If At First She Don’t Suck Seed…

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I pinched the bridge of my nose trying to relieve the pain and stress of a major headache as the last kid got off the bus. The laughing and screaming faded into the distance and I took in a deep breath of fresh air that the open door allowed and let it out very slowly. I opened my eyes, reached for the lever that would close the door when I noticed ‘her’. She was that new girl the one whose mom had just transferred into the big city from smallville USA. She was standing with one foot on the bottom step of the bus and looking up at me with an unreadable expression on her face; it was like she was trying to make up her mind.

“Can I help you…?” I asked her forgetting her name entirely.

But I remembered her face and even more so I remembered her body. She was a stunning redhead with piercing green eyes and the face that launched ships thousands of years ago. She had a long neck that screamed to be kissed and full firm breasts only a teenager could possess; they were perfectly formed and defied time and gravity. A flat stomach and hips that flared out and long legs that went on forever; she was devastatingly beautiful. I found it hard to swallow all of a sudden and she actually blushed.

“I am new to the neighborhood and thought maybe we could be friends.” Her voice was liquid silver and I felt myself stirring.

“I would like that,” I managed to say. “I am James, James Reilly.” I said introducing myself.

“Lindsey Booker,” she said mounting the rest of the stairs and offering her hand to me.

It took all my resolve not to stare at her breasts as they did a little jiggle under the tight little tube top she was wearing. I stared instead at her eyes, those green eyes that I felt myself drowning in. My hand moved of its own accord and clasped hers where it nearly disappeared.

“Nice to meet you Lindsey,” I told her.

“You have such big hands James…” again she blushed.

I almost said ‘well you know what they say about the size of a man’s hands’ but decided not to. I didn’t want to lose my job over a stupid comment like that. She stood directly to my right and was looking down at me and I could tell she could see how excited I was but there was no hiding it or thoughts to make it go down I was so screwed. She licked her lips just then and leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“I guess it is true what they say about big hands after all.” Her hot breath in my ear made me stiffen painfully so.

I so needed to adjust myself but I couldn’t with her right there. I turned and looked up into her hungry eyes and she smiled like she was daring me to do it or she would for me.

“Did I do that?” Lindsey asked.

I knew I couldn’t answer her, so I nodded and she placed a hand on my thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. Then ‘she’ reached for the lever and closed the door and sat down in the nearest seat. I drove and glanced back and saw her with her ass to the edge of the seat and her skirt pulled up and god help me she had two fingers in her pussy fingering it nice and slow. To avoid a crash I adjusted my mirror so I could glance up and see her. Then what had started out as low moans got louder and louder and with shaky hands I arrived at a quiet place where we would not be seen or disturbed. I unbuckled my seat belt and got to my feet and made my way over to her. She looked up her face radiant with pure lust as she continued to tease me and herself until with a deep growl she climaxed her eyes never leaving mine. I unbuckled my pants and let them slide to the floor as she positioned herself better now and freed me from my boxer briefs. My hardness stared Lindsey in the face and she gave it a tentative lick and then a few more before taking the head into her mouth. I felt her suck on it then her tongue swirled around it and I let out a low moan of pleasure. Slowly she got used to the tip and took a bit more then a bit more until she had half of it in her mouth. Lindsey began to move her head forward and back licking and sucking tentatively and then her tiny hand wrapped around the shaft and began to pump it in time with her mouth. I started to growl needing to feel her pussy wrapped around me but she never let go and kept up with her oral fixation of my cock. Finally I could take it no more and with a warning cry came in her mouth and shot some down her throat. Lindsey coughed and gagged on my cock and come, tears ran down her cheeks as she began to cry once my dick was out of her mouth.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered between sobs.

“Sorry? Sorry for what?” I asked as I sat down next to her.

“I didn’t swallow…” Lindsey said before the tears flowed anew.

“You’ve never swallowed before?” I asked.

She shook her head and pressed herself against me and her body absolutely shook she was crying so hard.

“I wanted to impress you but I just don’t know how.” She whispered.

“We all have to learn sometime.” I said. Then suddenly she quit crying, wiped the tears away and gave me a small smile.

“Can you teach me?” Lindsey asked. “There’s so much I haven’t brazzers porno done or had.”

