I Love My Job Pt. 01

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Many of the Girls and Women that I know from my current job are some of the best looking that I’ve seen in person. I don’t know what is with the town in which I work, but I swear that I’ve never seen more attractive females in one place before. Not even in a strip club.

There is not a day when I work that I don’t see a handful of beautiful Girls.

The majority of the girls are co-workers of mine, but many are customers.

When I first started at the store two years ago, the first girl I took a liking to is a girl named Wendy.

Wendy was twenty two at the time and very good looking. I was drawn to her bright blue eyes and shortish jet black hair. Within a few days of starting at the job I was talking to some of the other workers about her trying to find out what I could.

I was saddened to find out that Wendy was married and had a one year old son.

Wendy is about 5′ 5″ and weighs about 110 lbs. She has a small set of tits that are maybe the size of large apples and she has a nice, yet “Weird” looking ass. Wendy’s ass doesn’t move when she walks. Some might say she walks like she has a stick up her ass, but I kind of like it.

I like to compare people looks to certain celebrities so that readers can get a better idea of what the person I am talking about looks like.

In Wendy’s case, she kind of reminds me of the Actress Neve Campbell from the Scream franchise.

In the two years that I’ve worked with Wendy, I’ve only had one sexual fantasy about her.

In the fantasy, I just clock out for my lunch break and I head outside of the store to smoke a cigarette. I sit down on the metal bench just outside of the entrance way and light my cigarette. A minute or two later, Wendy emerges from the store and sits down beside me on the bench.

We both exchange “hellos” and begin a short conversation before it falls awkwardly silent. Then, Wendy begins talking again.

“I’d really hate to ask, but do you have $60.00 I can borrow?” She asks.

“Sixty Dollars?” I reply sarcastically.

“Yeah, I’m really desperate for money right olgun porno now, my car payment is due and I’m out of food at home.” Wendy says.

“Oh really? That sucks.” I reply.

“It does… If you could let me borrow the sixty dollars, I’ll… I’ll give you a blowjob.” Wendy says.

“Are you serious?” I ask in a shocked tone.

“Yeah, that’s how desperate I am right now.” Wendy replies with a cry nearly brewing.

“Well, I’ll lend you the money, but you don’t have to even worry about… That.” I tell her.

“I’ll have to go in and ‘Rob’ the ATM.” I continue.

I stamp my cigarette out in the ashtray next to me and head into the store. I withdraw eighty dollars out and request a receipt. Seeing that I had plenty of money to last me the rest of the work week, I head back outside to give the money to Wendy.

After exiting the store, I fan the bills out and show them to Wendy.

“That’s more then what I asked for.” She says.

“That’s alright, I want to help you out.” I tell her.

Wendy begins walking across the parking lot and motions for me to follow her. Reaching into her right pocket, Wendy pulls out the door lock remote for her Ford S.U.V. and she clicks the button.

The door locks flick open and a beeping noise follows. She gets into the driver’s seat and motions for me to get into the passenger seat.

I hand Wendy the eighty dollars and she takes twenty of it and puts it in her pocket, the shoved the remainder of the money into the center console of her truck.

Without warning, Wendy reached over and begins undoing the fly of my pants.

“Hey, I told you that you didn’t have to worry about that.” I tell her.

“It’s alright, I really want to do it for you.” She responds.

My cock was already slightly erect from the topic of conversation, but it immediately grew harder as Wendy opens my fly.

Pulling my cock through the opening, Wendy leans over and takes my cock into her mouth.

Starting off with a long slow pull. Wendy takes my cock down deep into her throat and pulls playboy porno it back out ending with a slow playful lock across the head.

I look around at the flow of traffic on the near by street and search the immediate area for any “Innocent Bystanders.”

Wendy continues to lick the head of my cock and takes it back into her mouth, wrapping her lips tightly around the shaft.

Her mouth was extremely wet and warm.

She starts to stroke and suck my cock simultaneously while her tongue moves around in slow circles all over every inch of my throbbing cock.

I reach down and brush some of her jet black hair over her ear so I could see her sucking me. I feel my cum already begging to brew from deep within my balls, but I knew I still had a good ten minutes left before eruption.

Wendy’s slippery wet tongue travels teasingly over the head of my cock in every imaginable direction before she insets it back into her mouth.

As she continues sucking me, I calmly brush her hair as if I were petting a dog. Periodically, pushing her head up and down.

Wendy turns toward me and smiles as she sticks her tongue out and slaps my cock against it.

She does that a couple of times before turning away again and sucking me again.

Growing closer and closer to cumming, my body begins to shudder a little and my cock becomes even more sensitive.

Sensing that I am close to cumming, Wendy lays her head on my belly and continues licking and sucking my cock as she strokes it faster.

I brush her hair over her ear again and watch her mouth draw my cock into her mouth a few more times.

My cum begins working it’s way to the top and I grab Wendy’s hand and help her stroke, then I begin cumming. A long thick stream travels up and lands on the side of Wendy’s face, stretching from her temple down to her chin. Another thick, but smaller stream catches her lips.

Another long stream lands in her hair, her jet black hair making the strand stick out as if it were a white shoe lace laying in her hair. A final spurt of cum leaps pornhub porno limply from the head of my cock and lands on Wendy’s fingers and knuckles.

“Whoa!” Wendy exclaims.

“Oh damn, that was great.” I tell her, my voice tense from the sensation of my orgasm.

Wendy licks a little bit of cum from the head of my cock, then licks the globs of cum from her fingers and knuckles.

Reaching into the glove compartment, Wendy pulls out a handful of tissues, then she sits up in her seat.

As she sits up, my cum slides down her cheek and collects into little globs on her chin. Some dangle loosely while others fall down onto her shirt.

Wendy looks at her reflection in the rear view mirror and uses the tissues to clean my cum from her face.

Moving her head from side to side, Wendy checks for my cum and wipes where she sees some.

Then, Wendy collects some of her hair and slides the tissues through the collection of strands cleaning the stream of cum from her hair.

“Did I get it all?” she asks, looking at me.

I look at her and scan her face for any remaining cum. Seeing only a small line of cum that she missed, I use my thumb a swipe it from her face.

Wendy wipes the spot with the tissues and checks the mirror once more.

“Thank you for doing that.” I tell her.

“I told you, I was thanking you, for the money.” Wendy replies.

“What time is it?” She asks. “Oh shit, I gotta get back inside.” she shouts.

Wendy rolls the tissues into a ball and tosses it onto the floor of the truck. The two of us get out of the truck and make our way back to the store.

Looking at my cell phone, I realize I still have a few more minutes of break left, so I light another cigarette and sit on the bench to smoke it, before returning to work.

Additional true, funny story about Wendy.

About a week ago from the date of this submission, I was sitting in the break room before work. I had just bought a drink and a Slim Jim to much on while I was waiting to clock in.

As I am sitting there, Wendy walks from the bathroom. I say, “Hello” to her.

“Hi…How’s your stick?” she asks.

Immediately, I begin cracking up, and so did she.

I don’t know if she actually realized what she said at that moment. But my perverted ass mind caught her comment right away.

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