Initiation of Visiting Niece

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Marie had come across country on vacation to visit with her Aunt in Texas. They went into Dallas and went to the Galleria Mall, went to a nice restaurant, and some of the notable places. The highway system was scary. Before going home she decided to visit her two Uncles who were living together in an older neighborhood.

Her Aunt drove her over to her Uncles house in a quaint neighborhood where grass was trying to overtake the sidewalks, and the trees were overhanging the streets. Marie saw a car in the driveway and waved goodbye to her Aunt blowing a kiss.

She walked up the sidewalk and up the concrete steps to a wooden floored and covered porch with a swing, and a couple chairs. She knocked on the wooden screen door. She had last seen them when she was still an 18 year old. Now she was a 24 year old, and thinking about going to college.

Uncle Bob came to the door. “Well hello Marie, what a surprise! I didn’t expect you for another week. I see you still wear your pretty brunette hair long. Come in, and welcome to our small but happy home.” He gave her a hug and a kiss.

Marie thought the kiss had a faint cock taste.

Marie saw that it was a small house but clean and homely. There were curtains with lace and frills and colorful flowers. She noticed they were brightly colored yet provided plenty of privacy when closed.

Uncle Bob said, “It is supposed to be a two bedroom wood frame house but it is more like one and a half. There is not a lot of privacy but we can accommodate.”

Uncle Carl walked up, “Oh hi Marie, you look so pretty in that bright yellow print dress with lacey cuffs and hem. I love your long hair.” He gave her a hug and a kiss.

Marie again thought the kiss had a faint taste of pubic skin.

For the longest time of her life Marie had denied to herself that her Uncles were gay and living together. Now it was obviously out in the open to her. Uncle Carl wore a button up shirt that looked more like a blouse than a man’s shirt.

Uncle Carl spoke up, “We just keep to ourselves here. It is a quiet neighborhood. You will enjoy it. You can sit on the porch and watch the people go by on their way to work, or you can sit in the shade on the back porch and enjoy the breeze and the birds.”

About this time Marie felt something below her waist, rubbing firmly on her crotch. Still holding her bags and looking down she saw a dog with a large muzzle pushing his nose on her pussy making her dress push in between her legs. “Ahh!” Marie became red in the face from embarrassment, but she realized she was among family, not strangers.

Uncle Carl said, “That’s Taboo our dog. Friendly isn’t he?” He reached down to grab his muzzle and pull him back, his hand just brushing against her pussy but somewhat hidden by her dress and her leg. “Come on Taboo, stop that. You can pet him, he is very friendly.” The touching of her pussy felt good and turned her on a little bit.

She didn’t know whether to chuckle, or scream, but staying calm, Marie shifted her bags, reached down and petted his head.” Indeed he did enjoy it and wagged his tail.

Uncle Carl said, “He’s better equipped than we are!”

Uncle Bob abruptly said, “That’s enough Carl. Do you want me to get a switch?”

Marie didn’t know if he was joking or serious, but that remark made her a little bit leery.

Uncle Bob said, “Carl why don’t we show Marie the place?”

Taking her bags, they showed her the house. There was a small room open to the kitchen the living room and hallway that may have started out as a dining room because there were no doors and it was small. There was a small table with a photo album on the top. Now it had a small bed that could have doubled as a large lounge chair. Curiously it had D-loops on the sides, and could be adjusted to have humps. Pointing at the D-loops Marie asked with a chuckle, “I guess those are to prevent someone from falling out of bed?”

Uncle Bob replied, “Something like that. That is a massage bed and those are called BDSM loops.”

Marie had no idea what BDSM was and feeling naïve, did not want to ask.

Uncle Carl said, “This will be your bedroom while you are here. If you look through there you will see the kitchen.”

Uncle Bob said, “Come this way, here is our bedroom. We always leave the doors open so just don’t pay attention to anything we might be doing. You will have to walk through here to the bathroom.” There was a television with the sound turned down playing a gay movie with men sucking cock, and having anal sex. As they walked through Marie noticed a dildo standing upright on the bedside table, apparently drying out from a cleaning. Next to it was a bottle of lube. Her Uncles did not seem embarrassed in the least.

They walked to the doorway of the bathroom. It was clean and had fresh towels. There were two small shelves with wash cloths, and soap. Her eyes widened when she saw a butt plug, a tunnel plug, and an inflatable triple dildo. “We took the door out because we saw no need for it. Make yourself at home and we will just look the other way if illegal bahis you want. We often go in our birthday suits all day, so it won’t bother us.”

