in reference to our phone sex. By now, I felt like there was no real place to go with this attraction to you. Then later you invited me to another party, it was for the celebration of Spring cometh, little did I know that I would be too, by you.

Oh my, just from dancing in the same room with you in it and the electronica tripping my mind, I got so moist below. I noticed other people around, but I was in such a sexually high state that I wanted to remain internal with it and just dance with it, for it was such bliss. Then it hit early a.m. and I went to just talk with you. I had a banana I was eating, and you asked for a bite, so I handfed you some. The currents that went through my body went straight from my tongue to my clit, when my fingers were in your moist, wet mouth as I handfed you it.

It almost felt too good, except for my firm belief that nothing can feel too god. It was like your fingers had a direct connection to my g-spot. Then you started to massage over my shirt and I said “it’ll feel better directly on my skin”. To which you complied and went under my shirt. Talk about the perfect touch on my skin that was amatör porno so delicious, that my skin that it ate it up instantly and wanted more. Oh how you fed my breasts the perfect hand massage before you got up and shut the curtain door and then proceeded to kiss.

How I loved the way you turned and flipped me with those long passionate kisses. I hadn’t been kissed like that in a long time, kissed, but not like that. You completely transported me into another space with your kisses and my body was completely at your command, for I knew you would steer me directly into orgasm’s direction. When we were done kissing you took my breasts in my mouth and I directed you down south. When your tongue hit my clit, and proceeded with perfection, I let go with pure abandon in trade for your oral affection. I couldn’t let you stop your good tongue licking until my mind and body tripped completely over into the other side.

Now it was my turn to go down on you. This was my pleasure, as well as it was going to be yours. First I caressed your cock with my hands, wet my palm with my mouths juices and palmed, then stroked it until it was ready for my mouth to take over. Oh, how good your cock felt inside my mouth. Oh, how much I enjoyed giving head to someone that I had so much attraction and affection for. I was going to make sure that you came with pure delight right in my mouth, and that you did. Your love juices were so sweet on my tongue and felt so good rolling down my throat. Well we didn’t go all the way, and that was good, because if we ever made it that far, I wanted us to both be in the complete waking state so we could totally savor each others complete body flavor.

Then exactly a week later I went to the Boogie, and was asked by your girlfriend if I wanted to go to a party. I said yes, even though I probably wouldn’t know many people there. She said “you would be there”, and I was like, “okay”. We arrived and separated. I saw you and talked with you a bit. I got horny right away by the look that you gave me. There’s this look that you give, a look that is completely filled with sex. When the party was over – you, me and a friend were tooling around with the computer.

I was standing just so that my sex was level arap porno with your mouth, which got me thinking about that supernatural tongue of yours and I started getting really wet and hot from you, thinking how much I wanted to sit on your face with that tongue of yours deep inside of me. So I finally sat with my sex directly on yours to get that connection started. I planted a big, wet kiss on your mouth and it blew me right out of the present and spiraled me completely into erotica’s nevermore. We kissed and kissed some more and then finally went over to the couch and whoa, you played my clit like a fine violinist on a fine violin, with your fingers and tongue making the perfect bows.

Your Shiva definitely awoke my Shakti with your oral endeavor. I knew then that I wanted to go down on you and return the oral favor. So we went into the staircase below and I proceeded to give you head. Your balls felt so good in my mouth, I could suck them forever. Bobbing up and down on your sweet cock felt so good. So good, that I kept going faster and faster until you exploded with cum delight. My what a sight, what a taste, what a night.

Later that week, when bliss crashed in on me and my mind finally checked into reality (that always ruins it doesn’t it) about what was going on, I realized because of the little space you had in your life available for me, it was best to walk away, because I needed a bigger space with you if we were to be sexual. So my final parting from me to you will be this line in this story to you.

“How I wanted you to take me, because with you I felt like I was more than just breathing. For I was sexually, sensually and spiritually alive again all in the same realm”. Which makes me think to this day, why didn’t you approach me when you were attracted to me and were available to test these waters. Oh my, why with me were you shy, so shy that you didn’t even really try. Which makes me think another thought, all the unwanted men who came my way and didn’t even come close to fitting the glass condom, and you, who probably would have, chose not to.

All I have left to say, is that I would have taken you in with pure pleasure, but you know what they say – would haves, could haves and should haves, don’t mean anything in the end my friend. But before I completely check out of this story, I have one last question for you, how is that sweet swing of yours doing? Oh how much I wanted to sit in that swing, with your tongue spooning out my sweet pussy juices with pure abandoned delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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