I Can Change That For You

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I am really quite content with my little niche in the world. I admit to being slightly shy and have little experience with the fairer sex. I only had a couple of dates while in high school. Currently I am slowly working my way through college, so studies and work take all my energies. I’m in my second year of school at Northern Cal Tech and have a summer job working at a resort on Lake Tahoe. I clean and service (mostly clean) house boats and rental boats for a beautiful lodge, which in turn, caters mostly to families. Even so I find some strange things under the beds, so I wear disposable gloves while on the job.

I ride my bike to work about two miles each way. I stay fit and while I don’t pretend to be a movie star, I am decent looking, just inexperienced with women, (another way of saying scared shitless of them).

This day I was headed home, if you call a 12′ x 12′ staff cabin complete with a bunk and closet, but no water or heat, home. I was coasting down grade when I spotted a broken beer bottle on the pavement, swerved around it and mentally cursed the jerk who had tossed it out. Just a few seconds later I heard a vehicle coming up behind me, it passed around me and continued down the road. After about a hundred yards, I heard a loud “THUMP THUMP” and the vehicle quickly pulled to the gravel side just off the pavement. The car was a very new Lexus. The right rear tire was visibly flat, thanks to a broken beer bottle I’m sure.

As I approached I saw an attractive middle aged female exit and go around to passenger side. There she stood arms akimbo on her hips slowly shaking her head side to side. Up close she was very nice looking, dressed way to fancy for a tourist in an off white linen business suit. The car, the clothes, and the woman, they all screamed money. As I stopped near her I saw her pull out a cell phone and punch numbers.

I smiled and said “Hi, You probably can’t get service here in this canyon. The forest is too tall.”

“If it wasn’t for bad luck, you know the saying” this in a quite husky, sultry voice from a very beautiful confident woman. ” Do you have any suggestions?”

I stepped off the bike and squatted near the tire. I could never say “Tough Luck” and leave this damsel in distress. I turned and as any macho male would do, stated “I CAN CHANGE THAT FOR YOU”.

We got the spare and the jack from the trunk. I did notice the vehicle was sitting slightly canted and on a down slope. I broke the lug nuts loose and raised the car up enough to finish removing the nuts and wheel. I slipped the spare in place and finger tightened the nuts, then with the tire iron, snugged them. On the first nut I tried to fully tighten, the car lurched off the jack, flipped the tire iron around and whacked me on the forearm.

“SHIT, Son of a bitch that hurt”. Suddenly I was embarrassed, about what I had yelled in the presence of this lady. Totally red faced, I turned and stammered an apology.

“Don’t need to apologize for language after an accident like that. Here let me look at your arm and your eyebrow. ”

She placed a handkerchief on my forehead to stop the bleeding. Damn, I didn’t even know I got smacked in the head. Sure enough I had a cut. Now I felt like a real mess. She examined my arm and wrist, which was rapidly swelling and quite red.

“How czech super models porno/ far is it to the nearest hospital? We need to have this checked out and you may need a couple of stitches in that cut. Do you think the tire will allow us to drive if we go slowly?”

To regain my masculine status, I said I could tighten the remaining lugs nuts with one hand enough to get us to the clinic. As it worked out WE tighten the nuts. I applied the weight and muscle while she held the wrench in place. I kinda had to drape over her, more like lay on her back, while I pushed down on the tire iron. Hurting or not the view down the front of her blouse was —- what should I say, Wheeew – how about the exertion from tightening the nuts was NOT, I repeat NOT , the reason my breath was ragged.

We pushed my bike into the brush and I climbed into her car. We drove to the clinic and entered. She went directly to the admissions desk and spoke quietly to the nurse. I was ushered into the emergency room and sat on a table to await the doctor. The doctor entered and — low and behold my damsel in distress had on emergency scrubs.

“My name is Lorraine McNaughton and I am a doctor. I have ordered an x-ray and will have the cut cleaned so I can put a couple of stitches in place. I can’t have my knight in shining armor treated by just any doctor, especially when I’m available.”

After an x-ray, some stitches and a shot in the “HIP” I felt nearly human – at least like a fuzzy human, must have been shot – can I have another? Luckily the arm only had a deep bone bruise, so no hard cast needed.

The admissions information had gotten my employers contact numbers. Lorraine called my boss and informed him of my condition. To my dismay, she said I could not lift any thing for several weeks.

Now .. what .. My job is in jeopardy.

I ask to be taken to the staff cabins thinking I would ignore her instructions and go to work in the morning. Lorraine shot down that idea.

“Mister Douglas Johnson, you can stay over night here in the clinic for observation, or better yet, I will take to my cabin, as you need to have some one watch over you. I feel responsible. And you are on Percodan, so you can’t drive or be near equipment.”

Face it. I was nearly a zoned out zombie, so off to her cabin we went, beats a hospital bed I bet. Some cabin, it was nearly 6,000 square feet of logs right on the lake front. The room she put me in was huge, the bed had sheets like I’d never felt before. Come to think of it – everything was soft and warm. I had to accidentally bump my arm before I remembered why I was here. Percodan is a God Send when you need it. The night got dark, in fact every thing got dark as I drifted off into La La Land.

The morning was interesting. I awoke in confusion, where was I? I lay still while the cobwebs cleared and sat up. I had on pj bottoms, Whooa, I didn’t put them on. I had a T-shirt and bike shorts on last night. There had been some blood on the shirt, not much but some. Where were my clothes?

The pj’s were slightly tented and I felt somewhat aroused, about what? Actually, I felt a little sore. There was some dried semen on the fly, great, I have a wet dream under the influence of drugs, in a strangers czech tax porno house. Now I wonder, DID I HAVE A BONER WHEN SOMEONE UNDRESSED ME? I need to get out of here and go hide.

