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Big Tits

I’m not particularly special. I’m not shy or overt in nature, nor am I verbose in words. I take care of myself, go to the gym, eat relatively well and I put the right amount of gel in my hair. I have many friends, male and female and I’m fairly well-liked. I guess I’m average. Maybe I’m even boring. But I’m ok with that, because I can entertain myself with an excellent imagination.

I’m human. I like watching TV, having pizza and beer when the occasion calls for it (which is most weekends with my buddies), I watch porn and I like sex. I don’t have a girlfriend, but I’ve had my fair share of experiences. I have desires like any 20-something, confident, well-groomed, fairly good-looking (if I do say so myself) kind of guy and I like to entertain them.

Tonight, though, I have no plans, so I’m sitting in the dark on my couch, contemplating life. When I get like this — analytical and self-exploratory — I generally end up falling asleep before I can discern my next great advance in life. But for some reason, tonight I’m horny. I have no basis for this other than being of the male species. I didn’t see a particularly hot chick on TV who got my juices going, as they say. I don’t even have someone to think about while I jack off to whatever images I may see or conjure in my mind’s eye. I just noticed that I’m rock hard for no specific reason and I’m marveling at the incredible sight that is my cock in my hand.

It’s somewhat pathetic that I’m home alone, doing what I’d rather be doing with the girl next door. Not literally… That’s just a figure of speech. Or is it? Now that I think of it, there’s a pretty hot new neighbour who I’ve seen jogging up and down the street, ass tight in her Lulu Lemons, tits bouncing as she runs. She has tight abs, smooth legs, and a long, dark ponytail that she wears loosely on top of her head, with strands falling around her almond-coloured face. Her eyes are dark and piercing, which I’ve only noticed because she’s waved a few times when she’s seen me on the stoop as I’ve collected the morning paper.

I have no idea what her name is, but right now, my cock doesn’t care. I’m not even aware of it, but I’ve taken myself completely out of my boxers, my eyes are closed and my hand is moving slightly faster on my dick than it was thirty seconds ago. The neighbour is in my mind and suddenly, the tank top she normally wears has become a lacy, black bra. Her capri Lulu’s are a matching thong and she’s in my living room. I can’t imagine this would ever really happen. I’m not czech couples porno special, but I guess I’m not bad. Maybe I should give myself more credit, because there she is and the wetness I feel on my fingers could very well be either of us.

She must be thirsty after her run, because, dressed in her barely-there’s, she grabs a glass of water and drinks most of it down in a few seconds. The rest, she dips her fingers in and splashes her face, and beads of water drip onto the roundness of her upper breasts. Did her tits just go up a size? Yes, I think they did. She smiles at me seductively, because, really, there’s no other way for me to imagine this. She sees me lazily sitting on the couch with a hand on my cock and she looks almost disappointed that it’s not her doing the work. She moves toward me and I’m getting excited, wondering what she intends to do. She can only want to please me in every way imaginable, given that this is my fantasy. My pre-cum is oozing in anticipation and I am forced to take my hand off of myself to allow her to get to work.

She doesn’t take her sharp eyes off of mine, which drives me wild and makes me anxious at the same time. She’s now kneeling in front of me, my legs spread and she has a coy smile that tells me that I’m going to enjoy this, as if there was another choice. She slowly reaches out and takes my hard dick in her hand and I shiver at her light touch. With her thumb, she ever so slowly swirls my juices over my head and the electricity shocks me. I groan and wonder where the sound came from, as I was fairly sure that I was not a moaner.

Enthused by my response, she leans forward, not diverting her gaze from my face until she has no further choice and suddenly, my cock is in her warm mouth. Barely moving, she tickles the head with her tongue, circling it, pressing against its most sensitive underside. Even more slowly, she begins to swallow me, pushing my shaft deeper into her mouth, all the while, washing me with broad strokes of her tongue. Her hand is pushed to the base of my dick and when she comes up for air, it mounts with her, pumping me so infuriatingly slowly, once, twice, three times until she gingerly takes me in again. I can’t help but push my hips up toward her and I cringe each time she pulls away. I want her to work her faster and make me cum all over her face, but at the same time, I find myself enjoying this tantalizing tease more than I thought I would. Whose fantasy is this, really?

