Indian – English Teacher Sarojini

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Hi friends, I am Mohan and I grew up in a small town just north of Cannanore in Kerala. I welcome comments.

This is a true narrative. The names have been changed to similar sounding names.

Our first year college English teacher was Miss Sarojini. She was single, slim, light skinned, about 5’4″ tall, had an nice (34B) bosom and was probably in her late twenties. She had a sexy walk as she swayed her hips oblivious to the reaction she caused in men and students who observed her. She dressed in pastel colored sarees and usually wore a pleasant jasmine perfume that was very sensual. She was a good teacher and I considered myself lucky to get into her English class.

Miss Sarojini was always on time for her classes and very pleasant and kind natured to all her students. I was one of the only four students in 400 who had obtained a First Class in English and soon I was one of her favorite students. Sometimes I would walk home with her and other students since her house was on the way to the train station and I had to take the train to get home. On days when she had a free hour in the morning, she stayed at home and used to come to her front verandah, pretend to be doing something and smile and wave out to me as I walked to college. I knew that her interest was a little more than platonic. Well, maybe I was imagining things. In her class, I sat next to the aisle and even though her hips brushed past my shoulders occasionally while I was seated in her classroom, I thought that it was by accident and not by plan.

One day after her English class, Miss Sarojini asked me to stay over for a few minutes and asked me whether I knew anything about house electrical circuits and fuses. I told her that I knew a little bit about electricity and attended to the electrical circuits at home. I was also the High School electrician’s helper during school functions when additional lights were required. She then told me that the fuse on her kitchen circuit had blown, her electrician had gone to his village for the holidays, and that she was looking for some help. I eagerly volunteered to help her and told her that I knew how to replace a fuse. I told her that I would stop by her house on my way to the train station. She agreed.

So after my classes were over for the day, I stopped by Miss Sarojini’s house. She greeted me at the front door and offered me a cup of tea. Miss Sarojini told me that she lived with her mother who worked at the local hospital on the evening shift and did not come home until about 11:30 P.M. After having my tea, I promptly went over to the main fuse box in the dark verandah and turned off the power to the entire house. I could feel Miss Sarojini’s presence and smell her jasmine perfume all around me. I was getting a little aroused, but was scared; after all, she was my teacher. The fuse box was located on the verandah, and using a candle as the main source of light, I started to pull out each fuse and examine them. Sure enough, one was blown and I replaced it using a spare that was thoughtfully kept right inside the fuse box by her electrician.

I flipped on the main switch and all the lights came on inside the house, and I blew out the candle. It was still dark on the verandah and Miss Sarojini clapped her hands said “Oh! Thank you, thank you!” and gave me a hug. My cock was half-erect, this gave me the courage that I needed, and I embraced her, held her tight, pulled her towards me and boldly kissed her on her lips. Miss Sarojini moaned “Uuuuuummmmm…” as she kissed. We held each other for a long time and then started to French kiss. Miss Sarojini broke off, said, “Let’s go inside,” and led me to her bedroom.

Once inside her bedroom Miss Sarojini and I again embraced and kissed. I kissed her neck and nibbled at her ears. She was moaning and I started to take off her saree and her skirt while she undid her blouse and removed her blouse along with her white lace bra. She looked glorious in her white, lace bikini panties. Her twin peaks bounced in their freedom and I cupped one breast, squeezed it and then did the same with the other. Her breasts were firm and perky and her hard light brown erect nipples were pointing straight out. We both then lay down on her bed.

I popped one nipple into my mouth and gently sucked it, then went over to the other. Miss Sarojini moaned “Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Oh Mohan!” and put her hand on the bulge that had formed inside my pants. Off came my shirt and pants. Miss Sarojini took off my underwear and I removed her white lace panties that had a small wet spot in front. Her black bush was neatly trimmed and her milk white labia were quite anime porno engorged by her arousal. I kissed her labia, played with her pussy hair and got the sweet smell of her jasmine perfume. Miss Sarojini had anticipated all this and had sprayed some of her jasmine perfume on her pussy. This drove me wild. As I kissed her pussy, her hand found my rigid cock and started to stroke it and played with its bulbous head.

