I.T. Support Pt. 03

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(Please read Part 1 and 2 for storyline context)

It had been a couple days since John and Marias impromptu meeting in the work carpark. John sat in his IT office smirking to himself after the whirlwind week it had been. In the space of a week he had had sex with Maria, the Colombian 40 something PA to the boss in her office, and then did the same with her in his car a few days later. How did his life turn out like this he thought as he smiled away typing on his computer. It was as if he was in some sort of B grade erotic film showed late at night. Either way he was happy and wondered what was next in store for both of them.

He sat clicking away at files, bored out of his mind, until all of the sudden an email from his boss had come through.

“Dear John – Please see me in my office as soon as possible. Regards Tom”

A lump formed in Johns throat, he jumped up from his chair nervously picking up his jacket and walking out of his office. Did his boss know what happened? Was it on film? Would he lose his job? Did Maria purposely tell him? He was screwed he thought.

John made his way down the corridor, barely looking at his co workers asking for help all the time. He was so sick of being the IT support guy that everyone just made fun of.

He got to the office of his boss, a bead of weat had formed on his head. He noticed that Maria was not at her desk. He knew something was up. He knocked on his bosses door.

“Come in,” a rather serious voice said.

John walked into his bosses office and was shocked at what he saw. Maria was sitting across from him holding a clip board and pen with notes already on it. She briefly looked at him and then looked away.

“Hi Tom, everything ok?” John asked in a concerned tone.

John moved over to the empty chair and took a seat next to Maria. He didn’t want to stare at her exposed legs, but he couldn’t help himself. She was wearing the same skirt and top outfit that she wore when they first had sex in her office. Her long brown hair was tied up in a bun, and her breasts were tightly shaping her blouse. He remembered the first time he saw them, what a sight.

“Yes John, just wanted to have a chat about something that has come up,” Tom replied.

John raised his eyebrows and nodded.

“Ok, go on,” John said reluctantly.

“Well John, you have been a great member of the company for a few years now”

John had a feeling of where this was heading and didn’t like the sounds of it.

“We need to expand, the competition out there is getting better and frankly out IT support services need to be adjusted” Tom said looking down at his notes.

John could feel either a lawsuit coming on or he was just being fired. He shifted in his chair and tried to get Marias gaze.

“uh huh, yep,” John said sarcastically.

“That’s why I need you and Maria to represent the company at the ITTC conference in New York over the weekend, I need you there as our IT advisor on the Friday and Saturday, and I want Maria there on the Saturday night for the actual ITTC dinner and wine mixer” Tom explained.

John’s eyes widened as Maria turned her head and briefly smirked at John.

“Oh, yeah. the ICCT sorry ITTC conference of course, don’t you usually go with Maria or another PA?” John asked.

“Not this time, I’m too busy with that Penski file if you know what I’m saying ha-ha, you take your flight on Friday and Maria will meet you on Saturday afternoon. I’ve booked the tickets and rooms for you both, its all settled, just make sure you represent the company in good esteem and don’t get too drunk” Tom joked handing John some paperwork.

“It will also be handy for us to discuss IT solutions for me and the other PA’s while we are there to John,” Maria said in her husky Colombian accent.

John started to breathe a bit heavier and scratched his head thinking of that hot encounter in the car the other night. He smiled to himself and replied.

“Yeah, for sure Maria, I can show you a few things that will help us both,” John said smiling.

“Perfect, settled, done, take the paperwork, report back on Monday, enjoy! Now go, your flight leaves Friday morning, Maria will be in contact with you when she arrives,”.

John got up from the chair and took the paperwork. He noticed Maria uncrossing her legs and recrossing them as she slightly winked at him. That smile went through him, he could feel the heat coming from her. He knew that this weekend was going to be something different to any other conference.

Saturday morning – 7am – New York City – Manhattan

John woke up with the alarm blaring in his ear. The Westin hotel had a real nice feel to it, big king size bed, big screen TV, small couch and bathroom. The room was about the size of a normal hotel room, the very large glass window had the view of prat of central park and the never-ending skyline of NYC. John turned his head towards the door as he heard the knock, walked over and received his breakfast for the morning.

He sat there on the edge of the bed eating anime porno his breakfast in his robe wondering when Maria would show up.

