Into The Sunset Ch. 04

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


For the next three weeks, I followed the same routine. I worked hard every day except the Sunday of the second week, which I took off to rest. I loved having my visits with Glenda, Laurie and Sherri and was quite contented with my sex life. Why not? After all, I was getting more wonderful pussy and awesome ass than ever before in my life.

Then on the third Sunday afternoon as I worked in my office to put together a new deal for a particularly large customer, my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Ted? This is Abby. Do you remember me?”

“Of course I remember you, Abby. How are you?”

“I’m fine, thanks. And you?”

“I’m doing well, thank you. What can I do for you?”

“Well … I’ve been thinking a lot about that cruise. And … well, I was just wondering … would you be interested in getting together again?”

“My dear lady, I’m surprised you have to ask. Of course I’d love to. When?”

“Well … I was wondering if you’d be free tonight?”

“I most definitely am. I’m at the office right now. How about if I wrap this up a little early and meet you at … say, six o’clock?”

“That would be fine. Shall I come to your place?”

“That would be wonderful. You know where it is?”

“Yes, I checked.” She giggled as if she’d done something naughty.

“Maybe I could take you to dinner?”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that. Why don’t I just bring something for us to eat and we won’t have to waste time going out?”

“If you’d like, that would be fine.”

“Good. I’ll see you at six then.”

“Great. Bye.”

We both disconnected. With renewed vigor and purpose, I attacked my work and finished in time to put everything away and lock up by 5:15. I couldn’t wait to get home.

Abby wasn’t waiting for me when I pulled into the driveway and I was a little disappointed. Then I glanced at my watch and realized that it was only 5:43 so it was still early. I unlocked my door and entered the house, turned to close the door and watched a strange car roll into the drive.

With a smile and a feeling of relief, I greeted Abby at her car. I took a grocery bag from her and waited for her to swing out of the car. We hugged and kissed and hurried inside.

I set the grocery bag on the bar in the kitchen and we sat in the den to talk.

“How have things been going?” I asked.

“Oh, okay, I guess. It’s fairly much the same ol’ same ol’ every day for me.”

“Oh? That sound like you’re not having much fun…?”

“Well … no, not like we had that weekend with you. Now that was fun.”

“Yeah, for me too. I really enjoyed it.”

I don’t know if you know but there are sixteen of us that for a bridge club. We get together every Wednesday afternoon to play and talk. All four of us that went with you on that trip are in it.”

“Oh, really? That sound like fun. At least you have some close friends to share times with.”

“Well, yeah. But, you see, in a way, that’s also a problem.”

“Oh? How is that?”

“Oh, you know how it is. The old wives’ tale is that women don’t kiss and tell. But the truth is that they do.”


“Yeah. I keep thinking about that cruise and how great it felt to have sex with someone who cared. Well, at least cared about how I felt.”

“Well, that’s at least half the fun, isn’t it? Making sure your partner likes it too?”

She laughed, but I detected more than a little sarcasm. “That’s not the way the men I’ve met usually feel about sex. Its just slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am and to hell with you.”

“I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s not your fault, hon. Besides that’s glory hole secrets porno not where I was going.”


“No. Every time the four of us wound up at the same table, Glenda and Sherri and Laurie talked about what a great time they were having with you. I was feeling left out. And I don’t want to be left out.”

“You want … you want to have sex with me too?”

“Yes. Would you mind?”

“Oh, baby! I not only wouldn’t mind, I would be honored!”

I stood up and took her hand, pulling her up and to me. When she was in my arms, I kissed her tenderly on the lips and she turned her head up to meet me. At first it was just soft wet lips together but then her tongue darted into my mouth and the duel was on. In seconds, our hunger for each other took over.

Without breaking the kiss, I shifted positions a bit and scooped her into my arms, carrying her down the hall to my bedroom. In a way it seemed like a drag race of stock cars … we went from zero to sixty in 3.4 seconds. She couldn’t get enough of me; I couldn’t get enough of her.

Easing her down to the bed, I carefully undressed her. She left it to me, only twisting or lifting her bottom to help me remove various garments. Then as she waited naked, I quickly shed my clothes willy-nilly and sank to my knees in front of her.

