In the Middle of the Night

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I awake in the middle of the night. Slowly opening my eyes I see the soft moonlight coming in through the window. We’re lying in bed, you spooned against me in your old PJ’s, me in a t-shirt and boxers. One of my arms is draped across your stomach, and I can feel the warm flesh under my finger tips. I breathe in and smell your hair. Press my hips forward ever so slightly and enjoy the feeling of your body.

You stir slightly and I can tell you are pressing back against me. Not wanting you wake you, and not sure if you’re awake yourself, I find myself playing a silent game. I nuzzle the back of your neck and pull you into me lightly until I hear your breath catch. It was just an instant, but you’ve given up the game.

I want tease you a little longer though, so I pretend I didn’t notice. I pull my hips back while keeping my face pressed into your hair, rubbing my nose up and down. Seconds pass and I begin to think you may actually be asleep. But, then you scoot your cute little butt back against me, and I know.

I push my hips forward and there is no doubt in my mind that you can feel me growing. My hand snakes it’s way upwards until I find your breast and begin to squeeze, not as hard as we both know you mofos porno like, just enough to get your complete attention. You’re breathing picks up as you move one of your hand on top of mine and guide it. Showing me wordlessly how you want to be touched. I begin rocking my hips back and forth in a gentle rhythm that you begin to match.

Feeling my desires rising I decide to move the game along. I pull my hand out from underneath your top. You make a quiet sound of disappointment. You are about to make a more verbal complaint when my finger tips prod your chin back towards my direction. I lean my head up as well and our lips make contact. You taste divine.

The whole world stops for a moment and it is just you and me. Our lips are the only things we can feel.

The moment passes. You shift around and fully face me now, our lips stay in contact the entire time. You snake your arms under mine and one of your legs makes its way over the top of me as well. We pull into each other in and embrace which is all too familiar. We continue to kiss as I roll you onto your back.

I prop myself up on my hands and look down into your wide eyes. The moon casts your face, lovely as always and I stare naughty america porno at your eyes, scanning them for what you may be thinking. I can see so much. Love, desire, understanding, and just the slightest bit of fear. My shadow looms over you for just a second longer than you want me to and I lean my head down. This kiss is different than the one before. This kiss is all desire, and you return it with equal passion. I keep my body raised up and your hands begin to wander down my sides. One is on my back, trying to pull me down, the other reaches under the top of my boxers and grasps hold. You know I’m ready.

I begin to lower my weight on to you as you pull stroke me lightly. I kiss my way down to your neck and your whole body arches up, offering itself to me. I keeping kissing your neck and let my hands roam downward. You let go of my shaft as you help me pull your pajama bottoms and panties down. I have to lift my weight up again as you squirm and kick, tangled up in clothing, blankets and me. Finally they are off and you wrap your legs around my waist, your hands finding again what they had a moment before. You slide my boxers down again and free my member from its confines. public agent porno I stop kissing your neck and look into your eyes again. You nod slightly. We both look down, we can’t see anything for all the shadows, but we stare intently anyways. I stay as still as I can while you guide me. Once you have me at your entrance I push forward.

For the second time that night, time stops. I sink into you completely. You’ve been just as ready as me since we started, wanting it just as badly as me. My whole body goes tense and you shudder slightly knowing what is next. That unspeakable feeling breaks in both of us and we melt together. Both of thinking of nothing now but desire. Both of us feeling heat as we grind ourselves together, each move pushing us on, bringing us closer and closer.

We’re kissing wildly as we grunt and groan. Breathing hard I can feel it start to build in my loins. I feel your rhythm getting erratic and I know you are just as close as I am. We’re bucking like wild animals and you begin to shake in my arms. I can’t take it any more. A small, high pitches noise escapes your lips and I pass the point of no return. You keep shaking, I keep thrusting until I burst. And, when I do I hold myself still forcing myself as deep as I can.

Our breathing slows. You begin to feel control of your body coming back. I slowly stroke the hair off your face from all the thrashing around. I look into your eyes one last time for the night. Our lips touch delicately again.

The End.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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