Uncle Carl said, “Let’s show her the yard.”

They went back through the kitchen and to the back door. Coming out on the back porch, Marie noticed a pleasant setting of a table and chairs. It was covered from rain, but open to the yard. They walked out into the yard. There was a pleasant breeze coming through the shade of the large trees. She noticed on one large tree branch a set of chains were hanging down with D-loops. She wondered what those were for. It was a pleasant yard with thick grass, and a shrub in one corner that had wiry branches.

Uncle Bob saw that she noticed the shrub. With a chuckle he said, “That is the type of plant my parents used to use to get switches when we were in trouble.”

Uncle Carl said, “The fencing gives us complete privacy, and we can sun bathe in the nude if we want to.”

Marie saw what looked like an outhouse against the back fence. One corner of it was slightly rounded. There was a massage lounge chair just outside of the outhouse looking fixture.

Marie saw a few security cameras strategically placed looking over the yard, the big tree branch, and the porch. Marie noticed near the fence was a kennel, much too large for their dog. She already had many revelations and the meanings had not all sunk in yet to her naïve mind.

Now the mention of sun bathing sounded good to Marie.

They sat in the patio overlooking the back yard. Marie said, “This is nice. It is shady with a nice breeze. Do you actually sunbathe out here?”

Uncle Bob answered, “Yes, and we are out here in our birthday suits all the time. You are welcome to sunbathe as much as you want. It won’t bother us, as of course we are not interested in women.” Looking toward Carl, “Carl why don’t you get us some drinks to enjoy the nice day with?”

“Coming right up,” Uncle Carl answered.

Uncle Bob continued, “We are used to going in the nude all day, so don’t pay us any mind if you see us in the nude. In case you are wondering, you are welcome to do the same.”

Marie chuckled, “I don’t know if I am ready for that but I bet it does feel good for a change. It is so hot around here I bet people wear as few clothes as possible.” Marie got the idea they were not naked because she was there. She said, “You don’t have to change your ways because I am here.”

Uncle Carl brought out the drinks, tall glasses with wine coolers and ice. He also brought some fresh water for Taboo’s bowl.

They chatted about many things, and had lots of laughter. Uncle Carl kept the drinks coming.

Soon Marie had to go pee, excused herself and went to the bathroom. Sitting on the toilette she could see into the bedroom, with a full view of the bed and most of the room.

When she came back outside, the two men had taken their clothes off but were still sitting in the same places.

Uncle Carl spoke up, “If it would make you more comfortable, you could take your clothes off, or simply strip to your underwear which would be like wearing a bikini anyway. Why don’t you?”

A little surprised at the question, Marie answered timidly, “Well I don’t know,” she stammered, “I guess I could try it.”

Uncle Carl said, “Hurray, I would feel better if you did also. It would be like being part of the family.”

Marie went inside to her room and took off her dress. Indecisively she started to take off her panties, but at the last second, perhaps to save grace, she pulled them back up. She was too shy.

Uncle Carl had come in to make another round of drinks and saw Marie in her panties and bra folding her dress. He saw her start to take off her panties, and saw a lovely well shaped bottom, and a large mound of dark pubic hair. He saw just a small portion of her pussy lips and the tip of her hard clit poking out. She pulled her colorful white print panties with colorful hearts, flowers, and candies sprinkled happily on them, back up. Her thin bra showed the wonderful firm breasts she had, and he could tell her nipples were brown, like his.

Uncle Carl had already come back outside, and was standing in the yard side by side with Uncle Bob. Uncle Bob had let his hand drift over Uncle Carl’s ass and he was holding it lightly with the palm of his hand lodged in the ass crack.

Marie walked back out in her underwear, “I decided to try it.” She looked into the yard and saw the two men noticing they both had nice looking asses. She saw Uncle Bob holding Uncle Carl’s ass. She thought it was a sexy sight.

Marie was a little tipsy from the drinking, but the sight of naked men’s asses did turn her on. Timidly she walked out and joined them. She was enjoying the breeze and spots of sunlight on her skin. It felt good, and after a few minutes she did not feel inhibited.

As the day became evening and the drinks caught up with her, Marie decided to go to bed. She slept in her underwear so there was no need to change clothes.