John began to get ready; he put on his suit and tie and knew what was ahead, a boring conference but at least he would be with Maria he told himself. All of the sudden his phone buzzed.

A text message from Maria.

“Hey Johnny, my darling, I’m I just checked in downstairs, I’m in room 237, three down from you ;), ill come say hello,”

John began to breathe a little heavy. The time was 8:45am, the conference started at 9am. He wanted to see her but knew that he also didn’t want to be late or he wouldn’t hear the end of it from his boss. He quickly grabbed his lanyard, wallet and room key and paced the room. Suddenly a knock at the door. John quickly walked towards the door and opened it.

Their stood Maria, he looked at her from bottom to top. She was wearing black mid length heels, black patterned stockings, a skirt that was just above her knee which hugged her hips just like he remembered, a light blue work shirt that was tightly done up emphasising her breasts, and a suit jacket over the top. Her hair was put up into a ponytail, dark red lipstick and small diamond earrings. She looked stunning.

“Hello, my darling,” she said smiling as she walked in.

“Good morning Maria, wow you look amazing,” John stammered.

Maria bit her lip as she pushed John away from the door and slammed it shut at the same time.

“We have 15mins before the conference starts John,” Maria whispered as she licked his lip.

“Ok, I just wanna know, what are we, are we like seeing each other or,” John whispered.

Maria grabbed his bulge in his pants as she kissed him against the wall.

“Really Johnny, does it really matter,” she whispered as she began to undo his fly.

“I guess not, if you’re happy, I’m happy,” he joked.

“I’ll be happier when I have your cum down my throat,” she snickered.

John’s eyes widened as his erect penis was taken out of his pants. She began to jerk him off while kissing him, he could smell her perfume and remembered how nice it was and how it filled his car for days after their meeting. Maria got on her knees and begin tugging on his cock vigorously.

“You want to give me your cum papi?” she said in a hastily tone.

“Fuck yeah Maria,” John said as he fiddled with her hair.

She licked the end of his penis a few times. John took some deep breaths as he smiled.

All of the sudden, a knock at the door. For the love of God John thought, what now.

“Mr Anderson, its Joe Tabone from ITTC,” a voice said through the door.

“Fuck,” John whispered as he pulled his pants up and did up his belt. Maria got up from the floor and readjusted herself.

“One sec,” john said as he walked to the door.

“Hi Joe, what’s up,” John asked.

“Hi John, just letting you know that conference is starting in about 15-20minutes, if you could head down with your colleague for check in that would be great,”

“Oh ok, yep will do, see you down there,” John replied.

John shut the door and turned around. Maria stood there and shook her head smiling.

“We better go,” she stated.

“Yeah, lets go,” John said as he opened the door.

“Its ok, we can continue later baby,” she stated.

They both walked down the corridor towards the lift. John pressed the button and waited.

“I really wish we didn’t have to go to this conference John,” Maria said in a sad tone.

“Yeah me either,” he replied smiling back at her.

The elevator doors opened, a young woman walked out smiling as John and Maria walked back in.

John pushed the lobby button and looked over to Maria.

“At least we get free food and booze tonight at the mixer,” John said jokingly.

“True, I’m looking forward to after if you know what I mean ha-ha,” Maria replied.

John watched the numbers of the elevator go down quickly all of the sudden the elevator stopped in its tracks.

“Whoa!” Maria yelled.

“What the fuck?” John exclaimed.

The lights of the elevator began to flicker on and off, John looked around for an emergency button. The lights turned off completely but were quickly replaced by a vivid red emergency bulb emanating from the corner of the elevator. The elevator looked like something from a sci fi film, bathed in red. Johns memory triggered to those times he visited the local brothel when on vacation in Holland. What a time that was for him he thought as he looked around the elevator. Maria was standing there looking a bit scared in the dim red light.

A voice came over an intercom speaker in the elevator.

“Hi folks, sorry about the current power outage, you are safe, don’t worry, shouldn’t be longer than 10minutes, sorry about the inconvenience, we will get you out of there soon”

John shook his head.

“Great, just great, now we are gonna be late to this shit conference,” John said annoyingly.

Maria put down asyalı porno her paperwork and walked over to the corner of the elevator and looked up towards the surveillance camera. She waved her hand around it and looked closer. John watched her reach up, her hips swivelling to get leverage.