I moved between her legs and gently spread her labia and exposed her wet inner lips and separated her inner lips by running my tongue through it up and down. She cried “Oh! Oh! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…! Mohan, that feels divine”. I continued to lick her cunt from her vagina all the way to her clitoris just stopping short of it. Then Miss Sarojini placed her hands on my head, moved my head and placed it right over her clit. I did not need any further guidance from my English teacher. I flicked the tip of my tongue on her clit a few times. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my Goooodddd!” she screamed. “Come on Mohan faster, darling! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…!”

I licked her engorged pussy lips and traced the English alphabet on her pussy with my tongue. She just loved this. I licked her vagina and her clitoris faster and faster. She grabbed my head and with some fast upward movements of her pelvis, she screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God! Mohan, I’m cumming…! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…!” and I felt her pussy contract and get very wet and I swallowed all of her love juices as Miss Sarojini had a great orgasm. I did not stop and continued to lick her pussy and she continued her upward thrusts. A few minutes later, she cried “Mohan, fuck me darling! Fuck me now! Pleeeaaasseeee…! Fuck me my darling! I want your hard cock inside my pussy right now! Pleeeaaasseeee…!”

I moved up a little and got on top of Miss Sarojini and kissed her long and hard. She quickly grabbed my hard cock and placed it at the entrance of her vagina and with one swift upward push had my entire six inches inside her. “Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Oh God! What a nice big cock! Come on fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she cried. My cock was inside her pussy fucking her with fast, long, hard strokes. Miss Sarojini was a wild cat and her screams must have unleashed the devil in me because I fucked her hard and enjoyed her screams of pleasure. “Uuuuunnnnnhhhhh…! Fuck me! Fuck mmmeee…! Ooooohhhhhh…! Ooooohhhhhh…! Fuck me harder darling”. I continued hard fucking her for about twelve minutes and then she bucked like a wild horse and screamed “Oh Mohan! Mohan! I’m cumming again! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmiiinnnggg…!” and I felt her pussy grip my cock tightly and milk it a few times with her contractions.

I reached under her, grabbed her butt with both my hands, pulled her cunt up against my cock and fucked her harder and harder amid her wild screams and I cried “Fuck me Sarojini baby, fuck me harder Sarojini”. She moved her butt from under me and gave me some good strong thrusts. I cried “Thatthu Sarojini! Thatthu!” and Miss Sarojini was like a wild horse thrusting her pelvis and fucking me. I felt my body stiffen; she felt my cock stiffen and then I screamed “Oh my God Sarojini! Oh my God! Sarojini! Sarojini! Sarojini! Your cunt is terrific! Sarojiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…!” as I shot my semen deep inside her hot pussy to mix with her pussy juices as she had another orgasm. We continued our stroking for a minute or two and then lay down side by side with my cock still inside her. She then pulled out a small towel tucked away under her pillow, pulled my cock from her cunt and wiped both of us clean.

English teacher Miss Sarojini – Part 2

Since I was eighteen at this time, my cock was still hard and glistened with my cum and Miss Sarojini’s pussy juices. She held my cock and led me to her washroom and lovingly washed me and then proceeded to wash her pussy with my cum still dripping out of her vagina. She giggled as my cum came out in globs from inside her pussy. She inserted her finger inside her vagina and cleaned herself with water and soap. After that, we both went over to the kitchen and she poured out two glasses of milk. Miss Sarojini winked at me and said, “That’s for all the milk you just gave me”

Miss Sarojini once again held my erect cock and led me back to her bedroom. She smiled, pulled my foreskin down, stroked my cock a few times and said “Its only 7:45 P.M; we have until 11:15”

She threw me on the bed, jumped beside me, and lay down. We held each other and French kissed. My hands were on her breasts, squeezing them and teasing her nipples while she firmly held asyalı porno my erect cock and stroked it gently. I guess she did not want me to ejaculate and waste my cum. She quoted a famous poet (Wordsworth) and whispered in my ear, “Many a rose is born to blush unseen and waste its scent in the wilderness air” She being an English teacher, it was her poetic way of saying that she wanted to fuck me again and not waste my sperm on a handjob. I liked her style. I retorted, “The seven moons borrow their light from the radiance of thy face” I was serious. I saw “Kunna prakasham” (cock radiance in Malayalam) on her face.