“Like what?” I asked intrigued.

“I have never had an orgasm except when I masturbate.” She blurted out.

“What kind of guys have you been with?” I asked shaking my head.

“Not guys, guy.” She said lowering her head.

“Ah,” I said understanding, “High school boyfriend?”

“Yeah,” Lindsey said nodding. “He was always more interested in his pleasure than mine. Once we graduated he went off to college on his sports scholarship and that was that. Mom moved up here for a better job and to be closer to me.”

“Closer to you I don’t understand?” I told her.

“I got my own scholarship and am attending the University here in Arkham.” She said proudly.

“What are you studying?” I asked.

“Linguistics and Cuneiform texts,” Lindsey said proudly.

“Wow!” I said amazed, “Smart and beautiful hell of a combination.”

Again she blushed and I felt her hand on me and it immediately stiffened as she slowly stroked it. I felt her hunger and suddenly I needed to kiss her or I would die. I leaned down and our lips touched and gods it was electric! Soon our tongues were dueling and I was harder than I had been before. Somehow I was lying on the seats and she was above me pointing me to her soaked wet pussy and slowly I felt her open to me and with a long drawn out moan she was completely impaled. I tugged her tube top down, cupped her breasts and began to knead them and tease her nipples as she started to ride me. She moved slowly at first muttering over and over again ‘so big’. Lindsey knew what she was doing here and I let her have all the control she wanted. I leaned up and suckled her nipples as she dropped down on my cock and moaned to me, ‘so this is what it feels like to fuck a real man’. She moved a bit faster now and I lay back and watched as her pussy swallowed me up over and over again.

“Like what you see?” Lindsey moaned down to me.

“Oh yes I do!” I said as she lifted her hips leaving only the head of my cock inside of her and then dropped down slamming me deep into her.

“YES!!!” She wailed as she drove her hips down faster now setting up a nice rhythm. “Fuck me!! Fuck me!! Make me cum!!!”

I began moving my hips upward meeting her halfway and the sound of our bodies meeting was music to my ears. She could no longer speak she just moaned and groaned as I felt her body begin to stiffen in expectation of a brand new feeling. Lindsey face contorted in bliss as the powerful orgasm tore through her and she ground her pussy against me as the pleasure overwhelmed her. With a final gasp she fell forward her bare breasts against my chest and as she caught her breath I flexed my hard cock inside of her and to both our amazements she came again. I waited until the second orgasm faded and did it again just like a kid who learns a new trick and yes she came again.

“Ssstop!” She begged me. “Sssensory overload.”

Frowning I simply lay there letting her relax a bit before I took charge.

“You haven’t come yet,” Lindsay whispered. “Are you going to fuck me now and let me feel how a real man fucks a woman?”

“Yes I am Lindsay.” I told her.

She got onto her feet and I rose and moved behind her. I cupped her breasts and kissed her elegant neck from bottom to top; then I breathed in her ear as I lightly teased her nipples. Lindsey began to press then grind her ass against my hardness.

“Are you going to bend me over?”


“Are you going to ram that fat cock of yours deep into me?”


“Are you going to fuck me until we both come?”


I pulled away just enough to push gently on her shoulders telling it was time to assume the position. She kneeled on the seat with her ass high up in the air and her head down cheek against the cushion. What a sight! It is one of those memories that will make me smile when I am old and gray. I fucked this gorgeous young thing and she had come to me! I eased the head into her and again I felt how tight she was around me. Then ever so slowly I fed her the rest of the length and she let out a long moan of delight.

“Oh gods yes fuck me!”

I moved slowly to begin with wanting to savor this moment and she seemed just fine with that too. Then after a few minutes I began to move faster loving the almost virginal tightness of her pussy. I was the second guy to tap this was life great or what? I grabbed her by her hips and gripped her firmly as I began to pick up the speed and force of my thrusts into her.

“Uh uh uh fuck!!!”

The sound of our love play got louder and louder as did her words of encouragement. I looked down and watched my cock disappear into her and with an open palm I swatted her ass cheek and she came again surprising us both. I kept fucking her though not slowing a bit and her head was up and bouncing in time with my hips as one orgasm led to the next until I eased out of her and moved her onto her back.