“What are you doing Maria?” John asked.

“The camera is off John,” Maria replied.

“Yeah well the power is off, makes sense”

Maria walked over to John in the opposite corner of the elevator.

She began rubbing his crotch through his pants.

“If they can’t see us, then we can pass the time quickly in here,” she whispered.

John grabbed her face and gave her a deep kiss, his tongue rapidly entering her mouth back and forth.

“Oh, that’s it my darling, show some emotion, ha-ha, you’re always in shock,” she joked.

They continued kissing passionately as John reached his hand down to his fly and took out his erect cock. Maria took it in her hands as she continued kissing him.

“We don’t have much time,” Maria stated as she bobbed down on her heels, legs apart, exposing her knickers.

John looked down at the view he had, this fully red soaked elevator, any minute the power could come back, but he didn’t care.

“Give me your cum papi,I want it now,” Maria said seductively.

She took his cock and begin to lick the end of it a few times. She began to tug it as she looked up at him.

“We better hurry up; I want your cum before the elevator starts again,” she whispered as she lowered her mouth onto his cock.

She placed both hands around his cock and moved her mouth up and down his shaft quickly.

“Oh, fuck me, that’s good,” John said in pleasure.

Maria moaned as she shifted her weight to one side of her body and held his cock with one hand as she licked one side of it, staring up at John in pleasure.

“I want it down my fucking throat baby,” she exclaimed.

She shifted her weight again and placed both her hands around his hips and forced his cock into her mouth, deeper and deeper.

The noises of sucking, gulping and licking echoed throughout the elevator. John looked over to the mirror next to him, he was watching himself getting an amazing blowjob from this woman who he was falling for, in this blood red elevator.

She pushed herself back and forth onto his cock, moaning with every thrust. John put his right hand on her head and guided it onto him back and forth.

“Ah folks, we should be all done, and have you back up and running in 2 minutes” a voice said loudly over the intercom.

“Fuck! Give me your cum baby, come on, don’t let me not have it,” Maria said in her Colombian accent.

John put his right hand behind Marias head and began pushing her head down deeper and deeper onto his cock. Gulk, gulk, gulk, gulk the noises her throat made as he pushed her down.

“Fuck my face baby, give me your cum now!” Maria ordered.

“Oh fuck, its coming baby, its coming,” John said swiftly.

John could feel the tickle of her tongue at the end of shaft, saliva all over his cock, it was easily slipping in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper. She quickened her pace as John began to feel the inevitable coming, he gripped her head with both hands and moved her away from the corner of the elevator and more into the middle of it now.

She stared up at him with those seductive brown Colombian eyes that were water filled from the gagging. He began to push her head down more forcefully down on his cock watching her eyes water and mouth expand and contract with his cock, she began moaning and that’s what set him off. He thrust her head down watching her, as he knew he was going to explode inside her mouth.

“Oh, fuck here it comes baby,” John yelled.

Maria moaned as she bobbed up and down quicker on his cock.

He gripped her head with both hands and pushed her down further and further, he could hear more choking and gagging sounds than ever as he released his cum into her throat.

He shuddered three times as he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Uh, Uh, Ohhhh fuck, oh my God,”

“Mmmmm oh my God papi, so good,” Maria said licking the end of his cock.

“That was so fucking good Maria” John stated.

Maria got up off the floor and went to her handbag. She took out some mascara and applied it while looking at herself in the mirror.

“I know, you were so rough my darling, ha-ha, I like it,” she smiled.

The elevator began to make noises and of course, prefect timing, the elevator powered back up and began to move down towards the lobby.

“Talk about timing,” he joked.

“I know, it’s like I couldn’t blow you in the room, now here we got the chance,” Maria said.

John straitened up his pants and exhaled while he smiled.

The elevator doors opened to a packed lobby filled with suited up people. If only they knew what had just happened John thought to himself. They walked through the crowd and signed in at a desk near the front babes porno of a lecture hall.

Maria tickled Johns butt as they began to walk in. He winked at her and gave her a smirk.

“Maria!? Oh my God!” a woman’s voice yelled from across the room.

“Oh my God, Jodi, how are you?” Maria replied, hugging a rather tall blonde woman around 45 years old. John looked her up and down and liked what she saw.

