Ice Storm

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It’s a cold Oklahoma day and this overworked lineman slowly works through the neighborhood. It’s starting to get dark and he’s considering going home for the night, well, actually for the first time in 23 hours. He wipes his eyes against the back of his rough leather glove just as he notices the lady walking toward him. She is quite beautiful, about 5’11” with long legs. She appears to be well off, judging by the elegant fur coat she grasps tightly to her to ward of the bitter cold. “Evening,” he calls down to her from his basket up by the pole.

“Hello,” she calls out cheerfully. “We gonna get power back tonight?” He glances down the darkened street back the direction she had come from. “I’m afraid not Ma’am. In fact, this is the last pole tonight,” he states tiredly. Her small pout doesn’t escape his notice as he turns back to make his final connection.

“Please, Mister? Just one more, my house is right next to it. I’ve been without power for two days and with no one else in the house I am sooooo bored!” she begs to him quite effectively.

“Lady, I haven’t slept in a day and a half. I am quite sure we’ll be back tomorrow to finish up,” he states as honestly as he can.

“Oh you poor thing. I’ll tell you what; get my power on and I’ll feed you, bathe you, and give you a place to sleep. Then you can have more rest time without having to drive home and back!” she says excitedly.

The hydraulic whine of the basket descending fills the air and he raises his voice to be heard. “It’s a tempting offer Ma’am but it wouldn’t be very gentlemanly to take advantage of your situation or your hospitality.” The whine stops abruptly as he reaches the bottom. Looking up expecting to see more backroom casting porno pouting lip, he states, “sweet Jesus!”

Before him stands Laurel, coat open to show her entire nakedness except for the arms, and a pair of sheer black thigh highs. Her nipples, like rocks in the cold air, stand proudly upon her firm luscious breasts. Her womanhood, stands neatly framed by the swell of her hips and the sexy stockings. “Who said I didn’t want to be taken advantage of?” she asks in a low sultry voice. “Get my power on Mister, and I will take care of your needs in return.” With that she turns and walks home.

Entering the house she throws her fur across the divan and slips on her sheer black nightgown. The fireplace has kept it moderately comfortable, thank god, and she marvels at the luck of installing the gas stove the year before. She turns on the kettle to boil and picking up a candle, makes her way through the darkened house to draw a bath. She adds some lavender bath oil, causing the water to foam and bubble. She shuts the water off and breathes deeply in the steamy perfumed air. She stands and walks toward the kitchen to catch the whistling kettle, when suddenly the lights flare to life. Laurel smiles to herself and quickly walks over to shut “Jeopardy” off the revived Television.

She pours a hot chocolate for each of them and walking to the door, opens it just as he was about to knock. She hands him his cocoa. “Close it behind you,” she says over her shoulder as she turns and starts for the bath. David quickly shuts the door as he follows this lovely lady through her house.

She sweeps into the large bathroom with him close behind and setting bangbros porno her drink down, lets the silk nightgown drop to the floor. David stops cold just inside the door. She is even more stunning up close and personal. She places a foot on the small chair before the mirror, rolling her stockings down one at a time. “If you wish to join me …uh …” “David,” he yells out. “David… then you better strip,” she teases, grinning wickedly.

David starts peeling the layers off in record time as she demurely pins her hair up. She settles into the hot steamy water and lays back gasping at the cool porcelain. She offers a hand to him as he gingerly steps into the over sized tub. Spreading her legs she guides him to sit before her and pulls him back into her. Laurel brings the washcloth and soap around and begins to scrub his well defined chest. Closing his eyes, David luxuriates in her caresses. She washes him quit thoroughly before beginning to knead his tired and sore muscles. He closes his eyes and his head falls to the side that feels the best, rasping on the soft skin of her hand. “Oh!” she exclaims as she jerks her hand away from his stubble. “We shall have to fix that,” she says grinning wickedly.

Standing slightly, Laurel maneuvers around to get in front of him. She settles down with her legs to either side of his facing him. Her delicious seam rests along his shaft as she settles down upon it. David groans, leaning his head back, desperately wanting to shift his aching member up and into her tightness.

She squirts a bit of shaving gel upon her hand and rubs it into his two day old beard, completely coating it. She begins to ever so slightly slide herself along his manhood. beurette tour porno She whips out the razor and begins to carve smooth swaths through the foamy cream. David struggles to maintain his composure as he feel her sex open to either side of his shaft. He gasps as he feels her slide up along the sensitive underside of the tip, a slight sting as the razor pricks a tiny cut on his chin. “Be still,” she warns wickedly, even as she increases the length of her slide, careful to control the sway of the water in the tub. She cups her hands to rinse his skin as she finishes. “Perfect!” she judges, “and now for the test.”

Reaching over, Laurel lifts her mug, bringing it into the tub. She cups her breast and slowly pours just a bit onto her right nipple. She reaches forward and pulls his head to her. Opening his mouth, he suckles her in and she gasps at the difference between his tugging mouth and the smoothness of his cheek. She pours a dab onto the left nipple before setting the cocoa down. Reaching behind, she grabs his shaft and positions it, before sinking slowly down its length.

David teases her nipples and Laurel begins to slide up and down his cock. The water draws away and crashes back against them as she first rises, then falls upon him. It matches the rhythm, getting more and more violent with each repetition. Lacing her fingers within his hair, Laurel pulls him tight as she lays back her head and relishes the feel of a man within her. Her breath comes in tiny gasps of air, as she loses herself in the steamy air of lovemaking.

David desperately fights his oncoming pleasure as he seeks to torment her luscious breasts. He loses control, and as his seed races up his shaft, he nips a little too hard on her tit. The combination of the shock to her breast and the swelling of his shaft send her over and she moans, impaling herself as deep as she can on his manhood. The water gushes over the side of the tub but neither notices as the fires within them dance and swirl to become one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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