In Waking

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In waking, the sheets felt warm and deliciously soft on top of her naked limbs. Her toes stretched off the edge of the bed before she curled them back under the thick comforter and shivered. The movement brought her closer to the hot skin of her companion, whose back lay pressed up against the length of hers.

During the midst of waking he could feel her movement, and lifted his arm slightly to accommodate hers, suddenly wrapping around his chest. Her breasts pressed into his back as she held him, head raised with her lips at his ear to nibble the lobe gently. He moaned softly and let himself be rolled onto his back with her prodding. She leaned over him, kissing his lips gently, and her tongue flicked gentle stimulation over the sides of his neck and temples.

With strong arms, he rolled towards her to grab hold of her hips and pull her back on top of him. She straddled him, feeling his erect penis waving between her legs while they adjusted their bodies. A moan left her lips as the hard organ teased her. She buried her face in his neck, grabbing the muscles tightly between her lips and sucking on him hard. He cursed, his fingers tightening on her back as she tortured him with pleasure. When her mouth released him, he gasped for air, groaning with arousal, and leaned his head forward to suck on her shoulder and neck. She let herself breathe slowly while he teased her skin. Her raven hair was cast to one side as his hands slid down her back and squeezed her plump ass.

“Mmm, morning,” she whispered taboo heat porno with her lips at his ear. The hot air from her mouth made him shiver, and as he moved, the heat of her crotch teased his penis.

“God, yes,” he gasped, reveling in her mouth as it planted light kisses all over his neck and cheek, running up to his temples. “God, I want you on top of me.”

“Do you?” she murmured teasingly, and sat up while straddling his lap, penis pressed down beneath her. He cursed again and grabbed her hips, grinding her into his crotch. “You want that, don’t you?”

“So bad,” he pleaded, meeting her azure eyes for the first time.

She ran her nails down his chest, leaving searing lines of red where they had been. His back arched with her movements, and he felt himself throbbing with excitement. Without a word, she slid down his body, letting her mouth and hair trail lightly the further down she went. She kissed the soft joint of his elbows, the fronts of his wrists, the soft skin right below his navel. She purposely avoided his penis, but let her tongue slip over his inner thighs and sucked on the sensitive skin there gently. He squirmed with the sensations, urging her mouth towards his cock, but she slid down further til she was off the end of the bed.

With sudden force, she grabbed the backs of his legs, dragging him forward so his knees hung off the edge. From her kneeling spot, she proceeded to tease the tender flesh around his hard cock with her lips teach that bitch porno and tongue. She let her wet mouth cover his balls, sucking one into her mouth gently and letting him enjoy the warmth. His groans became louder as he clutched the sheets. She slid her hand over his cock and started to slowly stroke him in time with her gentle pulls on his balls.

She released his sack from her mouth and then gave him a sultry look while he stared down at her. All that time she kept a connection with his eyes, she gathered moisture in her mouth and slowly pushed her lips down around his cock so that he could feel the wet inside of her mouth. As the heat enveloped his cock, she pushed down and swallowed gently when she felt his head touch the back of her throat. As his sensitive head was massaged, she pulled gently on his balls in the palm of her hand. Her mouth slid slowly up his shaft with pressure in her lips drawing slowly up his cock. A slow rhythm started, working his cock continuously.

After a couple minutes, she slowly slid her mouth back off his cock, letting his salty precum glisten on her lips. She licked her fingers where the juice had spilled onto them, letting him watch as her tongue gathered his cum. Then slowly, luxuriously, began to kiss the head of his dick again, holding him at the base with a few fingers and stroking him while her mouth covered his head.

Her tongue flicked over the ridge of his penis in quick darting motions. She tortured him teem skeet porno with her mouth before covering his shaft again and sucking him deeply. His shaft was saturated in her wetness and covered at the base by her tight hand, stroking him just off from the rhythm of her mouth. He cried out, hitting the pillows hard while she worked him.

It wasn’t long before his groans grew louder and more insistent, along with his cursing. “Get on top of me,” she heard him gasp. She looked up, not releasing his cock from her mouth. “Do it, I want to come inside you.”

Smiling, she slowly released his cock from her mouth, giving it a couple strokes with her hand before crawling back up the bed. On top of his lap, she slowly lowered herself around his penis, letting him relax as his back arched again with her last, hard thrust downwards to squeeze his hard organ.

Shock subsided, he raised his hands to her breasts, caressing them fondly and pinching her stiff nipples. She moaned softly with pleasure and began to easily rock up and down on his crotch. Their breathing became labored as she fell forward on her forearms, letting his hands on her ass guide the rhythm of their movements. They slammed into each other, eliciting a little gasp each time and she could feel him throb as he came closer to an explosion.

His groans became protracted grunts and his body tightened in anticipation. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders as his movements intensified, locking eyes with him as he finally burst inside her, thrusting a few last times as his sperm shot inside her.

Breathing heavily and covered with a light sheen of sweat, they collapsed together and didn’t move for a long time as the comatose serenity of orgasm overtook him.

She smiled and kissed his temple. “I’m glad it’s good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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