She was the exact opposite of Maria. Bleach blonde hair which went down to her shoulders, a thick mid-western accent, her breasts were a little bigger than Marias and her ass was a bit more toned that Marias also.

“Maria, its been a year! How are you! My god, I didn’t know you would be here?” Jodi exclaimed.

“Yeah well, I’m still with the company, doing the same thing ha-ha, this is John our IT consultant,” Maria replied.

John put his hand out to meet Jodie’s.

“Pleasure to meet you,” John said.

Jodi reached out her hand and shook it.

“Pleasure is all mine, anyone who is a friend of Maria is my friend too ha-ha,” Jodi said flicking her hair back.

“We have to meet up after Jodi, I have so much to tell you!” Maria exclaimed.

“Like what, you finally left that dead beat husband like I did,” Jodi snapped back smirking.

“What? Oh my, that’s hilarious, I’m in the process, can’t believe you and Mark split,” Maria said shocked.

“Really Maria? He was a loser in life and in bed if you know what I mean,” Jodi said in a quietened tone so that John couldn’t hear. He heard everything.

“Ok guys, I got to go, Maria ill text you later, we will have a drink or two!” Jodi said walking away.

Maria and John made their way to a couple empty seats.

“Isn’t Jodi gorgeous?” Maria asked John.

“Yeah I guess,” John said shocked to be asked the question.

“Her husband was a real asshole, like mine. But worse, did you see her body, she works out all the time, perfect butt and boobs, I’m so jealous,” Maria said quietly

“Yeah I guess, but I think I prefer my woman a bit more, Colombian,” John smirked.

Maria smiled and leaned over and whispered in Johns ear.

“I want you, to fuck me hard in the ass tonight and I want it in my pussy and mouth too,”

John nodded and smiled to himself.

“That can be arranged,” John replied. They both smiled as the presentation began.


The day had been long filled with meetings, conferences and all sorts of time wasting according to John. To and from different meetings with and without Maria at times. He was tired but was eagerly anticipating the night ahead. That whisper she gave him at the beginning of the day was playing in his mind. He saw Maria in the distance speaking to Jodi by a table filled with different wine bottles.

“Hi ladies, how was your last meeting?” John asked.

“Boring as fuck, rather get my vagina waxed by a bear,” Jodi slurred.

“Jodi! Ha-ha calm down be quiet,” Maria replied.

“Who cares, lets go party! Who’s in?” Jodi asked with a glazed look in her eyes.

Maria looked at John with widened eyes, a kind of help me look.

“Um, I’m out Jodi, would love too but I have to work on some files for tomorrow’s meeting,” John lied.

“Whatever go do your work ha-ha! Maria, you are coming for another drink,” Jodi told Maria.

Maria looked over to John through gritted teeth.

“Ok, ill come for one drink,” Maria replied.

“It was nice meeting you Jodi” John said to a swaying Jodi.

“You too,” she replied.

“Oh John, ill text you when I’m done, I’ll come and collect those files,” Maria said in a serious tone

“Sure, thing Maria,” John replied nodding.

“Yeah then after that you can fu…” Maria suddenly covered Jodi’s mouth. John was in shock and was taken back a little about what he had just heard. Did Maria tell Jodi?

“Ill see you later John,” replied Maria.

John walked off and go into the elevator. He stood there in the exact elevator where he got that epic blowjob hours ago and wondered, why did she tell Jodi their meetings? What would be to gain. He was worried, what if this Jodi woman knew his boss and something happened?

John walked out of the elevator and to his room. He took off his shoes and lay down on the bed. The TV was glowing with some random reality show. He shut his eyes and dozed away wondering when Maria would pay him a visit.


John was startled by a knock at his door. He rubbed his eyes and jumped up out of bed. He took a deep breath and opened the door. Standing there with her blouse more open than normal, cleavage showing, skirt pulled up ever so much more than normal and hair up but a little messy was Maria.

She walked into the room not saying a word and kissed John. He continued to kiss her as she moved him over to the bed. John plopped onto the end of the bed as Maria knelt down and undid his belt and took off his pants in a haste. She quickly snapped open her blouse and exposed her amazing D cup breasts in that same black bra that he remembered from their first encounter.

“Are you drunk Maria?” he asked

“No, I’m not drunk, I had a couple, but all I wanted to do was come back here and fuck you,” Maria said as she put his cock in her mouth.

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