Also I could smell bacon and coffee.

Down stairs Lorraine was fixing breakfast and remembering last night. She should have felt a bit guilty, but didn’t. How many times does fate hand you a fine young man, under the influence of Percodan, (skip the fact she gave him another dose when she put him on the bed.) She started out professional, helping the sound asleep, very drugged man out of his clothes and into the pj’s, well, into the pj’s after a short delay. She couldn’t help admiring his male parts, slowly touching, then fondling his penis. She was in full control as he became aroused, grew larger, then – finally fully erect.. She slowly stroked him just for pleasure, then gave a soft slow kiss to the head. She tasted the pre-cum, so sweet, even delicious. Now committed, she slid the engorged phallus into her mouth slowly, taking it clear to the back of her throat, swirling her tongue around it.

What a tremendous rush having this man at her mercy. She could feel his muscles react and body respond to the sensations of her touch. He remained in a stupor, so she went to another level. Lorraine removed her pants, leaving her panties on. She climbed over his outstretched body and rubbed his cock on her covered pussy. She instantly lubricated, more from mental image than touch. On her knees, she pulled her panties aside and slid his cock slowly back and forth on her waiting pussy lips. Just going along – with her building need for the feel of the stiff rod deep inside of her. She took a deep breath, and guided it up into the warm wet channel. OOHHH, how good is it to feel the throb of a young cock next to your womb? Lorraine’s head bowed, she slid back and forth slowly, then faster, then slowed and ground her clit deeply on his pubic bone cushioned only by the mass of stiff, dark hair surrounding the cock now completely out of sight buried deep inside of her.

Lorraine sat up, yet kept moving gently, as she undid and removed her bra. Her 38 D breasts floated free now, brushing the filmy silk of her blouse. She leaned forward until the aroused nipples just touched the fabric. As she rocked back and forth on his cock, her nipples were being stimulated by the silk fabric. Now she had sensations every where. She ground hard on his pubis and as the climax approached, hammered down and forward hard. The pressure tripped her over the edge. Wave after wave of climax continued until she was spent, just sitting on the still erect cock.

Lorraine mentally debated on “fair play,” should she suck him off, or, would a climax wake him and he would catch her in the act. With a final little tongue swirl she kissed the rigid pole and worked the pj’s up and over the problem. She smiled as she noticed her juices soak into the front of the garment.

Enter Lorraine into the room carrying a tray.

“Hope you had a good rest, hope you are ready for breakfast. I am a doctor, not a cook, but it will be nourishing, you will eat it … or be fed by IV.”

Hey, what can I say, she was a doctor and she could cook. It was great. Now it’s time to be embarrassed again.

“UHH, defloration porno where are my clothes and how did I get in these pj”s?”

“I did all of the above without your help. Doctor’s privilege to fully examine the patient. You passed all my inspections with flying colors. I tried to wash your shirt but the bloodstains wouldn’t come out.”

“If your feel up to it, I would like to know more about Mister Douglas Johnson. I notified your employer, do I need to call a girl friend also?”

Again embarrassed, I softly said, “No girl friend.”

“How come, your well built, nice looking and very polite.”

Still embarrassed, I spilled my pitiful story of my lack of experience with women.

Lorraine ask “Are you a virgin?”

“No .. No… I … I have had sex with a girl, but only once.”

“Tell me your experience.”

Take a deep breath, “There was a girl in our class, Beverly Everman, we all called her Beverly Every Ones, … because she .. she had sex with nearly every boy. Me included, I figured it was a way to learn about what to do. “

“Tell me about that experience.”

Another deep breath, “We were at a party at a friends house and I took Bev upstairs to a bedroom. We kissed and made out a little. She laid back on the bed and .. like went to sleep… or passed out. Her dress was up , I could see her panties. I went for it… I pushed her dress up and looked at my first, .. first.. you know.”

“Can you say Cunt?”

Really big breath, ” OK …Cunt,… yeah, I pull her panties to the side, unzipped my pants, I was so hard and excited. I climbed over her and .. it just slid right in, all the way.”

“What do you remember about how it felt?”

“It was warm and wet. Pretty wet actually. It must have been good because I came real quick, but it was my first time, so I was… was.. I guess I thought that probably happens on your first time.”

“Do you think it was a good experience?”

“Not particularly, the more I think about it. I was probably following a half of dozen other guys who had already had her that night. And another half dozen probably followed me. I often kicked my butt because I was in a hurry to get inside her.. her… cunt, I forgot to play with her breasts. I have never seen a grown woman’s breasts, except in pictures of course.”

I needed to change the subject, so I blurted out.

“Do I really have to lose my job, I need to earn money for school?”

Lorraine smiled and ask what I earned an hour. I said $10.00 per hour and room and board. Not that the staff cabins and camp cooking was real room and board.

With a sexy smile, that sultry husky voice slowly said, ” Using one of your previous sayings….I CAN CHANGE THAT FOR YOU.”

She paused, did some mental calculations and replied, “My family owns the McNaughton clinic in Rochester NY. My father is Dr. Ralph McNaughton, one of my brothers is a doctor in Maine, the other is a lawyer. We specialize in reproductive medicine and fertilely, in other words, I am a sex doctor… I ‘m out here in California for an extended stay. I may open a small private practice just to stay busy.”

“I will need to hire some staff to help me keep this place functioning. I will pay you 15 an hour to work for me. You will have light duty until your arm is 100% better. If you are really good, I may be able to help with your school expenses…if you stay… and agree to do what ever I ask.”

Think my mind was working over time, …you bet, …imagine all the possibilities. What did she mean by “What ever she ask”?

STORY WILL CONTINUE Hope you enjoyed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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