In the Dark of Night

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There’s something magic about the smell of earth. The feel of it under your fingers. You can grab at it like the hair of your lover. Pull your face close to it, while you are being fucked from behind. Hold onto it, while a hard cock pushes into you. And into you. And into you.

At some point your face is all the way down, and his hand is holding your neck. Not really in a caressing way but not harsh, but a considerate forcing. Just the way I like it.

The cycle goes something like this: first he goes in, starts a rhythm, gets me going, then I rev up and clench up which feels powerful and pleasure will rip through me like pestilence through a field. I don’t like that analogy but that’s what it does: Total annihilation. what the French call I don’t know what… I mean… The Little Death.

So as this dick is sliding in and out I clench and he has trouble staying in. Here I thought that my pussy, battered by childbirth, stretched countless times by large objects, was not tight. But here I am spitting out grup sex porno this rock hard giant because I think he’s going soft. He’s not. He is being squeezed out because my pussy is strong. I’ve been lifting weights.

But then the rush subsides and a wave of calm spreads through my pussy like gentle waves on a beach. I let go and because of the wet and wildness of what just happened, it feels like a feather.

For a moment.

Then: he takes full advantage of the open, soft snatch and goes deep. He goes deeper than I think I’ve ever felt. To the left and up into its own zip code. In my mind, I pictured its head pushing out the soft part in front of my hip. Over and over until he slowed…

Down… To a stop and lay on me. My face goes close to his hands, large and powerful. I plant kisses, feeling his fingers under my lips. He is covering me – protection – with his large, naked body. Holding me under him. He feels my hair. He likes it. I almost hear him grunt. He starts moving latina fuck tour porno again.

“Get on all fours.” He says. It’s almost a growl. I am practically drooling. With his cock out of my pussy, it feels like something is missing.

I comply and he pushes into me, all 8 thick inches of shaft penetrate me. Even deeper, this time from behind. He starts again. I lose myself in the motion, in the sensation. In him.

I smell the dirt, I move closer to it.

“Whose pussy is it?” He demands to know.

“Yours. All yours. So yours.”

And I thrust backwards into him. And into him. And into him.

Thrusts turn into an overwhelming wave of pleasure. Orgasm takes hold of me, a wave after another as he fucks me like a wild dog. Sticks and dirt press into my knees. Again I go face down into the grass, the smell of it adds dimension to my senses. I grab at it to secure myself in place as he rocks me with each thrust. He grips my hips with his huge hands and lezbiyen porno continues to pound my pussy. His large cock pushes deep, I’m a wet mess. His strong motions flood my body with a feeling of warmth and electricity as another orgasm puts me into convulsions.

This whole entire affair, done in the dark of night in warm grass, doggy style. I finally use my eyes, not my other senses to observe him against the night sky. Why didn’t I take missionary and watch this gorgeous man this whole time?

Smoke gently passes through the air from the fire in the distance.

Primal man. Primal woman. At some point we finish, I’m lost in the motion of his hip thrusts and have gone into some trance. I feel some other realm close by, pleasure and sweat and a soft, steady beat. He doesn’t even seem done. We kind of never are. But we always are, because there seems to be no time when we are at this.

And now that it is done, he walks to the fire, builds up a stack of sticks, and blows on the embers. They light up and the fire comes back with a crackle.

I’m kneeling at his leg. I hug it and kiss it and look up at him and thank him. He smiles. “It’s just like the scene of the archetypal man over woman” he posits.

Just like a comic book cover, or an old romance novel. He’s right though.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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