“Oh god I don’t clip4sale porno know if I can take anymore,” Lindsey said but it fell on deaf ears and she could see it in my eyes that I wanted to cum and I wasn’t done yet.

“I love the feeling of your tight young pussy wrapped around me babe!!!” I told her.

I slide inside of her again and leaned down and sampled her nipples which she offered one then the other. Then I leaned closer still for another feverish kiss then I began to fuck her again. She moaned into my mouth as I pierced her core again and again. I lifted one leg over my shoulder and then I did the same with the other and soon I was penetrating even deeper than before. Lindsey’s eyes grew huge with shock as I violated a virginal area untouched by any but me. I began to hammer my hips up and down pounding into her my hunger reaching its peak.

“Oh oh oh gods feels soooo good!”

I gripped her hips again for better leverage and drove harder still. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt me swell inside of her and she made not a sound of protest for me coming inside of her so I asked.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“On my tits,” Lindsey moaned!

I smiled and slowed my pace and she moaned a little but then she felt my cock swell again and I thrust a few more times before pulling out of her tightness and let fly my seed all over her young tits. Then without warning I dropped to my knees and began to lick and suckle her pussy. Lindsey almost screamed but didn’t say anything about stopping so I didn’t. I flickered my tongue over her sensitive clit and then with long lashes of my tongue teased her labia. She grabbed my hair in fistfuls and began to grind her pussy against my face as she got closer and closer to her final orgasm. Her hips left the seat as her backed arched and with a blood curdling cry the last and most powerful climax washed over her.

I sat back on the seat opposite hers and collected myself as she slowly found the strength to simply lift her head. She gave me a look of weariness mixed with mischief.

“What are you smiling about?” Lindsey asked.

“I didn’t realize I was smiling,” I told her.

But yes there it was ear to ear a big shit eating grin.

“Can you blame me?” I asked.

“No,” she moaned wearily. “I am going to walk funny for a week and I learned a valuable lesson today.”

“Really, what’s that?” I asked curiously.

“I now know what I have been faking for so long,” She said sitting up and smiling one of her radiant smiles.

I got up and reached behind my seat and got the baby wipes out and handed the box to her.

“Never know when one of the kids is going to barf all over the place.”

She cleaned my cum from her chest and as I was watched I felt myself stirring but quickly grabbed my boxer briefs and put them on and then my pants. When I was done she was giving a disapproving look.

“You were getting hard again weren’t you,” she asked.


“I thought you were going to teach me how to make love to your cock with my mouth and swallow.”


“It’s okay we can do it next time.”

“Next time, there’s going to be a next time?”

“Of course silly do you think I am gonna let a fine specimen of a man slip through my fingers?”

“I guess we will have to do some after school assignments then.”


Lindsey reached into her purse and produced paper and a pen and began writing.

“This is my address and phone number so if you want to sneak in for a booty call you know where to find me.”

“Um… what about your mother?”

“Well…” she paused for a long moment, “if you want to fuck her too that’d be okay with me she hasn’t gotten laid in months.”

It was my time to blush and thinking silence the best option I closed my mouth and returned to the driver’s seat. I drove her home saving her a walk from the school and with one last lingering kiss she got off the bus and with a final wave walked to the front door of her home and disappeared within.

I drove back to the school and parked in the lot and waited for school to let out. I replayed in my mind over and over again what had happened with Lindsey and still was puzzled over the whole thing. But hey why argue over the situation life was good. The final bell rang and there came the rush and roar of high school kids racing to their cars and my bus to make their way home.

“Hey James you okay?” came the voice of not so little Virginia Stratford.

“Yeah I am fine,” I said. “I am great in fact.”

“I could tell something was different.” She said as she sat right where Lindsey had and where we had fucked not so long ago.

“All aboard,” I hollered as the last student got on the bus and the door swished shut and I began my route and taking subtle sidelong glances and Virginia and her long legs that ran so nicely up her skirt.

“So Virginia where are you going to college, you must be really excited about moving into a new time of colette porno your life.” I asked.