As we kissed, Miss Sarojini and I rolled over and she got on top of me. She straddled me and expertly guided my erect hard cock into her wet pussy. In her eagerness, she moved her ass too fast and the entire six inches of my cock entered her in one stroke. She yelled “Oh my God! I love your big cock! Fuck me darling! Fuck me harder this time!” I found this very flattering. Here was my beautiful, sexy English teacher riding my cock with the entire six inches inside her.

Miss Sarojini’s boobs jiggled up and down as she bounced up and down on my cock. The sight of her bouncing boobs was too much for me and I reached over and squeezed both her boobs as she fucked me. She aided me by leaning over and stuck her erect nipples into my mouth. I nibbled on her nipples and sucked them as she screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God! This is divine Mohan! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I watched my cock go in and out of her pussy splitting her cunt lips wide open as she brought her pelvis down during each stroke. Her swollen pussy inner lips were like drapes around my cock.

Miss Sarojini’s strokes became harder and faster. I sensed her impending orgasm and helped her by thrusting upwards during each down stroke. Now I wanted to drive Miss Sarojini absolutely wild. Therefore, I reached over, placed my fingers on the hood of her clitoris, and moved the hood up and down and from side to side careful not to touch the sensitive bud of the tip of her clitoris. Miss Sarojini cried “Ooooohhhhh…! That’s great! Oh my God! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…!” and she fucked faster and faster. My fingers were wet with her cunt juices and I touched the tip of her clitoris with the tip of my forefinger. Miss Sarojini screamed “Oh Mohan! Darling, that’s terrific! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…..!”

She stopped her fast strokes briefly and said, “Now I will give you a real treat Mohan darling” and she started to relax her pussy muscles during her down stroke and squeeze her pussy muscles during her up stroke. Miss Sarojini was milking my cock with her cunt! I cried, “Sarojini, this is superb! My cock feels so good with your pussy lips wrapped around it! Fuck darling! Fuck my brains out!” As I said, this I felt Miss Sarojini’s cunt muscles tighten around my cock and she screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God! Mohan! Mohan! Fuck me! Fuck me baby! I’m cumming! I’m cumming…! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…..!” and I felt her hot pussy juices on my cock. I fucked her faster and faster and now, I was ready to shoot my load. My body stiffened, my cock got larger and harder, and I screamed “Oh Sarojini! Sarojini! Sarojiniiiiiiiiii….! Sarojiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..! Sarojiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..!” and shot my hot cum deep into her throbbing, pulsating cunt! She lay on top of me and after a few minutes, we went to wash ourselves. This time, I washed her beautiful pussy lovingly and she found this very sensual. She then washed my cock and kissed the tip.

We had some more milk and the time was 9:15. We still had time for some more rounds. My cock was still erect and again we lay beside each other. We French kissed and caressed each other’s bodies for a long time. I then proceeded to kiss Miss Sarojini’s breasts and suck, nibble and gently bite her erect nipples. She enjoyed this very much and moaned “Uuuuuummmmm…! Uuuuuummmmm…! That feels so good!” I then moved over to the underside of her breasts, licked her, and sucked her. Her flat tummy was next followed by her navel that tickled her a bit. I then moved over to her thighs and licked the insides of both her thighs.

She bent her legs and opened them a little exposing her beautiful mound, luxurious bush and her pussy lips that were wet and glistening with her pussy juice. I admired the view for a few moments and started to lick the insides of her thighs once again. By her movements, I could tell that Miss Sarojini was getting very aroused and a little impatient. I wanted this experience to be very memorable and did not rush things. I took my time and continued my licking for backroom casting porno about ten minutes. I would start at her knees, proceed all the way up to her bush and outer labia, and just stop short of her pussy.

