In The Kitchen

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Standing at the sink doing the dishes, I hear you enter the room. Not paying much attention suddenly I feel your arms around me. A soft moan escapes my lips as your hands reach from underneath to gently cup my breasts. Your lips to my neck, you lick my skin, sending those shivers of delight throughout my body.

Your hands massaging my breasts slowly. Thumb and forefingers gently playing with my hardening nipples. Feeling you press your body up against me. Hearing your breath in my ear. Being sandwiched between you and the sink, I can feel you push your hips into me. So sexy and sensuous, you know just what turns me on.

Your kisses traveling across my skin. I ask teasingly, “How am I supposed to do the dishes with you distracting me?” You reply, “Forget the dishes baby, I want to make love to you.” You know just want I love to hear. I tell you, “I kinda like you right here” as I wiggle my ass against you. Feeling your bulge pressing against my ass. You oblige me by rubbing your hardness deeper against me. My moans of pleasure spurring you on to continue teasing me. I arch my back to feel your hands more firmly on my breasts. Cupping my hands under yours I squeeze your hands against my breasts tighter. You moan soft and sexy against my neck.

The dishes done now, I turn off the water. Bending my knees slightly I rub my ass against your manhood. I marks head bobbers porno love the feel of you there. So erotic and hard against me, I can feel the tension of your lust. Your hands move to my hips to spin my around. My arms around your neck our lips meet sweetly. Turning my head to the side to kiss you deeply as you pin me to the sink with your body.

Slowly and sensuously thrusting your hips into mine. Your hands roaming my back and hips. The passion of your touches matched by the passion of your tongue playing with mine.

I reach down to grab your ass, pulling and holding you close to me.

Our clothes in the way now we undress each other right there in the kitchen. The hot sexual tension between us filling the room.

Your naked manhood pressed against me again as we kiss deeply. Passion and lust filling all my senses. The taste of your tongue. The feel of your hands caressing me. The smell of you. The sounds of you breathing heavily with me.

Our mouths together you pull me toward the kitchen table. The hard edge of the table against my ass you start to kiss your way down my neck and chest. My hands on the table edge to steady myself I watch you travel down my breast. Cradling one and then the other in your hand as you kiss and lick my nipples. Arching my back to you as I moan.

Your massage porno other hand reaching to my leg. Pulling my knee up and out to spread my legs for you. My foot finding the chair, I rest it there. Watching you trail kisses down my tummy I know where your going and I love it.

Kneeling before me and driving your tongue between my lips quickly. A moan of pleasure escapes me as I feel you find my clit. Leaning back onto the table for support I close my eyes in ecstasy. Your fingers finding the opening of me, I shudder as you thrust two fingers deep inside me. I whisper “Lover, please, I want you inside me now.” You moan as you drive deeper inside me. Your face buried within my sex I cant help but run my hand through your hair, holding you there briefly as my breath catches. You pull away and move back up to kiss me. The smell and taste of myself on your lips and tongue are so erotic as we deep french kiss.

You pull away looking into my eyes, whispering to me that I should turn around. “MMMMMMMMMMM” I moan as I do your bidding. Leaning over the table I feel your hard cock rubbing between my wet lips. Up and down across my clit all the way to my ass. Over and over rubbing that hard cockhead all over my wetness. Making me moan for it, wanting you buried deep DEEP inside me. When you begin to slide into me my heart starts to meet-suck and fuck porno pound as the orgasm builds within me. My breath quickens as you press all the way inside me. Your hands on my hips helping to pull me onto your hardness. Rocking against the hard table we get into a rhythm that just drives me wild. My moans louder, spurring you on to drive into me over and over.

Each thrust a grunt of pure sex. We are both panting and moaning as my pussy starts to contract tighter around you. Every plunge into me sending me closer to the edge. When I feel your thumb start to press onto my asshole I start to shudder deep within my hot wet pussy. The feeling of your cock hitting the back wall of me again and again. The rush of adrenaline as my body explodes with orgasm. The sound of my scream sending you over the edge I feel you explode with me. Your cock pumping loads of hot thick cum deep within me keeping my orgasm going until we are both spent. Slowly moving together I milk the last of your cum from you with the muscles of my pussy. Wanting all you have to offer. Feeling you start to relax with me, our breath slowly coming back.

Feeling the after shocks of a really good orgasm my pussy involuntarily pushes you out of me and we giggle. I turn around to face you and we hold each other tight as we kiss. Softly caressing each other we enjoy the afterglow together. We move together to the bedroom to lay in each others arms. Resting together and kissing. Talking about nothing in particular, just enjoying each other. Intimate and special, each time we make love is always wonderful. Thank you darling for inspiring another wet fantasy. 🙂 Have a great day,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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