After a while she had to pee illegal bahis siteleri again, and walked through her Uncle’s bedroom. She saw them in a sixty nine position across the bed, sucking each other off. They were not distracted by her.

The next morning when she awoke she had the urge for a bowel movement. Again she walked through their room and sat on the toilette. The light from the bathroom lit up the bedroom and she could see her Uncles were having sex. It appeared Uncle Bob was the Top and was penetrating deeply while Uncle Carl was twisting his ass.

Walking back through the room she hesitated for a moment, looking in awe at the ass fucking.

A minute later, Marie came back through in the nude to take a shower. Both men glanced up for a moment and admired her ass, looking at her butt cheeks, and her sexy ass crack.

After her shower she dried off and walked back through the room. This time she saw Uncle Carl on top and could hear his belly smacking against Uncle Bobs ass. In between smacks, she could hear a wet plunging sound. She looked on for a minute until one of them looked up. She said, “Sorry, I have never seen anything like that. I don’t know how it would fit.” Quickly she composed herself and walked back to her bedroom.

She didn’t know whether to get dressed or not, but decided to.

Both of her Uncles took showers, brushed their teeth, and cleaned up. Then it was time for morning chores, cleaning, vacuuming, and Marie participated by doing some dishes, and feeding the dog.

Uncle Carl joined her and they both fixed a bacon and eggs breakfast with toast and orange juice, biscuits and gravy.

On the back patio they were chatting and Marie casually said, “I hope I didn’t intrude on you while you were having sex this morning.”

“Oh no, you were ok,” replied Uncle Bob.

Marie said, “I had never seen men having sex before. I didn’t know it would even fit, or how anyone could do it.”

“It is not as hard as it would seem,” offered Uncle Carl. “We just use lube.”

“The first time,” Uncle Bob instructed, “one has to be very slow and lube it gently with a finger first. The body is not used to it. So it has to be massaged with lube at first, and gently introduced to a finger, very slowly and patiently taking breaks to let the body adjust and relax. Then two fingers are used to further lube and stretch open very slowly. When that part is done the cockhead is pushed onto it gently and slightly pumping. The head can be pushed down and in until it starts to enter, and again patiently taking breaks to let the body adjust. Once the whole thing is in, it is good to let the body adjust for a minute then use short strokes to work the lube in and let it get ready. Soon the strokes can get longer and when there is no pain can fuck faster and harder, while the asshole squeezes at the right times.”

He went on, “Both people can get a lot of pleasure from it.” He paused. “We could show you anytime you want.”

It was mid morning and already warming up a lot outside. Uncle Carl said, “I will get us something to drink.”

Uncle Carl came back outside with a set of mixed drinks, something just right for early in the day, but deceptively strong. He knew of ways to spike drinks, but he knew the right combinations for the right situations.

After the second set of drinks, Uncle Bob said, “It is getting warm out here, why don’t we take our clothes off? Are you alright with that Marie?”

A little woozy drunk from the fine mixed drinks, Marie answered, “Yes, ok.”

Uncle Bob gently took her by the elbow and eloquently accompanied her inside. While she undressed, Uncle Bob and Uncle Carl went to their room and undressed.

Marie could see them while they were undressing. She saw their nice asses, and their cocks flopping around. They both had nice ball sacks that turned her on. She was embarrassed that she allowed herself to look and think about it.

They all came back outside and started drinking another round of strong drinks. She was wearing sexy white lingerie panties with bright pink lace that showed more of her ass cheeks and profiled her pussy bulge better.

Both men complimented her ass cheeks which made her giggle. It was as if they didn’t even notice her pussy. She was safe to show it all.

Uncle Carl said, “Why don’t you take it all off and get some sun? It won’t bother us.” Even as he said it though, he could feel his cock getting a little heavy.

Much as if she were doing it in front of lady friends, Marie took off her bra, showing a little jiggle in her firm boobs. Her puffy brown nipples stood out in the fresh air. She wiggled out of her panties and laid them on the table. Her mound of pussy hair waved in the breeze and the men looked at her ass.

After more drinks and talk, her Uncles convinced her to spread sun tan lotion on her front and lay on the lounge chair in the sun. Uncle Carl kept her drinks on hand. They sat nearby and chatted with her while they applied sun tan oil to themselves. She closed her eyes and the men had a nice canlı bahis siteleri visual of her frontal area, including nice boobs and a very good view of her pussy cleft, pubes, and clit. Her black pussy hair made a nice perimeter of her pussy making a very nice picture. When Uncle Bob went inside to the bathroom for a minute, Uncle Carl discretely took some pictures of Marie’s beautiful pussy, boobs, and figure, wishing he could see her spread her pussy for a photo session.