As my licking continued, I noticed Miss Sarojini squeeze her pussy and a drop of her lubrication trickle down her pussy lips onto the bed sheet. This was great! I was driving Miss Sarojini wild with desire and I was confident that she would fuck me again, but this time like a wildcat! Her moaning got louder. She cried “Oh please darling! Don’t tease me like this! Please make me cum! Darling, pleaseeeeeee……!” I gently spread open her inner pussy lips and ran my tongue through her slit. Miss Sarojini screamed “Oh my God! Oh my God! Faster darling! Faster! Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaahhhhhh…!” and I felt her pussy contract and her juices inside my mouth as she had a powerful orgasm. I licked faster, took her entire pussy into my mouth, and swallowed all her juices. I winked at her and said “No need to wash now – I licked it clean!” Miss Sarojini knew what I meant, smiled, and then giggled. All she said was “Your turn now”

Miss Sarojini grabbed my cock, pulled down my foreskin, admired the now reddish glans, and licked the mushroom head. She then popped the entire head into her mouth and played with the glans using her tongue. Her licking and sucking felt heavenly and I moaned “Oh my darling Sarojini! This is so good! You are a goddess!” I continued to squeeze her breasts and knead her hard nipples as she sucked my cock. She was very aroused by the sucking and my fondling and made sounds like “Uuuuuummmmm…! Uuuuuummmmm…!” and cupped my balls and caressed them. She said, “Cum darling! Cum inside my mouth! I want to swallow your cum!” I did not know whether I should cum inside her mouth or fuck her once more. Then I had an idea. Why not fuck her and then, when I am about to climax, pull my cock out of her cunt and ejaculate inside her mouth?

When I suggested this to her, Miss Sarojini readily agreed, on one condition. The condition was that I fuck her Doggy style and she quickly went on all fours. I got behind her, rubbed my erect cock against her cunt lips, and after a few strokes, entered her fully. She cried “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! Oooooooowwwwwww…! Fuck me! Fuck me darling! Fuck me hard my sweetheart!” and gave me some backward thrusts against my cock. I then realized that the ridge of my glans had found her G-spot and started my in and out strokes to just the right depth such that my glans would provide good stimulation to her G-spot. I watched for signs and with every stroke, she screamed “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…!” and I knew that it would not be long before she would have an earth shattering G-spot orgasm. I wanted to drive Miss Sarojini wild and make her beg me to fuck her harder. Therefore, I leaned over her and with one hand squeezed her breasts and with the other hand, I caught her erect clitoris and massaged her clit back and forth over its hood with my fingers.

Miss Sarojini screamed “Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! Oh my God! This is terrific! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, fuck me darling!” I increased my speed, fucked her faster, touched the sensitive tip of her clitoris, and massaged the tip. Miss Sarojini could take this no more. She went ballistic and fucked me like a wildcat. She then squeezed her pussy, gripped my cock with her pussy muscles, screamed “Harder darling! Harder Mohan! Fuck me harder! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! Aaaaaaahhhhhh…! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cuuummmmmiiiinnnggggg…! Ooooooohhhhhhhhh…..!” Her hard fucking along with her screams drove me over the edge.

I fucked her faster and faster and felt my cock get harder and expand, ready for an ejaculation. I quickly pulled my cock out of her throbbing cunt, moved over and directed the glans towards her mouth. She instinctively sucked it while stroking it with her hand. I screamed “Oh Sarojini! My darling Sarojini! Sarojiniiiiiiiiii…! Sarojiniiiiiiiiii…!” and shot my hot cum in several strong spurts right inside Miss Sarojini’s mouth. She made a sound like “Uuuuuuhhhhhmmmm….” as she swallowed every drop of my cum and sucked my cock dry. After continuing to suck for about a minute or two, she pulled out my cock from her mouth, admired the reddish glans and said, “This is so beautiful! I love to suck your magnificent cock” I gave her pussy one last kiss, lick, and glanced at the clock. It was 10:45 P.M. and soon her mother would be home. We washed up, got dressed and as I was about to leave, Miss Sarojini told me “Mohan, this is definitely an “A+” – That is the highest possible grade my darling”

I continued to fuck Miss Sarojini for the remainder of my college career. Miss Sarojini was pleased when I got an “A” in all the finals and she always gave me an “A+” in her bedroom.

I welcome comments.

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