“Well I was supposed to go last year but I got held up on account of flunking out of eighth grade and having to repeat it. But yeah I am excited I am going to Old Miskatonic University where my mom and grandma and so on; it goes back ten generations. It’s kind of a tradition in the family.”

“Kind of, it sounds like quite the family tradition to me! Well being eighteen is a good age to be going to college. A little more mature and a bit more life experience can make the transition easier.”

“I wish I was eighteen but I’m nineteen I just had my birthday last month don’t you remember?”

“I remember the birthday but not the age, sorry sweetie. So what are you going to be studying up at Old M.U.?”

“History and Education I want to be a teacher.” Virginia said with more than a little pride in her voice.

“Well I think you’ll make a great teacher,” I told her. “I can hear the passion in your voice when you said that.”

“Thanks James you’re sweet too in your own way.”

“Thanks I don’t get a lot of that in this line of work.”

“So if you don’t mind my asking why do you drive a bus? I mean you don’t seem like the type.”

“There’s a type?”

“Well yeah. There’s the old cranky person who can’t get any other work. Then there’s the creepy look up your skirt type. But you, you got your shit together and are really cool I don’t get it.”

“I have had a career and now I just want to sit back and relax a bit and write the great American novel and spend time with my art.”

“That explains a lot. But it must get lonely working a split shift and all.”

“Nah my book and drawing keep me busy. Besides I have my models to keep me company.”

“Models, you mean you have people who pose for you?”

“Yep, some are students from college wanting to earn some extra cash. Some are professionals and that is all they do but I don’t use them often they can be very expensive.”

“Have I seen any of your work?”

“Nah I haven’t had the luck of a public exhibition yet and I am still honing my craft.”

“Oh I bet you are great and are just a perfectionist.”

“There is that… but I like it more for fun than making money.”

We talked on and on until I realized the bus was empty except for Virginia and me and I made that ‘oh shit’ face.

“Your mother is going to kill me.”

“Nah she doesn’t get home until late she is working second shift.”

“And what about your dad isn’t he going to lose his mind?”

“That bastard he ran off years ago to leave me and mom to fend for ourselves… sorry.”

“No I am the one who should be sorry I’ll get you home in no time. I just lost track of the time.”

“Yeah I was enjoying our conversation too.”

We drove along in silence and I kept thinking about her sitting where I had made Lindsey come for the first time. I licked my lips and my mind replayed the scene with Lindsey riding me but instead of the gorgeous redhead it was sweet Virginia moaning and groaning and… get a hold of yourself! She’s still in high school for crying out loud.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Virginia said breaking the silence.

“Uh well, not sure a penny would cover the cost of that particular thought.” I said softly.

“You know what?” She asked.

“What?” I replied.

“It smells like sex right over here,” Virginia said calm, cool and deliberately.

“Well… you see…” I tried to fumble for the words but she cut me off.

“You fucked somebody here didn’t you and recently,” but she wasn’t upset she was excited. “Tell me about it… please!!”

She lifted her skirt revealing a beautiful pussy with a racing stripe of blond hair and I could see she was wet with need. I paused long enough to catch my breath and launched into my time with Lindsey how she had masturbated for me and then rode me for her first of many climaxes. Then I told her how I had Lindsey kneel right where Virginia sat and did her doggy style and then rolled her onto her back and fucked her till I came on her luscious young tits. Throughout my story young Virginia licked her lips and followed in Lindsey’s path by sitting on the edge of the seat and fingering herself all the while.

“Do you like me like this?” Virginia asked as she fingered her pussy with one hand and teased her clit with the other.

“Oh yes I do,” I told her as I tried as hard as I could to keep my eyes on the road and failed miserably.

“Let’s go back to school and we can go back to my place in your car,” Virginia told me for there was no argument in her voice and I did just that.

It was getting dark and the lot was empty except for my car thank god. She slid into the passenger seat while I started the car. Virginia looked around quickly before lowering her head to my lap and began freeing my hard on from my pants. Before long we were on our way and suddenly there was a cool breeze on my hard flesh and then her warm wet mouth wrapped around me. Before long her head was bobbing up and down and her very talented mouth and tongue were doing wondrous things to me.

“God damn girl you know how to suck a cock!” I told her and with those words she deep throated me and slowly pulled her head off of me.

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