Abby was the smallest of the four women that joined me on that memorable cruise but she was certainly as desirable as all the others. Although her breasts were not huge, that appeared to be big because of her small body size. As I knelt in front of her kissing her lips, my hands played with her boobs, which held nice little pebble sized nipples, both now hard as pencil erasers but a little bigger. Perhaps the most notable feature of them was the crimson colored, baseball sized areolas with little bumps all over them. As I rubbed my thumbs around her nipples, she began to moan softly from the stimulation. I filed a mental note to see one day if I could make her cum only by manipulating those tits.

But for now, I couldn’t wait to move on. When she arched her back, I began drawing a meandering trail with my tongue back and forth across her body, steadily but slowly working my way downward. After spending several moments licking and flicking her navel, I slipped on down across her abdomen as she flopped back onto the bed.

I gently lifted her legs to my shoulders and licked from her knee upward, around and down to the other knee and then backtracked. Her pussy was rather unusual to my experience in that the outer lips were nearly flat and the inner lips stood tall and proud, like the ruffled petals of some flower. The hood connected to two sides and stood our like a tent above her very noticable button.

Her pussy glistened from top to bottom with the moisture already released and my tongue began a slow, steady, systematic search for every bit of it, licking up the sweet nectar and savoring it like a gormet dish. When the folds of lacy flesh were covered only with my own saliva, I dipped the length of my tongue into her opening. Her thighs tightened around my head, released and then tightened again, a process that she was to repeat over and over as I sampled her delights. Only when I had carefully explored every millimeter of her insides that my tongue could reach did I retreat and flick my tongue at the little nubbin trying valiantly to push back its covering hood.

No sooner had the tip of my tongue touched that spot did she clamp those powerful thighs around my head, bow her back upward using her legs on my shoulders for leverage, and hissed, “Oh, baby, I’m cummmmmiinnngggg!”

After she let me breath again, I resumed my slurping and licking, finding new sources of fluid in places I’d already covered. I loved the taste of her pussy juice … so sweet, so heady, so aromatic. Absolutely delicious! grup sex Only after licking up all the fresh juices I could find, I closed my lips around her now-exposed clit and began to give it teasing attention with my tongue while my fingers fondled her tits and pinched and pulled her nipples. I don’t think it took ten minutes to make her cum the second time.

When she relaxed, I slipped my tongue over her ‘continental divide’ into her anal valley. As I began licking decreasing ovals around her puckered opening, I heard her suck in her breath in surprise. I think it shocked her that, when my tongue tapped the center of her ansu, she exploded like a rocket taking off.

I would have stayed there a bit longer and tried for at least one more climax but she had both hands on my head, her fingers curled in my hair and was pulling so hard I had no choice but to follow her direction.

When I reached the level of her face, she pulled me down and planted a sloppy wet kiss on my mouth, then gritted through her teeth, “Fuck me now, dammit! Just fuck me before I go crazy!”

I got up on the bed and lifted and tugged on the exhausted Abby until she was on her back roughly in the middle. Then getting between her splayed legs, I eased my prong into her wet pussy. At first she just lay there like a dead fish but as she recovered from her last orgasm, she put her arms around me and started to rove over my body with her fingertips.

While I pumped her pussy at about the pace of the ‘walking horse’ oil well pumps, I had to bow my body and twist my neck to get our lips together for a kiss, because of her short stature. But it was worth a little discomfort, especially when she rammed her pubis up to meet my thrust and came, her eyes rolling up as if she was going into a spasm.

When she relaxed again, she pulled her legs up beside her head and locked the backs of her upper arms behind her knees, forming almost a ball with her pussy wide open. That left her head so far down that there was no way I could kiss her – in fact, she was sucking my nipples without any neck strain.

I began to pound her pussy harder and faster. I made sure to grind myself against her mound with each down stroke, hoping to see her cum at least once more. However every time I pulled out, it felt like a velvet glove clasped my cock and held on as I slid through it. It was a magnificent feeling but it was destined to end our activity.

After several moments of rambunctious, noisy sex with both of us encouraging the other, that vacuous feeling rose from my testicles, signifying the immient point-of-no-return. Three more quick strokes I took and then stopped with our bodies crushed together, my cock as deep into her vagina as I could reach. Instantly cum began to spurt out of my cock. She must have felt it because her eyes grew very wide, then once more rolled up into the back of their sockets as she came one more time.