Uncle Bob came back out and together they convinced Marie that she needed to turn over and they could apply the sun tan oil for her.

Marie finished another glass of mixed drink, and turned over. Uncle Bob took the sun tan oil and applied a small puddle on her shoulders and started working it into her skin with deep massaging rubs on the small of her neck, behind her ears, and over her shoulders. He made another puddle and worked it in on her shoulder blades, and down her spine, and then up her sides. When Uncle Carl was looking the other way he let his hand on her side come along the lower part and the side of her tit, almost cupping it. He did the same with the other side.

Marie was getting turned on but she did not change positions any for fear they would notice.

Uncle Carl took his turn, and massaged some oil into her lower back and sides of her hips working down to the tops of her legs, and then across the bottom of her cheeks to the other side, and then back to the small of her back. He worked some lotion on the side of her hips and massaged his way onto her butt cheeks. All the while he stared at the firmness of her butt as he massaged the skin. He looked up and down her butt crack and desired to spread it apart. Putting more lotion at the small of her back he started working it to the top of her ass, and gradually down the cleft of her ass crack. Gently he massaged the oil into the sides of her ass crack pushing it open so he could see all the way down it. When he worked lower, he could finally see her virgin asshole and the edge of her pussy. He worked the sides of her bottom so he could get a better view of her brownie, the wrinkles, and the indention of her ass cheeks either side, and the perineum.

Uncle Carl worked the oil into both inner thighs, and just grazed the pussy opening enough to cause Marie to arch her back a little. Carl looked on in wonderment as she clinched her asshole momentarily and flexed her vagina opening just a little.

Uncle Bob took over while Carl went to mix more drinks. Uncle Bob continued to work the sun tan oil the rest of the way down her legs and feet, and then all the way back up. When Uncle Carl came back out, Uncle Bob was massaging the sun tan oil into the sides of her pussy mound, clit, and finally up and down her split. Her white pussy cream was oozing down her pussy crack to her clit.

Taking his turn, Uncle Carl massaged her ass cheeks some more then traded tanning oil for the anal lube, and started to massage her ass crack and her tight, sweet looking anus. He really wanted to get some pictures of her virgin butt hole. Getting Uncle Bob’s attention, he pointed to the camera, and then to her anus. Uncle Bob dried his hands on a cloth, then got the camera, and as Carl opened her ass cheeks, Uncle Bob quietly took some picture. Uncle Carl pushed and pulled the asshole so it moved around, and didn’t quite open all the way.

Nonchalantly he worked more and more lube around her asshole like teasing it gently and slowly. Conversation had slowed and stopped during the sun tan oil massage, but now Uncle Carl said quietly and gently, “Relax.” Soon the tip of his finger was just dipping into her tight little hole, tempting. He pulled out the finger and applied more lube and then continued to tease it very slowly. Almost imperceptibly his finger went all the way in.

Marie could not quite tell if his finger was all the way inserted or if he was still just massaging the outer part.

He let it rest there and very slowly started moving it in and out.

Soon Marie could tell the finger had gone all the way in. She could feel when the top of his hand rested against her crack.

Applying more lube and working just the finger tips, Uncle Carl started massaging two fingers in. He slowly and methodically stretched her asshole, and applied lots of thick lasting lube. Silently he straddled her and let his cock head touch her opening. He gyrated it around just a little and began to push it down and then inward, but very slowly. As her body got used to a pointed knob at the opening she began to push back a little. The head went halfway in, and Uncle Carl pushed the head down with his finger and pushed forward with his body. Slowly the cock head went all the way in bareback. Marie hardly grunted, and soon he began to push it in further and further giving her body plenty of breaks to adjust and relax. It wasn’t too long before he was giving her full strokes.

Marie started pushing back, and gyrating her ass. She squeezed her asshole on the cock every time it was fully in. She felt his stomach hitting her ass cheeks, and soon she heard a slapping sound. Uncle Carl played and fondled her ass, and spanked it a couple times before finally clinching strongly and shooting cum into her ass. He left his cock in her ass until it started to go limp.

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