In clear efforts to czech estrogenolit porno cause my inevitable insanity, she sits back on her heels and smiles in a way that tells me she is gaining some pleasure in this torture. She begins to rub her hands over her chest, pushing her tits together and up, revealing cleavage and a small beauty mark that I just noticed above her bra on her right breast. Reaching behind her back, she unclasps the delicate lace barricade and allows herself to fall out of her bra, heavy and pert. Her nipples are hard; her breasts perfectly round, with some give, proving naturalness in their sway. She takes a moment to pinch her nipples and she groans as she does, her head falling back, revealing her deliciously appetizing neck. She enjoys the moment and her own touch and now I want to touch her. I don’t get the chance, though, because she has other plans.

Leaning forward again, she places my desperate cock in between her tits and begins to rub them against me. My pre-cum is doing its job in coating her and the lubrication allows for easy gliding through her ample cleavage. She’s looking down and enjoying the show, which makes two of us. My hips have a mind of their own and I can’t control myself as I start to thrust into her. My angle is off, so I push myself closer to her from my seat on the couch. Although I have little leverage, I use every muscle I can to move with her as she bounces her tits up and down on my shaft.

I don’t have enough control like this and maybe I like that in some way, but I think I want more. I stand up and for a moment, I’m held hostage, as she instantly takes me in her mouth again and starts sucking fast and hard. Where did this come from? I can’t move, nor do I want to and I watch her take me all in. I don’t hold her head, but I caress it as she swallows me, twirls her tongue around me, pulls me out and takes me in again.

She moves even faster and I’m starting to buck wildly, feeling myself get out of control. She doesn’t stop, not for a second and she sucks me hard, with fervour and desire. I can’t help pulling her head into me, now and she doesn’t object. I feel her swallow against me, hot, slippery and soft and the next instant I feel myself against the roof of her mouth, hard and rough. Her teeth barely graze me, but it doesn’t hurt and the changing sensations are nearly sending me overboard. Her tongue is magical, like fairies or gypsies or a fucking blowjob goddess and I think there must be a light czech experiment porno emanating from her mouth that feels like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I drive myself into her face and I don’t know how, but she never breaks her rhythm and I’m going to burst…

Her hand is on my balls… Holy shit, that feels so good… and we’re both making sounds that could only mean an impending explosion. Her other hand is on her tits; one then the other, then back and she’s roughly squeezing them. The pleasure she’s deriving from her own actions throws me into a near rage and I want to cum all over her.

Man, those breasts look good. I can’t decide if I want to fuck her, let her blow me to oblivion or shoot my load on her body just so I can watch her get off on the sheer act of causing me such enjoyment. I opt for the latter and although it’s hard to stop her assault, I gently guide her onto her back, groaning as she strives to keep my cock in her mouth while we move. Now I’m straddling her face, but I don’t want to choke her. I pull back and with a pillow under her head (how did that get there?), she darts out her tongue and continues to lick my head in earnest.

I have little patience left, so I shift myself down her body, until I’m just over her glorious tits. I start jerking myself again and I feel the wetness from her mouth still on me, which drives me absolutely wild. I rub myself on her chest, slathering her in our combined juices and I roughly push her breasts together over my dick. She envelopes me easily and assists me with her own hands, aware of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m too close to stop and I start to buck my hips faster, thrusting between her bouncing tits, seeing my cock push out the top. She greets each drive with her tongue, flicking it against me with a heat that’s nearly intolerable. I feel myself getting tight and my cockhead is purple with rage. She pinches her nipples, moans, screams and calls my name as I get closer and closer… I pound her harder, coating her tits with more pre-cum than I thought possible. With one, two, three more thrusts, I cry out in a release that knocks me forward and I have to plant one hand next to her head to prevent myself from falling on her. I cum all over her tits, her face and her hair and she licks her lips to taste my explosion. Her breathing is as heavy as mine and as we slow our pace and my dick begins to calm, I rub it along her breasts for one last beautiful view of our entanglement.

I realize that she hasn’t cum. I realize that I still don’t know her name. I realize that my stomach is drenched, as are my knuckles and the top of my boxers. I’m sitting on the couch and I’m spent, my cock in my hand, my house dark and I’m alone. I smile, relieved and relaxed. I’m not particularly special and I may even be boring. But I have one hell of an imagination.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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