After the last dribble trickled out of my cock into her warmth and my penis started to soften, I rolled over to the side and pulled her close to me, cuddling her into my body. We were asleep in a few minutes.

When I awoke less than two hours later, it was still light out and Abby was beginning to stir also. I asked if she was hungry and she grinned. We got up and padded down to the kitchen, still naked.

Abby pulled things out of her grocery bag. It was all finger foods. There were chicken fingers with barbeque sauce, potatoe wedges, cheese squares and fresh cut veggies for dipping in a dill sauce. After a bit, we got silly with the food – I smeared some of the sauces on her tits and then licked them off. She did the same to my chest and then my cock and by the time she was finished, I was ready to start again – fucking!

We put away the leftovers and headed back to the bedroom. Abby climbed up and propped on her hands and hd porno knees, looking at me expectantly. I climbed up behind her and eased my cock into her waiting pussy, almost wrapping her up in my arms. It felt so strange because she was so little I seemed to completely envelop her and the thought crossed my mind that I was fucking a little child but I knew she was a fortyish woman.

My hands roved all over her body, cupping her tits, stroking her sides and back, tickling her nubbin, even stroking down her thighs and back. She shivered several times, whether with pleasure or mini-orgasms I wasn’t sure, but she kept whispering words of encouragement to me.

When she clenched up her body around my cock and yelled, “I’m cumming!” that seemed to send my brain over the edge and my balls started spewing they load into her. It wasn’t as large as the last one but for some reason seemed to be even more satisfying.

Afterward, we lay in a tight huddle, kissing and hugging for a long time before we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Abby was a rather sound sleeper and, although I had to extricate myself twice in the night, she didn’t wake up and she didn’t change positions significantly either. Each time I came back to bed after taking a leak, she seemed to snuggle into my embrace in a dream-like state, a smile on her face but her eyes never opened.

In the morning, however, when the alarm sounded, she was already awake, smiling at me. Since I almost always wake up with a morning woody, I guess it wasn’t a surprise that she had a hand around it, since it had probably been poking her stomach.

When my eyes opened, she said softly, “Good morning, sweetie.”

“Good morning, pretty lady.”

“How do you feel this morning?”

“I feel great,” I replied languidly.

“Me, too,” she said, winking at me. “So … do you want to take care of this?”


“Okay. My turn,” she said, pushing on me to indicate I should roll onto my back.

Abby stood up and unsteadily straddled me, easing herself down until she could guide my spear into her target. With a look of closed-eye concentration, she very slowly worked her way down my shaft until I was completely engulfed in her love tunnel. Her look changed to one of triumph as she sat on me and rocked herself around in ever-widening circles.

After a few minutes, she switched to a side-to-side motion, which she maintained for two or three minutes before she changed to a forward and back motion. I gloried in the feeling of having my cock banging about wildly inside of her and just a couple more minutes of that and I was lost. I drew my balls up to my body cavity, which staved off the inevitable for … maybe seven seconds. Then my cum burst forth in spurt after spurt into Abby’s hot body. Just as I was emptying the last of my love juice, she reached the mountaintop and dove off the other side, crashing with a scream of pleasure.

A few minutes later, having showered while Abby fixed us breakfast, I sat down to a great meal with my most recent lover.

About halfway through, Abby asked, “You liked last night, didn’t you?”

“I surely did, sweetheart. Did you?”

“Of course. Is there any doubt?” She smiled.

“No, I didn’t think so.”

“So … would you be interested in maybe a regular schedule between us?”

“Of course I would! I would be delighted, sweet lady!”

“How about every Sunday night?”

“That would be great.”

“Do you have any other night you’d be available?”

“How about Wednesdays?”

“Would that be okay with you?”

“Of course it would, sweetie.”

“Then its a date. Every Sunday and every Wednesday.”

I put the dishes in the dishwasher, picked up my jacket and walked her out to our cars. We embraced and kissed deeply and passionately, her sweet, slightly flowery fragrance filling my nostrils with a heady scent. Even with the other ladies visiting me on different days, I knew I would look forward to Abby’s visits.

It is amazing how much your world can change with just a gentle, relaxing cruise into the sunset! Especially if you have the right guests aboard!

The End

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